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Episode 34.4: Chips Ahoy!
September 30

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and Im going to give my good buddy Chico Alexander a Plinko Chip
Chico: I'll gladly accept if it is the frosted on a cookie kind.
Gordon: Why sure (Gives Chico a chip)
Chico: Mmmm cookie. And it's better than the ones dropped on Friday.
Gordon: Well, no those weren't Plinko chips. Those were cow chips.
Chico: Three guesses as to why.
Rob the Cash Cow: Moo?
Gordon: I think Rob hit it on the head...and tail.
Chico: ...Yep. We will talk about that plus the times that test even the greenest game show hosts and how they act when it's ALL on the line, because from somewhere in America, The Plinko Chips for EVERYONE edition of WLTI, Is on!
Gordon: YAY!
Chico: How you doin'? Chico Alexander here, Glad to be a part of the world's strongest game show show.
Gordon: We'll get to more things related to food later, but first, it's the All Plinko edition of The Price is Right!

Chico: Imagine, if you would, 30 some odd years ago, one game would offer lucky TPIR contestants a shot at winning $25,000 cash money. Then they would up the money to $50k.
Gordon: And once in a while, 500K
Chico: Then they would hold a celebration, where the money would rain down and prizes would be given ON DEMAND. THAT...Didn't happen.
Gordon: How much was actually given away?
Chico: In cash? $13,700, and one ATV and one elliptical trainer.
Gordon: That's a GREAT show...for the TPIR budget.
Chico: It was very much a budget show. The only ones who were celebrating were the cbs bean counters. They were popping bottles of Cristal in their little cubicles, But all in all if I may be honest, it wasn't that bad of an idea.
Gordon: It really wasn't. The problem is the lack of executionand creativity. There was so much stuff you could have done and you did NOTHING with it.
Chico: I mean, replace a slot here and there and play for big money prizes. It by all measures should have worked.
Gordon: For example. Spelling Bee with C-A-Rs at the bottom.
Chico: That would've been really creative. And it would've gotten rid of those pesky zeroes that seemed to have just dominated the show.
Gordon: Or Pick -A-Pair. Even bring back Penny Ante with the prices at the bottom and you have to guess the product the chip lands on. Or the Card Game, with 2-10 and an Ace at the bottom.
Chico: How about bringing back the Poker Game?
Gordon: Sure.
Chico: But in any case, it wasn't a bad idea on paper. On practice, however, nobody thought of how difficult that would've been to pull off. And of course you have the #3s who would never give this a chance sight unseen. Let's not talk about those. But while we're on new, exciting, adventurous things that should be given a
chance, how about Do the Math?
Gordon: I liked this game.
Chico: That was pretty impressive for what it was, which is basically a game of which is the more expensive of the two prizes shown.
Gordon: The graphics were fun. The gameplay was simple. You have 2 prizes. The question is which is more expensive, They'll give you the difference and you decide if it needs to be added or subtracted from the first prize.
Chico: If you're right, you win both prizes and the difference in cash. Because everyone likes money. It's actually a pretty good game if you're the one playing it. I can imagine the cash being used to pay down the taxes on the winnings.
Gordon: And you can use this game for higher prized things too, like 2 cars. Quick and easy down and dirty 2 car game.
Chico: The possibilities are endless, G. So we approve, yes?
Gordon: We do. I like the concept. Solid B
Chico: B is about right. Now we move to the times that try the greenest of game show hosts, the moments that will forever define what kind of presenter you are. That happened this week when Cedric and contestant Josina Reaves came across...

Chico: Having used her two jumps to go from $100,000 to $1 million, Josina came across THIS question,

In addition to his career as an astrologer and "prophet," Nostradamus published a 1555 treatise that included a section on what?
A: Training parrots to talk
B: Cheating at card games
C: Digging graves
D: Making jams and jellies

Chico: Or E: Quatrains for Fun and Profit
Gordon: I was thinking he did 'The Secrets to Obamacare', but I believe it's making jams and jellies.
Chico: Well, we have the moment on video, and let me tell you, outside of Richard Nixon and the distance to the sun, this is one of the few MDQs (and you know, you either know it or you don't for the most part), but this was one of the few MDQs that I was right on. The clip comes courtesy Disney ABC Television.

