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Episode 34.10: An Adventure in Game and Time
November 25

Chico: Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for being part of the world's strongest game show talk show and allowing us to be a part of you.
Gordon: Without further ado, let's start BrainVision. Roll that beautiful Brain Footage.

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks, Doug.
Gordon: And now, I have bats, because it's good to use as timberwood for the upcoming chill.

First of all, Wheel of Fortune has a new director. Please welcome Bob Cisneros, taking over for the late great Mark Corwin.

Jason: (applause) The show is in good hands directorially
Chico: Meanwhile, with a green light...

NBC has the Voice. Fox has American Idol. CBS doesn't need a talent show. So what's ABC to do? Greenlight Rising Star.

Chico: If you recall, Rising Star is a show where the votes are cast in real time.
Jason: Israeli concept if I remember
Chico: Right on.
Jason: ABC has not had ONE good talent concept...this wont help.
Chico: I see what you did there.
Jason: You did? :) Good. :)
Gordon: You see my Datebook here also? Good.

This week - Thanksgiving themed shows, because that's what the networks do.

Chico: One of those Thanksgiving shows... a Wednesday TPIR with a former contestant done well for herself.
Jason: You could say she's cooking with gas.
Chico: You'll find out who we're talking about this week. But if you've watched an episode of Extreme Chef, you know who we're talking about. :-)
Jason: Or Mexican Made Easy :)
Gordon: Or I'll ignore both of you and get fully loaded
Chico: You mean you don't do that already?
Jason: HIC.

This has a bit of Going Global attached to it, as Noel Edmonds released a new single online.

Jason: He....sings?
Gordon: If you want to call it that, sure.
Chico: It's called "Are You Ready", and it's a remix by DJ Mark Overrush, and Gordon, you probably know more of what I'm talking about than I do. So here's the video...

Chico: It's released under the named "Candice Cannes", the name of the host's mannequin that sits in the back of his private taxi to avoid public pick ups.
Jason: I have to say...and I am listening to it. The beat is very lazy.
Gordon: Jason when saying lazy, do you mean generic?
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: I haven't heard the song, and it may be a smart idea that I avoid hearing it.
Chico: Okay, let's just say this is not going to be featured on Club Gordon any time soon.
Gordon: That would be smart. This isn't (wheels in Whiteboard)

Are YOU Smarter than...The Situation. Mike Sorrentino is once again having Federal Agents knock on his door for alleged financial misappropriations. This is not the people that you want to be having turkey dinner with.

Jason: You don't want to know where that baster is going
Chico: Who's the bigger turkey here, the turkey or the Situation?
Jason: No contest.
Chico: Someone pass the stuffing? Gravy?.... Fixin's?
Jason: Biscuits
Gordon: What about someone getting stuffed on Haterade Stuffing?
Chico: What've you got

I have the worst Family Feud answer ever. Chico, the video please?

Chico: Just as a bit of a backstory. The question was "Name something everyone knows about zombies."
Jason: They walk slow, they are on AMC every Sunday. They bite. They pop up on this show when a game show is cancelled. Here's what ONE person said...

Jason: Wait a second. No. Way. Zombies...are BLACK?
Chico: They're grey. World of difference.
Gordon: And then there's this:

Jason: Thats funny. :)
Chico: To Jeopardy!'s defense... the Houston Astros could use a blowout preventer.
Jason: And to the low information news media...the questions go through a series of writers and producers. Alex only reads the clues :)
Gordon: Yes but maybe the Houston Astros need a vacation. Where are they going?
Chico: They're going to Hong Kong. Great baseball there.

Another case of "when cheaters get caught", A woman and her brother were jailed for 10 months and four months respectively for defrauding PCCW Media of HK$350,000, by bribing a Now TV insider to provide them with the correct answers to a game show.

Gordon: Ooooh. You naughty.
Jason: I assume the insider called the cops.
Chico: Fung Kwan-wai, 29, formerly known as Fung Kin-man, and her 30-year-old brother, Fung Kin-fung, had pleaded guilty to conspiring with two others to bribe an assistant broadcast engineer related to the interactive TV game, Action to Money. Eastern Magistrates' Court was told the boyfriend was responsible for monitoring the computer systems of Now TV's digital receiver, allowing him to find out the answers, which he relayed to his girlfriend.
Gordon: Jail for awhile isn't exactly a good answer Have some hoes.
Chico: (Luda)

In this week's Media Ho Report, Top Chef winners do parties, Kelly Clarkson is going to be a mommy, Celebrity Cookoff names are rvealed...Ken Jennings is done with book #2, Adam Levine is the sexiest man alive, Christina Aguilera ddoes the AMAs...All the judges come back to AGT, the Shitake hits the fan on The Chase, and CHico's Faaaavorite show, The Sing-Off, reveals the choirs for this season.

