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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

July 30, 2007

Chico: I got your anti-virus right here.
Jason: No power votes please.
Gordon: This week, Jason, we give you the power - to have anything that money can buy.
Chico: It's time for Bargainhunters, and we start with indulging your inner superhero...
Jason: Got it.

You get to buy ANY costume from the second season of Who Wants to Be a Superhero, which premiered last Thursday.

Jason: Let me look. I like Mindset's myself.
Gordon: Mindset looks pretty cool
Jason: Also Mr. Mitzvah is pretty cool too.
Gordon: True.
Chico: Call me crazy, but I'm partial to the Defuser's... oh well.
Gordon: Next one...

We know who the host of the Price is Right is. Lets say that you want a game show host for your kids birthday party. Who do you shell out the money for?

Jason: JD Roth.
Gordon: I'm gonna go with Jason's homeboy Marc Summers.
Jason: That's a good one too.
Chico: I'm going to go off the board Jack and say Mike O'Malley.
Gordon: another good one.
Chico: Get the Picture... Underrated
Gordon: Not to mention GUTS. Next one?
Chico: Next.. Let's say you're a big star... Okay, semi-big.

... who do you buy off to be your "Dancing" partner?

Jason: Cheryl Burke...are you nuts?
Gordon: Gotta go where the championships are and Cheryl.
Chico: Again, off the board and go with Julianne Hough.
Gordon: next one...

World Series of Black Jack spot or World Poker Tour Qualifier spot. Which do you buy in for?

Jason: WPT
Gordon: With the Black Jack spot, you're automatically on TV. You have to
earn your way to get one of the 6 final WPT spots.
Chico: Blackjack.
Gordon: I'll go Blackjack as well. Id rather be on TV - even if the pot is smaller.
Chico: Hey, I'm better in blackjack than I am at poker... and I'm REALLY good at poker =p As you two have seen once or twice.
Jason: Yes I did...from very far away.
Chico: Gordon made sure of that :-)
Gordon: All I have to say. Gordon + Chico at same table = Profit! Next one?
Chico: Next...

Which one of our Teen Jeopardy! players would you pay off to write a book report on... oh, "War & Peace".

Jason: The one who won the first teen tourney this year.
Gordon: I'm going to go off the board and say Maddie Suchard.
Chico: I'm going to go with Meryl.. who looks like she probably read "War and Peace".... twice... recreationally... Nothing against her, of course.
Gordon: None taken. Meryl is a worthy champion.
Jason: Not at all.
Chico: Very much so.
Gordon: Last one...

We are now in an age that the referees can be bought. That being said, buy out one of the judges so that YOU are the judge on the game show of your choice.

Chico: Not Simon. He asks for too much.
Jason: I am buying out Jeffrey (I forgot his last name) on Iron Chef America
Chico: Steingarten, J.
Jason: Him. That is a job I would love!
Chico: AKA our answer to Asako Kishi.
Jason: Yes.
Chico: I would buy Sharon's seat at the AGT table. Sure it means sitting next to Piers Morgan, but then I get to tell him how full of s(^_^) he is.
Gordon: I'm going to buy out Randy Jackson. You need Simon on the show. Randy has turned into a Simon-clone and I think that Idol could use some Haterade.
Jason: All cool ideas.
Gordon: And that ends Bargain Hunters
Chico: We're almost done with this episode. Coming up next... "It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!"
Jason: wouldn't want to be a judge on ICA?
Chico: I'd rather challenge, thanks. Big Finish is next!

(Brought to you by Iron Judge. You think you can judge better than a council of Cowell, Lythgoe, Jeffrey Ross, and David Hasselhoff? Heh.. They'd love to see you try.)

Jason: That could be fun.
Gordon: It could be, I bet the Big Finish is more fun though
Chico: Very! Let's get it... err, finished =p
Gordon: AGT2 - Got a favorite?
Jason: No.
Chico: Nothing really stands out. I like Cas Haley, though.
Gordon: I like Cas as well. LCS5 - Got a favorite?
Jason: Paul Mecurio :P
Gordon: Paul didn't even make the Finals, Jay
Jason: I know ....shame isn't it, :P
Gordon: Im not even sure if he auditioned this year.
Jason: lol
Chico: Heh...
Jason: anyway. No.
Chico: You people and your warm-up comics.
Gordon: Big Brother 8 - Got a be eliminated?
Jason: Jen. We hope.
Chico: Come on, Jen...
Gordon: I'm hoping Jen. I'm thinking Nick. I'm thinking email. What do we got this week?
Chico: From our favorite Georgia trivia hound not named Victoria, James Dinan. Thanks, James.

