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Eighteen players -- including three who have been here before but left due to injury -- have travelled to the Phillipines to see who can outplay, outwit and outlast the others in a battle for a million dollars! 18 castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Chris Wolvie & Jason Huhn, GSNN

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Got My Swag Back (Tandang)
October 17







Uncle Jeff calls us into Challenge Clearing during an oh-so-temporary break in the rain. Tandang's bellies are full of steak protein, Kalabaw's intestines are full of fiberous rice and Matsing's tribal numbers are empty of Russell who finally got voted out properly. Lisa tells Uncle Jeff that Matsing can be called a) a decimated Tribe or b) two people who are still fighting.

Well, it's time for what I predicted in the last recap (and that Malcolm and Denise predicted beforehand before finding the 3I in their camp). Uncle Jeff tells the Matsing Tribe to "drop their Buffs(TM)"...they are no more! He tosses Malcolm and Denise two wrapped Buffs - one red and one yellow. Whichever one they pick is the Tribe to which they're moving. And, yeah, Tandang gets Malcom and his 3I (though, of course, Tandang doesn't KNOW he has it)! Denise gets sent to Kalabaw.

OK, time for a plain-old Reward Challenge instead of the combo R/I one. Tribes send one person into a ring, each holding an idol on a flat stand. Object: knock your opponent's idol off the stand and to the ground before they do. Do that, get a point for the Tribe. First Tribe to five points gets Reward. The Reward is coffee, tea, muffins (which Jeff calls "biscuits") and cookies. Nobody sitting out this time as the Tribes are even at seven...but everyone must have one turn before anyone can return to the ring (if needed).

Round 1: Malcom (TAN) vs. Jeff (KAL). FIGHT! They juke...they feign...and Jeff actually shoves his idol up in the air and0, as it flies in the air, Jeff smacks Malcolm's off and it hits the ground FIRST. That's a win for Jeff! TAN 0:1 KAL

Round 2: Artis (TAN) vs. Dana (KAL). FIGHT! Too obvious...Artis has the SERIOUS reach advantage and Dana is cornered before Artis slaps it off. TAN 1:1 KAL

Round 3: Lisa (TAN) vs. Katie (KAL). FIGHT! Lisa holds up her forearm to keep Katie at bay. But Katie manages to reach around it and smack it off. TAN 1:2 KAL

Round 4: The Battle of the Comebacks - Michael (TAN) vs. Jonathan (KAL). FIGHT! And, immediately, Michael employs Jeff's strategy of sending his OWN idol high into the air and running to knock Jonathan's to the ground first! TAN 2:2 KAL. Down to a best-of-5.

Round 5: RC (TAN) vs. Denise (KAL). FIGHT! And the same strategy is employed by Denis and it works. TAN 2:3 KAL. Back-and-forth, back-and-forth...

Round 6: Pete (TAN) vs. Carter (KAL). FIGHT! Pete, oddly enough, doesn't keep his idol back but rather close to the chest. Good thing, too; as Carter reaches in, Pete swats his off. TAN 3:3 KAL. Down to a best-of-3 now.

Round 7: Abi-Maria (TAN) vs. Dawson (KAL). FIGHT! They both grab for the face and hair...and, when Dawson pulls Abi up by the hair, her own idol slips off. TAN 4:3 KAL. Dawson says she didn't mean to grab the hair, Abi replies "Play like a man, don't play like a b*tch."

Round 8: Malcom (TAN) vs. Jeff (KAL) II. FIGHT! Will Jeff employ the same strategy as before? No...but MALCOLM does! He beats Jeff at his own game! TAN 5:3 KAL! TANDANG WINS REWARD!! And Malcolm wins a LOT of love from his new Tribe!.


Malcolm is SO happy to be in a proper camp with tarps, warmth and, most importantly, six people he can bond with and, inevitably, vote out. And, with the blue 3I in hand, HE can dictate the power in this Tribe. Lisa's glad to have more physical strength in the Tribe...but he's also a great personality that doesn't seem to lend ANY "negative energy" to Tandang.

Yeah, well, RC gives a negative to THAT. She felt that she had a better chance to get Denise to her side than Malcolm. As soon as Malcolm started talking to Pete, she knew that chances were QUITE slim in that respect; he would be loved by the whole Tribe and getting him to HATE someone enough to kick out is something RC can't hope for right now. Hopefully, though, she can find the time to "flirt" with the new kid and win him over.