Chico: BASS MAN! *points to Jay* Lead singer! *points to Gordon*
Gordon: But none of them arre your hoes of the week.
Jason: Hoes?
Chico: Plural?
Gordon: They are Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon . You remember them, right?
Chico: Party crashers extraordinaire?
Jason: I do. The wife was.
Gordon: The husband was a member of Journey, Dawg. And they are going to have a wedding. You are invited - if you want to drop $14.95 and see them on Pay Per View.
Chico: Let me think about that. I'm done thinking. No.
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision. Shut it down, Jason:.
Jason: Shutting down
Gordon: Still to come, Presents. Because we like them.
Jason: Yup :)
Chico: And you don't even have to wake up early for them. Stick and stay with WLTI. :-)

(Brainvision has been brought to you by SuperMallket Sweep. People go speeding through a mall during Black Friday acting like idiots while most people with common sense stay home. )

Chico: Yeah man.
Chico: You know what I'm doing this Thanksgiving? Eating turkey... watching football... Going to work at a hospital. THAT'S IT.
Gordon: Welcome back to WLTI. Now Chico, Hanukkah has come early, and hence I bought presents early.
Chico: It'll be Thanksgivukkah. Got the turkey next to the menorah. :-)
Gordon: I suppose you have some gifts also?
Chico: I do actually! Here's our first one...

Juan Pablo Galavis. He's the new Bachelor. Give him a celebratory gift.

Jason: A book on Spin and PR :)
Gordon: I think he needs a Media Ho Camera makeup kit and a welcome to the mansion refregerator magnet from Chico.
Chico: I got him a bottle of Lysol. Think about it.
Jason: For the Fantasy room huh? :)
Chico: Some dirty stuff goes on in there.
Jason: If those sheets could talk
Gordon: I don't think I want to know what they would say. Next present...

This is a time of Family Togetherness. Aras and his brother are together for the holidays, watching Survivor form the outside. Get them a gift.

Jason: Guns at 20 paces? :)
Chico: Bunk hammocks.
Gordon: I think they need the Goat masks from You're Next and coordinate a raid on the camp.
Jason: lol
Gordon: Speaking of which, What's next?
Chico: A raid on the camp!
Gordon: YAY!
Chico: Kidding. Next..

Kat Robichaud... who thinks that the Voice needs to be more about things other than The Voice. This after she's voted off.

Jason: A book titled How to Win Friends and Influence People.
Gordon: A tape recorder.
Chico: An audition on Idol. If she doesn't want to win on her voice is all. Makes sense, right?
Jason: Of course it does.
Gordon: Sure. next one...

We have the big money car week this week. Give a gift to the 4 people who didn't get a dream car.

Chico: A reasonably priced rental.
Jason: A lifetime subscription to Automobile Magazine and a chat with Richard Hammond
Chico: An Xbox One... with Forza Motorsport 5.
Jason: There you go
Gordon: And I'd throw in a DVD of Cars.
Chico: Next...

On the same line of questioning... the Big Dealers that didn't go super this week.

Gordon: A set of envelopes so they can play the home game
Chico: A gift certificate to Boxes and Doors Unlimited.
Jason: Money to go to the casino to play it on the LMAD Slot Machine (there is one)
Chico: Yes there is.

Chico: Last one, G?
Gordon: Last one...

A present for Cedric the Entertainer

Jason: Hats. Lots of Hats
Chico: Bowties.
Gordon: A hat collection with a tag saying 'It's Worth WHAAAAAAT?' And a Matching wallet set.
Gordon: On that note, we break and get ready for the Speed Round - next!

(Brought to you by Blackout Friday! Today, on sale for one hour only, it's..... for only $9.... but it's only available for.... without your Blackout Button!)

Gordon: You've left me at a loss for words.
Chico: That's the point! Time for our own little doorbuster. It's Speed Round time! Dancing with the Stars... Who Wins?
Jason: Gordon...are you sticking with your pick?
Gordon: I had Amber since day #1. I'm not going against her now.
Jason: So did you, Chico
Chico: I also had Amber. I'm going with it.
Gordon: What would give me some word is a Speed! Survivor: No more relatives. Who's Kinda is going to be kindling?
Jason: Tina's Daughter is in trouble
Chico: No, Ciera is in trouble. Does Rani make it past day 5 on Jeopardy!?
Gordon: Yes, but not much further
Jason: Agreed.
Chico: Mmhmm. The Voice... Tessanne is the odds-on favorite... does she survive this week?
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: Absolutely. Any email?
Chico: Let me check our bag here. And... no
Gordon: Aw. What do people need to do if they want to send email?
Chico: they can send us some at Or they can follow us on... (hold up big blue F) ... Facebook. Or they can follow us on ... (holds up big blue bird) ... Twitter @wltiongsnn.
Gordon: Nice. That ends this week's eposide. Special thanks to Jason Block for joining us.
Jason: Thanks!
Chico: Next week.. Survivor, Jeopardy!, Dancing crowns a winner, The Voice bumps another two, and a pair of reviews, as we get ready for the end of the year
Gordon: We'll be thankful to give you that episode next week. For this week, this is Gordon, saying Game Over and Spread the Love.