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September 2 - That Was the Life That Was / Resolutions / Push or Flush (1)

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Episode 34.1: Raj Runs the Table
September 9

Chico: I'm Chico Alexander. In the next 1 million seconds you're going to hear a lot of questions in New York City, and for once, they won't be of the "What do you think you're bleeping doing here?" variety.
Gordon: Or why the hell are you shoving when there's tons of room in the subway car.
Chico: Heh.
Gordon: And we'll try to not make this show last one million seconds as from somewhere in America,!
Chico: Woo-hoo! Of course we are talking about the Million second Quiz, which starts online... (checks watch)... NOW.
Gordon: We'll have a full review on that next week. But first this week, we start with something already on the air on GSN.

Gordon: We end the season of The Chase on a very happy note for the contestants.
Chico: I would say so. It looks like they saved the best for last. It was a true battle of quiz Titans. Remember this name. Raj Dhuwalia. Raj Dhuwalia scores $55,000 on his cash builder. Decides to take it up a notch and ends up playing for $125,000 in the Chase round.
Gordon: All by himself, I may add
Chico: Does not miss a single question. It should be noted that he is second in the US as ranked by the World Quizzing Championships.
Gordon: He's a stud
Chico: And as far as the world ranking, he's up there with Mark Labbett. Mark beat him at the last WQC. So you imagine its Rocky IV up in here.
Gordon: Someone wanted a rematch
Chico: Someone got his rematch. Its a one-on-one Final Chase for $125,000.
Gordon: Raj ran the table.
Chico: Raj ends up hanging 19 on the Chaser. Mark does not get past 11 between pushbacks and just concedes the Final Chase to Raj. I want to say that was the first time he's EVER done that. It is our pleasure to say that this clip is courtesy of GSN and ITV Studio America.

Gordon: Raj gets a NICE gift of $125.000
Chico: And the Beast's respect. And ..oh yeah, have some of this.

Chico: Raj Dhuwalia. Remember the name.
Gordon: So doing some math: The contestants have won $245,000, while Labbett has gone 4-2.
Chico: And season 2 is right around the corner. Final thought... would you say that this is GSN's next great hit?
Gordon: So far, yes. Keep in mind that it's only one season, but it kept the ratings steady throughout the whole airing. I wonder if Only Connect is that far behind
Chico: Pointless, dawg .... Pointless.
Gordon: One more thought. This is another hit by Amy Introcaso-Davis. You know, the same one you wanted to run out of town before the American Bible Challenge and The Chase. Do you have anything you would like to say to her?
Chico: I will apologize for that as soon as she apologizes for Family Trade and Beat the Chefs.
Gordon: Trying to get an apology out of you is pointless.
Chico: Likewise. Speaking of Pointless... time for some talent action.

Chico: Second half of semifinals action... the super-regionals, if you will.
Gordon: I believe we have the quick recap?
Chico: Hit me!
Gordon: Here we go with a Big Board...

D'Angelo and Amanda: Shadow Dancing = Hit and save by the judges.
Marty Brown: Anything he could sing was overshadowed by his mess in the first round.
Chicago Boyz: The audience obviously ignored the errors made during the performance.
Leon and Romy: Better act, but it was old and boring.
Anna Christine: A young singer means she had to avoid the judges round. She didn't, so out she goes.
Kenichi Ebina: Dancing with himself was one of the best acts of the evening.
John Wing: It was good, but good isn't good enough.
Branden James: He escapes because of his fan base, because I wanted to be left Alone after that solo.
KriStef Brothers: It's a funny skit that uses hand-balancing. Very creative.
Chico's Next Girlfriend Choir: The good news is she's now available because the bad news was the song was something you'd fall asleep to when you're 69 years old.
Jimmy Rose: Saved because he was in the last spot. The song was generic.

