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Episode 34.6: Rise of the Eleventh
October 14

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and (wheels in Birthday Cake),11 years ago we started this silly podcast thing.
Chico: Duh na nuh na nuh nuh na nuh, They say it's your birthday, We're gonna have a good time,
Gordon: Or at least a good time making fun of everyone else.
Chico: Of course. I'm Chico Alexander, Make a wish and blow your candles out, because from somewhere in America, WLTI, Birthday style, Is on! Welcome to this, the 469th broadcast live from the mothership. 11 years ago today we started doing this, And here we are still going strong and we thank you for that.
Gordon: And this has been a blast for all of them. Probably less of a blast for every person who came up first this week on The Price is Right. Why you say?

Chico: It was PCH Prize Patrol week on America's favorite game show. The rules were simple. The first player to win their pricing game would also win a $20,000 bonus.
Gordon: Right.
Chico: Which would explain why there was no Plinko this week. It had to be a statistical and logistical win.
Gordon: That and after last Friday you were probably sick of it.
Chico: Tee hee.
Gordon: And on the 'quit' games, you had to go all the way. So why was this a bad this for the first people who won their pricing game? Because they went 0-5, thats why. Now with this and Big Money week next week, raise your hands if you think that TPIR is doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.
Chico: (Shakes head) nope. Not gonna do it.
Gordon: Raise it if you think that Publishers Cearing house is doing it out of the goodness of their hearts
Chico: ...Sorry,
Gordon: Well, maybe, raise your hand if you possibly think that it's to raise their first half-hour rankings, as they have been out of the Top 5 in Daytime.
Chico: (Raises hand frantically)
Gordon: Add to it that all of their big money week games are going to be played the first half of thr show, likely you're right
Chico: Can I throw something else out?
Gordon: Sure
Chico: You stated earlier that TPIR 1, the official designation for the first half-hour of the show for ratings purposes, was out of the top 5. Combined with TPIR 2, it's still the most watched show in the daypart.
Gordon: Right
Chico: But 2 is holding up the slack for 1. Is it at all possible that all of these special 'Specials' are happening for just that reason since the beginning of season 42? What with the new games and the Plinko and the guest models etc? And now this week, we have the return of Big Money Week. Now the last time they did it, it was a stroke of genius. This time, this close to, well, everything else? If I may quote the title of a pricing game, THAT'S TOO MUCH!
Gordon: I think it's more like That's Too Early. The idea, of course, is to get them to change their viewing habits early and hope they stick around once the non 'special' shows come rolling in. I don't think it will affect the show negatively and I do think it will do it's job. That being said, I think it's going to be more of a channel flip and less of a staying glued to the show. You are not going to get me to stay on TPIR and not flip to DNA Baby Mama Drama on Maury during TPIR's commercial break.
Chico: Thanks for the insight on your viewing habits, Gordon.
Gordon: I'm not alone on this. Trust me.
Chico: True. It's a good show on its own. it doesn't need to do all of this stuff this early. You can stand to take a lesson from Jeopardy! They like to spread the love around.
Gordon: And they have been around for a while. Like a 1990's tournament per se?
Chico: I love the 90s. So do these guys. They are the second bracket in the Battle of the Decades. Board me. It's called Battle of the Decades, Got 90s? Here is your lineup...

Jeopardy: Got 90s?

Dave Abbott
Robin Carroll
Jill Bunzendahl Chimka
Mark Dawson
Michael Dupee
Friend of the site and friend of ours Bob Harris
Ryan Holznagel
Dan Melia
Pam Mueller (-Basin)
Claudia Perry
Another FoS&FoO Brad Rutter
Rachael Schwartz
Babu Srinivasan
Yet another FoS&FoO Eddie Timanus


Chico: And of course, a 15th wild card contestant that you voted for at
Gordon: And the 5 people to vote on?
Chico: The five are...

Shane Whitlock
Brian Weikle
Michael Daunt
Melissa Zygmunt
and the former Fred Ramen, now Catherine Ramen.

