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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

August 20, 2007

Chico: OMG Double Guesses!... Still going to bring up the clock of death, though.
Jason: Dethklok(TM)
Chico: How would you like it if I had something really important to say... then waited 3 minutes to say it... then another 2 to remember what it was I was going to say in the first place =p
Gordon: So are we ready to hand out some presents?
Jason: Sure.
Chico: ... I'd like presents, yeah.
Gordon: We start with...

Pat Sajak. He's sort of bummed. Make him feel better.

Jason: Ill give him the Merv Griffin DVD Set.
Chico: ... Sounds good. I'll throw in a copy of "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts."
Gordon: Next one...

We can't talk about Pat without Alex Trebek. Give him something fun as well.

Chico: I've got for him... Merv's prized horse.
Jason: An autographed copy of both Bob Harris's and Ken Jennings's books.
Chico: Alex loves horses... Merv had a champion horse... *makes "hand joining" motion*
Jason: There you go.
Chico: Next?
Gordon: Next one...

Drew Carey's Arm. Poor Drew. He's a Klutz. Get him something that will make him not feel his arm for a while.

Chico: He needs some love while he's working around his injury... All I can think of is season tickets to the Galaxy. That's enough love for him.
Jason: How about a Beckham Autographed jersey?
Gordon: I was thinking of a power of 10 arm raiser and lowerer
Chico: You mean "the lock"? You want to give Drew the lock. What does one do with the lock... except for... locking in stuff?! If not, he could play Props with it.
Gordon: True.
Chico: Get on the horn with Nick Cannon for a prop off.
Gordon: Could be fun. Next one...

Bonnie from Hell's Kitchen. Second place is first loser. Give her something to make her feel better.

Jason: Gordon Ramsey's cookbooks.
Chico: An invite to Kitchen Stadium. Look what it did to Ralph Pagano.
Gordon: Yes. He got spanked.
Chico: Do not step to the Tetsujin unless you are prepared to dance on fire.
Gordon: I dont think Bonnie wants that. Now if she's into the spanking part, get her a spatula ;) Next one...

SideSwipe. They didn't get into the finals in AGT, despite a very good act. This, after them not getting to the finals last year. Give them some thing to be happy with.

A Vegas Contract. They deserve it.
Gordon: Sounds about right.
Chico: Another audition. Third time's the charm.
Gordon: Last one...

'The Body' on Murder. Its been stabbed, shot, and bludgeoned. If there's anything that needs a break, it does.

Jason: A shot in Macy's Window dressed in high fashion clothes
Chico: While stabbed, shot, and bludgeoned?
Jason: No...its gets cleaned up then in the window
Chico: That's just surreal, even for New York storefronts. =p How about a date with Buster, The Mythbuster crash-test dummy?
Gordon: Sounds good to me.
Chico: Crash-test dummies need love, too.
Jason: Yeah they do.
Gordon: And that ends Presents. We'll get to the BIG FINISH after this!

(Brought to you by America's Got Talons. The best bird callers come to compete against other bird callers for one million dollars. )

Gordon: Just keep it away from Catminster
Jason: That could get ugly.
Chico: I like the Falconer from Minnesota myself.
Gordon: What about the Valkyrie? I dig Valkyries
Chico: Do you dig... the Big?
Jason: The Big Finish...heck yeah I do.
Chico: Big Question... America's Got Talent... Who wins?!
Gordon: Should? Terry Fator. Will? Butterscotch. Terry's a great act, but he's aiming way too old in terms of votine audience.
Jason: Terry Fator. The ventriloquist
Gordon: Big Brother - who leaves?
Chico: If there is a God, Jen will go home Thursday night.
Jason: Jen should go home
Chico: I can only take so much of her talking like THIS? Like everything has a question mark at the end of it? With an upward inflection?
Chico: Well, that's the beauty of AGT... everyone watches... everyone votes.
Jason: What do you ME-an? :)
Gordon: I was starting to like Jen, but she's going to be Backdoored as everyone else is looking to avoid being put up. Grand Slam - Will Ken Jennings be the only person seeded in the Top 4 to get to the semifinals?
Chico: Yes. Because he jumps the gun. I'd jump the gun too if I was only given a minute. Minute flies...
Gordon: I dont want to jump the gun. so lets get to some mail. What do we got?
Chico: Let's check...First letter is from Julie White. Thanks, Julie!

From: Julie White

I am just getting into playing interactively on the gsn web site. Several of the players are able to get the answers for lingo and camouflage when they are reruns. Do you have that availability on your web site and if so, would you mind explaining how I can find it? If your site doesn't have this information, do you know where these people are getting there information?

Gordon: Chico?
Chico: We do archive our dailies... Unfortunately I haven't had the time nor the energy to do it... but that's going to be a pet project to sort of clean that up a bit. But yeah, we keep those.
Chico: Next?
Gordon: Next up - Jordan Hass. Thanks, Jordan!

