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Episode 34.7: Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah
October 21

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and in honor of Big Money week, I bought a big wallet.
Chico: And I've got a big fat check. Well, big compared to what I usually get.
Gordon: (Takes Check. Puts it in wallet). Tada!
Chico: I don't like the way this is working out.
Gordon: Tell you what, when I cash it, I'll give you 51%.
Chico: Okay. By the way, what's the date on that check? I read February 30.
Gordon: I thought I read September 32nd, but it's still cashes the same.
Chico: So yeah. *takes check, rips it* Sorry. But check it, we've got big money money, big money money mon-AY to talk about.
Gordon: (puts it in Hamtaro shredder)
Chico: But we've got a lot more where that came from, because from somewhere in America, the Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah edition of WLTI.... is... ON!
Gordon: YAY! Gordon and Chico here, and we start with over 2 million to be given out this week on The Price is Right. As for how much of it was given out...1 out of 5 ain't bad. Well for them, anyways.
Chico: Nope.

Chico: It's a big money Monday. The rest of the week... Not so much. Let's go through the week. Monday: 1/2 Off for $100,000. The game was played perfectly and we had a $100,000 winner! So an early MVP..

Chico: Congratulations to Cassidy Schlitz.
Gordon: Aaaaaannnnd then it all goes downhill from there.
Chico: Tuesday's Big Money Game: Triple Play. Three big money cars and none of them go out the door. Wednesday actually did something kinda cool. Granted it wasn't won as expected, but it was still cool. The Big Money game was Cliffhangers, but the rules were changed slightly. The money offered: $250,000. But the house took back $10,000 for every step Yodelly Guy went up the mountain. Kyle Corral used this rule to pick up $30,000. Not a bad payday... but not the big money.
Gordon: I liked this a lot. THIS is the creativity they should have had for Plinko Week
Chico: Thursday was a trip down the Golden Road for.... a BENTLEY. The whip of MY dreams. Okay, let's play it out. Bentley, $189,_65 Numbers: 5, 2, 4, 7.
Gordon: USUALLY, no numbers repeat. HOWEVER, it's big money week, and the producers almost certainly don't want to give out that Bentley, so I'm going to go...on a whim...the only number that repeats - 5.
Chico: And you would've had a Bentley. I wonder what the reaction would've been had the Bentley been won.
Gordon: Psycho contestant!
Chico: And crying producer. :-) Now for Friday's show... it's the $500,000 PLINKO
Gordon: Probably would have been crying more if $500,000 plinko was hit.
Chico: Yeah. That didn't happen. Clora Hicks ends up winning $2,000. It's not a hard game to win, folks. What's so hard about front. And. Center. So overall, this Big Money Week is a vast improvement from the last one, and a lot of creative opportunities were taken advantage here.
Gordon: So we've had 3 special TPIR weeks. And we're going to have more of them, which includes Dream Car Week in around a month. Thoughts?
Chico: I've said it before, I'll say it again, I'm all for special weeks, but when you stack them one over the other, it's almost like the show is less special.
Gordon: I agree. The special modifications are fun, but not too many this quickly. I'll wait for November Sweeps for the next one.
Chico: Not that the special weeks themselves are bad, but space them out, bro. I can wait too. Meanwhile, LMAD didn't want to be left out of the fun, so they had their own Big Money Week.
Gordon: It's called the 'Big SHot'. It's a spinning wheel that if it lands on a dollar sign, you win.
Chico: It's a 16-slot wheel, if I'm not mistaken.
Gordon: Correct. You can play for the following:

$30,000: 1 space
$10,000: 4 spaces
$5,000: 8 spaces
$2,500: 12 spaces

Gordon: So it's one out of 16 for $30,000.
Chico: With the other slots marked as, of course, ZONK.
Gordon: Right. Now of course, they don't give out the $30,000. But they do give out $5,000.
Chico: which is pretty cool. And it was also used on Wednesday as a part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Which was also pretty cool. So aside from making it impossible to win any big money, Big Money Week on CBS was a rousing success. Can't wait to see what comes next down the pike.
Gordon: The funny thing is Dr. Oz makes more money than both big money weeks...COMBINED
Chico: Yikes.