Chico: I'd have to say the acts that knew they deserved a place in the next round... Kristef Brothers... Dangelo and Amanda.... and Jimmy Rose because, and you put it perfectly, he was batting cleanup. Chicago Boys got in on story. Kenichi Ebina... body of work. And Branden James on fanbase.
Gordon: So whos in the finals?
Chico: Well we have THOSE six... plus...Innovative Force, Collins Key, Forte and Cami Bradley
Gordon: You can stick Kenichi, Cami and Forte in the Top 6.
Chico: Taylor Williamson, and Jimy Rose too. Bold prediction time... Forte, Catapult, Cami, and Kenichi make the final 6. Its gonna be all singing, all dancing, baby.
Gordon: I think a magician could sneak in there.
Chico: Because hes dreamy.
Gordon: If the voters think so, then he's in
Chico: What do the voters say about Cedric the Entertainer?
Gordon: Do they think Cedric is dreamy?
Chico: I think Cedric's hats are dreamy. So who Wants to Be a Millionaire returns for season number 12. New host in tow, the always funny Cedric the Entertainer. Now hes got some hosting ability, but the fear was that it wouldn't translate well into the Ring of Fire. Judging by the crowd, that fear was eased a bit.
Gordon: Well the good - he's funny and clever. And some of his stuff did wind up on the cutting floor.
Chico: Granted if you were not a fan of WWTBAM, You're not going to be easily converted with this. But he is whipsmart and clever, and the pacing is improved. I mean hes flying by the seat of his pants, but you can tell the Millionaire crew are building the show around him.
Gordon: He's a much better ad libber than Meredith
Chico: So its making for a better show. Now there is one thing... You notice the rating on the show changed?
Gordon: I did. They are letting Cedric be Cedric, which is also part of his appeal. That's the good. The bad - and this is huge - he can't read. There were lots of retakes on his question reading.
Chico: Yeah I did know that. I mean, hes not going to get any practice in because its all computerized by a guy named Dennis apparently. That isn't going to change, but at least he's not to the level of, say, Kenan Thompson on SNL.
Gordon: He doesn't get better during weeks 3 and 4.
Chico: Yeowch. So overall then? He needs a little practice and perhaps a better linguist.
Gordon: He needs a cunning linguist. But overall, he's going to do exactly what the producerds wanted when they got him.
Chico: He's going to get people talking and watching.
Gordon: And that was the plan, so it's all good
Chico: Very good. And hes on twice a day in some markets so its twice the good. Now the episode Gordon watched... that's going to air next week, right?
Gordon: Yes.
Chico: And we will cover it... NEXT WEEK. Next week, we will also have a brand new MasterChef

We are down to Luca and the lady Krissi loves to hate for some reason, Natasha.
Gordon: Nothing like a good blood feud to keep the ratings going.
Chico: Yep. So as we prepare to close the book on another weird chapter of MasterChef history, its time once again for...
Gordon: Who wins if....
Chico: Now this is going to be rather easy. Cook the beset dish, play to your strengths, and then win.
Gordon: Agreed. This time around though, wouldn't you think that Luca has a huge edge?
Chico: I would think so. I don't think he's been on the receiving end of anyone's wrath. And especially in the later rounds, every time he was, he rose to the challenge.
Gordon: However, Luca has been in the bottom 4 times, compared to Natasha's 2. And she did win the last competition.
Chico: But is she consistent? Past seasons have shown that the most consistent player is the one to take it home. Luca has been boom boom boom over the last few rounds.
Gordon: He has the edge , but I don't consider this a gimme.
Chico: This is going to be a fight to the end.
Gordon: It is. Any other fights brewing?
Chico: a couple actually. First is a fight between geeks who love to okay dressup. Gordon, explain to the nice people what cosplay is.
Gordon: it's Jason Block's favorite hobby...I mean when people dress up to look like their favorite characters, usually in animation, comics or video games.
Chico: I believe we have a few examples here...