Chico: As much as we wanted to see Ben Tritle again, He's industry now
Gordon: True. That being said, It's going to be a nice tournament, but a HUGE edge has to go to Multi-Million tournament of chanpions winner Rutter.
Chico: No doubt about that. But don't sit on Eddie Timanus. He has impeccable timing that some sighted champions wish they had.
Gordon: I'm sitting on everyone else until further notice.
Chico: A lot of heavy hitters, but at the same time no heavy hitters. This is what happens when you put champion against champion. We'll analyze the final bracket next week. Spoiler alert, Ken Jennings AND Larissa Kelly? Some big sights to behold.
Gordon: Should be a lot of fun. And I'm guessing all Jeopardy Champions know how to read. Contestants on other shows, however...

Gordon: Race sounds good. So Professor Alexander, what's the reading lesson this week?
Chico: Rule Number One (and it is so important that we took the time to capitalize it for you): read the clue, even if you don't follow it. READ THE CLUE
Gordon: So what happened this episode?
Chico: So the Racers were in Chile still. Something about the chilly Andean air that makes a few teams not follow the rules on the clues.
Gordon: Worse than the thin air in Denver?
Chico: We'll get to that.
Gordon: Continue, please
Chico: Back to Chile. Rowan and Shane are looking for a shoeshine stand. Keep in mind that they are already in butt ass last place, thanks to the curse of the cab driver who no speaka de English.
Gordon: They may not get their shoes shined, but it looks like they are going to get their clocks cleaned.
Chico: Don't you know it. They don't find the clearly marked shine boy. They find...some guy not associated with the race. And immediately this guy is thinking

Chico: Haven't busted that one out in a long time. So they end up in last place and exit stage right, Because they're actors. Now on the other hand, There is a Rule Number Two, and this comes into play as the front runners are checking in. All important Rule Number Two, Settle all of your debts before checking in. This includes your taxi fare. Enter Leo & Jamal. They are the first to arrive. Phil addressed them as such, But they have to go back and pay the cab fare before they can be officially checked in.
Gordon: D'oh
Chico: That opened the door for NFLers Chester & Ephraim to win the leg and, A trip for two from the roaming gnomes of Travelocity to Turks & Caicos!
Gordon: Whoo hoo! And As for Shane and Rowan, maybe Shane can change his name to Martin, because they were a Laugh in.
Chico: Hey-o! Those are really good NFL players, Now let's talk about a really BAD one. On your marks, let's start...

Chico: Okay Gordon, how do you know when you've overplayed your hand too early?
Gordon: You know it when everyone - including the other team - is on your case.
Chico: And Jeff. Don't forget Jeff.
Gordon: AND Jeff. and when the winning team decides to give a clue to your wife to get them to vote her out.
Chico: This is all taking place as the redemption duel is taking place. So the winner, John, gives the clue to Monica Culpepper. Brad Culpepper, playing off of a head of steam, tells her to burn said clue in the cauldron. Clearly neither of them have done their homework on this game.
Gordon: Monica (Brad's wife) gets the clue, then promptly burns it (which I don't think is smart). What really isn't smart is Brad telling 2 different groups to vote out 2 different people. Both groups compare notes, which spells them allying and forcing a tie, and then getting rid of Brad in a tiebreaker.
Chico: No, Monica! That's dumb and you should feel dumb. Classic Survivor backdoor.
Gordon: And as for the most SHOCKING switch This one was telegraphed.
Chico: Yep. This is a classic Survivor reaction to a classic Survivor overplay. Now Brad gets to play with the other two lovebirds on the island. This isn't awkward at all!
Gordon: Awkward AND very entertaining.
Chico: So we've talked about good NFLers. We've talked about BAD NFLers. Now we're going to talk about golfing NFLers
Gordon: Let's spread some love to the NFL and the Big Break.