Chico: So here's the story. Dr. Mehmet Oz, an FoO and apparently a big game show fan due to the amount of quizzes he's been on. He's on WWTBAM for HealthCorps. Dr. Oz makes $100,000 on a stone guess, which leads us to this WITH his ATA available...

< $250,000 >
Which one of these major movie stars is listed on as "Partygoer/Preppy Guy at Fight" for the 1987 movie "Less Than Zero"?
a) Hugh Jackman
b) Brad Pitt
c) Colin Farrell
d) Brendan Fraser

Gordon: This is an either you know it or you dont question. You can rule out Farrell because of the age, but the other 3 actors ages are in the ball park.
Chico: And The Good Doctor is calling on the audience.

a: 11% b: 46% c: 19% d: 24%.

Chico: Now I have a good idea and I wouldn't be above using that good idea before using the lifeline. You can rule Colin Farrell out because of age. You can also rule out Hugh Jackman because he was in Australia at the time. That leaves Brendan Fraser, who could've done it around that time, and Brad Pitt, who also could've done it around that time. But I knew it.
Gordon: I knew it also, and it's Pitt.
Chico: It IS Pitt! And Dr. Oz goes bat-guano all over the place. Who wants to see a $500,000 question?
Gordon: ME!

< $500,000 >
The exterior of the White House is painted a shade of white called what?
a) Dove White
b) Antique White
c) Whisper White
d) Marble White

Chico: I could make a Bill Clinton joke here, but I'll let it come to your imagination.
Gordon: This is another one that you know or you don't. In this case, I have no idea, so I would have bailed.
Chico: I also would've bailed. Any guess?
Gordon: None, but I did look it up. According to Wikipedia, the answer is Whisper White, so that's my guess :)
Chico: But I also guessed Whisper White... and I was right. But $250,000 for HealthCorps is not hay. And of course we'd be remiss to remind you that you can learn more about the charity at
Gordon: Very true. Is there a charity on teaching people how to read Amazing Race clues?
Chico: Here we go again...

Chico: Let's go to Portugal, where Chester & Ephraim set off first. They already have the lead. If they keep pace, they can keep the lead and win the heat. Pay attention, this is relevant.
Gordon: (Grabs popcorn)
Chico: The NFLers head to a travel agent and have them book a flight that, had it worked, would've put them in Portugal WAY AHEAD of the pack. But even with some follow up grunt work, there is one delay after another on the flight out of Argentina. So they get on another flight which is ALSO delayed. So they try for one more flight, but at this point, they are half a day behind everywhere else AND the flight they're on is routed to London. They ultimately get to Lisbon, but who should be waiting for them at the airport... not a cab... .not a clue box... but the Racemaster himself.
Gordon: And this is when you know you're screwed - you get out of the plane and see Phil Koeghan waiting for you at the airport.
Chico: Usually when this happens, there's at least a clue directing you directly to the Pit Stop.
Gordon: I think they may have been so late (half a day) that they had to get them out of the picture and this could have been happening while the other racers were on their next leg.
Chico: Wouldn't have surprised me.
Gordon: Then they can spend sometime with Candice Cody.