Gordon: ...I'm so glad I don't have my Master Pic from 4th grade on the net.
Chico: Get a scanner.
Gordon: So tell us how this new game works.
Chico: Its not just a dress, though, its an attitude. That attitude forms the basis on Syfy's new series, Heroes of Cosplay. Its a cross bbetween a geeky Project Runway and "DJ Games" if you remember that far back.
Gordon: I do. Which makes a pretty bizarre combo.
Chico: Well, 9 cosplayers travel from convention to convention entering cosplay contests in the hopes of winning cash money and ascending to cosplay supremacy. The good... there is a lot of creativity and a lot of thought on the player side of things, perhaps because they're semi professional and, in the case of Chloe Dykstra, a modeltress. (Not taking her geek cred away, just pointing out fact)
Gordon: The people obviously know what they are doing. And give this credit for being original. But that also leads right into the bad.
Chico: If I may start.
Gordon: Please do.
Chico: This is supposed to be a bit of insight into the geeky sundry of people like you and me. However, these are clearly NOT people like you or me. They're established, semi-professional, and frankly, you have to wonder if this is real or Hollywood real. Again, not taking away geek cred from anyone. Just pointing out facts. There is a marked diffrence between geek and Hollywood geek.
Gordon: In other words, can a layman like me win these, or is this only reserved for the people with gobs of money and experience.
Chico: Bingo.
Gordon: This aparked 3 emotions from me. #1. I have zero chance going to any of these competitions.
Chico: There's something not quite genuine at work.
Gordon: #2. And I agree with you Chico, this doesn't feel 'authentic'. This feels more like 'lets get some of my friends who are really good at this and get them their own show'
Chico: Yep.

Syfy - 10p ET Tuesday
D+ D D+

Gordon: #3. As this wasn't really a 'game show' with any playability for me, this was sleep inducing. So this doesn't work as a game show for me - nor does it work as anything else. Sorry. D+
Chico: Okay, first up, I have some friends - Good friends - Met them through Carolina Otaku Uprising. They would fit well into this. They've been to all the big ones... Comic com, Dragoncon, AWA, Animazement, you name it.
Gordon: ok
Chico: You could never catch them on this series. It's just too exclusive and frankly, not that darn entertaining. D- You want to talk about entertaining feuds, though?
Gordon: Surely
Chico: Feuds between familiars maybe?
Gordon: I like it
Chico: Maybe with a one Steve Harvey?
Gordon: What'ya got?
Chico: I've got five questions is what I've got.

Chico: First question...

1) This season features a special episode: Cake Boss vs. Here Comes Honey boo Boo.... thoughts?

Gordon: You had these sort of events liberally sprinkled through all of the Feud's runs. I think Duck Dynasty would have been the better play, but for a demographic touch, this works out well.
Chico: Its the family way. Its a race to the bottom of the pop culture barrel, but if it gets eyeballs, then what of it? Its just a celebrity show, not unlike previous runs... Karna, O'Hurley, we love the Dawson all star editions.
Gordon: I remember when they did WWE Vs. WCW, WWE Vs. Divas, divorced men Vs. divorced women, and the Playboy playmates Vs. Playgirl. Whats the difference?
Chico: No difference here. Next question?
Gordon: Next one...

2) Obviously Steve Harvey is going nowhere, but with Cedric in the house, are they going to let him get more dirty?

Chico: Nope. Why change a winning formula now?
Gordon: Because it may be more socially acceptable to do it. but I think right now, they keep it sort of squeaky clean. Though I'm sure they will eyeball Millionaire.
Chico: Like yeah, I see what y'all be doing. But yeah, were not going blue. Steve has a reputation. Hes a family man. Hes a man of the church. He just won't cross that line. Next question...

3) Family Feud is a monster now. Does Fremantle use it to revisit another long dormant classic?

Gordon: I don't know. The other classics are currently on the air in some form or another or have been on recently.
Chico: If I were to throw out an idea, which you know what I'm about to say here. Press. Your. Luck.
Gordon: Well it's Freemantle's now. I can see a higher money version - but again, keep it faithful to the 80's version. Next one...

4) Do we see a higher money version of the Feud?

Chico: I can see a big board with 18 42-inch industry grade HDTVs. We actually asked this.a long time ago and did the calculations on it. We will have a couple.of Big Money TOCs, maybe a Tournament of Losers. Sorry G, but in the end, a loss will still be $5 a point.
Gordon: I was thinking more like a Million Dollar moment: Get all #1 and #2 answers on the board in Fast Money for a bonus.
Chico: That would be nice. I'd like to see it. Is there money in the bank for it? We will see. Finally...

5) Last year Family Feud got a 4.5, making it easily the.third most popular answer in game shows. This year... SURVEY SAID....

Gordon: 4.7. it rises.
Chico: The party still jumping. 5 bagger. You know something... in the Raleigh market, they are moving it out of the morning and into early evening. What does THAT tell you?
Gordon: it says they want greater ratings and they'll get it. Sort of like what Hans wants. He wants a bigger trough.
Chico: He'll get it. Because hes a GOOD pig... yes he is.. yes he is...
Gordon: Roll that beautiful brain footage...