Gordon: Which were also bad.
Chico: But not because of anything they said, More like because of everything they did. Because you know what they say about golf, right? It's a leisurely walk...ruined.
Gordon: I know the intent was to have a connection with their golfing skills, but it felt more like people not in touch with the general public.
Chico: They're football players, G. You honestly expected run of the mill joe talk? Seriously though. This series will pit teams of three against each other on a pro-am skills competition. The six teams will comprise of one football legend, one male golfer, and one female golfer. At the end, the one player remaining wins $50,000 for charity, while the BB players win stuff like cash, priZes and tournament exemptions. It's all golf talk. Oh, we forgot to name names! We should probably do that!
Gordon: Yes
Chico: The six legends are Tim Brown of the Oakland Raiders, playing for the Tim Brown Foundation, Marc Bulger of the St. Louis Rams, playing for the Marc Bulger Foundation. Al Del Greco of the Packers, the Cardinals, and the Oilers/Titans, playing for the Bright house Foundation. 2012 NFL Hall of Famer Chris Doleman, playing for the Chris Singleton Foundation. MVP of Super Bowl XXIII Jerry Rice, playing for the Jerry Rice 127 Foundation, and Super Bowl XXVI MVP Mark Rypien.
Gordon: The good: It IS golf, and if you like it, it's fun. If you care about the players, it's also fun.
Chico: Right.
Gordon: Which leads to the bad: ZZZZZzzzzzz
Chico: Yeah. You'll only appreciate their greatness if you are old enough to have witnessed it. And if I may say so, all the NFL connections that the Networks of NBCUniversal have and they COULDN'T get at least a current reservist? They got freaking Michelle Tafoya to cohost it! Give me a reservist!

Golf - 9p ET Tuesdays
C- C- C-

Gordon: Nope. C-
Chico: C- sounds right.
Good if you like golf and the NFL. If you like one over the other, No thanks. Meanwhile, together, we make the Fastest 5.5 minutes in all of game shows! Gordon, you have the clock?
Gordon: I do (hits stopwatch)...Go!
Chico: Let's start with Dancing with the Stars, And Valerie Harper is off the floor, So sad. But admittedly she didn't perform up to standard.
Gordon: Also not performing: Jeopardy Contestants this week. It's a rotisserie wheel of champs
Chico: Mmmm.. Rotisserie.
Gordon: Million Dollar moment on wheel with this puzzle:

M _ R _ _
_ A T E R

Chico: What we have on St. Patrick's day, MARCH TATER.
Gordon: You know, I think you were drinking too much MURKY WATER.
Chico: I was.
Gordon: No Million dollar win either.
Chico: Aw. Over to Millionaire and the Classic Round. Erik Persek gets this for $100,000...

The "twerking" of yesteryear, in 1816 The Times of London warned readers about exposing their children to what "indecent" dance?
A: Waltz
B: Foxtrot
C: Jig
D: Allemande

Gordon: E. Lambada
Chico: I was going to make a joke about the hand jive,
Gordon: I actually knew this. It's the Waltz
Chico: It IS the waltz Nowadays we're wondering what's so dirty about that. Anyway Erik goes for C and leaves with $25,000. The Junior MasterChef hopefuls had to tackle the Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington on Friday; A fate I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
Gordon: Ew.
Chico: After Sarah tells Gavin to whip whipped cream like a man (long story), the team of Jewels & Roen were left out in the cold.
Gordon: The Gavins win $2,150 on Family Game Night, but don't win the big one.
Chico: Nope.Helen was eliminated before the Fashion week finale of Project Rinway. Joey Hamilton is your newest Ink master, winning $100,000, Kellan Hori wins $9000 from Cutthroat Kitchen
Gordon: We have our Top 16 forming on the X Factor
Chico: And in the first bout of the new season of Iron Chef America, Battle Oktoberfest, three challengers end up two points shy of ICs Symon & Zakarian. And to counter x Factor's top 16, which we won't see until there's a champion in baseball, we have the Voice Battle Rounds. That will be next week. And that is a Replay. Stop the clock!
Chico: Gordon did we get in on time?
Gordon: That looks good. As it is October, we have the hamsters rolling around in pink ribbon.
Chico: Yes we do. Might I suggest a website? Or Either one of those are pretty good causes. Go there and make a donation if you are so inclined.
Gordon: Sure are. Roll that beautiful Brain Footage.