Gordon: The great challenge between Brad Culpepper and John Cody will go on for another episode. It will go on without Candice, who gets knocked out of the Redemption Island challenge.
Chico: Which sucks for John. For Brad... not so much. The run up to Tribal Council, though, was far more interesting. Now imagine for a moment that you have a choice: An outsider or a strong physical force. Who do you send to Redemtpion Island? The person who is not going to be pissed at you when they coma back in the game.
Chico: So not the outsider.
Gordon: In this case, the outsider, because here's the problem that Aras made for himself.
Chico: What is the problem that Aras made for himself?
Gordon: 1. Laura Boneham is going to be pissed. 2. Monica, seeing that you sent someone to take hubby out, is going to be pissed. 3. Brad is going to be pissed when they see Monica's group is sending someone strong to get rid of him. Now if per se, Laura and John BOTH happen to get back into the game, Aras now has a counter alliance that could easily find the guys over at Tadhana and create a counter-alliance
Chico: Could happen. So the tribe sends over Laura Morett to rub out Brad. And I imagine that Monica will not be too happy with that. Because Monica can't seprate game from not-game. She represents the kind of player that I find to be the most dangerous... the one that doesn't care about consequence so long as the job gets done.
Gordon: Exactly. This could be very bad for Aras. What isn't so bad - so far - the singing on The Voice.

Chico: It's Battle Time!
Gordon: Weeee!
Chico: Let's go over the standings as they happened. As a reminder, you can catch all of the Battles in their entirety on The Voice's YouTube page. So far, there have been 18 battles. Grey vs. Nic Hawk. Grey wins, Blake steals Nic. The song was Jessie J's "Domino." Amber Nicole vs. Timyra-Joi. The song, "Listen" by Beyonce. Christina chooses Amber. Justin Chain vs. Shelbie Z. The song was "Don't you Wanna Stay" by Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson. Blake chooses Shelbie. Anthony Paul vs. Caroline Pennell. The song, "As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber. Why?
Gordon: ...yuck.
Chico: Cee Lo chooses Caroline. Christina steals Anthony. Donna Allen vs. Tessanne Chin. The song, Emeli Sande's "Next To Me". Adam Chooses Tessanne. Briana "My Sister's Famous. I'm Not Pointing That Out, NBC Is" Cuoco vs. Jacquie Lee The song, "House of the Rising Sun". Christina chooses... Jacquie. But... and I'm sure that the whole sister thing was totally not a factor.. the OTHER coaches play for a steal. Briana is making a power play and going for... BLAKE. Jacob Poole vs. Matthew Schuler in "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark". Matthew wins.
Chico: Kat Robichaud vs. R Anthony on "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing". Kat wins. Cole Vosbury vs. Lupe Carroll on "Africa". Cole wins. EG Daily vs. Sam Cerniglia on "something to Talk About". EG wins. Ashley DuBose vs. Justin Blake on "I'm Just a Fool". Ashley wins. And finally, Monika Leigh vs. Ray Boudreaux on "Some Kind of Wonderful." Ray wins... Cee-Lo steals Monika. So far, a very solid blend of performers, and we're only haflway finished.
Gordon: Keep in mind the steals can ALSO be used in the Knock Out Rounds
Chico: Yep. More to come in the following week.
Gordon: So we have more of this to play out. Meanwhile, we see another show being played out on the Internet.
Chico: Well... out of the internet. But the point is valid. Go on.
Gordon: It's a new MTV game show called The Hook-up
Chico: It's basically Baggage for millennials. One dater will choose among four suitors based on their "social profiles". Those who don't measure up will be "blocked" until there is one remaining.
Gordon: The catch is the baggage is found on the internet. The Good: If you like Baggage, and don't mind a tamer version, you'll like this.
Chico: Indeed. This is actually surprisingly done well. And it doesn't stop for any cheesy breaks once the game starts. Why are the besties there again?
Gordon: To add padding to the show.
Chico: Ah right. Because MTV shows aren't padded enough.
Gordon: Apparently not. The bad: Andrew Schultz, the host, needs a little less cream and sugar in his coffee.
Chico: Too much of a cheerleader, this guy?
Gordon: I understand how you need more energy in this than you do in Baggage, but it's a bit too much energy. If he calms it down, he's ok. The material works here. Let the material do it's job.
Chico: Definitely. I mean, the meat is there in the sandwich. Andrew Schultz can move the game along very well, but he needs to tone it down to about a 7.
Gordon: But I think I'm being picky. MTV did it's background homework on this show and what makes dating shows work. This is a solid gamer and clearly works off of the Baggage Model. And notice you don't get the 'we've seen this before' complaint because they take a new spin on it.
Chico: Yep. This is an old game given new life and it's relatable to its audience. The only bad... too much Red Bull in the Green Room. Other than that, it's a very solid B+.
Gordon: I'll go slightly lower, but still a solid B
Chico: Okay, we'll get to Brainvision in a moment but first, a BONUS!