Pete - "Mr. Chaos Maker" - is likewise "flirting" with Malcolm...but not in the same sense, of course. He tells Malcolm HIS view of the Tribe: Michael is annoying, Pete has the 3I, we can rule. Malcolm feels it best to align with Pete since, hey, two 3Is are better than one, right? He's enjoying being like "the stud quarterback" with everyone wanting to be his friend...and him playing along although, secretly, he wants to tackle them all!

Speaking of, what's that slip of paper under the blankets? Why, it's the 3I clue! Now EVERYBODY knows that the 3I is "right under their nose". Or...it WOULD be if it wasn't taken and hidden. Abi thinks RC brought it out of hiding...though wether it was by accident or on purpose she doesn't quite know yet. But the fact that RC took the clue out of hiding in the FIRST place proves to Abi that RC has not been 100% honest with her at all. RC, however, doesn't know HOW the clue got out. Truth be told, it was Pete who stuck it there. See, his plan is to play a non-lethal version of the Joker in "The Dark Knight" and cause some chaos in camp. More specifically, he causes chaos beneficial to himself and his secondary alliance with Abi (and, hopefully, Artis as well). He doesn't want ANYBODY to play their own game. Well,...no telling if this chaos is "fair" like the Joker claimed...but, in this game, more-or-less everything IS fair so...


It's at this point that Dana of Kalabaw gets sick in the intestines and Uncle Jeff and the Med Squad show up. Seems strange that, in a game where those who were medically lifted from the game come back to try again, someone MIGHT have to be medically lifted. Dana is told she can go on while getting more liquids in her...but, ultimately, she decides to take herself out of the game. The Tribe (including Jonathan) surround her and give her encouragement before she's sent off on the medical boat.

So...no Immunity Challenge, right? Well...

There's the sunny Challenge Clearing...There's Uncle Jeff...but where's Dana? Uncle Jeff gives us the bad news: Dana has left the game on her own due to being unable to deal with the sickness. But, still, the Immunity Challange is STILL ON!!.


One of the Tribal Immunity Idols is scrapped as only one is needed. First part is an obstacle course that the whole tribe must complete: down a ramp, over (or through) a wtaer ditch, up a cargo net. Then you untie multiple knots to release a drawbridge for everyone to go over. Then one member uses an axe to cut through a square log to release a LOT of bamboo puzzle pieces. The Tribe then searches through the mess for pieces with letters on them. You USE said pieces to solve a word puzzle (of 4-2-4-7-3 letter words). First Tribe to get it right is safe from Tribal Council tonight. As Kalabaw is now one member short, Tandang sits out Abi-Maria...again! This is the fourth time in six Challenges that she's sat out. Something for Tandang to think about should they lose, ne?

"Survivors ready...GO!"

All tribes run down the ramp (except for one or two who SLIDE down). both Michael and Jonathan fly OVER the water pit, staying to help others OUT of said pit that couldn't make the leap. All Tribe members must get on the mat before going up the cargo net and Tandang is the first to do so. Katie is slowing Kalabaw down and, as the red tribe finally gets out of the pit, the yellow tribe starts on the drawbridge, hefting RC and Artis up on their shoulders to get to the higher knots. Katie limps to the mat so that Kalabaw can start on THEIR drawbridge, Denise and Carter yanking those ropes.

The untying is where Kalabaw makes up time, with the nimble fingers of Denise and Carter undoing the knots at just about the same time RC and Artis undo theirs. But Tandang is first to take care of the bottom ropes and drop the drawbridge. Malcolm picks up an axe and gets to lumberjack-ing. By the time Kalabaw gets through the drawbridge (and Uncle Jeff blames Katie for them lagging behind), the yellow bamboo pieces are dumped. Jeff's not doing as good a job chopping one-handed giving Tandang plenty of time to seperare the blanks from the letters.

As we scramble to find the 19 pieces, Jeff tags out to Jonathan who starts to chop hard and fast. Jonathan gets through the rope and releases the red bamboo. Lisa and Pete think that the first word is "HAVE" while Jonathan and Dawson start to work out theirs. It's still anybody's Challenge!

Around and around the pieces go on both puzzles. Both teams have a "Eureka" moment where they figure out something. Both Katie and Abi are picked-on by Uncle Jeff...and then Lisa BLURTS out the correct phrase, "LIVE TO PLAY ANOTHER DAY". This shifts BOTH teams into overdirve to get the pieces in the right order...

..and by less than two seconds...TANDANG WINS IMMUNITY...AGAIN!!!.

(Did I pick a winner or did I pick a winner?!?)

Once again, Tandang takes the seabird shaped Immunity Idol back to THEIR camp. And, for the FIRST time, Kalabaw gets to light their torches at the Pagoda of Doom to lead to a two-member disadvantage.


To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.