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Eighteen players -- including three who have been here before but left due to injury -- have travelled to the Phillipines to see who can outplay, outwit and outlast the others in a battle for a million dollars! 18 castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Chris Wolvie & Jason Huhn, GSNN

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This Isn't a We Game (Tandang)
October 3



RC and Abi-Maria are chilling on the beach. Abi is exhausted and wants to stay chilling to heal her twice-twisted knee, but RC would rather be looking for the 3I. Abi thinks she's a liability and would rather RC just go on without her as far as the 3I is concerned. Despite an argument between the two alliance-mates, RC still thinks of them as a team...though she wonders why Abi always gets so distant when she tries to talk to her.

Well, maybe it's because RC isn't the only one in this alliance. Later, she pulls Pete aside and clues HIM in about the clue for the 3I...something RC wanted to keep between the two girls! Abi thinks Pete is more "genuine" to her and, thus, wants them to find it before RC does. Pete is inwardly smiling; he may look as ignorant as they come...but he notices EVERYTHING. He suggests that they dig all the way down into the rice bag again.

But Pete has OTHER ideas. He talks with Lisa about her wanting to stay in the game though everyone seems to know she's got less of a chance than Natalie Green getting on Weight Watchers. Pete LIKES Lisa and DOESN'T want her gone...so he hatches a plan to blindside Michael with her. Lisa would rather blindside RC...but she's flexible in this case. Between Pete, Lisa and Abi, it looks like a new alliance is forming.


Out on a raft in Challenge Cove, the Tribes once again form up...and we see Matsing went with Roxy to get the boot. Tandang and Kalabaw give back the Tribal Immunity Idols to Uncle Jeff and he explains this Challenge:

On Jeff's "GO", one Tribe member will dive down to release a puzzle wheel connected to a line. They bring it up and the next member goes. Once all eight wheels are out of the water and on a horizontal pole, the Tribe gets to unscrambling them into an eight-letter word (in this case "TREASURE", though the Tribes know not of this). First twio Tribes to get the word right wins Immunity and gets to relax tonight while the third-place Tribe heads once again to Tribal Council. In addition, the two immune Tribes get Reward. First place gets a full on fishing kit with line, bait, a net and a canoe with paddles waiting back at camp (that suits Matsing as they lost their raft yesterday). Second place gets a smaller kit sans net and canoe...but still nice. As Matsing is down to four, Kalabaw and Tandang must sit TWO members out. The red tribe sits Katie and Dawson and the yellow benches Lisa and Abi.

"Survivors ready...GO!"

Dana, Artis and Angie dive in for red, yellow and blue respectively. The first wheel is only a two feet below the surface, but Angie struggles to get it loose. Artis tags off to Pete and Dana to Jeff for wheel #2. Angie FINALLY gets the first wheel and tags to Russell...but not before Jeff surfaces and tags to Jonathan. Pete tags to Michael to try to catch-up to Kalabaw. Russel gets the second one...but can't seem to get out of the water to tag out. Michael emerges with a bloody face because their diving mask (one was issued to each Tribe) shattered in his face.

And on it goes. Kalabaw takes a big lead, though RC seems determined to win this all by herself, nabbing THREE wheels in a row before tagging out. Russell dives in...but can't seem to stay under long enough to get #5. He swims back empty-handed and Denise tries to make up time. Carter and RC dive for Kalabaw's and Tandang's final piece. Carter gets back first and the Tribe huddles to get the wheels on the pole in the right order. RC grabs her fourth wheel and the Tribe's last and swims back. Matsing...well, they're trying.

The puzzle pieces go in a particular order and all letters have to be facing the same way...something Kalabaw messes up before Uncle Jeff straightens them out. And while they and Tandang spin their wheels (literally), Malcolm retrieves the final blue wheel and the whole Matsing start on THEIR puzzle. As the wheels go round and round, Kalabaw think they have it. They have "TREASURE"...and so they do! KALABAW WINS IMMUNITY, FISHING GEAR, NET AND CANOE!!!

Matsing is still in the hunt, though, even as Kalabaw celebrate as a whole. They are getting close...but as close as Tandang? Both need the "R" in place...but it's the yellow wheels that line up first! TANDANG WINS IMMUNITY AND FISHING GEAR!!

Three Challenges...three times the seagull-esque Idols go to Kalabaw and Tandang...three times they get to relax...three times Matsing go to the Pagoda of Doom to vote someone out. OUCH! It's the Koror Massacre all over again!! (Only difference is...I'M not covering the losing team! HA-HA!)


The blood wiped off his face, Michael is the center of jokes about how he, once again, hurt himself in this game. Artis is not quite satisfied, though; he feels that, if not for Michael, they could have WON the Challenge instead of come in second. Michael TOLD Artis NOT to dive in face-first with the mask...and then Michael goes ahead and does it anyway. With the mask, they could've grabbed the wheels faster. Michael is definitely on Artis' "S-list" should they ever lose Immunity.

Abie doesn't feel like digging for clams with Michael, RC and Lisa; she drags Pete along to hunt for something that could earn one of them a MILLION "clams": the 3I. All around and in the camp, the two "TREASURE" hunters (Huh? See what I did there? Eh?) search for the clue being "right under their nose". Suddenly, Abie gets an idea. What about the symbol on the container that the bag of rice is stored in? She pries it off with the machete...and underneath it says:


Abi FREAKS when she finds it! She shares it with Pete, who is happy for Abi...but even happier that, being Abi's "right-hand man", he can get Lisa and Artis to come his way and take out the walking hospital bill and the great swimmer with the leopard bikini/underwear. The two bury the 3I and Abi proclaims how she's happy that SHE found it and not RC!

Just a shame that no one in Matsing found THEIR 3I...they sure could need it tonight!


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