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Eighteen players -- including three who have been here before but left due to injury -- have travelled to the Philipines to see who can outplay, outwit and outlast the others in a battle for a million dollars! 18 castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Chris Wolvie & Jason Huhn, GSNN

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Gouge My Eyes Out
December 12


...because Abi-Maria actually THANKS the others for keeping her around. She doesn't know if Lisa, Denise, Michael and Malcolm believed her shlock about the "Fourth Hidden Immunity Idol"...but she's grateful nonetheless that they let Carter take the bullet for her. Not all are happy about it, though. Lisa (naturally) feels bad that such a good man had to go. But if she had a choice to bring back someone she LIKED and someone she could BEAT...she'd go for someone she could beat. Malcolm realizes that now Lisa is playing the game...and that is making her dangerous...especially to HIM.


Abi announces (like she always does) that she's going into the woods. As soon as she disappears, the other four talk about her and her so-called 3I. Malcolm had already guessed that she DIDN'T have one because she never revealed it the previous night when there was a LOT of pressure on her...not to mention she was relieved that she wasn't voted out. Abi knows of only one person who is not going home on Night 36: Malcolm, who has an ACTUAL 3I. She also knows of who needs to go home if the Immunity Necklace doesn't come their way: Denise. AND she knows who she needs to lean on to make that happen: Lisa.

So, while the boys and Denise head off, Abi tells Lisa to watch out for them since Lisa is STILL on the bottom of that alliance. Lisa listens...but she doesn't believe her. Still, it would be profitable to keep her close, no matter when or if she stays all the way. She intends to use Abi for her own advancement in the game. And if that means keeping HER and dicthing Denise...well, we'll see.


Challenge Beach and Uncle Jeff await that last of the Dangrayne Tribe. Uncle Jeff describes the final Reward Challenge of this game:

You race up and over a slide and then into the water to collect a bundle of rings. Haul it back to the mat and go up and over for the other one. Once you have all five rings, you play "ring toss" with them and get one on each of five pegs. First to get that right wins a helicopter ride to a boat for some whale-shark watching and a pizza dinner. AND, unlike other Challenges, Uncle Jeff tells them right off that two others of the winner's choosing will join said winner on this Reward. They draw for spots...and they get ready.

"Survivors ready...GO!"

The men take the lead over the slide and after they grab the rings. Denise and Abi follow...and Lisa has trouble with the knots and lags behind. Michael gets the second bundle quickly, with Malcolm a few seconds behind. Denise is in third, Abi in fourth...while Lisa still smiles as she works on the second bundle.

Michael gets the first ring on a peg but has to collect the other four. Malcolm does the same, but Michael charges ahead by getting his second and third rings on before Lisa even returns with her rings to start tossing. Malcolm gets his second...and Michael gets his fourth! The ladies...no luck so far. Michael JUST misses the last one when Lisa and Denise get their first. Then Malcolm gets HIS fourth! Near miss by Michael...near miss by Malcolm...RINGER! SKUPIN WINS REWARD!!

Wow...Michael's going on a helicopter...and, this time, he's NOT leaving the game! But...who will join him? Michael repays Malcolm for the LAST Reward by taking him. And the lady joining in this sausage-fest...will be Lisa. Abi and Denise haul back to Dangrayne Beach themselves with nada. But, as they leave, Abi DOES give Michael something to chew on besides pizza crust: "I guess my vote doesn't mean anything."


Everyone seemed to get what they wanted out of the auction. While most had fuller bellies than this morning, Abi did what she set out to do: got something to get her ahead. So while everyone was happily talking about what happened,...Abi opens her Brazilian gob as she and Jonathan get into a "conversation" about what was said last night AND at the Auction. Abi wants an apology, Jonathan wants her to be less blunt, Abi apologizes for being truthful, Jonathan apologizes that it was her turn to get slammed...and so forth. This is actually just fine for Jonathan because, to paraphrase him, "the bigger b*tch she is, the better he looks to the rest of the tribe". The two rivals hug (doubtful EITHER means it) and Abi still trusts no one...thinking the "advantage" is all that's making everyone speak to her in a friendly way now.


