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Episode 32.9 - The Models Episode
April 8

Chico: Yeeeeeeeeeah boy! you gittin audited!
Gordon: Welcome back to the show. I'm the naughty one. He's the nice one. Joining us is the weird one, Jason Block.
Jason: Proud of my uniqueness
Chico: That's another word for it.
Jason: Geek. Nerd. :)
Gordon: Infiltrator.
Chico: And it's good Jason's here. He's an expert on Infiltration, having infiltrated MANY a game show.
Gordon: And we start with this...

Gwendolyn's on Baby Patrol. so Tiffany Coyne from Let's Make a Deal will be a TPIR Model for a while. How will she do?

Chico: Quite well, thanks.
Jason: Awesomely. Until she goes on baby patrol. :)
Chico: That's right. Tiffany's gonna be a hot mom soon
Jason: MILF-tastic.
Gordon: I actually think TPIR is EASIER than LMAD, so she should fit in fine. Next one?
Chico: Next one...

We've seen past Idolers on The Voice. How would THIS season's crop do on the spinny-chairy show?

Jason: Terribly.
Gordon: No chance.
Chico: They'd have to pay YOU.
Gordon: The men wouldn't get selected and the women's back stories
wouldn't even get them to the audition stage
Chico: Yeah. WHAT backstories?
Jason: Exactly.
Gordon: Vote for me. I have boobs.
Chico: Heh. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

Heidi Klum, a hostess on Project Runway, is now a judge on America's Got Talent. How will she fare in the jungle?

Jason: Not well.
Chico: One judge too many
Gordon: I think she will do ok. The one judge that's the one too many is Mel B, who already X'ed a brass band in Louisiana. I'll be going to the tapings this week, and I'll have a report on that on next week's show.
Chico: Cool beans.
Gordon: Dont know if Block is joiing me.
Jason: Yes I am. Just printed the ticket
Chico: Nice.
Gordon: Sweet! Next one?
Chico: Next one...

So Steve Harvey's on the Feud. Cedric the Entertainer's on the Millionaire. Bernie Mac... *kisses the sky*. So that leaves DL Hughley. Say Tom Bergeron wants to switch with him on Dancing. how would he do?

Jason: Not well.
Gordon: Well it is April Fool's season. That being said...wrong sort of family friendly audience for a definitely not family friendly Hughley
Chico: Just pray it never happens. It would sink the franchise like the Titanic.
Gordon: My heart won't go on.
Chico: Nope. Next?
Gordon: Next one...and this one is breaking news. (SHATTER)

GSN has picked up 8 episodes of The Chase. How will Mark Labbett do in the states?

Jason: WELL.
Chico: Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
Jason: This is going to be HUGE.
Gordon: As long as they let him be himself, this will be huge. Note to GSN. please do NOT do to this what you did to poor Press Your Luck. Please. I BEG of you.
Chico: Just don't. Mess. This. Up.
Jason: Pretty please.
Chico: PLEASE.
Jason: We are begging you. We don't beg much
Chico: We really don't
Jason: But this time.
Gordon: We are begging now.
Jason: Don't. F. THIS UP.
Gordon: Last one?
Chico: Finally...

Models hosting TPIR. Could they host anything else? SHOULD they?

Jason: I dont know.
Gordon: No. and NO. It was fun for what it was, but that should be it. Maybe give Amber a contract to replace Khloe Kardashian on The X Factor though.
Chico: Or Rachel.
Gordon: They can have a contract to host the Bed-Chicoler.
Jason: :)
Chico: That... was a Zinger. We'll have more of those after the break.

(Brought to you by Purgatory's Kitchen. No one knows how good or bad the food is. No one tells anybody anything. And no one curses a blue cloud that hangs over Century City to this day either. Is it worth eating there? No one knows.)

Chico: I hear the scallops are to die for.
Gordon: I hear the Risotto is devilish
Chico: I also hear that people go in and they don't come out.
Jason: Not bad.
Gordon: We can make zingers on this all day, but we'll do some more on 6 different subjects. Chico, start us off.
Chico: First up...

