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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

July 30, 2007

Jason: Ok OK...we will be here forever!
Gordon: (bonks Chico on the head with a skillet)
Chico: Owwww. My head. ... that really hurts.
Gordon: Sorry, but you were turning into Jim Carrey there for a second.
Chico: No, that's the power of 23.
Jason: Right. We don't want to go into Jenna Jameson territory.
Chico: Welcome back... Not too long ago, we asked your opinion of what the best games were this year. We did some tabulating... we crossed Ts... Dotted I's... Added hopes and dreams... And threw out the ones that were just wrong.
Gordon: The Rich List for Game of the Year??!!?!?
Chico: And now we can give you an official ballot for the 2007 GSNN Game Show Awards. Everyone ready?
Gordon: And hence, before we open this to everyone, we play... Place! Bets! Now!
Chico: each of us is going to get 100...  100 what, Gordon?
Gordon: You each get 100 Drew Carey Bobblehead dolls to bet on the 15
different categories.
Jason: lol
Gordon: But before we start, we have last show's results. In 4th place...Jason Block. In 3rd Place...The Chairman
Chico: Wee.
Gordon: In 2nd Place...Haterade. In 1st Place...Eric Pierce!
Chico: So Eric gets the Mr. Banzai trophy.
Jason: Oh well. He deserves it.
Chico: Okay, what are we starting with?
Gordon: We'll start at the bottom - with Zonk Host of the year

Jeff Foxworthy (Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?)
Dylan Lane (Chain Reaction)
Ed Sanders & Sunil Narkar (National Bingo Night)
William Shatner (Show Me The Money)
Tara and Amber (Play2Win)

Jason: 5 on Shatner
Chico: 5 on Shatner
Gordon: 5 on Shatner
Jason: There is a difference between dumb (Tara and Amber) and just bad. Shatner.
Chico: You can fix dumb, right?
Gordon: Though I will say in Bill's defense, there's not much he could have done with a Deal Or No Deal Trivia hybrid Clone
Chico: True... You could only pause so many times. Okay, next... Zonk Show of the Year...
Gordon: Can we tango to the nominees?
Chico: Tango away...

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (Fox)
Identity (NBC)
National Bingo Night (ABC)
The Rich List (Fox)
Show Me The Money (ABC)

Jason: 5 on Bingo Night
Chico: 5 on Show Me the Money.
Gordon: I don't know why Identity is there and MyGamesFever isn't. 5 on Show
Me the Money
Chico: At least Bingo Night got renewed.
Jason: does that mean it was good?
Chico: No. But it had redeeming qualities.
Jason: What...a loud British host and an Indian Stereotype?
Gordon: The only redeeming quality was that it was cheap. Bingo is awful, but I'm putting the 5 on Show Me The Money because they yanked it before the guy with a huge $800,000+ Payout got aired.
Chico: That and it was yanked in rerun cycles. You just don't do that.
Jason: ok.
Gordon: Next Up - The Memorial Award

Kitty Carlisle Hart
"Mr. Wizard" Don Herbert
Magnus Magnusson
Tom Poston
Charles Nelson Reilly

Jason: 15 on Reilly
Chico: 5 on CNR
Gordon: 30 on Reilly
Chico: I'm saving my bobbleheads for later.
Jason: No offense to Ms. Hart. But O'Reilly was more our generation.
Gordon: Kitty Hart was amazing, but everyone knows Charles Nelson Reilly. Speaking of bad moments, what are the worst ones, Chico?
Chico: The WORST Moments..

DoND - Million Dollar Case sold TWICE on the same show...
The Rich List - Cancellation after one episode.
1 vs. 100 - Raul Torres loses $253,000
Survivor - Dreamz screws Yau-Man.
American Idol - Sanjaya

Chico: Each one got three votes.
Jason: 5 on DonD. I saw that episode. That was both painful and stupid.
Chico: I'm going 5 on DoND for... yeah, with Block said.
Gordon: Stupid, yes. but I'm going with something more painful - 2 months worth of Sanjaya Malakar. 5 points on that.
Chico: But for every Sanjaya, we have a Jordin. What were the best moments, Gordon?
Gordon: The best moments are...

Jeopardy! - 3 Way Tie
Lingo - $41,000 Jackpot Win
The Price is Right - Million Dollar Specials
The Price is Right - Season 36 Opener with $140,000+ Win
Deal or No Deal - Michelle Falco wins $750,000

Jason: 5 on the Season 36 opener. That was amazing.
Chico: 7 on the opener.
Gordon: I'm going to go with Deal Or No Deal. The $750,000 was the largest amount won on a traditional game show this season. 5 on that. But lets go back to reality for a second. Who are on the block for Reality Contestant of the year?
Chico: Reality players of the year...

Dr. Jeff Bernstein (World Series of Blackjack)
Yau-Man Chan (Survivor)
Earl Cole (Survivor)
Bianca Ryan (America's Got Talent)
Eric Sanchez & Danielle Turner (The Amazing Race)

Gordon: This sort of surprises me. No Jordin Sparks. No Yul Kwon.
Jason: 5 on the Yau-Man
Gordon: and yet Bernstein and Yau Man are there.
Chico: Guess we're going for real players instead of people who're just popular.
Gordon: I'm going to go 5 on Eric and Danielle
Chico: But yeah, 5 on Yau-Man. But what about the players that set the table for the reality players of today?
Gordon: Your traditional players of the Year nominees are...

