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The Maya Empire
Xhakum Tribe
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Today is

"Everything is Personal: Days 28-30" - November 24

Night 27: Everyone Hates Judd

Tonight was the night that Jamie did not see coming... Danni thought it was some crazy stuff. Judd, visibly pissed, addresses everyone about how he wished that someone would've told him what the deal was. Stephenie tried to tell him that he couldn't be put in an "awkward situation" because of his friendship with Jamie. Rebuttal: "I'm pissed off, man. It makes me wonder what's going on."

Meanwhile, Lydia is glad that Gary is still here at least. Gary is hoping that old ties will see him through, having been spared by Jamie's antics. "There is no doubt I dodged a bullet tonight."

As bedtime for backstabbers approaches, Rafe notes that all is right in Survivor World... For now at least, says Steph.

Day 28: This used to be our playground...

Lydia was sure that Gary was supposed to be going home. Now she's not so sure about what's going on per their little alliance. She has to be careful about putting targets on next. "If I don't, I'll be the next target." Gary and Lydia decide that Danni should join up to shake things up. What both don't know is that Judd is listening to everything. "I heard Gary working all over Lydia." Judd, Steph, and Rafe decide what their next move is. Rafe notes that Judd is scared for his life now. Steph still believes that the alliance is strong as long as Cindy is on their side. Steph doesn't think that Lydia will buy into Gary's game, as he can't be allowed to win the next Immunity Challenge. "I don't even want him to get the next reward."

Judd: "The least person who you're expecting to lie is the biggest liar."

Gary and Lydia put their plan together over whater. Gary is sure that the plan will work if she can bring her alliance over. As for Lydia... "If somebody approaches me with a better deal, I'm going with it."

R-CHALLENGE: JACKPOT (For a trip to a waterfall, food, and a massage)

Standard trivia/three lives/pecking order challenge. Last one standing wins.

1) The Maya recorded their stories by carving hieroglyphics into stone monuments known as... stella. Everyone but Steph is right. Steph and Gary have one pot left. Cindy and Danni have two.
2) In the Maya courtball game, members of the losing team were killed. True or false, they were decapitated and their heads were used as balls in future games. Answer: TRUE. Lydia, Danni, and Cindy are right. Lydia knocks Steph out. Cindy barrels Gary out.
3) The ancient Maya believed that the gods fashioned man out of... corn. Everyone but Judd is right. Judd is out. Rafe sends Danni to the loser's lounge.
4) Which country does not border Guatemala? Costa Rica. Rafe breaks Lydia.
5) True or false, the temples of Tecal are the only ancient structures to be built by the ancient Mayans with the aid of modern technology. FALSE. Rafe knocks Lydia out.
6) True or false, there are 30 volcanoes in Guatemala... TRUE. Cindy knocks out Rafe's second pot. If Cindy gets this right, she wins.
7) The most active time of day for crocodiles is at dawn... FALSE. Cindy wins!

And of course, Cindy can take one person with her.... She picks Rafe after a while to muse...

Back at camp...

While Cindy and Rafe are getting a massage, Steph is getting her licks in some more... During the challenge, Lydia commented that Steph eats a lot thanks to rewards. All she can say is "Boo hoo." "You're lucky you're still in the game. If you think a Challenge like this is not going to show me where your loyalties lie, you are sadly mistaken." Steph's right, as she notes that it was Lydia who hammered Steph out of the game. I told you this game brings out the worst in people.

Meanwhile, Gary sides with Lydia. "She eats so much corn and nuts, it is amazing." Lydia claims that if she won, she would've taken Rafe because he is in the same boat as her. Lydia says it was nothing personal. Judd: "Everything is personal." Judd notes that every waking second, someone is lying about something. Meanwhile Lydia says that everyone knows that Steph is the biggest threat, but no one is doing anything about...


Cindy is glad that she got to share the reward with "such a cool person." Okay... waterfall... food... women... Waterfall... food... women... What to do first... How about... FOOD! While they begin to nosh on the fruta y comida y bidas, Cindy and Rafe talk strategy, mostly about how Lydia and Gary are back at camp sulking...  Now to shower and massage...