From: Jordan Hass

Deal or No Deal has milked every home game imaginable (Card, Board, DVD, PC, DS, etc.)1 vs 100 is trying to get its due (with a DVD , Handheld and Plug-and-Play) With "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" now having a Board Game (with an interesting ad "Allright Dad, 4th Grade Math") and a Nintendo DS game out in November. What Game Shows do you expect to be milked in the future?

Jason: Temptation, obviously.
Chico: Crosswords.
Jason: Drew's Price is Right.
Gordon: Set For Life! (Expects a beatdown)
Chico: (delivers) :)
Gordon: Ouuch!
Chico: Power of 10... Maybe. If only a mobile version on some European cell network.
Gordon: Thanks Jordan. Next up - Combs9034

From: Combs9034

I want to know if Tic Tac Dough is coming back on Game Show Network. (Letter edited for grammatical purposes)

Chico: No.
Jason: Nope.
Gordon: The best way to find out is to go to and check.
Jason: They adjust schedules all the time.
Gordon: Next one...yes, we're emptying out the mailbag this one is from Andy Elfe. Thanks, Andy!

From: Andy Elfe

Will "Merv Griffin's Crosswords" attract more viewers due to the passing of Merv Griffin?

Chico: Possible but not likely.
Gordon: I would think so, Andy. Look at how much coverage we and the rest of the mainstream media is giving him
Jason: I agree with Gordon on this....Merv was a legend and this was his last show.
Chico: Everyone's giving him props.
Gordon: Will it attract more on the first week? I would say so. Will it keep the viewers? That depends on how good the show is.
Chico: I can see where people will want to see what this is about, and I can see where NBC comes in. All of this is going to factor HEAVILY on whether this show hits or not, independent of Merv's passing.
Gordon: And based on how many game show alumni from other shows will be on this show, I will have to say it's worth checking out just for that.
Chico: I got one from our favorite intelligent fan...Intelligentfan777.

From: Intelligentfan777

You know, as a fan I have watched many game shows throughout the years, and have studied all sorts of patterns in game play, contestant coordinating, and so much more. I wouldn't say I know everything, but I think I am quite the decent expert on the genre. Which brings me back to the point of how the fan community is constituted today. The good thing is that I can look at a bad opinion and say, "Fine, that's what you think, very inaccurate, but that's your opinion." I just think the game show fan community would be so much better...if they took my approach to it. In the end, it's good to know that you guys: Chico, Gordon, and co. really have the final say on what's what in the game show world, and it's intelligent, for the most part.

Chico: Thanks for the kind words...Nothing's more important around here than your trust.
Gordon: Agreed, though sometimes we are intentionally unintelligent. Here's the last one I got - this one from John Lee. Thanks, John!

From: John Lee

I've been watching repeats of the Celebrity Jeopardy tournament (which originally aired back in November). IMO, I think they should've invited Ken Jennings to play. Why? He IS a celebrity after all. (He may not have been able to take back his crown from Brad Rutter, but he's still a celebrity) So, why didn't they invite him to play; and do you think he should've been allowed to play due to his celeb status? Why or why not?

Gordon: Great question, but does anyone really want to see Jennings Vs. Susan Lucci Vs. Paul Schaeffer?
Jason: I do :)
Chico: .... I would.
Jason: 400,000 to -$25,000 a piece.
Chico: See Ken Jennings turn to the others and say, "Would you please, I'm trying to beat you."
Gordon: Just to see if either of them will get a question right off of him?
Jason: Yeah.
Chico: ... Yeah.
Gordon: There's your new game show. Forget Ken Jennings Vs. The World. Make it Ken Jennings Vs. The Celebrity World.
Chico: And to answer your question, Ken Jennings is a celeb in the same way as Rich Hatch is a celeb. He won a game show... repeatedly.
Gordon: At least Ken won it 74 times and didn't go to jail for it.
Jason: He paid his taxes by Fed-Ex. :)
Chico: I'm not a celebrity, get me out of here!
Jason: I mean technically speaking, I am a celebrity....sort of.
Gordon: Look at what you did, Chico. Now we can't get Jason's head out of the internet booth.
Jason: There's another reason for that, actually
Gordon: Plug away, Mr. Block.
Jason: I did an interview on my column, The Block Party with a friend of mine, who is an aspiring writer. Her website is You can get the podcast via Itunes or RSS.
Chico: Cool beans. Okay. The Diet Pepsi Max is wearing off, so it's time to end the show. "More caffeine" can only do so much!
Jason: Its good stuff though.
Chico: Okay, with that the mailbag is officially empty, but it's still open. Drop us a line at or say hi to us on treat for you this week on MySpace... We give our opinions on.. "The Door". Those of you who've been to TPIR this week know what we're talking out." That's on our myspace. Jason, thanks again for showing up.
Jason: I try. And thank you for allowing me to be here every week.
Gordon: For everyone, this is Gordon Pepper, wishing you all a pleasant game over and...
Chico: Spread the Love... Get better Drew!


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