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Episode 34.3: Upon Further Review
September 23

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and Andy has won Big Brother. Which is good because he, Gina Marie and Spencer will all use the money that they just won to sustain themselves while on the unemployment line.
Jason: $50,000 isnt much these days
Gordon: And that's your Big Brother coverage for the week. You may all rejoice.
Chico: Hope it was worth it.
Jason: Hey casting,get people who are more mature over the age of 40,it will help! :)
Chico: Yeah, enough with the kids.
Gordon: But that's not the most controversial thing that happened this week. In fact, we have a lot of technical questions that will be a runing theme throughout the show.
Chico: We'll talk about all of them, because from Somewhere in America, the "Upon Further Review" edition of WLTI... is... ON.
Jason: WHOO HOO!
Gordon: Gordon and Chico here, with special guest Mr. Jason Block joining us this week.
Jason: Glad to be here, as always.
Gordon: And we start with the biggest game show prize given in history!!!!! EVER!!!!!1111111*

* After we artificially bump it up so we can claim what we mean, even though we don't.

Jason: Thank you G for the *.
Chico: So the final four gets to cash in their money, including a Line Jumper who was there all of an hour.

Jason: Honestly, the final wasn't the most interesting thing that happened in the hourglass this week
Chico: No, that would be Hayley Jensen losing on the final question of a bout when she didn't lock in her answer in time. That changed the dynamic a whole lot, if you ask me. This was, of course, during Winner's Defense.
Jason: I had to watch the video a few times to make sure it wasn't a technical glitch. She admitted so the next night.
Chico: It wasn't a glitch. She froze. Picked a bad time to have a bad time.
Jason: May I give out my MVP of this show(and it's not the guy who won!)
Chico: Go on.
Jason: That would be Brandon Saunders. He was bad ass, stayed there almost the whole show and made it to the end.
Chico: What I didn't like is that he seemed resigned to his fate. You think that with Andrew and Brandon being really good friends, they'd give us a show.
Gordon: Oh no. I'm going to have to give Brandon an *
Jason: Go on
Gordon: I think Brandon did as well as he could in that situation. Andy was a monster, Brandon made some mistakes early, and then tried to get back in with the doubler plan he used all show. The catch is that Andy got every question right and Brandon just had doubler-itis, which was the wrong play. You have to stay in there and then doubler near the end, not take yourself out early. But that's NOT where the * comes from.
Jason: Where does the * come in?
Gordon: This is one of my biggest problems with the show. The * comes from the fact that Brandon LOST on Day #1 and got a second shot.
Jason: You DO remember that?
Chico: Hey, G's mind is a steel trap.
Gordon: They made a point of saying that on Day #1. Don't you guys remember that?
Jason: I do. People came back and made runs during the entire 11 days of the show
Chico: They do mention that anyone who loses can have a shot at the hourglass again. A rule that I don't get, but then again, I didn't develop the thing. I remember Rishi Bhandari came back.
Gordon: Sure did.
Chico: He got a second chance, though someone lost their first.
Gordon: If I'm in the audience, why would I play along when I only get one shots and these locals get 2?
Chico: That really grinds my gears.
Gordon: So, congratulations to Brandon on his second chance, which he shouldn't have gotten.
Jason: Now, the Million Dollar Question; Does this SHOW get a 2nd chance?
Chico: Not without a SERIOUS OVERHAUL.
Gordon: Don't get me wrong - I want to see the show come back, but with the following changes. Big Bored please?

Dr. Pepper's Prescription for the Million Second Quiz

- 1) Get in the Chair = Win Money
- 2) One and done.
- 3) Keep the same format
- 4) Interactivity!
- 5) USe your cable outlets!
- 6) Special to start!
- 7) Cross-promote!
- 8) Make the winnings natural