Chico: And as you can see, You were right and so was I. It was D. Josina, All the props in the world for going for it, but she missed it by THAT MUCH. She becomes only the second person in the US to see the MDQ and guess wrong, if I'm not mistaken. The first being Ken Basin.
Gordon: That is correct. I liked how he acted. You sort of had to go that way in terms of it, and yet be very consolatory, as she just flushed $75,000 down the toilet. Basin lost a lot more - $475,000.
Chico: Yeah, ONLY $475,000. But yeah, seemed like this moment was the moment where you needed to tone it down and let the contestant dictate the flow. And so we come to the inevitable question: how do you think Cedric the Entertainer handled the situation, where she was going for ALL the money? Because this is what we were worried about. I mean, would he keep a cool head about his shoulder? Would he follow the lead of the player (which seemed to work for Drew Carey and Jeff Foxworthy and the like)?
Gordon: I thought it was ok. I don't think he talked enough about the risk though.
Chico: Now Meredith or Regis, they would've taken extra precaution to warn that should you guess and be wrong, you'd go down to $25,000.
Gordon: True. Cedric needed to state the stakes a little more. It's almost from that aspect he let the moment get to him.
Chico: Sort of like he was a little too lax in just letting the contestant have the moment.
Gordon: I can see that.
Chico: But the way he handled it afterwards, Couldn't have handled it any better.
Gordon: I agree. And again, you HAD to do that. There's no other way, with that contestant, you could have played it.
Chico: So kudos to Josina for having the guts to go for it and kudos to Cedric for handling it the way he did.
Gordon: Very much so. However, no kudos for Rupert. or Colton.

Chico: Let's do a little revisit, shall we? Remember when Rupert decided to take Laura's place on Redemption Island, and then said he was going to fight and fight and fight until he couldn't? That lasted all of one episode.
Gordon: He lost the fight when he badly played a game of island Jenga
Chico: Let's set this up. You have a pole with a hook on one end. You use it to guide a peg through an aggravating maze (I think that's the official term for it) On the bottom of this aggravating maze: a spring that would make the maze swing back and forth in the wind or even if you touched it.
Gordon: right
Chico: On the top, a platform to place the ten pegs in a stack.
Gordon: AKA you win by finesse, not force.
Chico: Right. Rupert had all the finesse of the Hulk in a Swarovski store.
Gordon: Heh.
Chico: RUPERT SMASH! Rupert sad. Candice and Marissa best him to 10 on finesse. And since Candice won the challenge, she gets to give a tribesman a clue to...A HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL!
Gordon: 3 guesses who that is.
Chico: Let's just say she's a Good Wife and when this is all said and done, John's going to give her a Big Bang.
Gordon: The husband may return the favor with friends - because the guys are forming an all male alliance
Chico: Yup. And the victim of this alliance this week? Rachel. (Aka Tyson's woman)
Gordon: It's a clever move, because Rachel isn't their target. The real target is Tyson, who they assume will jump in and take her place.
Chico: That MAY, Or MAY NOT happen. Depending on how the SFNE plays out.
Gordon: Tyson hasn't been known to be a sweetheart
Chico: How can I put this, N-O-N-O spells NO NO. But it could all be for naught as Colton is, Well, he's back to being Colton.
Gordon: And if you think he would have changed just because he has his boyfriend on the island - think again.
Chico: But we'll let you watch and figure it out. One thing I'm trying to figure out, And it has to do with the #1 talent competition on television.

