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Episode 34.8: Supersized Chainsaw Massacre
November 4

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, (Lugs giant candy bag)
Chico: That's a lot if candy.
Gordon: It's full of treats (gives Chico a Jumbo Kit Kat)
Chico: You remembered my favorites! :D
Gordon: Yes sir. and this too (pulls out Mayonnaise silly string)
Chico: I got you beat there. (Sprays pumpkin flavored silly string) It's a trick... AND a treat!
Gordon: We had tricks and treats for the past 2 weeks.
Chico: And we are going to talk about them including DL Hughley, who has a show of his own... That he shares with Michael Ian Black... That isn't too bad. But we'll get there, because from somewhere in BOO!-merica... The WLTI Supersized Chain Saw Massacre... Is... ON! Hi gang. Chico Alexander here... Did you miss us? We missed you.
Gordon: I did. And I missed you, Chico.
Chico: I missed you more. You know what else I missed? Halloween. Celebrated it early. I was MusclesGlasses from Epic Meal Time.
Gordon: And so did some shows.

Chico: So TPIR had the inspired lunacy that was the Halloween show
Gordon: Complete with name changes
Chico: They really outdid themselves this year, you can tell.
Gordon: They did, and it was a fun show. Now let's go through the games
Chico: Right on. First was ... WITCH? Not Switch? Witch? As in $1800 fridge, $3399 3DTV. Witch way do they go?
Gordon: Witch them...I mean Switch them.
Chico: Good job, my little muggle. Next up, Yucky Seven with a Hyundai Veloster driven by... Geoff Petersen!
Gordon: Squeeeeeeeee
Chico: That was won easy Next is Punch-A-Bunch... Made scarier by a creepy hand giving Count Drewcula the slips. Then there was Bat Race. Not Rat Race... BAT race. Then George's head in a Squeeze Play
Chico: You never want your announcer's head separated from the rest of his body
Gordon: No. Or be stuck in the haunted house
Chico: Right. And then there was Cliff Hangers and Yodelly Guy dressed as a grim reaper. And two Showcases, one with the most haunted haunts on Earth and another that's just Scary good. All in all, 2-4, $80,285. Decent.
Gordon: It's the best Halloween episode in the Mike Richards era. The show is getting better and better - and so is Let's Make a Deal.
Chico: Indeed. It had one chocolate worth a new car, a bunch of costumed pigs with cash, a jar of Reese's cups... Also my favorite...And a big treat worth $23,595...
Gordon: ...Which unfortunately didn't get picked
Chico: Meanwhile at the end of the show, a really special treat... A Make-A-wish kid helping with quickie deals.
Gordon: That was awesome
Chico: Yes it was. So overall, another happy Halloween on CBS. If only it was happy for Chris Ngoon...

*Divided by 2

Gordon: This was for $500,000 on Millionaire, whiich would have been a nice treat.
Chico: Yep. And he could've gone all the way. He was a rare breed of player. Knowledge AND balls. Wednesday's show saw him taking on the high-rent district with no lifelines.
Gordon: And he did great, until the big trick.
Chico: The big $500,000 trick...

< $500,000 >
Although Samuel Morse famously telegraphed "What hath God wrought," the first public demonstration of the telegraph was actually what line?
A: A patient waiter is no loser
B: Time stays, we go
C: An old horse knows the road
D: Fortune favors the brave

Gordon: E. Another Kardashian Wedding? Oh no!
Chico: Everybody panic. So I entertain guesses before this becomes one of THOSE episodes. This is one of those either-you-know-it-or-you-don't questions.
Gordon: It is. You can't really process of elimination this one.
Chico: And yet Chris tried to.
Gordon: That will get you into trouble every time, and in this case, is costs him $225,000, as we'll see right here...

Chico: Yeah, he's a good player... But it wasn't D. It was A. Now I did not know that.
Gordon: Me neither
Chico: Now Chris knows... But it costs him $225,000 to learn it. I would like to invoke the Chico Rule, if I may?
Gordon: You may.
Chico: Get in. Ride the wave. Get out.
Gordon: Yepperz
Chico: You have $250,000. You are not sure about the $500k. You have zero lifelines. BAIL.
Gordon: Yep. here's another statement. pride comes before a fall.
Chico: Always does... Example...

Chico: It begins with a tribal switch that turned a tribe if veterans into a tribe of women... And one guy. The ladies start playing textbook girl power alliance UNTIL Kat and Laura overplay their hand.
Gordon: Very much so. Especially when the target is CLEARLY in your camp ready to be gotten rid of. But the male target is still there, and Kat and Laura are not.
Chico: The target: Vytas.
Gordon: And as Aras is on the other side, you almost have to get rid of him before the merge.
Chico: Kat ironically gets called on overplaying when she keeps going on and on about underplaying. And Laura shoots herself in the foot by telling Vytas, in front of everyone, that he is next to go. RIGHT AFFER THE IMMUNITY CHALLENGE!
Gordon: So If Im Vytas, it's time to counterplot, which he does masterfully.
Chico: And both times the ladies sweep the vote. And at a very crucial time, because guess what happens next week...
Gordon: A merge possibly?
Chico: Hmmmm... It's a possibility...
Gordon: Which means the women squandered 2 chances to get a strong player out of the game - something I think they will regret.
Chico: Yep.
Gordon: Just like people are still regretting being Philiminated.