James Dinan

Greetings, fellow game and reality fans! A few questions and comments from the Peach State...

1. Do you agree with the way Food Network handled the "JAG" situation on Next Food Network Star? It seems to me that Food Network blew off the fact that JAG lied about this military and culinary credentials by allowing him to appear on the finale, then watching him blow off the chance to apologize to his fellow competitors and the viewers.

This is a man who blatantly lied multiple times when applying for the show, as well as to whoever asked him in the months following. And even when JAG quit the show, the two Food Network judges appeared on-air to be STILL fawning over him, wishing him well and telling him we would go far.

Lying on your resume, especially lying about your military and work backgrounds, can't be whitewashed. It's still lying, and I can't trust anything he says because of it. To me, Food Network should have kept him away from the finale, and distanced itself from him. Thoughts?

Gordon: I think that this is the sort of positive show that allows players to leave on their own terms. That being said, I think that in this case they shouldn't have given him that chance and should have just booted him. This makes them look very very soft.
Jason: I agree. This was not the best way they could have handled it. This was a taped...not a live finale. They could have said JAG, we don't want you here. They didn't. Bad on Food Network.
Chico: True.
Gordon: And the sad thing is that if JAG told the truth, he could have won the whole thing
Jason: JAG should have won the whole thing.
Chico: He was a good player, no doubt. He just made a really stupid mistake. And he did it knowingly.
Jason: just my thoughts.
Chico: More from the letter...

James Dinan

2. The World Series of Pop Culture has definitely become a guilty pleasure for many game show fans. It's how game shows should be done -- simple, entertaining and to the point.

But is now the time for VH1 to expand the show?

A few proposals I've considered...

A. Expand the tournament from 16 to 32 teams. Make the tourney a 3/4 week affair, rather than 2.

B. Expand the regional qualifiers (more qualifying sites) and even broadcast qualifier finals on a VH1 digital channel or online.

I believe VH1 has the potential to make WSoPC an annual summer event without going overboard (say, running new tournaments every month). The Web site and Trivia Dome are good starts, but could more be done to maximize the show's potential?

Chico: Wow.. Good question, James.
Gordon: The only reason that I can think of against it is that Michael Davies has perfected the art of getting 15 episodes done in a weekend. If you expand the event, you expand the taping times and schedule.
Jason: And the cost for all the players.
Chico: That's true.
Gordon: You can do it if you expand it for a week, per se, but I think the better play may be if you have 16 episodes for 32 teams to air 1 a week and stretch it out for the summer, instead of all 8 episodes in 2 weeks.
Chico: Anything that beefs up the production budget may jeopardize the prize budget. That idea can maximize your long run... barring any best-of marathons during the 4th of July.
Gordon: True. Thanks for the email, James! Next up, I got some email from Lynn Combs
Chico: Hi, Lynn.

From: Lynn Combs

I was once a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune - show aired 01/21/85 (I think) and wanted to know if I could purchase a tape of the show. My name was Lynn M Ballard- I am now divorced and return to maiden name. Thank you for your consideration

Chico: 1) Purchasing tapes of game shows... Bad juju.
Gordon: BUT
Chico: 2) If you post your details at and arrange a trade, you may turn up a few leads.
Jason: Thats the place to go.
Chico: That's's Trading Post, run by our good friend
Mike Klauss. Thanks, and good luck!
Gordon: Anything else?
Chico: Next is from Lee Hubbard. Thanks, Lee!

Lee Hubbard

What a coincidence!! Drew Carey is 49 (Bob Barker was 49 when he started The Price is Right in 1972).

Chico: What a coincidence indeed.
Gordon: Well, there you go.
Jason: Of course.
Gordon: Anything else in the mailbag?
Chico: Nope. But you can fix that! All you have to do is toss us a line or two at OR visit us on Myspace at
Jason: Come on in, the cyber space is fine.
Gordon: And with that, we end this edition. A special thanks to Jason Block for joining us.
Jason: As always, thank you.
Chico: For Gordon Pepper and everyone at Game Show Newsnet, I'm Chico Alexander... until next time, game over... and spread the love :-)


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