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Today is

"Surprise Enemy Visit: Days 16-18" - October 27


At last, Amy is not the only "cripple" on out tribe. It seems that Bobby Jon scrapped his shoulder pretty badly pushing arounf Uncle Jeff's big ball yesterday. It has only TODAY started hurting with the slightly cool morning air. But he's sucking it up to make it to the end.

Amy and Brandon are showing each other their OWN scars from the Challenge. They seem to be OK with them, saying it makes them look tougher. And, Brandon says he won't even FEEL it after a while.


Challenge Cove invites us in yet again. We see Nakum sans Margaret, they see us sans Brian. Uncle Jeff explains that this Challenge requires teamwork and dexterity. In other words, we're ALL hosed.

Each of four players will wrap 30 feet of material around their bodies by going around poles the materials are wrapped around. Once the first one is mummified, they must unhook the material and move to the next person, wrapping the material around BOTH of them. This continues until all four are wrapped up with each other. Then the group must head downfield and UNwrap themselves. Once one person is untangled, s/he unhooks and hits the finish mat. First with all four on the finish mat wins Reward. A fifth tribe member, known as a Winder, may assist the other four in any way possible, but must ALSO by on the mat with the other four in order to win.

Who here knew that the Mayans discovered chocolate? Yeah, me neither. But the Reward is chocolate enough to make Willy Wonka envious. The winning tribe ALSO can take part in a "zip-line canopy tour" of the jungles. We assign Amy as our Winder while Nakum sits Judd and makes Jamie a Winder.

Survivors, ready...GO!

Oh, one rule Uncle Jeff didn't mention to the cameras is that the first Windees have to be tagged by the Winder to start...well, winding. Amy, busted ankle and all, falls behind as Jamie tags Stephenie. Amy DOES tag Brandon, though. 'Round and 'round they go, with Amy and Jamie pushing to and fro. Steph is the first to unclip herself and continue towards Lydia. Brandon and Amy are a little bit behind as they tag Gary and start the two-guy wrap.

Steph and Lydia have trouble with their wrapping as their material seems to get tangled quite a bit and Jamie has to untangle them. Uncle Jeff (who I thought was SUPPOSED to be impartial) tells the girls to hug to make it better (and to give the pervs in the audience something to ogle over, I'm sure). Brandon and Gary take the lead and unhook first, heading for Bobby Jon. They start wrapping up the threesome while Steph and Lydia (pulled by Jamie) finish off and head for Rafe. But now it's BJ that has problem synching up with the other guys. Nakum catches up.

The final Windees are Danni and Cindi. Nakum makes up more ground until they are about dead even with us. They eventually finish first and Jamie heads for the mat while the others start to unwind. Amy then heads back as Yaxha starts to unwind. Nakum can't seem to get their act together as we catch up to them. Danni is out first and runs for the finish, but Cindi isn't too far behind.

DOWN GOES NAKUM! They all but get tied up in their material and fall. This allows BJ to get loose and put us in a huge lead. While Nakum struggles to their collective feet (or TRY to, anyway), Gary gets loose. And, once again, the curse of Steph strikes! Even though Rafe gets loose, Steph and Lydia are still bound up as Brandon unhooks...and wins chocolate and tourism for Yaxha!


What a nice day for a stroll around jungle to get the morale up and the momentum back on our side. Well,...except for Amy. For ONCE, acrophobes are seen someplace OTHER than The Amazing Race! She starts to cry a little as she gets harnessed up...but she's quite as she zips to the next platform...just PRAYING to get there in one piece! It's a majestic ride through the trees for everyone else and visions of Tarzan and Jane (or maybe even Lara Croft) dance through their heads.

And the end of the ride, as promised, a chocolate feast. Chocolate-strawberry cake, chocolate cookies, chocolate-covered pralines, chocolate cherries... everything but Oompa-Loompas serving them. Oh, and milk. Lots and lots of cold milk. When they had their fill for the time being, they take what's left and head back to camp.


Hey, guess what? Today is Danni's birthday! To celebrate, Danni decides to paddle over to Nakum and invite them to share the croc-proof swim deck we won a week or so ago. We shock everyone at Nakum when we shout for them, who are busy playing cards with leaves painted with various paints. Jamie, at first, wants nothing to do with Yaxha (and, specifically, with BJ) but the others talk him into seeing what all the hullaballo is about.