Chico: Jeopardy! Battle of the Decades... the Oughts. The line up... Some of the greatest to play the game. They are..

Jeopardy: the Next Millennium

Vijay Balse
Colby Burnett
Roger Craig
Celeste diNucci
Michael Falk
Stephanie Jass
Ken Jennings
Vinita Kailasanath
Tom Kavanaugh
Larissa Kelly
Dan Pawson
Russ Schumacher
Maria Wenglinski
Keith Whitener


Chico: and the 15th WILD CARD spot.
Gordon: I don't think it really matter what the wild card is going to be with that Ken dude there. And where's David Madden?
Chico: For the record... In the running: Ryan Chaffee, Tom Nissley, Joey Beachum, Erin McLean, and Kara Spak.
Gordon: I'll say Kara, but watch out for that ken dude.
Chico: I'm going to go with Erin. She's solid beast.
Gordon: That's why we have a hamster names Ken Jen (pets hamster)
Chico: Could be anyone, but they're going to get HAMMERED! by that Ken dude. Aren't you a good hamster...
Gordon: He is. Now Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks, Doug Morris. We'll start with a recycled aluminum bat. For a renewed series. Get it?
Gordon: Got it. That's using you're metal.
Chico: Or reusing it. :-)

CW has given the 21st vote of confidence to Tyra and the gang, renewing ANTM for another go. Meanwhile, Heroes of Cosplay gets a backorder of six more episodes.

Chico: ... Yay?
Gordon: You know you'd want to compete as Mario.
Chico: Been there. Done that. Though if you want a hint as to my costume this year...

Gordon:'re going as a hairy tattooed man?
Chico: Okay, bigger hint.

Chico: I got muscles. I got glasses. I got the shirt yesterday. I'm ready.
Gordon: And then when you eat all the Epic Mealtime food, you'll have the gut back.
Chico: Yeah I'm only bringing paper bacon. :-) But you're bringing more groceries, I think.
Gordon: Databanks are made of paper.

Guy's Grocery Games comes on this week. We'll see how many Supermarket Sweep references we'll be making when we review it next week.

Chico: I've got the beep counter ready. (beep beep) That's one. We also have @midnight and Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host this week.
Gordon: I heard the beep. Now I'm ready for the Fully Loaded Sweep.

TNT has greenlit a new series that allows viewers to taste the winning dishes. Yes, it's a cooking show mixed with Fashion Star. But it's from Mark Burnett, so.... there's something.

Gordon: Mark Burnett means we'll be seeing great production values. It will also mean we'll see a blueprint of one of his previous shows all over this one.
Chico: Perhaps an episode or two of The Apprentice. The show is called "On the Menu" Each episode will center around a different American food business. Home cooks will work wth pro chefs to create a signature item. The winning dish goes on sale the VERY NEXT DAY. Catch it in 2014.
Gordon: That could be a smart idea
Chico: It could very well be a smart idea.
Gordon: But I have a bunch of stupid people.
Chico: ... Am I going to have to get the helmet out of cold storage?
Gordon: ...Maybe

Are YOU Smarter than...the Millionaire Audience, who has gone up to 78% on an answer...they got wrong

Chico: What was the question?

All but which of the following artists have sung NBC's opening theme for Sunday Night Football?
A. P!nk
B. Faith Hill
C. Carrie Underwood
D. Shania Twain

Gordon: Would you like to ask the audience?
Chico: I would like to ask the audience.

