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Eighteen players -- including three who have been here before but left due to injury -- have travelled to the Phillipines to see who can outplay, outwit and outlast the others in a battle for a million dollars! 18 castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Chris Wolvie & Jason Huhn, GSNN

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Down and Dirty (Tandang)
October 24



Not much rice left for our now-seven tribe. Mainly because Michael's been eating it dry out of the bag. Pete thinks this is ridiculous and, as Michael is useless, he needs to be shipped back home. Abi-Maria stops Michael from doing this, even saying that they shouldn't even have something before the next Challenge. Artis agrees with Pete in this respect, saying it's "Tandang plus one" with Michael as the "one" and that this returning player IS expendable to keep them from starving to death out here.


Dawson was the one given the heave-ho to give Kalabaw a two-person disadvantage. And we stand beside a mosh pit with what almost looks like a giant rubber-band ball in the middle and two goals at either end. The ball is actually wooden and it is up to the Tribes - or, rather, three members of each Tribe - to roll said ball through the muck and into their colored goal. This is FULL-CONTACT, by the way; the Tribes can do EVERYTHING they can to stop the opponent and/or get the defense out of the way. First to three goals wins a lovely Reward: a dry hut on the beach and all the sammiches, soup, potato chips and brownies they could ever want after two weeks of near starvation. Tandang sits out Artis and RC to even the tribes at three men and two women each (yeah, I'm shocked, too, that Abi ain't sitting this out).

Round 1: Lisa, Pete and Michael (TAN) vs. Denise, Carter and Jonathan (KAL). On "GO!" the teams rush the ball, with Jonathan and Carter arriving first and shoving. Carter tries to take down Jonathan...but Pete takes down Carter first. Lisa and Denise wrestle (and I'm sure SOMEONE out there is happy about this) with Lisa finally bringing Denise down. The girls actually get RUN OVER by the ball as the men continue to push. Carter finally manages to shake off Pete and get the ball closer and closer...until Michael body-slams him. It is an ugly mess...and it lasts a LONG time, the teams at an impasse after an hour.

But, then, the two exhausted "comebackers" meet like Reagan and Gorbachev on opposite sides of the ball. And Michael offers a solution. Tandang will throw this challenge and give Kalabaw the sandwichs and other goodies...IF Kalabaw surrenders the rest of their rice. Uncle Jeff says he's fine with this as long as the feeling is unanimous. Jonathan isn't worried about not having rice, as long as they can fish. But Artis is against this 100%, wanting to win and not wanting to give up anything (especially on his birthday). Carter is OK with it as long as Jonathan is SERIOUS about the fish. Artis finally just says to Michael, "Do what you want." Abi is the same way. After a few minutes, the deal is struck. KALABAW WINS...er, I mean,...TRADES FOR REWARD! They get the hut and the good eatin', Tandang gets more rice for Michael to eat raw!

(Gee...if only the NHL owners and players could work it out this easy...)

Jeff says they'll work hard to keep their bellies full. UNCLE Jeff send the red tribe on their way and tells the yellow tribe that Kalabaw's rice will be sent to their Tree-Mail later on.


Artis is STILL not happy about the deal. Not just that they missed out on food (and, as it turned out, letters from home) but that Michael, who has done jack-squat for the Tribe, deemed to make decisions FOR the Tribe. He is so angry now that he's fighting to keep his temper in check. And, when the rice from Kalabaw DOES arrive,...it's hardly more than what Tandang already HAS! Lisa thinks it COULD be interpreted as a "double loss" since they actually gave up the Challenge. And Abi agrees, saying this was a physical AND pshychological victory for Kalabaw.

But RC goes to Michael's defense, saying that the Outback veteran did nothing wrong to earn Artis' and Abi's ire. Michael says that he didn't make the decision without consulting everyone else...and Artis and Abi essentially abstained from the "vote", leaving the other five to agree to it. RC's plan is to just play it cool while Abi makes like a "Brazilian bomb" and blows up enough to make her being on the Tribe intolerable.


Just from the looks of Challenge Cove, I think I can figure out what this Challenge will be. And, when Uncle Jeff takes back the gull-shapped Tribal Immunity Idol, I find out that I was absolutely right. One Tribe member launches a ball from an Angry Birds-esque slingshot and the other four members try to catch it with lacrosse-like nets. Catch a ball (regardless of color)before it hits the ground, get a point. Get five points, take the Idol back to your camp and chill out for a while longer. This time, Abi DOES sit out along with Michael (who loses Roshambo with Malcolm). The Tribes split as follows: Lisa/Denise are launchers while Artis/Jonathan, Malcolm/Carter, Pete/Jeff and RC/Katie in the outfield.

"Survivors ready...aim...RELEASE!"

TWANG! The balls go up, the balls go down...and Jonathan runs in to grab one before it hits. Kalabaw leads 1-0. TWANG! This time Pete and RC get in front of everyone and catch BOTH balls, giving Tandang a 2-1 lead!

TWANG! Katie and Carter JUST miss them. No scoring. TWANG! Jonathan tries but Artis tosses his net to keep him from getting it. But Jeff gets in front of Pete to catch Lisa's ball, tying the score at 2.

TWANG! Jeff goes HIGH and catches the ball like...well, like a Major League Baseball player (whcih Kalabaw STILL doesn't know he is)! 3-2 Kalabaw. Uh, Katie..hand on the pole before we can start...that's better. TWANG! Jeff catches AGAIN! And RC and Katie miss. But it's Game Point for Kalabaw...and a possible first-ever trip to Tribal Council for Tandang! "Go for Malcolm," mutters Michael to Lisa.

TWANG! And, sure enough, Lisa shoots right to Malcolm who catches it. Denise doesn't get caught. Still 4-3, Kalabaw...but maybe a comeback?

TWANG! Denise aims for Jeff...but Pete knocks it away! Lisa aims for Malcolm...and despite Carter mugging him from behind, he ties the game up! Next one to catch wins! Carter and Jeff swtich opponents on Jonathan's suggestion.


Up goes Denise's ball...

...down it comes...

...and Jonathan MISSES by a hair!

Up goes Lisa's ball...

...down IT comes...

and MALCOLM leaps up over Jeff to catch it! TANDANG WINS IMMUNITY...YET AGAIN!!!

MAN, it must suck being in Kalabaw now. No rice, no fish...and, now, they'll be THREE members down! So who's to blame THIS time? Well...


To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.