Gordon: The subject: Dr. Pepper's Prescription for the Million Second Quiz.
Jason: How sick is the patient?
Chico: Critical.
Gordon: Needs a triple bypass. #1. And this is one that goes to the budget - You WIN ANYTHING you make in the Money Chair.
Jason: AMEN!
Gordon: That's how you get more people playing. And also will convince people to come out from across the coast if they know a win = $6,000. #2. One chance only. You lose = you're gone.
Jason: YES :)
Chico: Thank you.
Gordon: If you keep it in NYC, you had (and will have) more than enough people as contestants. #3. Keep the same format all around. Don't give us 2 different game shows.
Chico: Yep.
Jason: Yes again.
Chico: A majority of the TV players were from somewhere on the east coast. Even a couple of linejumpers. One from Brooklyn, another from Teaneck.
Gordon: #4. Encourage interactivity and personality in the online shows. You want people to root for. YoBob was a blast to see. Give the online hosts a chance to interview them and have their 15 seconds of fame. #5. Get your own cable station to broadcast the airings. You're NBC. You have 20 million channels. Dedicate one for 2 weeks on the show. #6. Do a special 3 hour broadcast on the START of the Quiz. Starting off the show when we have no clue on what's going on is a good way to lose 1/3rd of your audience, which is what happened.
Chico: More like a half.
Gordon: #7. I have no problem with quazi-stars in the chair,. In fact, it could be fun to see an actor or so get on and get slammed. Cross-promotion can be fun if done correctly, unlike obviously staged Winner's Row players eating popcorn.
Chico: Right.
Gordon: Finally: #8. Make the winnings natural. Dont't do a cheap elevation of money just because you couldn't give out as much as what Ken Jennings did. it feels very cheap and more of a 'screw you Jeopardy' bush move.
Chico: Don't overpromise and underdeliver.
Jason: Exactly.
Chico: If you recall, Andrew won $320,000 and change in the Money Chair. He wins the whole thing and the $2 million that goes with it. But because NBC promised the BIGGEST PRIZE IN GAME SHOW HISTORY!!!!!1111oneone, Andrew gets his total bumped to $2.6 million. That's a (female dog) move, NBC.
Jason: very (female dog)
Gordon: And for the record, Ken Jennings, with over 3 million in Jeopardy earnings, is STILL TV's biggest game show money winner, NOT Andy.
Chico: Thanks, Ultimate Tournament.
Jason: right.
Gordon: And the Watson games.
Chico: And, possiblity for growth because, GUESS WHO'S BACK, BACK AGAIN,
Gordon: We'll get to that in one second. Quick question - do we see MSQ again?
Jason: I say yes.
Chico: Yes.
Jason: The app/social media aspect was HUGE.
Gordon: It was and ratings don't always dictate a show. That being said, it needs to pull better numbers than what it did this time around.
Chico: I mean, if ABC brought Duel back for season 2, and that show was tattoo removal worthy, and NBC brought back fashion star. So Million Second Quiz will come back. But back to Ken Jennings for a moment.
Jason: Even with 5M at the end, yeah. People liked this show.
Chico: But back to Ken Jennings for a moment. He's won at least $3 million on Jeopardy! between regular play and tournaments. He could add a million to that later in the season, because, GUESS WHO'S BACK, BACK AGAIN, J! is back, tell a friend...
Jason: First of all the show is great, Secondly, best set ever :) It's not the modern of the last set. It's "academic". It's PRETTY.
Chico: It's sexy. It's almost TV movie TARDIS sexy. Right splash of color, right amount of light. This is Jeopardy! if IM Pei designed it. And what better way to break the old girl in than a streaker.
Gordon: it is pretty. what happened to J ared on Friday was ugly
Chico: He could've had over $200,000 on Friday, except for a steamroller named Matt Volk. He has $22,200 to Kellie Chan's $2,400 and Jared's $2,200. That's UGLY.
Jason: Very
Gordon: FJ plese?
Chico: Final Jeopardy! is French Geography.
Gordon: Sacre bleu

8 countries border mainland France; its smallest border at 2.7 miles is with this country.