A. 78% B. 9% C. 3% D. 10%

Chico: ... I'm going to actually go away from the audience and say D. Shania Twain.
Gordon: You would be...RIght!
Chico: I think Faith Hill was first, followed by Pink, then the current Mrs. Mike Fisher.
Gordon: It IS Shania Twain. 78% of the audience went Pink, and that cost Mike Fisher his $46,000 bank. Ouch. The audience this year, so far, has been terrible. how come?
Chico: I could not tell you. I want to say that curtailing the show to Cedric's audience is taking away some of the intellect. But this is not an intellectual question. It's an either-you-know-it-or-you-don't question.
Gordon: The audience learly did not know this one.
Chico: Clearly
Gordon: We'll discuss this on a later show. Right now, have some Haterade.

This is something that makes you say Huh? ABC has decided to commit to airing Desiree Hartstock and Chris Sigfield...on the condition that they don't get married until the Fall 2014.

Chico: I say they don't make it. Scared money don't make money.
Gordon: They wanted it in the Summer. We'll see if they make it to the fall. But knowing you, you want to send them on a Honeymoon trip, don't you?
Chico: Yes I do. They're going to the British Isles. And so are we this week. We have an upgrade to speak of, and it involves your game show hussy, G.
Gordon: Oooh. Very nice.

Victoria Coren is taking Only Connect to BBC Two from BBC Four.

Gordon: This is a promotion, which is great, but a little trepidatious, because you go from guaranteed security to uh oh we need ratings.
Chico: I think they have the ratings to challenge any and all comers. Otherwise the Beeb wouldn't have made the move. Meanwhile, they're trying out a few new formats to replace the series. BBC Four has shortlisted three new shows to replace Coren's little quiz that could - The Knowledge, Eliminate the Impossible and Enigma. Should be noted that OC is currently in season 7. Season 8 will air on BBC Four. Season 9 onward will air on BBC Two. Nothing on BBC America, because we need more Top Gear and Doctor Who, damn it! And apparently more MasterChef imports. You take a look at the MasterChef imports? They use professional chefs on their show.
Gordon: Those would be media hoes in training
Chico: (plays Luda)

In this week's Media Ho Report, Graham Elliott goes inside Covert Kitchens, Mark Cuban is cleared of insider trading, Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough split up...

Chico: That was quick.

Andy Cohen pulls out of the Miss Universe hosting gig, Alton Brown goes on tour, Betty White's Off Their Rockers gets renewed by Lifetime after being cancelled.

Kanye West doesn't want to marry Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner is dating Young Jinsu, and Kendra Wilkinson has a baby media ho.

Gordon: But none of them are your ho of the week.
Chico: Who have you got it?
Gordon: I have Kelly Clarkson, who wants to go on the Voice - and then gets herself off of the Bachelor eligible list.
Chico: good for her. I believe we have the photo courtesy of On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

Chico: Those baby hoes grow up so fast. I remember she was an awkward waitress singing in front of a producer, a singer, and a connoisseur of tight t-shirts. Now she's gone off and gotten herself married.
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision (shuts off). Still to come, the fall season is upon us... which means my DVR is working overtime. But what does it say about me?
Gordon: But first, we have some witty retorts. More than usual. You're reading WLTI. you give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 Big Money versions ofo Price is RIght Pricing Games that would be harder to do. Like Spelling Bee if you used a 5 letter car word instead of C-A-R.
Chico: T-R-U-C-K
Chico: V-I-P-E-R
Chico: M-I-N-I.... Batman symbol.
Gordon: 6 Digit Cover up
Chico: That's just evil, man.
Gordon: REALLY Stack the Deck!
Chico: how about Two Away instead of One?
Gordon: One OR Two Away?
Chico: ... You get it.
Gordon: Range Game with a $15 Range Finder on a Bentley

(BrainVision has been brought to you by Kentucky Fried Tarheels: The Search for Jadaveon Clowney Sweepstakes. All The Giants have to do is get up the ladder of suck to win! Can they lose to an equally inept Minnesota team? This is huge, because if they win, they also lose the tiebreaker. Go VIKINGS!)