Gordon: The past 2 weeks, it was straightforward. Week #1. Adam and Brandon got U-Turned out of the game. Week #2: Tim and Danny were just slower than everyone else and got knocked out.
Chico: And there were donuts. Tasty tasty Polish donuts.
Gordon: Lemon Chocoate donuts.
Chico: If you remember back at Leg 1, Tim & Marie won the Express Pass.
Gordon: Right
Chico: They have a second one to give out to any team they want. They give it to Nicole & Travis. They place third, Tim & Marie place first. Easy win, easy trip to Hawaii. Should be a very interesting leg 7 coming up. Meanwhile, 20 singers have won a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood...

Chico: It would've been 16, but there was a twist. Did I get your attention yet?
Gordon: Peppermint twist?
Chico: Pumpkin! We're in the season of pumpkin! Peppermint comes later.
Gordon: Oh.
Chico: So here's the twist. In the Knockout Round, you have two people battling with their own songs. Winner stays, loser pays. But WAIT! Let's say we have a few extra STEALS in the NBC budget... Let's give each coach one more!
Gordon: Or (putting on the cynic hat) Hey! This is the top show on NBC! How do we extend the season? I know! Add more people to add more rounds!
Chico: Well, yes and no. We get an extra episode or two out of it, because Sean isn't saving anyone on Thursday, let's face it. But we will end up with a top 12 at the end of the first week of live shows like we always do.
Gordon: Unless we don't
Chico: But in any case, here are your completed teams. Lower the Big Board.

The Voice: Road to a Docureality Show V

- Team Adam: James, Preston, Grey, Will, Tessanne
- Team Christina: Jacquie, Matthew, Olivia, Josh, Stephanie
- Team Cee-Lo: Caroline, Kat, Jonny, Tamara, Amber
- Team Blake: Austin, Shelbie, Ray, Nic, Cole


Chico: The Subject: The Voice: Road to a Docureality Show V. I'm sure Cassadee Pope has a hit single. I just ain't heard it yet.

TEAM ADAM: James Wolpert, Preston Pohl, Grey, Will Champlin, Tessanne Chin.

Chico: Who you like?
Gordon: The one who's been on a bunch of Media Ho Shows AND who's charted on ITunes. James Wolpert.
Chico: I'm going to go with that. Is Will making a huge mistake not tapping into his Familial connection? You know who Will's father is, right?
Gordon: The guy theat discovered Lake Champlin?
Chico: No, his father is Bill Champlin of Chicago.
Gordon: A ha.
Chico: Next up...

TEAM CEELO: Caroline Pennell, Kat Robichaud, Jonny Gray, Tamara Chauniece, and Amber Nicole.

Chico: Of these five, I can only see Caroline as a standout, because I thought she was delightfully quirky. Truth be told, she's the only one on this team I see going all the way. The last two winners were young and female.
Gordon: Caroline Pennell is far and away the best on this team.
Chico: Caroline is the youngest. I see her resonating the loudest.
Gordon: I agree. Next one...

TEAM CHRISTINA: Jacquie Lee, Matthew Schuler, Olivia Henken, Josh Logan, and Stephanie Anne Johnson.

Gordon: The 2 best singers on thoe show may be on the same team. That would be Lee and Schuler. I'll go with Lee, but just barely.
Chico: I'll go the other way with Schuler. He's got a good range on him... The problem with Jacquie, we already have young and cute.
Gordon: I think last person standing on this team makes the Final 3.
Chico: Stephanie is a good solid throwback to the days of the big soulful belters, but they skew old. And so does she. This show does not. Finally...