Chico: Jason?
Jason: What is Monaco
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: What is the new country set up specifically for Capture 2: Electric Boogaloo?
Jason: Ha.
Chico: Nah, they're blasting that one into space. Rumor has it that Mark Burnett and Richard Branson are footing the bill on that one. Ok, not really. Monaco is correct. No one had it at the Final, but Matt had enough to win $15,200. He comes back on Monday. And, as a man much wiser than I once said, The best is yet to come.
Jason: Yes. The decades tournament. Voting starts next month.
Chico: We also have the Teacher's Tournament, Kids Week, College Championship, Teen Tournament, and the Battle of the Decades. Explain, J.
Jason: 14 people from each decade have been invited to compete in a tournament The 15th will be voted on by YOU the fans.
Jason: I can't. I didn't participate in the T of C.
Gordon: His asthma got in the way
Jason: (double bird)
Chico: Okay, MIA. Speaking of the ToC, we have that too. And when we do have it, Jared will be in it.
Gordon: Kenichi Ebina will not be in it, but I don't think he will mind.
Chico: Nope.
Jason: Nope
Chico: He'll be busy. What with a HEADLINING SHOW IN LAS VEGAS!
Jason: Yeah :)
Gordon: Aaaaannnnd...

Chico: Time to wrap it up, kids,


Chico: As you remember, there were six acts. Taylor Williamson, Kenichi, Forte, Cami Bradley, Jimmy Rose, and Collins Key.
Jason: Yes.
Chico: After performing, there was no way Taylor or Jimmy was going to win. They forgot the One Rule. "Talent" shows are not so much about talent. They're about "reaction management". You want to make America like you. You can be the best of whatever, but if you don't make America want to vote for you, then it's all for naught. So that's where they messed up. Cami Bradley to a degree. She was the best at what she did, but she didn't give anyone any reasons to vote for her that she didn't give before.
Gordon: None of the singers (Forte included) were mainstream enough, They stayed in their genres and they didn't go out of their comfort zone to try to get more votes.
Jason: Right.
Chico: So that eliminates singers and Taylor. And then there's Collins' problem. He's good, but it takes a while to get there.
Gordon: I'll be more blunt. Little kiddies < Foreign voters.
Chico: I'll be even more blunt. There's a phrase going around. Work hard. Have fun. Stay humble. Kenichi was humble all the way through. That resonates with voters more than anything any other act could come up with.
Gordon: That certainly helped. But also well deserved from his technical and creative artistry
Jason: He was INSANE :)
Chico: Yes sir
Jason: He just wasn't a body mover. He told a story
Gordon: What sealed it for me was his angel performance,. And so, Kenichi gets this...

Chico: And well deserved.
Jason: I hope he is successful in Vegas.
Chico: The world is yours, my friend.
Gordon: Now what about an island with some people who we've seen before?
Jason: Pretty good stuff actually.
Chico: It's Survivor. Even when it's bad, it's good. Ready for Action, On Your Marks, Let's Start,

Jason: There was ONE BAD MOVE.
Chico: So what was the bad move?
Jason: Can I set it up if you don't mind?
Chico: Go ahead
Jason: The show is called Survivor: Blood Vs. Water. 10 pairs of former survivor contestants with 10 family members. On the first night they thought they would be competing with each other but on Day 1,Jeff says. It's Favorites vs. Family
Chico: (female dogs). *drops mic*
Jason: So Jeff says in shocker one, there will be Redemption Island Redux. And in shocker two - Vote someone out. On the Favorites Tribe we have Rupert
Chico: His wife Laura is voted out on the Family tribe. The Favorites vote out MY girl, Candice.
Jason: In Twist three, Jeff says, if you want to take place of your relative you can.
Chico: Enter Rupert.
Jason: Candice's husband says, I believe in you I will play. Rupert Boneham (and I know he is a good guy and a good man) MADE A BONEHEADED PLAY. He sends HIMSELF to Redemption Island.
Chico: You NEVER put your emotions in the way of game play. That's rule 1.4 or something. Rule 1 is you never volunteer to fall on the sword.
Jason: So he does.
Gordon: Well, maybe not. You don't know what the challenge is, but if you think you can do better than your partner, you do so.
Chico: We know he has the physical edge over Candice, who, is small.
Jason: Sorry G, conventional wisdom rules here. This is the number one rule, never put yourself in a negative position.
Gordon: No you don't - but again, you're playing for 2 people here. Not just you.
Jason: Right.
Chico: Seems like Rupert MAY have made the right move, but you don't put yourself in that position if you help it. Meanwhile, the newbies lose the first challenge, and in an 8-1 rout, Marissa is voted out.  So next week, it's Rupert vs. two women. He has the edge in a physical confront. But if it's mental, it'll be a whole lot closer.
Jason: But so far, I think the execution is better than the way it was explained.
Chico: It always manages to play itself out on Survivor with as much ease as possible. They adhere to the KISS rule of television producing.
Gordon: True. I think it's too early to figure out alliances with everything going on this episode, but I clearly expect a have nots vs. the haves (ie, if I'm Aras, Tina or their relatives, expect a short stay on the island)
Chico: And one more little wrinkle on the family side, boys town. Just saying.
Jason: That's the only wicket of stickiness here. But yes I see that.
Gordon: We will do much more coverage on this during the season, but right now, let's shift our coverage to GSN.
Chico: Time for 5 more...