Back at camp...

Cindy and Rafe return with new of "just a plate of shish kabobs".. How coy. Steph asks Rafe to detail everything... Meanwhile, Lydia was eating.. some... thing... out of a cup. "I felt like Cindy should've chosen me. I'm an outcast now."  Cindy notes that Lydia thinks that everyone is supposed to feel sorry for her. "You have to step it up or you're not going to be around." Rafe: "The next few days are crucial for Lydia, because it means she could go really far or is one of the next people to go."

Later, Judd, Steph, Rafe, and Cindy note that Lydia is so out of the alliance. Meanwhile Gary and Danni want Rafe to join over to their ranks. Will they succeed?

Day 30: Swing when you're winning.

Gary and Danni are hoping for some king of miracle, and the key is Rafe. Gary goes to work on him, while Danni suggests... the same thing. "You got to keep trying until you find something that works, because I am not going home." Will it be Danni, Gary, Rafe, and Lydia? The next few hours are going to be crucial...

I-CHALLENGE: Folklorico

Jeff tells a story about Maya folklore, more specifically, about the moon goddess Ixchel, also the goddess of weaving. Then the seven will race to seven stations, each with a question. Correct answer: you get a flag to hang. Wrong answer: you get a stick to burn. First one to seven flags wins. The questions...

True or False: Ixchel had an affair with the Morning Star. TRUE. Lydia is first on the board.
Why did Ixchel's grandfather kill her? Because she had an affair with Voltan.
Ixchel had four children who were responsible for holding up the four corners of the sky. Who was their father? Itzamna, the creator of Mayan culture.
Before Ixchel's husband Voltan became the Earth god, he was... human.
Ixchel was the goddess of the... moon
Now whenever the sun is in sight, Ixchel... is hidden away.
Ixchel was the inventor of... Weaving.

Gary and Rafe are tied at 6. Rafe narrowly beats Gary to the poles, winning immunity for the third time.

Day 30: Pre-Tribal...

Not much can be said about that challenge, except... "Who would see this little gay Mormon and think he was going to win most of the Immunity Challenges?" Good one, Rafe.

Steph is a complete 180 from her days in Palau, as she feels that she's in the catbird seat with her alliance. "It's almost too easy. It feels like a dream almost come true, but it almost seems too good to be true."

Meanwhile, Danni and Lydia start talking, putting a plan into motion. Lydia feels like she is the odd woman out and that her loyalty was no longer appreciated. "All of a sudden, you don't need me anymore. I think I'm screwed."

Gary fears that the awesome foursome sees him as a threat and would dump him before Lydia. Cindy doesn't like him that much. He doesn't care what happens to her.

Gary talks to Rafe about not trusting Steph. Gary says that he can trust Danni, but Rafe doesn't think that much of Judd either, which leaves him twisted. Red flag. "At some point, they're going to turn on each other," Gary says.

Judd, meanwhile, doesn't trust anyone. Thunderstorm. Lydia's lost. She can't be trusted. Thunderstorm. Gary is trying to get anyone on his damn side. "Gary is acting like a damn lunatic."

Night 30: Tribal Council: QB Sneak

Lydia feels that Steph won too many food challenges, basing her pecking on that and that along. Nothing personal, but she wanted to eat. Sounds personal, if you ask me. Everyone looks up to Steph and she is running the show. Steph disagrees. "Definitely not running the show." She wants people to say things to her face. Gary likes Steph, but insists people are star struck by Steph. Not her fault. Cindy's happy with how she played the game. Judd doesn't think that he's lied, but he says that everyone else has. Another lie. He lied about the hidden Idol.  "I told you. I am such a bad liar."

Rafe is not giving up HIS Idol. Time to vote.

Judd: GARY. "You've been running around for the past two days like a squirrel looking for a damn nut. Do me a favor, eh? Get the hell outta here."

That's one... Here are the others...

Danni: GARY
Lydia: GARY
Stephenie: GARY
Rafe: GARY
Cindy: GARY

Sweep. With six votes, Gary, the TRIBE HAS SPOKEN... Do us a favor and get the hell outta here.

So someone's lying about something. The question... what about this time?


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