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Eighteen players -- including three who have been here before but left due to injury -- have travelled to the Phillipines to see who can outplay, outwit and outlast the others in a battle for a million dollars! 18 castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

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I'm Not The Only Actor on This Island (Tandang)
October 31


Everyone feels so sorry for Denise; between the Matsing Massacre and the two close-but-no-cigar loses by Kalabaw, she is the only one who has been to EVERY TRIBAL COUNCIL! Denise wonders if she's cursed or something. Jeff, himself THOUGHT about voting for Jonathan but felt the veteran could HELP him keep going in the game. Jonathan is as grateful for that as Jeff is. Jonathan was a LITTLE surprised his name was written by the now-ousted katie...but he says he SHOULDN'T have been surprised. He forgot that Survivor is a game of deception...and that, from here on, he NEEDS to keep his eyes and ears open to keep from being blindsided.


Michael relays to Tandang that this Day 17 was the same day in the Outback a dozen years ago when he became the first Survivor (of many) to leave the game without being voted out. It was on Day 17 where he inhaled smoke, passed-out into the fire and burnt his hands to a crisp. So, as of now, everyone in Tandang is on equal, uncharted ground. And, yes, he vows to stay away from fires today.

Suddenly, on the horizon, a long outrigger canoe approaches. As it comes towards the shore, Tandang gets a little excited, wondering what's going on. The ladies greet the canoe riders and one of them hands a scroll to them. The entire Tribe gets together and read the amazing news:




As soon as they say the word "NOW", the Tribe hustles to the camp and grabs what they can. RC grabs the water bottles, Lisa and Michael grab clothing off the clothesline, Malcolm digs up his Matsing 3I. Food, tarp, tools...it's a mad dash to get everything important into the canoe.

Over at Kalabaw, they get a similar boat and the same message. As they gather THEIR gear, their minds start thinking about how they were going to sway at LEAST two of the Tandang towards THEIR was of thinking...because THEY are remaining "four strong". Denise is hoping the old alliance she had with Malcolm back at Matsing is still valid..


The canoes (which MUST be motorized by the speed they're travelling) greet each other as they speed towards a remote island. The eleven remaining castaways greet each other warmly...although Jeff is wary of both Michael AND Jonathan and is determined not to let one of these returning Survivors win. And, of course, there's the traditional Merge Feast: fruit, bread, cheese, beer, wine. Jeff is also relieved that no one on Tandang recognizes him as the five-time MLB All-Star and NL MVP that he was; everyone still thinks he runs a motorcycle shop owner and a ranch owner. Pete loved the feast and is certain his ex-Tribe would finish "Tandang strong"...well, except for RC. Michael...he's just happy as hell that he made the MERGE this time! But...he does admit that he and RC are "free agents" as far as alliances go. The girls of the former Tandang ask RC to go over to Denise and get some info on the ex-Reds...but RC refuses, saying that TANDANG hasn't been a happy family either and that telling Denise will just help the ex-Kalabaws in swaying votes.

Once most of the food is consumed (and the new brownish-black Buffs(TM) were donned), it's time to build a new shelter and camp. Fortunately, the sun decided to keep shining today so the collection of bamboo is an easy (if thirsty) process. Everyone seems to throw in their backs to help. Well,...everyone except the socially-inept Lisa who is hanging everyone's clothes up to dry. And guess what she found in Malcolm's bag while looking for clothes? Ayup, his 3I! When Malcolm catches wind of this from Denise, he goes to Lisa and...looks at her. Lisa admits she didn't mean to find the Idol and promises not to say a word. Malcolm clues her in that Denise ALSO knows, feeling that him and Denise being "tight" with their feelings is what lead to the Matsing Massacre to start with. Still, this "involuntary" alliance between the three makes him uncomfy as he's CERTAIN he can't beat EITHER of them once it gets to the Final Three. Lisa accepts the offer...but she inwardly feels she's not the ONLY actor on the island.


Do you remember that Lisa was "Blair" from "The Facts of Life"? Well, Jonathan does! He promises to keep it secret and is not shocked that no one else has figured it out yet. "They're too young," he says to Lisa. Lisa is just glad that she's able to be Lisa and not some boarding school girl the fans EXPECT her to be. People liking her for her...it's a wonderful thing for her.

Then Jonathan swims with Michael and informs him that the numbers are against BOTH of them for certain now. This is all part of the plan that "Penner" has: making "Skupin" comfy with him so that he can convince the fellow "comebacker" to "slit the throats of the people he's spent 17 days with". After Jonathan leaves, Michael discusses it with RC. She agrees that they felt "ostricized" by their former Tribe and thinks that joining the ex-Kalabaws in decimating the ex-Tandangs is a good idea...though Michael says they must take "baby steps" as not to arouse suspicion.

Meanwhile, Jeff gathers the male Tandangs (save Michael, natch) and tells them about wanting the veterans out in the worst way. He KNOWS Jonathan has the red 3I and wants to force him to play it so that he'll be next to go afterwards. The decided ousting order is RC, Michael or Jonathan and then Jonathan or Michael. Jeff is sure he can get Carter and Denise to side with them. Pete then suggests spliting the votes 4-4 between RC and Jonathan to flush out the red 3I...and Jeff loves it. The only wrinkle: will the ex-Kalabaws go along with it?


Challenge Cove awaits the new Tribe - who, by the way, still doesn't have a name - on another sunny day. The Tribal Immunity Idol is returned to Uncle Jeff one last time and then promptly ditched. The Individual Immunity Necklace is what everyone is playing for now. Oh, wait, did I say necklace? I meant NECKLACES! As in TWO of them! Hmmm...

