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September 19 (Tandang)

September 19 (Matsing)
September 26 (Kalabaw)
September 26 (Tandang)

September 26 (Matsing)
Eighteen players -- including three who have been here before but left due to injury -- have travelled to the Phillipines to see who can outplay, outwit and outlast the others in a battle for a million dollars! 18 castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Chris Wolvie & Jason Huhn, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
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Charlie Parsons
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Jeff Probst
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Origins Island of Upolu, Samoa
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Don't Be Blinded By The Headlights (Tandang)
September 26


Last time, Russell Swan emerged as a very reluctant leader in the Matsing... to disastrous results. BUT Zane throwing himself on the sword is his death knell. Meanwhile, Lisa is a target over at Tandang, and Jeff Kent may be hurt over at Kalabaw.

NIGHT 3: "I thought I was going to pass out the whole time up there."

Russell knew his head was on the chopping block because of his my-way-or-the-highway attitude. He reiterates that his strategy is to step back and let the tribe emerge. Le's see how long THAT lasts.

Meanwhile, it's cold, and Angie's looking for someone to cuddle. Enter Malcolm. She swears that there's nothing going on, and he's... trying like hell to believe that. Roxy says that those two are dangerous together. "One has got to go. Period."

If I may get on my soapbox... "Dude! (^_^) is poison!"

DAY 5: "I want one-a-ya out."

Roxy has to break up Angie and Malcolm. To do this, she goes to Russell. "Survivor couples... You gotta whack that thing down real quick." ... and the rest of the tribe as well, which today would be.. Denise. Malcolm and Denise are in an alliance, so now Denise is left to surmise that Roxy and Russell are being targeted. Cue the looks.

DAY 6: "No fire? That's deadly."

Last time Russell went out of the game, it was raining. Today... it's raining and the fire's out. That's harsh. It hasn't stopped raining since the game began. Roxy's mind isn't in it, while Russell is going whole hog. "It's just water. We're all good." Roxy is finding that seminary studies is not enough to weather the storm that is Survivor. Remember when Lisa over at Tandang had a breakdown? Roxy is making her look good.

Meanwhile.... SUNSHINE. And with that... speaking in tongues from Roxy.

Perfect Challenge weather.


Two tribesmen will be carting puzzle pieces. Once all of the pieces are in place, one tribesman will direct the other two to solve the puzzle for the win.

WIN: blankets, pillows, tarp, and immunity
PLACE: tarp and immunity
SHOW: a date withcha boy at TC.

Russell and Angie come in LAST again, so it's up to the other three tribesmen to gain ground and make up some time in the assembly stage. Meanwhile, Angie is completely out of it. Will this matter? It's a race...

Winners.... TANDANG!

In the two spot... KALABAW.

And for the second straight round in a row, MATSING is going to Tribal.

"At least we were close." Shut up, Angie. She didn't think she could do this. Roxy didn't think she could do this. But Russell needs Roxy for info.

Roxy compares Malcolm & Angie to companies that don't like fraternization. When you don't have skills, show your boobs. And Angie... for a 20 year old former beauty queen... Wow.

Meanwhile, the happy couple that isn't has picked up that their "fraternization" is starting to become a mole hill. "Now I'm nervous that it's gonna come back to bite me." You should be, Malcolm. Russell seems sure that Angie is trying to come across as innocent, and Denise thinks that she's deadly. Denise will probably end up being the swing vote tonight. "If somebody is snuggling, I'm gonna be at the bottom." There's pros and cons to keeping both, but there's going to be consequences for not playing your own game.

NIGHT 6: Tribal.

Russell says that he's here to kick butt. Denise gets the "this tribe needs to get it together" vibe. Roxy wants to change that the tribe doesn't want to invest their time to be workhorses. Denise says that they have to get the fire going. Angie wants to change ... that they could have cookies. Fair answer. Malcolm... isn't disagreeing. Now Angie's a nice enough lady, but I think she hid her brains in her boobs. Roxy sees friendships and... "other things" starting to sprout in camp. Probst, because he can do such things, drops the R-word on us. "Romance". Malcolm brings up the snuggling, which Roxy calls a booby trap. Oops. And now Malcolm's under that same bus.

"A pair in this game is very dangerous. Good luck to the rest of you if you choose (Angie) over me." Thanks for that Roxy.

Roxy: ANGIE - "I gotta call a spade a spade."
Angie: ROXY - "I can't stand you, and I won't miss you."

The other three votes... are for ROXY. Roxy, by a vote of 4 to 1, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.