Speaking of which, Abi goes off by herself and opens the scroll...and it reads as follows:





Well, now...that's always good. Of course, she's going to tell the tribe whatever she has to to break their alliance against her.


Bright and early (once all that food finally settles), Abi woke up early with the mindset that, if she's gonna go down, she'll go down swinging...and lying! She hides the "advantage" and marches back to camp to see everyone else talking about staying unified against her. Her first attempt at deception is with Malcom and she tells him she doesn't think she'll be heading home at the next Tribal. Malcolm, of course, doesn't believe her for an instant, comparing her to a spurned girlfriend. Abi says that "advantage" was a clue to a fourth 3I...and she HAS it! She essentially tells Malcolm that the tribe will HAVE to kick someone else out now. Whether Malcolm believes THAT or not, who knows?


Dangrave...Challenge Cleraring...a lot of ropes and wood...and Uncle Jeff. Just like last time, this is a three-part Challenge for the Immunity Necklace. First round has everyone (except Abi) attached to a rope wound around a hitching rail. Go up and down and over and out and get to the end. First five through move on. Second round has everyone (save Abi) attached to a DIFFERENT rope to go through a bamboo maze. First TWO through move on. Final round has those two PLUS Abi each go through a multi-level obstacle course. First one out of the course gets to chill while the others sweat at the Pagoda of Doom. Oh...one more thing. Before each round, Uncle Jeff will ask a question. Get the question wrong and you will have 5% of your body weight attached to you while you run the course. And it's CUMMULATIVE...meaning you could be lugging 15% of your weight through the obstacle course.

Abi tells the tribe that her "advantage" was a two-parter...with the first part being that she goes to the final round. She then tears the note up, not wanting anyone to know what the second part was. Now,...Uncle Jeff KNOWS she's lying her Sao Paolo ass off...but all he says is for Abi to wait for the others to finish.

First round. Each player has an "answer cube" in hand and Uncle Jeff reads the question:
The Philipines consist of how many islands?
A) About 50
B) About 500
C) More than 5000

Each player turns their cube to what they think is the right answer...which is C) More than 5000. All the men get it right so Lisa and Denise get weights.

"Survivors ready...GO!"

As stated, they go up and down and over and out, getting dizzy going around the hitching post. Despite what can be assumed to be about five or six pounds in a sacthel over her shoulder, Denise flies through the course and finishes first. Carter comes from far behind to go second. Michael and Malcolm are in third and fourth, leaving Lisa and Jonathan fighting for the final spot. They're both just about neck-and-neck...but the weight was just too much for Lia. Jonathan is the last to advance.

Second round. Next question...is cut for time, apparently. But Denise, Michael and Carter missed. Denise has 10%, Michael and Carter have 5%, Jonathan and Malcolm just have to pull their OWN weight.

"Survivors, ready...GO!"

Much tighter spaces to work through at times...and with ten-plus pounds on her back, even the svelte Denise has problems. The men are worse off, especially Michael who gets stuck. Jonathan powers through and is first out of the maze. And Carter, looking for his second straight Immunity, just BARELY beats out Denise. So it's Jonathan vs. Carter vs. Abi in the triple-threat obstacle course match for Immunity!

Michael mutters to the others that Abi can't climb and, thus, can't win this final round. Question cut for time again, but Carter missed it so he's stuck with 10% while Jonathan and Abi are running with just themselves.

"Survivors, ready...GO!!"

No rope to navigate this time. Just a Donkey Kong-esque wooden scaffold with ropes blocking the way. They can't climb THROUGH the ropes, though; they're "gates" which must be untied before moving on. Abi and Carter get through the opening "gate" first. Abi doesn't seem to NEED climbing skills as she tears through the gates, though Carter is just seconds behind. Jonathan starts to lag a bit. Going into the second half, Abi has a decent lead but Carter (despite about 30 pounds on his shoulder) starts gaining on her. Even Jonathan cheers for Carter as he continues to lag...but it's all for naught. With the best $500 purchase she's ever made, ABI-MARIA WINS IMMUNITY!

