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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

August 27, 2007

Rob: Would have been a lot better if the one selling the objects was Mark L. Walberg.
Gordon: So...anyone for some Heads or Tails?
Jason: Sure.
Rob: Sure, let me put some chicken in the microwave.
Chico: Cool!
Jason: Can you explain the game one more time?
Gordon: We give you an person's strategy or idea, and you tell us if they were thinking with their head or tail. For example:

'If I break enough cigarettes and eat food instead of slop like I was supposed to, the people will be sympathetic with me and keep me in the house'

Rob: You're definitely thinking with your tail. Only a horses patoot would think that would be a sound idea.
Chico: That's a tail move.
Gordon: This, of course., comes from Big Brother's Jen
Chico: Of course
Jason: That is a huge tail move.
Joe: Tails obviously
Chico: Right, next up...
Joe: Most of Big Brother is tails
Chico: Of course. Next up, from last week's Power of 10...

'Surely everyone in America has the same idea about high school football that I do.'

Joe: Tails, and you lose the coin toss, too
Rob: Tails, for no apparent reason.
Jason: Tails again
Chico: The question on whether or not girls should play HS football.
Joe: Saying I represent everyone automatically makes it tails
Chico: Ended up costing the player $9000.
Gordon: That was a painful, painful loss, especially since they had it right at first. Tails.
Joe: Not everyone lives under the Friday Night Lights
Chico: Nope. Next?
Gordon: This is from Robi Ludwig, from Without Prejudice?...

'I think with time you get to know a person. Sometimes our first impressions serve us well and sometimes they don't'

Jason: Thats a heads move.
Joe: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Heads
Jason: She is a psychiatrist after all.
Chico: Heads. I'd believe her. She's the one with the doctorate and the show to prove it.
Rob: The doctor knows what she's talking about. Especially having to do a show all about first impressions. Heads.
Joe: Dammit Jim, she's a doctor!
Gordon: I also think its why people like the show. First impressions have been proven to be so wrong during the progress of the show in an entertaining way.
Chico: Very true.
Joe: No matter how bigoted the people are....
Gordon: Next one?
Chico: Next one comes from our friend from Boston...

"Nondisclosure" and "Not until they finish the casting."

Chico: These were answers given by Rob Mariano when he was asked on what network "Tontine" would air.
Jason: You know what...that's heads. Smart not to say anything until the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted.
Joe: I say the coin's on its side for this one.
Gordon: It's a heads move. Either he doesn't have a place yet (which is ok, since he doesn't need one while filming), or he doesn't want anyone to steal his concept and Foxify it (which is also smart thinking).
Joe: If you can't say, you can't say, but you can at least come out and say that you can't say.
Gordon: Which I think he did.
Jason: So did I.
Chico: Rob was playing smart on this one. Heads.
Rob: He's got the heads part. He shouldn't have to say anything about the project, and that's what he did.
Joe: And don't get into fisticuffs
Chico: THAT... was tails
Jason: Yeah. Didn't marriage calm you down?
Chico: Should've.
Jason: Even though the Sox still suck.
Joe: If that's calm Rob........
Gordon: Next one... And this comes from the programmers over at Comedy Central...

'So Kenny Vs. Spenny was a bomb on Game Show Network. It will be a hit on Comedy Central and worth purchasing it'

Joe: Bottoms up
Chico: TAILS!
Jason: A bigger Tails move I never knew.
Rob: Tails. It bombed on GSN, and it's hardly even funny.
Joe: Even bigger than the next Bachelor?
Chico: If it was a bomb on GSN, then what hope do YOU have?
Rob: Kenny and Spenny hardly have any chemistry together. If they did Americanize it, get Tommy Tallarico and Victor Lucas to do it. They have great chemistry together.
Joe: Steve-o
Jason: I don't want them to.
Chico: They did do it. It was called "Judgment Day"
Jason: You want to see a fun rivalry...see the King of Kong.
Gordon: The only thing I can think of is that either 1. It's very cheap to pick up, 2. They are repeat episodes and 3. maybe it's comedy. Maybe. That being said, they also picked up Bonzai and that made a VERY quick exit as well.
Chico: But G4 wisely opted to take the likes of Adam and Morgan over it.
Rob: Damn you G4 for canceling Judgment Day. X-PLAY FREAKING SUCKS!
Chico: So are we going to do a quick over/under on Kenny vs. Spenny getting cancelled?
Rob: Yes.
Rob: 13 weeks
Chico: Six weeks and done.
Jason: Under 3 Weeks
Joe: Yesterday
Rob: It'll be a bigger failure than Con.
Chico: COOOOOOOOOOON! Sorry, had to.
Rob: Yeah but Judgment Day actually does bring up good points about the games, X-Play tells lame jokes.
Gordon: I can't see it being a hit. And if it is, I will be ill. Violently. Last one?
Chico: Last one.

"On a Saturday night, people like watching outrageous moments more than exciting new quiz shows."

