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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

August 20, 2007

Chico: (Bleep bleep)
Jason: &*&**^* a :)
Chico: Jason!
Jason: I bleeped myself.
Gordon: This week's San Francisco Poll Question - How Many San Franciscoans eat Rice-A-Roni with their loved bed?
Chico: Power of Truth, coming this fall to Fox... No, not really. This week, we salute Merv Griffin with Six Things We Think You Should Know.
Jason: Good deal.
Chico: Basically put, I give the thing, and you two give at least one good thing to take from said thing. For example...

Thing #1: Most of Merv's fortune comes from work ethic combined with boredom.

Jason: Boredom? Well, yeah...he liked to play he created them.
Gordon: He created Jeopardy while on a plane
Chico: Another thing to take from that... he sold the rights to Wheel and J! to what would become SPTV... and he got into real estate because he literally had nothing better to do.
Chico: The Beverly Hilton came from that.
Jason: And Resorts as well in AC. And Atlantis in the Bahamas.
Chico: So there you go.. Boredom + Work Ethic = the impossible.
Gordon: Very cool. Next thing?
Chico: Next thing...

Thing #2: He was as good with his mouth as he was with his mind.

Chico: He'd always manage to slip a little "nuance" there.
Jason: See the talk show. He was a great talker and a great listener.
Chico: That and he reportedly answered his phone with a resonant "Speak!" You can see examples of how effective a talker he is on DVD with some of the best of the Merv Griffin show. It's really good stuff.
Gordon: He was great with double nuance. He also liked people who were skilled in the trade - hence a longstanding friendship with Carol Burnett.
Chico: Who herself knows a dirty zinger when she delivers one.
Jason: 2 DVDs are out now.
Chico: Okay... next...

Thing #3: He has an uncanny eye for talent.

Chico: Alex Trebek..Pat and Vanna...Some guy named Seacrest...
Jason: and hopefully, Ty Treadway
Gordon: He also had a great eye for talent for OTHER people
Jason: All the comedians he broke on his talk show
Chico: He realized that every person has a gift... and knows how to embrace the gifts within himself and within others.
Chico: ... you know, I'm very hopeful for Ty.
Gordon: I'm not as worried about Ty as I am about the format
Chico: Yeah, but you know, that's another case of eggs for another time. Next thing...

Thing #4: Were it not for Merv Griffin, GSN as we know it probably wouldn't exist.

Chico: And not just because his hand was on the button on December 1, 1994.
Gordon: Very true. not only did he provide the majors, he also gave them a lot of minor programming
Chico: Not to mention some very famed alumnae of his creations on Grand Slam.
Jason: EXactly.
Gordon: Not to mention someone who benefited from two of his shows here to the tune of $38,000 and changce.
Chico: Literally.
Gordon: What was your total between Wheel and Jep?
Jason: $1,500 on Wheel...$36,701 on J! for 4 days plus a TV/Audio Video System.
Gordon: Oooh.
Chico: And where's that video system now? :)
Jason: lol
Chico: Kidding, man, kidding.
Jason: I was blessed to play both.
Chico: Alright. Next thing...

Thing #5: Merv lived life to the fullest.

Chico: Obviously he was not one content to sit on his laurel. He had a hand in everything he put his name (and reputation) on. Something to take from that thing is "Always involve yourself in something that has your name on it." Doubly so if it has your name... and money on it.
Jason: And his name meant gold.
Gordon: He knew what he was doing
Chico: Very much so. He was quite the businessman.
Gordon: Last one?
Chico: Last thing we think you should know...

Thing #6: There upon the mantles of businessman, host, producer, and investor, the best title that one can give Merv Griffin and arguably the most important... is a friend and a philanthropist.

Jason: He was very loyal and gave millions to charity.
Chico: As for the "friend" portion, it speaks to his character that so many people are proud to call him that.
Gordon: True - and all of the clips that they have him doing many thing also verify that
Chico: It feels like we've all lost a friend, here.
Jason: We have.
Gordon: It does - but we'll remember him with all of the hours of entertainment he's left us.
Jason: Znd contributions to American Cutlure.
Chico: And all of the hours that he'll continue to leave us. We can all watch and smile and know that somewhere out there Merv is smiling with us...
Jason: And watching.
Chico: And those... are 6 Things We Think You Should Know about Merv Griffin. This is WLTI. Back with more in a moment....

(Brought to you by Peals of Fortune. If you can identify the new tv themes playing on our wheel, you win Double the Guesses!)



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