Chico: Let's start with the new season and the old coaches. We all saw it coming since they announced the new coaches, but still, there's something right about having the original four back together again.
Gordon: You mean besides Blake Shelton pummeling all of them to a Bloody pulp?
Chico: Hmm...possibly. Like the family is back together and the three younger siblings are ganging up on the older one with all the trophies hoping beyond hope for attention. It's no longer "I want to win", it's "I want to beat Blake"
Gordon: I don't know if that's going to happen, because Blake is already off to a good start. snagging a 4 chair turner.
Chico: Yeah, you know who that four-chair turner was?
Gordon: Was it a country singer perhaps?
Chico: Perhaps. But you wouldn't know it otherwise. You're a big fan of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure?
Gordon: Eh.
Chico: How about "the Powerpuff Girls"?
Gordon: No
Chico: Okay, Rugrats?
Gordon: No
Chico: Okay, going back to Pee Wee then. You remember the bike shop owner, Dottie?
Gordon: Sure
Chico: Guess who was snagged by Blake.
Gordon: The voice behind the character, I would say
Chico: The voice of one EG Daily, yes.
Gordon: Now wait a second here. EG. Daly is a HUGE star.
Chico: And Blake snagged her only because he was the only one to NOT play the VO artist card.
Gordon: I have EG Daly #1 albums.
Chico: Oh she has records!
Gordon: I have a bunch of them.
Chico: So you're a big fan then
Gordon: I am (hits Media Offender Button) One of my first albums I ever bought was Say It Say It.
Chico: And this was in cassette I'm guessing
Gordon: Vinyl
Chico: Damn, son!
Gordon: I have that, Mind over Matter AND Love in the Shadows
Chico: And now she wants to do country. So we have a case of Frenchie Davis. Well known rookie. Good voice. No chance of winning. And even if she did win, the most she could hope for was a reality show on CMT. Hi, Cassadee, how you doin'?
Gordon: There's a HUGE difference here. Unlike young and inexperienced Cassadee, EG has TONS of connections in the industry. If she wins she has the connections to actually make a name for herself. Again.
Chico: And could theoretically do so. But again, she has to get there first. I am confident that America will not allow it. The Frenchie Davis rule in play again.
Gordon: Or the non-media ho rule. As we saw last season, America doesn't always like second chances.
Chico: No. Ironic, because America is the land of second chances.
Gordon: Especially if you're in Last Chance kitchen

Chico: Top Chef returns this week, Yum yum, But before we get there, we have two new shows to review. And yes, Virginia, you've seen both of them before. The first one is MasterChef Junior, which takes the MasterChef formula and applies it in a surprisingly family-friendly way to preteens and teenagers. Since it's MasterChef, you are expected to craft perfection on every plate. And frankly, I'm surprised at how fierce these competitors are. It is every bit as serious business as its bigger brother.
Gordon: Well yes, and for me we can start there as the bad. What was the ONE thing I wanted to avoid on a kids show?
Chico: Crying? Oh, sorry, that's things you want to see MUCH of on a kids show.
Gordon: Very funny.
Chico: Kids behaving as adults?
Gordon: Close enough. Crying immature bratty kids
Chico: Yeah, you have crying. You have immaturity, And you have brats. Obviously cast for more than just cooking skills but I'm stating the obvious here.

Fox - 8p ET Friday
C- C C

Gordon: And we have me wanting to change the channel to a rerun of Top Chef on Bravo. C-
Chico: Well if you're a fan of MC, you'll notice nothing out of the ordinary here, but if you were RAISED and not just brought up, Yeah, what Gordon said. C. But hey, At least it isn't Knife Fight!
Gordon: ..oh, this one's all yours.
Chico: Hey, Gordon! We have this new network that was completely f***ed from the word go. But what can grab ratings for it? I know! Let's put a cooking show on, but let's do something that's been done before and pretend it's a big deal!
Gordon: Awesome! What old tired cliche are we going to steal from?
Chico: Let's go to an upscale kitchen in LA after hours, invite a few heckling foodies, and have two chefs take three ingredients and give them an hour to make a three course meal! It's real! It's raw! It's original!!
Gordon: So it's Iron Chopped!
Chico: Yes!
Gordon: Genius!
Chico: I'm guessing you sensed the dripping sarcasm.
Gordon: Slightly.