1) The Chase is big. WAY big. What's the next thing we're getting over the pond, if you're the producer?

Jason: I have my own PERSONAL faves, but if I am GSN I get POINTLESS.
Chico: I'm with Jason. It pairs well with the Feud, which GSN is seemingly hinging its fortunes upon. And for good reason.
Jason: I would love Countdown or Only Connect, but TOO smartypants.
Gordon: The geek in me would love Only Connect - but I think Pointless could make a serious run here.
Chico: It could. I could see a deadpan snarker playing "The Pointless Friend' (makes the call me hand motion)
Gordon: Next question?
Chico: Next question,

2) Mind of a Man is getting a strip try on GSN later in the fall. Will it succeed where Pyramid failed?

Gordon: No. And on the same vein, I am not feeling too good with the rest of GSN's reality slate.
Jason: Nope. Not at all.
Chico: Nope. Seems like GSN's found its footing with its weeklies.
Gordon: Next one...

3) Are we going to see any remakes? If so, what?

Jason: Not sure.
Chico: Not until the money starts coming back, that, or "It Takes a Church" fails epically, and I'm talking "Family Trade" epic.
Gordon: I can see a Classic Concentration return.
Jason: I could.

4) Any new classic acquisitions?

Jason: I would love to see more Sale Of The Century episodes
Gordon: I would think they would want to spend more money on creating their own shows, though I will think that they would want Cedric's run on Millionaire and the latest season of Feud
Chico: I imagine they would.
Jason: Me too
Chico: Making the schedule flow.
Gordon: Finally,

5)  Anyone want to apologize to Amy Introcaso-Davis yet?

Jason: Not yet. I can't. I will say her record is more hit than miss. And she is TRYING everything
Chico: I will echo that.
Jason: And the fact she gave The Chase a chance is awesome.
Chico: But seriously, someone needs to be frequently reminded that people watch GSN for, shocker, game shows.
Gordon: And when you don't, there's always 5 minute recaps. Jason start the clock.
Jason: Every body ready?
Chico: Ready, SET, LET'S REPLAY!
Jason: 5:30 seconds on the clock. GO!
Chico: We begin the new season of Family Feud with a chance at a five-and-out. The Browns have a shot at a new car.. but the Smiths say NO. N-O-N-O spells No, NO!
Gordon: Bryan Voltaggio, Douglas Keane and Jennifer Jasinsky are your final 3 contestants in Top Chef Masters
Jason: Wheel had a very good week We had three bonus round winners and $288K+ given away to start off Season 31
Chico: Very nice.
Jason: We had a GREAT playing of the EXPRESS Wedge. Thoughts on that guys?
Chico: I think it works in practice.
Gordon: Meh. Doesn't do it for me.
Jason: And our first Million Dollar Moment. Wanna hear about it?
Chico: I want to.
Jason: Rick Zapata has $18,559 in cash and prizes including a trip to Cabo with Camcorder. He lands on the W in WIN. His category is PLACE. With the RSTLNE and his choices of C P M A we have:

_ A N C _
_ _ _ T _ _ _ E

Gordon: I knew it, so I'll let Chico give the bad answer
Jason: Close but no
Gordon: Its a Fancy Boutique
Chico: Ehh, close enough for government work.
Jason: He got FANCY but not the BOUTIQUE and he loses,.$30,000! He leaves with $18,559 in cash and prizes! The Million was in the 2nd A in AMERICA'S.
Chico: Cyndi Payne becomes the first person to see a $250,000 question, Ron Valdes is the second, and and Sarah Hreyo becomes the third.