Jason: Again, Tails. Darn you NBC
Joe: Tails, but I think there's something else at work
Chico: Shows how much faith NBC has in its own product, even though everyone else has all the faith in the world on it. Go figure. Tails. What do you think Joe?
Joe: Crosswords isn't NBC's product, is it?
Gordon: I'm going to go the other way. heads. We all know the budget for this show isn't very high. In fact, most of the wins will be under $20,000. I'm not sure if you put it in a prime time slot that it's going to get the reaction they want.
Rob: Heads. Most people who will see Crosswords won't see it on their NBC Affiliate. So, NBC is thinking good business. Especially for their affiliates.
Joe: Although, Pittsburgh's NBC affil is showing it.
Chico: All the NBC O&Os are airing it.
Joe: Really?
Chico: Really.
Rob: However some, aren't.
Chico: Station groups airing the show ARE... NBC, Albritton, CBS, Belo, Clear Channel, Cordillera, Cox, Duhamel... Freedom, Gannett, Gray, Hearst-Argyle, Hoak, Hubbard, Journal, JW, LIN, McGraw-Hill, Mission... New Age Media, Nexstar, Post-Newsweek, Raycom, Schurz, Scripps, Sinclair... Sunbeam, Tribune & Young. *breathes*
Joe: But that's practically everyone
Chico: Practically. 90 percent of the country.
Joe: And you aren't going to get overlap in the same market
Chico: Well, you will in the NYC area, but WNBC already cleared it, so.. nyah. And you're not going to get any overlap in the RDU market, because it'll air on CW22 here.
Joe: So if one of the "field" channels get it, the NBC channel won't. But I still think that the statement posed in front of us is a tails. Just that there's more at work than just this statement
Chico: I think so. But only the shirts at NBC know for sure
Gordon: I don't think you should show the show in a major money slot if you're not going to give away major money.
Joe: Again, first impression can sometimes work, and sometimes don't
Chico: Well, Singing Bee isn't that major money either, but it gets the job done, if you think about it. Or maybe it is. Comparatively.
Rob: It is getting the job done. And $50,000 is fine for Prime time.
Chico: Look at Fear Factor.
Gordon: There's a difference between $50,000 and $10,000 or less.
Joe: I can't see a frequent 5-figure paydays from Crosswords. Unless those are some pretty good trips
Jason: Don't knock it until you see it.
Chico: We'll see on the 10th. Okay, break time before this turns into another bout of the Fanboy Wars. Big Finish is next, hang on.

(Brought to you by Turduchicoken. When you are starting up the new football season, fire up those grills and grab some Turduchicoken. It's the official game bird of the Alexander household.)

Chico: I have a head of one of those things on my wall.
Joe: The only birds in my house tend to be the ones aimed at the opposing team
Rob: Like the Seahawks.
Jason: 2 weeks before the NFL
Joe: Go Iggles
Chico: Okay, before we get ready for some footbawwwwll...
Gordon: Time for...The Big Finish! Amber Vs. Danielle in Power of 10. Who wins?
Rob: Nobody wins.
Joe: The other channels
Jason: Fox.
Chico: Heh. Sorry, the correct answer is "Who cares".... "Who cares."
Gordon: Do we care about who leaves Big Brother?
Rob: No.
Jason: Nope.
Chico: As long as it's Amber. It's time for her to go
Gordon: I'll go with Amber.
Joe: What are we talking about? I was too busy not caring
Chico: Ah. Good answer.
Gordon: What about Pirate Master? Do we care this week who wins Pirate Master?
Jason: Nope.
Joe: Monkey D Luffy will win.
Rob: That show still on?
Chico: Online.
Gordon: Anyone care about Last Comic Standing 5?
Chico: ... Sorry, G. No.
Joe: My dad does.
Jason: And?
Gordon: Who does he think is leaving?
Joe: I don't think he cares about that. He just likes the show cuz it's comedy. And comedy is funny
Gordon: Is there anything to care about this week?
Chico: High Stakes Poker starts again Monday.
Joe: School starts for me
Rob: And it's my birthday on August 30th.
Chico: Happy happy Rob. :)
Rob: I'll be busy at the Casino.
Chico: Along with Anchorwoman with former Barker Beauty Lauren Jones.
Joe: American Ninja Challenge Finals on Tuesday's Attack of the Show
Gordon: We do care about the mail...don't we?
Rob: Of course we do.
Chico: Sure do. Jason Wuthrich... hit me!
Rob: Stat man.

From: Jason Wuthrich

No Sean Connery impression? I expected someone to use the nickname "Operation Grand Schlam" by now.

Rob: No, because I don't want to get muted.
Joe: It's stale. We want fresh lines

From: Jason Wuthrich

I've got two questions this time. First, what did you think of Cat & Nigel's "dance" in the SYTYCD finale? Mildly amusing at first glance, but man, was that ever a copout.

Gordon: I gotta agree with Wuthrich. if you promise, you must deliver.

From: Jason Wuthrich

And Chico got this question right last year, so I'm going to ask it again with the World Series of Blackjack finale coming up next Monday. Who ya got?

Chico: Rick Fortin.
Gordon: I agree with that
Chico: Back to the first part...1) Because we're better than that. 2) Cat and Nigel ought to be ashamed of themselves.. I don't see Ryan singing and for good reason.
Rob: Or Simon Cowell for that reason.
Gordon: We saw what happened this week when the judge decided to sing. Not pretty.
Chico: That's going to be a running gag for weeks.
Jason: I didn't see it...was he really that bad?
Chico: It was bad. I saw the playback. It was bad...
Gordon: Imagine Leonid singing. That's David.
Gordon: With that - any more mail?
Chico: Nope.
Gordon: That's all I got. Special thanks to Jason, Joe and Rob for joining us this week.
Chico: Remember, you can join us any time on OR you can do the mail thing: This is your show. We're just hosting it.
Gordon: For Chico, this is Gordon, saying game over, spread the love, and see you up in the balcony...
Jason: Wrong show.


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