Kendra Wilkinson quitting Splash.

Chico: I guess those AREN'T life preservers on her chest.
Jason: Then she could go back to non-chlorinated water at the Grotto :)
Gordon: That's not the first person to do that. Hugh Hefner quit making a Splash awhile ago.
Chico: I thought they made pills for that.
Jason: (Rimshot)
Chico: Next?
Gordon: Next one...

America's Got Talent can fine you 5 million dollars if you fake a story about yourself.

Chico: .... Manti Te'o went and ruined everything.
Jason: And Tim Poe breathes a sigh of relief.
Gordon: Congress will be having every Senator sign it so America can start fixing up the national debt.
Jason: Oh yeah
Chico: I wish. Next...

Demi Lovato is returning to the X Factor...

Gordon: Which means I won't need to renew my subscription to Nydol.
Jason: And she will make Khloe Kardashian look evern worse than she does.
Chico: In other news... X Factor is still airing. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

The Animal Planet is debuting shows called 'Top Hooker' and 'Catch and Release'

Chico: Apparently trying to tap into the furry market
Jason: I thought Top Hooker was being shopped for the AVN channel...
Gordon: Contrary to Popular Relief, Ron Jeremy, Brande Roderick and Kelly Pickler are NOT starring in any of those shows. Though they should.
Chico: It'll make them easier to watch. I mean, just look what it did for Robot Combat League! Next up...

The $319 million ruling against Disney means it's time to pink slip a few people.

Jason: And Mickey, Goofy and the gang are very worried.
Chico: We're also selling the Imagineering used to make Selena Gomez.
Gordon: At least now Millionaire has a batch of brand new contestants who need the money.
Chico: And they're LEGAL!
Jason: Ha. :)
Gordon: Last one...

Benjamin "Ben" Patton, Tim Lopez and Ernesto Arguello are all 'Ready for Love'

Chico: So are we, but we don't have a TV show about it.
Gordon: And then after 2 weeks on the air, it'll be ready for Saturday Nights at 9pm.
Chico: Say hi to Smash for me
Gordon: And those are our Zingers. We zing along to the Speed Round after this!

(Brought to you by Ready for Lunch. Chico, Jason and Gordon find love through the food made for lunch. Who's heart is set afire by the Bento Box?)

Chico: Right here... the sushi's a little bland. We'll get to the Speed Round in a second, but first, a bit of a public service. April is World Autism Awareness Month. The chances of an expectant mother seeing the $1 million question on Millionaire... One in 67 million. The chances that she'll give birth to a child with autism: 1 in 88.
Gordon: Please lend your support.
Chico: Learn more about World Autism Awareness month at autismspeaks.org. I believe your bowling team is doing something, G?
Gordon: We do events for Autism Speaks. Our next one for them is in July
Chico: Awesome stuff
Gordon: Also Awesome - the Speed Round which starts...now! Idol - any sausage left in the party after this week?
Chico: I think in a stunner, a female goes bye bye this week
Gordon: If a woman is on the hook, she gets saved.
Chico: Survivor: does the cannibalism continue for the favorites?
Gordon: No. I think a fan bites it.
Chico: How about the Race? Who's going to say buh bye to Phil?
Gordon: Coutry Singers will be belting out some sour notes. DWTS: bye bye DL?
Chico: Bye bye DL
Gordon: Hello email?
Chico: Not this week, but you can change that by dropping us some correspondence at wlti@gameshownewsnet.com or find us on Facebook, Itunes, YouTube, Twitter, and Stitcher. If it's really good, we'll read it on air.
Gordon: And that ends this weeks episode. Special thanks to Jason Block for joining us this week.
Chico: Next week, one man. Five women. How long can Lazaro Arbos be the Lazaro Man?
Gordon: We'll see then. For now, this is Gordon Pepper, saying Game Over and Spread the Love.