Vickyann Chrobak-Sadowski (The Price is Right)
Michelle Falco (Deal Or No Deal)
Cliff Galiher (Jeopardy!)
Barry Lander (1 Vs. 100)
Ogi Ogas (Millionaire)

Jason: 5 on VickyAnn
Gordon: This is the first time that a Price is Right player gets nominated for player of the year
Chico: 5 for Ogi. Why not
Gordon: Ogi Ogi Ogi! Oi oi oi! I'm going to be different and go 5 on Falco. They all deserve to be here - Cliff winning the College Tournament and Barry winning over $300,000 Chico - who's up for Best new Reality Host?
Chico: Five people who cut their teeth on this genre and proved their mettle.

Anthony Clark (Last Comic Standing)
Cat Deeley (So You Think You Can Dance)
Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef)
Todd Oldham (Top Design)
Regis Philbin (America's Got Talent)

Chico: I say Regis' got 15!
Gordon: I'll go 5 on Regis
Jason: 5 on Regis
Gordon: For Best New Traditional Hosts, the nominees are...

Jeff Foxworthy (Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader)
John O'Hurley (Family Feud)
Penn Jillette (Identity)
Dylan Lane (Chain Reaction)
Bob Saget (1 Vs. 100)

Jason: 5 on Saget
Chico: 5 on Jeff. He's what happens when the perfect format meets the perfect host.
Gordon: I'll go 5 on Foxworthy. He's one of the biggest reasons why 5th Grader is the hit that it is. Best Reality Show Host?
Chico: Best Reality Show host coming... The seven nominees are..
Jason: 7? :-)
Gordon: ...yep. 7. Technically

AJ Benza & Gabe Kaplan (High Stakes Poker)
Tom Bergeron & Samantha Harris (Dancing with the Stars)
Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race)
Jeff Probst (Survivor)
Ryan Seacrest (American Idol)

Jason: 10 on Seacrest. He really came into his own this year.
Chico: Yeah, they say that if it happens twice, it'll happen three times. 10 on America's favorite Kiwi.
Jason: Who is that?
Chico: Phil Keoghan.
Gordon: I say we have a repeat winner. 5 on Bergeron. We only have 5 nominees on Traditional Host. Wanna know what they are?
Jason: Yup.

Bob Barker (The Price is Right)
John O'Hurley (Family Feud)
Pat Sajak & Vanna White (Wheel of Fortune)
Alex Trebek (Jeopardy!)
Meredith Vieira (Millionaire)

Jason: 15 on Barker
Chico: 15 on Barker.
Gordon: 5 on Barker
Chico: That was easy. See what you can come up with this... Best NEW Reality Show.
Jason: How many categories are left
Gordon: 35
Jason: ok
Gordon: Seriously - 4
Jason: Thank you

America's Got Talent (NBC)
Pirate Master (CBS)
Poker After Dark (NBC)
Top Design (Bravo)
Who Wants to Be a Superhero? (SciFi)

Jason: 5 on AGT
Gordon: 5 on AGT, but I think the voting public was wise to post up both Top Design and Superhero
Jason: Yes.
Chico: Agreed. But still 5 on Talent. Props to the people for rooting for the underdogs.
Gordon: Yep - and you'll see that same sort of voting on best new Traditional Game Show.

1 Vs. 100 (NBC)
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (Fox)
Identity (NBC)
That's The Question (GSN)
World Series of Pop Culture (VH1)

Jason: 5 on WSOPC
Gordon: 5 on 1 Vs. 100, but kudos for them putting up WSOPC. But why That's the Question?
Chico: Because there was nothing else. 5 on WSOPC.
Gordon: Show me the mo...That's the Question it is, then.
Chico: Ha! We're getting down to the wire.
Gordon: But I'll say this. You already have enough good show to fill up the category this year. Power of 10, Singing Bee, Don't Forget the Lyrics, Grand Slam, Without Prejudice
Jason: Yup
Chico: Next year's nominations will be very... hard.
Gordon: Yep. 2 more categories, and it's the big ones. Best Reality Show. The nominees, Chico?
Chico: The nominees are...

The Amazing Race (CBS)
American Idol (Fox)
Dancing with the Stars (ABC)
Survivor (CBS)
Top Chef (Bravo)

Jason: 5 on Dancing.
Chico: 6 on the Race.
Gordon: 5 on Dancing With the Stars. Finally, Best Traditional Show. This may surprise you...

1 Vs. 100 (NBC)
Deal or No Deal (NBC)
Jeopardy! (Syn)
The Price is Right (CBS)
Wheel of Fortune (Syn)

Jason: No Millionaire?
Gordon: No Millionaire.
Jason: I will say 5 on Price.
Gordon: NO Millionaire. No 5th Grader. But we get 1 Vs. 100. 5 on TPIR for me.
Chico: 6 on TPIR
Gordon: And that's it. Its now all in the hands of you, the voters.
Chico: Voting begins RIGHT NOW! Go to and let your voice be heard! Vote early and vote often.
Jason: And how long do they have?
Gordon: You all have 4 weeks - until August 29th. Then we will get you the results in a Labor Day Special.
Chico: You'lll want to get extra barbecue for that. Meanwhile, you can go shopping with us as we celebrate the good... and bad.. of the summer so far. Bargainhunters is next, hang on.

(Brought to you by the GSNN Dimpled Chad Association. We believe in the dimpling of every chad or computer virus.)



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