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: And thank you Doug Morris. Now... hmmmmm....I need a bat. A sexy bat.
Gordon: (Gives Chico a Madonna-curved bat)
Chico: Damn that's sexy.

Season two of the Face means two new judges. And season 3 of Project Runway All Stars means a new host. For the Face we have models Anne Vyalitsyna and Lydia Hearst. For Runway, stop at Alyssa Milano. Me-ow.

Gordon: Screeeeeee.
Chico: Perhaps you have a cool cat or two in the datebook
Gordon: I do in fact

Monday is Let's Ask America and the Million Second Quiz. Wednesday is the X Factor. You seeing any online Million Second Quiz matches yet?

Chico: Actually no. I hope they fix it but its going to be a category 5 you-know-what storm if they don't. As for the other two, I can see where this is a make it or break it season.
Gordon: Nice. Let's get fully loaded.
Chico: I have a good thing and a bad thing.

The good thing - Wheel's tribute to Mark Corwin (insert YT clip here). The bad thing... Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - AND FRIENDS!

Gordon: ..and friends?
Chico: It's like similar Ludia and Friends gameshow games in that it looks pretty, it replicates game play from TV, and its buggier than Anthony Weiner's bedroom.
Gordon: So stick to the classic.
Chico: I wouldn't even bother with it. But, God help you, if you want to, it's available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.
Gordon: I see. So not a smart move just quite yet.
Chico: Nope... and not a smart move coming...
Gordon: Sure is (wheels in Whiteboard)

Are YOU Smarter than...Comcast, who fired almost all of their on air staff in preparation of the whole network G4 being dropped...except they weren't dropped, so now they have an empty network. Good job.

Chico: Yeah its really one of the.most bizarre TV stories of the week.
Gordon: Though the decision makes sense, now its time to pick up the pieces.
Chico: Comcast was ready to jettison all of G4's shows and personalities to parts unknown... in fact I believe the quote was "Put down the controller and groom." Then they decided that they were going to switch off Style instead.
Gordon: Wha?
Chico: Can we give them the Haterade too?
Gordon: We could...but I have something better

So Aaryn Gries' mommy has decided that it's BIG BROTHER and THE MEDIA's fault for her daughter's mess, (and not what comes out of her daughter's mouth), and she has made no bones about letting everyone know.

Chico: That's the biggest non-apology I've ever heard. *sigh*
Gordon: Can you send her mom on vacation?
Chico: I'd like to send her to the fifth circle of Hell. But instead lets go to the UK.

QI. Its on Hulu now! Just go to You will lose half of a day watching this.

Gordon: And you can see a lot of media hoes.
Chico: Yes you can (plays Luda)

In this week's Media Ho report, Betty White breaks a Guinness record for Longevity, Jerry Springer hosts TPIR Live, Wayne Brady gets a condo...Screech gets booted out of the Big Brother House, Cher, Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder and Miguel join The Voice, and Barack Obama's speech means that AGT will get punted around 30 minutes later.

Gordon: But Barack Obama isn't your ho of the week.
Chico: Who is?
Gordon: Your hos is Jackie Fuchs. She is the singer of the song 'Cherry Bomb'. In the span of 2 weeks, she goes to The Chase and loses, and then she goes to Millionaire and loses (only winning $1,000), creating her own Cherry Bomb.
Chico: She's from the 70s band The Runaways
Gordon: She is. And thats what happened to her game show winnings. They ran away.
Chico: Yep
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision. Shut it off, G
Gordon: (shutting down) Coming up - the revenge of the toilet.
Chico: But first... What! Happens! First! This is WLTI, the 34th season opener... You give us 22 minutes...
Gordon: and We'll give you 22 pepole who we can't want to see go into the Big Brother house next season...oh wait, that's the Carolina Panther's starting squad.
Chico: I still think they give Seattle a fight and then lose. I'll find out in about an hour, give or take.
Gordon: And when we do, you may see an ad later on in the show.
Chico: ...yeah.

(BrainVision has been brought to you by The Ultimate Blighter. The worst potato farmer ever will be punished by stepping into the ring with Georges St. Pierre. Better get your spuds on.)