So, here's how one earns it. It's the standard post-Merge Challenge of endurance. In this case, the eleven will hold on to a handle which holds a spooled rope tied to a bucket. In each bucket is weights equal to one-fourth of the member's body weight. The object is to hold the horizontal handle to keep the bucket from hitting and shattering a tile ten feet below. If the bucket smashes the tile, you're out. And, for the first time ever (far as I know), the Challenge is gender-split. Last man and last woman to have their buckets still high wins a Necklace and can't be voted out tonight when EVERYONE (including the original Tandang for the first time) goes to Tribal Council tonight.

Everyone gets in position...and the Challenge is on!

This Challenge take strong wrists. I'm talking ping-pong champion wrists. Already Jonathan says, "This ain't gonna work." But Uncle is assured that, with a 1-in-10 shot at a million bucks on the line, they'll dig deep to FIND that strength. Five minutes into the Challenge, Michael proves Uncle Jeff wrong; his rope un-spools, his tile shatters and he is out. Pete quickly follows suit. Jonathan gets his rop nearly completely unwound before he decides to give it up, leaving just four men fighting it out.

Lisa's grip starts to slip...and she lets go, the first woman to be eliminated. Malcolm grunts and lets go. Three men and three women remain. RC re-winds her rope a bit and pants heavily afterwards. Abi slips a bit...Denise looks solid...and RC drops. And Abi drops! DENISE WINS IMMUNITY!

This leaves Artis, Jeff and Carter fighting for the male Immunity Necklace. Artis GRUNTS as he re-winds his rope close to full height, kissing his biceps once he finishes. But 15 minutes into the Challenge, he starts to wear down a bit. Jeff gives him some encouragement...but he just can't handle it. He lets it drop. So...Jeff or Carter? Jeff's bucket is lower...but he inches it back up as if to teach the "youngun" a lesson. But Carter evens things up.

25 minutes in...the buckets are about even again and neither one seems to be letting up. But the Jeff whispers to Carter that whoever drops will be "owed one" by the winner. Carter says that's fine...but who will drop? Jeff says it's up to Carter. When UNCLE Jeff asks what's going on, Carter just says he's trying to win here. Jeff takes that as a sign...and lets go. CARTER WINS IMMUNITY!

So, with Denise (for the first time EVER) and Carter safe from the vote, everyone heads back to the beach to strategize and scramble.


(Oh, the Tribe is named "Dangrayne"...for...some reason...)

RC is confident despite not winning the Immunity Necklace. She believes that Michael and Kalabaw will stand firm with her and take out the rest of the Tandangs. Michael, for the first time, is feeling threatened as a "comebacker" by a former tribe that seemed to hate him and RC royally from Day 1. He confides with Jeff about this and Jeff tells him he wants Jonathan gone. Michael assure Jeff he'll go along with them...but is worried that Carter and Jeff will ally with the old Tandang while he and RC ally with Kalabaw...hence nothing is gained.

Jeff and Carter discuss that they are, in fact, the swing votes tonight. Jeff tells of the conversation with Michael and the assurance that the one vet would vote against the other vet. They can't stay with the others because they'd be the low men on that totem pole. They clam up when Jonathan shows up, saying to them that he's by their side. Jonathan truly believes that Jeff, Carter, RC, Michael and Denise will vote with him. After Jonathan gets assurance and departs, Jeff and Carter go to the OTHER alliance and says all is well...except Jeff's not sure which alliance to stick with: the one that keeps the veterans...or the one that wants them out? He'll have to decide at the Pagoda of Doom and...


OK...it's been a while...let's see if I remember how this works. The six members of the original Tandang dip their torches into the fire for the first time. Fire equals life in this game. If your fire goes out, you go home. Malcolm, Denise and the three original Kalabaw members know this too well.

This is unprecedented: one Tribe surviving completely intact up to the Merge. Not so unprecedented? Denise beong a part of EVERY Tribal Council so far. Michael says that them winning and staying together has caused some animosity and RC agrees but still thinks they're a family. Abi knows, however, that families don't win at this game. And, though she felt close to RC at the start, she felt betrayed by her when she dug up the 3I clue without informing her (see Tandang recap of Oct. 17). RC denies it venomously.

Lisa talks Tribal politics, "switching" tribes and alliance trust, but Jeff argues that a potential "game-changer" could emerge from it. Pete then talk about a "mutiny feeling" towards returning players. Lisa adds that the two ex-Matsings being back together is a little upsetting but she hopes that she can stay around.

Pete thinks there are two 3Is in the game right now as Matsing's is gone (this gets a sly look by Malcolm) and that he's a target, being someone who could win Challenges. Abi agrees that this is a concern. Jeff admits that it is "very likely" there will be a blindside tonight...and that people are scrambling, even now, because they don't who the hell's going home tonight (aside from Denise & Carter, of course).

All right, it is time to vote! One by one, the Dangrayne tribe scrathes names on parchment. The ones we see are Abi's (Jonathan), Jonathan's and RC's (both Pete), Pete's and Artis' (both RC)! With all the votes in, Uncle Jeff tallies them and brings the urn out. He then asks for any 3Is...

...and Jonathan brings out the red one from Kalabaw Beach. Uncle Jeff confirms it, meaning that any and all votes for "Penner" will be null and void. He then reads the votes:

Penner (not counted)...

"Jonathan Penner" (not counted)...

Penner (not counted)...


"Pete Y."...

"John" (Penner, not counted)...

Penner (not counted)...









It's not too bad for the New York banker. Uncle Jeff sprung the surprise that RC will be the first member of the Jury. Still, I can't say I won't miss her parading in that leopard bikini of hers. She hugs Michael before getting her torch snuffed. Uncle Jeff doesn't mention that Jonathan would've been history had he not played his 3I. All he says is that it is anybody's game.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.