Denise mutters, "I wanna throw up," as Abi happily takes the Immunity Necklace. The feeling seems to be mutual for the rest of the tribe...especially Jonathan..


Malcolm says it best: "Hell hath frozen over today." And, no, there's no condom dispenser at the Vatican and the rich haven't said, "Tax the @#$% out of us". Abi is safe from the wrath of the tribe. But, in truth, Malcolm's HAPPY about this...because it means that Jonathan - a REAL threat - can be ousted instead. Lisa's torn (natch) because she doesn't want to HURT Jonathan. For the umpteenth time since arriving, she claims the game is "too big for her". And, of course, she makes the mistake of TELLING Jonathan. "Cut the crap," he all-but-yells. "Really?!". He then talks a walk with her to discuss this. She confesses her "dual alliance", one with the returning Survivors, one with the others-minus-Abi. Jonathan...does NOT take this well. And he's left wondering WTF he's gonna do now?! Lisa suggests, "Go do your magic that you do." After all, he swayed HER...maybe he can sway ANOTHER.

Jonthan decides his mistake was not choosing a side...so his best bet now is to make enough allies tout de suite to stay in the game. His first targets: Abi and Carter. Abi's fine with voting for Denise with Jonathan...though Carter stays quiet. He then talks to Michael about this, calling him the "swing vote" this time. Michael's a little perturbed that Lisa would go against their own alliance and vote for Jonathan...but he's more concerned about how the vote will effect HIM in the long run. He thinks he could beat Jonathan in the Final Three...but could she ALSO beat Denise?


RC, Artis, Jeff and Pete file into the Jury Box to watch the mayhem. Uncle Jeff claims to be Nostradamus, predicting last time that Abi could still rise above the tribe's turning against her. Denise says they weren't "brutal" towards Abi; they just couldn't tolerate her anymore. Jonathan says that the original plan was ditching Abi but, without her to vote for, "lines in the sand" emerged. He told about the alliance of Malcolm, Denise, Lisa and Micahel...and Malcolm admited they didn't trust Jonathan enough to have him join. He looks Lisa and Michael in the eyes and plainly says, "Please don't vote me out."

Malcolm calls Jonathan's talk a ploy to get Lisa to turn on him and Denise and knows Malcolm's in Lisa's heart as well. Lisa admits she's about to hurt someone. Then Jonathan goes on that keeping him in the game will help Lisa and that kicking him out will "give the million to" Malcolm or Denise. Lisa shuts him up, saying, "That's definitely part of my consideration."

Uncle Jeff thinks it's time to let the cat out of the bag and asks Lisa if this Council has any paralells to her life in the past. Lisa isn't falling for it; she says that it does but that it's too personal to tell WHEN. Uncle Jeff asks how difficult it was and, after thinking and nodding for a few seconds, she tearfully says, "Huge." She says she might disappoint not only someone she cares about...but also herself.

As for Michael, he'd like to be friends with everyone post-game but, DURING the game, he's out to win. He admits, though, there is validity to what Jonathan said.

It is time to vote! Seven Dangrayne members march to the alcove. We see Abi voting for Denise (still angry at Denise judging her) and Jonathan actually SHOUTING his vote ("Denise") back at the Coucil area and getting laughs out of everyone. Michael is last...and he thinks about it. The tally, the request for 3Is, the silence afterwards, the reading of the votes:

Denise :)...



Jonathan :)...



...and Michael's swing vote...








PENNER! (thought at first it must've been Lisa's given the heart around it)

The man who fought back from an infection in his leg for a third chance at the million, Jonathan Penner has been ushered to the Jury in yet another close vote. He hugs Carter and wishes him luck...but he denies Abi a hug as he brings his torch to Uncle Jeff to get snuffed. He marches down the Walk of Shame with one last quip to the remaining players: "Keep your sunny side up...and suck eggs!" The game is up for grabs and Jonathan whistles he way to get cleaned up.

(Well, maybe he can try once more. After all, it took Bahstin Rob four times to win.)

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