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks, Doug. I'm going to need a giant quarter note. Oh and no instruments.
Gordon: (Gives Chico a note shaped bat)

We have a date for the return of The Sing Off, another in Gordon & Chico's big list of shows that should never have been cancelled in the first place. Mark your calendars for December 9

Gordon: Yeah, remind us how canceling that for Take It All did again?
Chico: (Raspberries) You understand (raspberries)?
Gordon: I do. just like I understand a datebook
Chico: Yup. Looks like you got a couple of premieres.
Gordon: I do.

The Biggest Loser is the premiere on Tuesday. With Americanidolseason2winnerRubenStuddard. And on Monday, MTV has the Hook Up, a new dating series that probes the underbelly of social media.

Gordon: I like the premise of this a lot. Sort of catfish like. I hope they execute it well.
Chico: We will see. It's kinda like Baggage meets Catfish.
Gordon: I like the idea. Let's get loaded. Hic.
Chico: Yessir,

From the makers of Wipeout and Wipeout in the Zone comes Wipeout Create & Crash! Available on Wii, PS3, Xbox, and 3DS October 15. That's this Tuesday.

Gordon: That can be a fun get Also can be smart.
Chico: Or it could be as shovelly as the first two
Gordon: That too. I have not so smart though. (wheels in Smartboard)

Are YOU Smarter than...Shane and Rowan. We had the doctors on last week, and we believe in equal time for equal limited intelligence.

Chico: I say that is fair.
Gordon: Do you think Haterade is fair?

Mark Ballas was reportedly PISSED at special guest judge Julianne Hough for giving him a bad review. As they were childhood friends, this could get ugly if he gets knocked out this week.

Chico: Ummm question...Was he bad?
Gordon: He wasn't good. Mark may be going on vacation.
Chico: Then I don't see a problem. Mark needs to get over it. It's a competition, you're going to be judged. If you don't like it, take it on the chin and move on
Gordon: Where are you sending him to?
Chico: Let's go to the Philippines.
Gordon: Balut!

Let's Ask America, the show that everyone is talking about but no one gets to see...Thanks, Scripps! going global with a version in the Philippines. Let's Ask Pilipinas will bow on TV5 later this year.

Gordon: That could be a lot of fun. Not too many media hoes though.
Chico: You can watch. You can play. You can win! And, Then you can eat balut and be your own media ho. GORDON! (Plays Luda)

In this week's Media Ho Report, Ben Flajnik is NOT dating Kris Jenner, Mario Lopez shares his birthday with ours, Josh Marks passes...

Chico: Moment please...


Chico: Thank you. Continue, please

Lauren Conrad gets engaged to William Tell (and his overture), Edyta Sliwinskya has a baby, and Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West talk it out on his show.

Gordon: But none of them are the media ho of the week.
Chico: Who have you kind sir?
Gordon: I have Miley 'I perform on American Idol every season' Cyrus, who was offered a million dollars to star in a porno movie.
Chico: Porn? Really?
Gordon: I'm not watching. And by the way, Bashing on Jews - not a good look. And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that is Brainvision. Shut her down. (Shutting down) Still to come on the show, There are no words for our birthday. No words at all, Only music, And pictures.
Gordon: Its a Birthday Party Fiesta! You're reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 plays that we can equate Brad Culpepper's Survivor play to. Like the Butt Fumble.
Chico: Or the botched fake punt.
Gordon: Hand behind the back drop
Chico: Or the six-time sack, Eli.

(Brainvision is presented by the Giant Kentucky Fried Tar Heel Ofer Holes! Now available in Chicago Deep Dish style. You'll want to bear your load on this one! It's the Drive for Imperfection promotion!)