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Eighteen players -- including three who have been here before but left due to injury -- have travelled to the Phillipines to see who can outplay, outwit and outlast the others in a battle for a million dollars! 18 castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Chris Wolvie & Jason Huhn, GSNN

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Little Miss Perfect
November 14


To say that Michael is relieved...gross understatement. Lisa made a move at Tribal Council and helped throw Jeff Kent out at home. Jeff and Pete are the most outspoken against "returning players". Jonathan KNEW he was gonna be safe...but he was mad at Abi-Maria for the "Plan B" crap she spread. So he voted for her...when he SHOULD have voted for Pete. But...there was no plan, according to Jonathan. And, even if he HAD voted for Pete, it would've been a tie. So...we'll see how that goes.

Lisa, however, is having a battle of conscience. She felt she betrayed a lot of people...and that's not her. Fortunately, Malcolm is there with a hug and understanding. Yet again, Lisa's wondering if she's cut out for this game.


Jonathan knows that he's next if the five Tandang originals vote together. But he's counting on their varied personalities and the division amid the five. He decides to play on the "near-Christian" plays of Lisa and Michael. He talks to Lisa first and convinced her that she did all right...and that the lifetime of she had of "pleasing" everyone is what's causing her conflict. She seems to agree and she hopes she can survive when she's NOT being the "little miss perfect" she has been most of her life.


To Challenge...er,...Bog, march the nine Dangrayne members. Uncle Jeff explains this messy, messy Challenge. Two teams of four will compete (red and yellow). One at a time, members will wade through the muddy water, up and down an A-frame and into a mud pit to dig up a bag of balls. They will then crawl through a rice pit to the mat, which will allow the next member to hit the course. Once all four bags are on the mat, they can untie them, get out the balls and shoot them into a tube-basket. First team to get all twelve in the tube gets a VERY rewarding experience. They will take school supplies and toys to a local impovershed village...and the villagers will give their thanks with a feast of local foods. After a "schoolyard pick", the teams are as follows:
RED - Jonathan, Carter, Denise and Malcolm
YELLOW - Michael, Artis, Lisa and Pete
As Abi wasn't picked, she has no stake in this.

"Survivors, ready...GO!"

The two returners - Michael and Jonathan go onto the course, getting absolutely dirty. But when they get to the pit, Jonathan grabs a bag and goes to the mat...but MICHAEL stays behind to grab to try to find all FOUR bags so that his teammates don't HAVE to dig. So, as Lisa hits the mud for Yellow, Jonathan pulls all the bags out and places the other three in the corners, yelling that info to his Red teammates before diving into the rice with HIS bag. Lisa has a time with the mud as Carter hits the course for Red. Lisa finds her bag as Carter picks up his. But Carter gets through the rice first, giving RED a slight lead. Third ones out are Denise and Pete. And the lead lengthens as Denise just grabs a bag and dives into the rice. As Malcolm hits the course, Pete digs for his bag. And as Malcolm dives into the rice, Pete is STILL digging.

Red starts to undo the knots on the bags as Pete finds his own bag and sends Artis onto the course for Yellow. Three red balls go into the tube as Artis hits the pit. It's up to five before Artis hits the mat and Yellow starts to undo THEIR knots. And it's TEN before Yellow gets THEIR balls and start shooting. But at 11, Red just cannot seem to get that last ball in. Yellow gets one in...then two...then three...then four! But, when Yellow gets to six...Red finally sinks the last one! By a score of 12-6, JONATHAN, CARTER, DENISE AND MALCOLM WIN REWARD!!

Jonathan gives a "fist-up" salute to his fellow returner as he leads the others back to camp.


No sooner do the four Americans hit the beach of that seaside village with the toys and books then the kids come a-running. The kids lead them into the village where everyone is happy to see them. Jonathan even takes part in a Filipino version of "pinata". Malcolm is reminded of his year of elementary school teaching in Micronesia and wonders why he gave that up.

The feats was phenominal. Lobster, chicken, fruit, pork...every food you could imagine. And cold bottled beer to wash it down. But, of course, the game is still on...so the four talk strategy. They need to be "gentle" with Michael and Lisa but to get them into their alliance so that Tandang doesn't rule the roost. They think that Michael and Lisa were mistreated and need to abandon their former tribe.


Pete thinks that losing the Challenge threw a wrench into things. But now that the original Tandang are the ones back at camp, it's time for damage control. Abi says that Jonathan needs to go if he doesn't win Immunity. And she WARNS Lisa to not be a "double agent" and give info to non-Tandang members. She calls her "gullible" and "naive". Artis doesn't like this "know-it-all" attitude. Lisa thinks Abi's attitude towards her specifically calls for a fliiping of alliances...but can she actually do that?