Esquire - 9p ET Tuesday
D F D-

Chico: Oh who am I kidding, if it dripped anymore, I'd have to build an ark just to finish this review! Seriously. The problem I have with this show is the problem I have with this whole network. One sentence review: it's every food competition show you've ever seen + Fight Club. Contrived to the point of self-parody. F. Because a real man will eat anything a four-star chef prepares late at night. Or at least that's what Esquire thinks. And the same could be said for the entire network
Gordon: I'm not going to fail it because the concept does work. so D for Dragged to Death.
Chico: It's faked and contrived to the point of self parody.
Gordon: True.
Chico: How many men do you know can just up and go anywhere, do anything, and watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon reruns? This network is going to go the way of G4, mark my words. I need something warm and fuzzy to make me feel better.
Gordon: I can send you some cold and squishy BrainVision if you prefer.
Chico: ...What the hey, I'll take it
Gordon: Roll that beautiful Brain Footage.

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks, Doug, as always. Now I'm going to need a bat. A big bat, Because I'm a big man.
Gordon: (Gives Chico a big bat)

Okay, so GSN has a new show, which is basically Just Men! in the here and now, It's called Mind of a Man. And now they have a host to host it. Stop at, DeRay Davis.

Gordon: As in the Wild'N' Out comic. He's very funny
Chico: Or as DJ D-Wreck calls him, DE-Raaay Davis. He could work. Aside from WNO, he was also on the Guy Code for MTV2
Gordon: He deserves a good game show. Let's hope this is it.
Chico: Indeed. And we deserve a little Halloween, don't we?
Gordon: We do.

It's the return of Halloween Cupcake wars. For a ghoulishly fun time.

Chico: Always a ghoulishly good time. If you want to have a ghoulishly good time in the meanwhile, I can help you with that. Let's get loaded, shall we?
Gordon: hic

This week, Crowdfunding. Bo Bice, you remember him, right? Was on American Idol. Season 4. Lost to some Okie from Checotah.

Gordon: I do remember him. The question is - does anyone else?

He's hoping enough people will remember him to fund a new record via Kickstarter.

Gordon: Whats the link for that page?

Gordon: Hmmm, not many people remember him (TPIR losing horns)
Chico: Of course we all want to wish the very best of luck to whatshisname. Okay that was dumb. But not as dumb as this...(Lowers whiteboard)

Are You Smarter than,The Million Second Quiz's graphic design team. Again.

Gordon: Just for the whole 5 days with no game and then repetition of questions and not showing us the hosts of the show thing. This is the last time we may see the show, so a final and hearty adieu.
Chico: *salute* and it had so much potential, too. Any more Haterade, Mr. Haterade?
Gordon: Well me? No. Him? Yes.

The Filipino version of Deal or No Deal hits it's swan song this week. Lucky 7 lasts an unlucky 2 episodes and is the first cancelled show of the season.

Chico: (TPIR losing horns) But at least it's a perfect segue to a world trip.
Gordon: (Plays Chase theme)

We are headed to Serbia, where they are about to cut, To the CHASE.

Gordon: So we get a translplanted media ho in Serbia, eh?
Chico: We do (PLays Luda)

In this week's media ho report, Julie Chen admits she was too nice, Leah Remini goes after Scientology, The Voice wins an Emmy, which pisses off Nigel Lythgoe...

Chico: And Simon Cowell...

Bill Nye tears a ligament (which means he's leaving next week), Alton Brown invades Colorado and Lord Alan Sugar fails to countersue an old contestant on the Apprentice UK.

Gordon: But none of them are the hoes of the week.
Chico: Who have you sir?
Gordon: Your hoes are Maks Chmerkovskiy and Kate Upton, who are an item.
Chico: To which I say, You lucky son of a b(bleep).
Gordon: Heh. And those, are your hoes. Chico, please calm you rage and shut down BrainVision
Chico: Okay, (Shuts down)
Gordon: Chico - whats coming up?
Chico: Still to come, we're going to read between the lines. But first, there are some things you should know about the fall season. We have six.
Gordon: We'll give them all to you. you're reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 million seconds of Big Brother coverage that I'd like back.
Chico: I still think that it would be better if you started killing them off Cabin in the Woods style
Gordon: I call Mermen for Aaryn

(BrainVision has been brought to you by Kentucky Fried Tarheels: Ofer Holes. This week's Flavor: Giant Smoky KC Flavor, as is a Giant mistake this season is turning for the Giants.)