TEAM BLAKE: Austin Jenckes, Shelbie Z, Ray Boudreaux, Nic Hawk, and Cole Vosbury

Chico: No EG. Sorry, bro
Gordon: Booooo.
Chico: I can see Blake riding Shelbie because they are so compatible... But the best singer for MY money... Has to be Ray Boidreaux
Gordon: I agree and the other three, though talented, aren't close.
Chico: Right. So that's the top 20. Give it a week, we will be on the top 12. And they will be fodder for a new show Comedy Central dreamed up. It's called @midnight. Three guesses when it airs.
Gordon: 11:69?
Chico: You suck. Here's the game: three comedians play internet oriented games culled from the day's internet viral activity. They get points. The two with the highest move on to the final round, FTW, where they play one more game of review it or caption it or tweet it or whatever.
Gordon: Like Wild 'N' Out, answers deemed funny get points and answers not deemed funny don't. Most points at the end wins.
Chico: Best quip by an audience vote wins the title of Funniest Person on the internet for the Next 23.5 Hours. That's a long title. For review purposes, we'll say they win the Internet.
Gordon: The Good: The formula clearly works.
Chico: It's a good old fashioned panel show for the millennial generation. It's also a good fit out of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.
Gordon: It takes elements and speeds them up, while eliminating esoteric and getting funny.
Chico: Basically, it's Bunk with better material and a better host. Seriously, you can't go wrong with Chris Hardwick in his nerdy element.
Gordon: Oh yes you can. The bad: it's only as good as the comedians.
Chico: Ok, there's that. Some are seasoned improv-ers while others are... Well, they lost Last Comic Standing for a reason. There is a lack of consistency.
Gordon: With Wild 'N' Out and Whose Line, you had the mainstays there to ensure a quality show. With midnight, some of the comedians are going for chewing the scenery, being a media ho, or going for the insane answer.
Chico: And since it's in the middle of the night, you can be sure that someone's going to go blue because they can. That's the lazy man's comedy.
Gordon: They 'can' doesn't mean it's funny or means they 'should'.
Chico: My point exactly.
Gordon: Again - movies that sound like someone's taking a poo. Really? That's the best we can do for a topic?
Chico: How about #PooBasedRappers. DMX-Lax.
Gordon: Ugh

Comedy Central - Midnight Weeknights
B- A- B

Chico: Overall, it's a sleek presentation, it's current, it's funny (most of the time)... Perhaps the best game show on Comedy Central since Ben Stein. A-
Gordon: I'm not going to go THAT far. For me it's more hit or miss, based on the comics, but Hardwick makes the show more hit than miss. B-.
Chico: How about Guy Fieri? Does he do anything for you?
Gordon: I do like Guy Fieri
Chico: Do you like groceries?
Gordon: I do. And Supermarket Sweep.
Chico: We all like Supermarket Sweep.
Gordon: Now do you like it combined?
Chico: This is not Supermarket Sweep. It's Guy's Grocery Games. And it's the latest show Food Network stole from a Top Chef Quickfire. Tee hee.
Gordon: Explain sir
Chico: Chefs on this show get a budget, a challenge, and a grocery store. Last one standing plays for $20,000. The good... The end game is pretty decent and straight forward. Here's a list of 10 items. Here's two minutes. I'll pay you $2,000 for each item
Gordon: It works because we've seen all of these things before. And that would be the bad. This is about as original as a box of 5 year old brownie mix.
Chico: And just as organic.
Gordon: Browwwwnnnies.
Chico: They process the hell out of that stuff, man.
Gordon: What do you think about Fieri?
Chico: Guy Fieri is Guy Fieri. You either like him or you hate him. This show isn't going to change your opinion of him.
Gordon: The problem that I had is that Fieri didn't do anything. You could have put anyone in this hosting role and it would feel like the same show.
Chico: Same problem he had with Minute to Win It.

Food - 8p ET Sundays
C C- C

Gordon: True. He's super generic host. And this is a super generic show. C.
Chico: Here's my thing... Why was this show made?
Gordon: Because a super market sponsored it.
Chico: I mean it has moments and all, but really, it's a ripoff of two game shows wrapped up in one! C-
Gordon: The last show to review is Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host. Michael Ian Black and D.L. Hughley are game show hosts. There are 2 statements read. One of them is correct and oe of them is wrong. You have to choose the correct host to win money.
Chico: Repeat for five rounds until you get to a final round for $20,000. You have to guess the correct statement out of five. Now there is some good here. For one, an interesting simpatico between the two hosts.
Gordon: The hosts are vwery good for this shtick
Chico: And also an interesting dichotomy. You have the intellectual DL and the wiseass Michael.
Gordon: And of course the format works. It worked when it was Break the Bank in the 1970's.
Chico: Also, the show is well balanced and well timed (credit it being a half-hour series) with no real silly add ons. Yes that was a dig on Are You Normal, America?
Gordon: Very true. Now for the bad. No variation whatsoever.
Chico: Statement, counter statement, cross examination, verdict. Lather rinse repeat. At least when Million Dollar Mind Game did it there was some change up. Get a photo category now and then. Or a music category. Or a video category. Do SOMETHING! Steal a page from @Midnight

TBS - 10:30p ET Tuesdays
C+ B- B-

Gordon: There was a lot of change up. I did like that there was no risk for the contestant during the game. It's played for laughs and entertainment, and it succeeds. The game show purist though would have liked them to do something more with the format. C+
Chico: Right. Also... Does it seem that the presentation is too big for the game? Or is the game too small for the stage?
Gordon: I would say the game is too small. It could be bigger, but they don't implement the whole stage - just like the show doesn't implement the whole mpremise.
Chico: Either way, it's a simple game done simply, but it could stand to do better. It's more hit than miss, so I'll go B-. And on that note, we're gonna go to break, and that's no lie. Still to come, we celebrate the end of an era in the UK. But first... What do Canada, Japan, and the UK have in common? You will find out in Brainvision News after this. You're reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes...
Gordon: We'll give you 22 things to do for Veteran's Day Weekend. Like donating to a cause. Or visiting the graves of the fallen and giving respect.

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