72,000 ladybugs were released in the Mall of America, as an alternative to pesticides, to protect the plants from what sap-sucking insect?
A: Aphids
B: Weevils
C: Mayflies
D: Whirligig beetles

Gordon: E. The House of Representative Republicans.
Jason: Ha. It's A. Aphids. Ladybugs EAT Aphids.
Gordon: I agree with Jason
Chico: I would've gotten this. It's A. I had a question on aphids at Trivia. Let this be a lesson. Support your local trivia host.
Jason: Hi Tony :)
Chico: Ron's $250K..

Long before clocks, Ancient Peruvians measured time based on how long it took to do what?
A: Climb a tree
B: Cook potatoes
C: Clean a fish
D: Weave a basket

Chico: or E: Paddington Bear shorts.
Gordon: This is VERY easy for a $250,000 question. Only one of these things is time based and not based on a human action. That would be B.
Chico: Yup.
Jason: Bingo.
Chico: And finally, Sarah's 250,000.

One letter away from meaning something a little dirtier, what is the abnormal sensation that ants are crawling on your skin?
A: Obgasm
B: Formication
C: Ereltion
D: Pecile

Gordon: I knew this one also. It's B.
Chico: It's B.
Jason: Yes. I have been formicated.
Gordon: Ew.
Chico: Formication sounds like Fomite, which is an insect that passes disease. Let's go to primetime now. Ninja Warrior had some good news bad news. Bad news, NO ONE WON. Brian Arnold fell on the FINAL obstacle of Stage 3.
Jason: OUCH
Gordon: womp womp
Chico: The good news: coming soon.. American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. Japan.
Jason: BOOM
Chico: David Craig wins the final Wipeout of the season. Carlos Serrano wins this week's Supermarket Superstar, And Ken gets cut from the Runway. And that's a Replay. STOP THE CLOCK!
Jason: STOP!
Gordon: ...pant pant pant
Chico: Jason, are we in?
Jason: A little long,but it's the first one of the season. We can get better.
Chico: Yes we can. And we will. Let's bring it back now to our Hamster Warrior obstacle course...actually, it's just a wheel and a tube maze.
Jason: um,.ok
Gordon: and a mound of newspaper bits. Creative, those hamsters
Chico: Eve suggests Jaws of Death, BAD EVE!
Jason: That's HER
Chico: That's why it's bad!
Jason: She is the Jaws of Death LOL
Gordon: Sillies. Roll That Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks, Doug. First up, I'm going to need the yardstick, because we're going to talk about a show that's premiering this week.
Jason: (tosses Chico the 3 ft wooden stick) Got it?
Chico: Got it.

It's TPIR's new season, and we have more info on Do the Math.

Jason: I saw the video for this. It's nice.
Chico: Two small prizes and one dollar figure. You have to figure out whether the dollar figure added to the first small prize gives you the second. OR, if it should be subtracted. It's a very sexy display. Winner gets both prizes and the money. It premieres Monday.

Speaking of money, MTV has greenlit a new dating series called "The Hook Up". Single contestants and their friends will wade through the social media profiles of four potential dates. But there's a twist! The winning dater gets to see the single player's social profile and determine based on that whether or not to accept the date. So it's basically Baggage meets Facebook.

Jason: This could be good :)
Gordon: It's an intriguing premise, and one that deserves a Datebook
Chico: Okay, Gordon, You've got a big task today. Think you got it in you?
Gordon: I will try
Chico: Let's go.

September 23 is BIG Monday, with Let's Make a Deal, The Price is Right, and The Voice. Tuesday is Knife Fight, Friday is MasterChef Jr and Sunday is the Amazing Race's new season.

Chico: And as a reminder, Style. is going away, Esquire is taking its place with the Knives and the Fighting and the ouch and the food.
Gordon: No word as to what's going to happen on Tuesday
Chico: I have word. Two 30-minute episodes of Knife Fight. And G4 is left to do whatever it is it's doing now.
Gordon: So it's going into the oven for a burnoff?
Chico: No idea.
Gordon: Let's get Fully Loaded
Jason: HIC

CBS and ABC are both offering their Tweet Week Tweettacular, where the stars of their shows are live-tweeting along with fans.