Challenge Cove for us this time...along with nine colored paddles with six balls apiece. Jonathan lets Uncle Jeff take the Immunity Necklace off his person before the Challenge is discussed.

Each person has a long-handled paddle balanced on a stand with a groove in the handle and six little divots in the flat. On "GO", each Survivor will take a ball, put it in the groove, roll it onto the flat and try to get it into a divot. Once one in divoted, the next one can be rolled. First one to get all six into their divots gets a one-in-eight shot at a million. Losers...a one-in-seven shot of joining RC and Jeff on the Jury..

"Survivors, ready...GO!"

Ball out of the pit, into the groove, down the handle, onto the flat...and OFF the flat and back into the pit. That's the way it rolls for the first few minutes as the learning curve is reached. Michael is the FIRST to get a ball divoted and he goes to the second. Pete follows a half-a-minute later. Michael has the "mo", though, and lands his second one. Pete lands HIS second...Michael his third. It looks to be a battle between these two.

Everyone still goes, despite this being a two-horse race now. Michael lands his fifth...and Pete actually knocks one of his OFF by rolling the ball too fast down the groove. Pete knocks himself down to two...which means that Michael's in the driver's seat. He carefully tilts the paddle...and the last ball gets divoted! "SKUPIN" WINS IMMUNITY!

Michael gets the Necklace...and Artis is thinking that Jonathan will be history and everyone can relax for a while afterwards.


Jonathan is panicking. He has no Immunity now and he needs votes to go AWAY from him. Abi knows that Michael's annoying but that Jonathan's the bigger threat right now. Pete tries to calm Abi down as she fears Lisa or Michael will flip on them. Denise has Malcolm and Carter aside and talks about who THEY'LL ditch. They're thinking Artis because Abi STILL has the yellow 3I in her position and is not likely to give it up to Artis. But, like with Tandang, it hinges on Michael and Lisa.

Jonathan gets the news about Artis and works on Lisa, asking her "what the story is" for this game. Lisa's head is spinning; she knows she's the swing vote. Does she vote with her loyalties...or with her heart? Jonathan is "playing his @$$ off" while trying to stay calm. After talking to Lisa, he turns to Michael and asks HIM to vote off Artis. Michael and Lisa (allied from Night 1) swim off and discuss this. It's obvious that Tandang doesn't appear too loyal to Lisa...so why should Lisa be loyal to THEM? Michael says that you either a) go with the tribe you're loyal to or b) go with those you WANT to go with. Lisa's still a little confused as we go to...


The Pagoda of Doom...Uncle Jeff...RC and Jeff sitting opposite the tribe...watching...judging.

Lisa says the "fallout" from the LAST Council was internal for her...but she was welcomed back. She received more grace afterwards from those she was against than from her own old tribe. They knew she was trying a "big play", even if the "proverbial poop hit the fan" and landed on her. Abi says she HAD shown grace to Lisa. Artis isn't surprised that it's still along tribal lines, as Tandang had the most dominant tribe this side of Koror. But Denise thinks that thinking everything will continue to go smoothly like that is not a good thing. Artis counters that he KNOWS he could be blindsided at any time.

Jonathan knows that there are some "fulcrum votes" out there and that who they vote for will be discovered soon. Michael is happy to FINALLY have Immunity around his neck and wants to keep going in the game...though not just for the money like he originally wanted 12 years and 23 season prior. He also LOVED the "move" Lisa made. Lisa doesn't know if she can "learn the game" in 39 days...even though she's such a fan of it. But the 39 days WILL change her more than 39 of her 49 years have.

Denise doesn't think Tandang believe the numbers will shift...but she hopes. Abi hopes the Tandang has the numbers themselves. She's not sure about Lisa being loyal...but Lisa says her ACTIONS have been loyal...but she wonders if that's enough.

It is time to vote! The nine members in blackish-brown Buffs(TM) walk to the alcove and scratch down names. The audience sees Pete voting for Jonathan (though not for being a returner but for being a threat) and Denise voting for Artis (stating Abi'll NEVER give him her 3I). Uncle Jeff tallies, brings the urn in, asks for 3Is...and gets none. He reads the votes:


Penner ("Sorry! :(")...



Penner (with hearts surrounding it)...

Penner (double underlined)...








The computer engineer has been defragged from the game. RC is shocked...and Jonathan breathes a sigh of relief that can be heard in Vietnam, I'm sure. Abi looks to Michael and Lisa and wonders who could've done this to her...er, to the tribe! Uncle Jeff can only say one thing before dismissing the tribe: "Once again, this game...just turned!"

(For the record, Lisa was the one who had the hearts surrounding Jonathan's name. It was Michael who flipped.)

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.