Jason: (tweet tweet)
Chico: @wltiongsnn. Thanks for asking, by the way.
Jason: @beattheblock
Gordon: @gsnnhaterade
Chico: @dinoralexander.
Chico: #smart.
Gordon: This is #stupid
Jason: Need the board?
Chico: Could need two.
Gordon: (Wheels in Whiteboard)

Are YOU Smarter than...The Million Second Quiz Chyron operators?

Jason: I saw this (laughs)
Chico: Do we have the clip?
Gordon: I don't know about the video clip, but I have an image

Chico: Football.
Gordon: Someone's got football on the brain
Chico: Maybe they meant the other football. I don't know.
Jason: Hire us. :) We do good stuff :)
Gordon: now for the Haterade.

Paul Atkinson had a million dollar wedge on Wheel this week. He could've played for the big bucks. All he had to say was "Corner Curio Cabinet". If you read it in the papers, you know what happened next.

Chico: This story has a happy ending. Jimmy Fallon invites him on his show for a little Viral Redemption, and, well, watch.

Chico: See? Happy ending.
Gordon: I hope Paul Atkinson got paid good money for that, though I would just like to point out that Paul got snowballed on Wheel of Fortune and he didn't come close to winning. So How exactly did he get screwed out of the million?
Jason: People are stupid?
Chico: That works. Any more Haterade?
Gordon: No, My head hurts. Send me on a vacation.
Jason: Where are we going?
Chico: How about a trip to South Africa? We ain't gonna play Sun City...

...But we will play "You Deserve It", as they begin their first season there, with a second season coming.

Jason: Ah
Gordon: South African Media Hoes
Chico: Sasha Pieterse. :-) (plays Luda)

In this week's Media Ho report, Juan Pablo Galavis gets a case, Howard Overby (Big Brother) does Bold and the Beautiful, the killed Killer Karaoke is revived on Tru TV with Mark McGrath as it's host...

Gordon: ...are the hosting jobs that bleak, Mark?
Chico: Hey now.. Mark's a good host and this may be a good fit. MAY BE.

Family Feud gets Cake Boss Vs. Honey Boo Boo, John 'O Hurley goes to Buraboo (No relations), John Goeeslin is done with paying Child Support to Kate...

Chico: I hear he paid it off in tips. :-)

The Whammy turns 30 this week, Ricky Wilson joins the Voice Uk and Aaryn Gries INSISTS that she has 6 new talent agencies that want her over the agency that fired her.

Chico: Spin.
Jason: (bull****)
Gordon: But none o' them are your hoes of the week.
Chico: Who's the big one this week?
Gordon: You have millions of hoes and 6 million pissed of wanna be hoes this week.
Chico: Okay, you'll have to explain this one.
Gordon: I will. AGT's audition schedule is out this week. In the tour: Miami, Atlanta, Denver, Indianapolis and LA. Anyone see something missing?
Jason: NY
Chico: WHOA.
Jason: Chicago
Chico: WHOA.
Gordon: The whole Northeast. Gone.
Chico: So if you are in the Chicago area, you're going to have to go to Indianapolis. If you are in NYC, you're, also going to have to go to Indianapolis.
Gordon: Or audition online, which is what's going to happen if youre in NYC
Chico: You should totally do that. Go to for more information.
Gordon: Obviously things can change, but that's not a good look so far. And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Branvision. Jason, please.
Jason: (shutting down)
Chico: Still to come... upon further review, we want to know, Seriously, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? But's time for another Big Board Dancing with the Stars primer. (plays Duwende's "Take You Dancing") And because we don't have a results show this season, we can do this a week late. Tee hee. You're reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes...
Gordon: ...and we'll give you 22 things that the Million Second Quiz can now do with their set. Like give it to the newest Batman Movie and have it used for the Clock King.
Chico: nice
Gordon: And Whiles you're at it, use the Millionaire's Row for the Big Brother contestants.
Jason: woot

(Brainvision is presented by, ZOMBIE CAL WORTHINGTON AND HIS DOG SPOT! (to "If You're Happy and You Know It"

If your fridge is short of brains, go see Cal!
If it's driving you insane, go see Cal!
He will stand upon his head, doesn't matter if he's dead
go see Cal! Go See Cal! GO SEE CAL!

Brains provided by the Ricky Williams Emporium and the Big Brother Houseguests)