When they finally arrive, we explain our good intentions...which Judd doesn't believe in the least at first. We promise not to talk about the game or anything that'd give us an advantage. Finally, Nakum relents and follows us back to our camp.

With the two tribes reunited, hugs and handpounds are exchanged and what's left of the chocolate is given to Nakum. BJ relates this to Mayan times when chiefs of different tribes would sit and communicate with each other...and then go to war later on. Jamie was the only one silent...and quietly gathering info. He's sure a merge is approaching...but he's worried that his tribe is getting too darn chummy with the "enemy". He even gets Nakum to leave a little earlier than the others would like to just to get them away from Yaxha.


We hang out by the "pool" awaiting our Pot-Mail...and BJ soaks his shoulder to let the minnows get some of the dead skin off of it (EWWWWWWWW!). Amy and Gary are NOT at the pool, though. They're talking it up about sticking together as what remains from the ORIGINAL Yaxha tribe. They agree that Amy's the primary target for the ex-Nakums... and that winning the Immunity Challenge is MANDATORY. Not only to keep Amy around but, if there IS a merge in the next few days, the tribes will be even.

One thing, though: if Amy finds out the truth that Gary was an ex-NFL quarterback, she promises that she will hunt him down and kick his ass (obviously with her only good foot)! Of course, Gary "Hawkins" cannot be found in Gary's hometown... so she's gonna have QUITE the hunt!


The history of the ancients
In this place have been revealed
Archelogists unearthed the mysteries
But still secrets are concealed.

So you'll have to do some digging
To excavate the clues
Fail to put it together first
And one more tribemate you will lose!

BJ is nervous, since he doesn't want his former tribe picking the remaining four off if we lose and then merge.

Uncle Jeff has the Immunity Idol back as we reach Challenge Cove. The Challenge is a puzzle. Three tribemates will dig out (one at a time) pieces of a huge puzzle. Once unearthed, the member will go back to start and let the next one go. Everyone must make one attempt at digging. Once all 12 pieces are collected, the other two tribe members will put the puzzle together, which will resemble the Maya calender. (Y'know, the one that says the world will end on the Winter Solstice of 2012? Just enough time for 14 more Survivors.) First tribe to put the calendar together is safe from the vote tonight. Lydia is sat out for Nakum and we get ready.

On "GO", Brandon runs to the dirt pile and starts digging, Jamie right next to him. They both yank out the first pieces and run back with them. Judd and Bobby Jon do likewise with the second pieces, and Danni and Cindy work on the third. Cindy finds a piece shallow in the dirt while Danni looks for one she can handle. This puts Nakum ahead. Danni FINDS a piece... but can't get it out. So BJ tells her to "tag out"...which she does.

Won't bore you with all the archeology. Suffice it to say the men do most of the digging and drag out the pieces one by one... but Cindy and Danni ALSO gets in on the action when other pieces are mostly unearthed. Nakum's lead falters around the half-way mark as Jamie struggles with a piece. Then YAXHA loses its lead when BJ can't find a piece. It's more or less neck-and-neck as the final pieces get unburied. It's tied at 10 as Brandon and Jamie dig for the last two each.

Steph, who I guess is ALLOWED to help as a lookout, spots a piece for Jamie. He digs it out and drags it in...and, to thank Steph, drops it right on her foot. Brandon struggles to find pieces... but it's Cindy who finds Nakum's last piece, leaving Steph and Rafe to put the puzzle together... while Amy and Gary panic inwardly.

Brandon FINALLY gets the 11th piece as Nakum works on their calendar and BJ goes out to find the last one. As Nakum is halfway done, BJ finds #12 and puts Amy and Gary to work on the puzzle. But, though the original Yaxhas make good progress, it's Nakum who puts the pieces together and, once again, snag Immunity!


From a chocolate high to a Tribal Council low in 48 hours...that SUCKS! It sucks most for Amy, since the three former Nakums just might gain up on her. She asks Danni if she even has a chance and says she can outwit anybody she can't outplay and outlast. Danni retorts that, though she likes Amy, voting BJ's out of the question. See, she wants him to get to the merge, which he was UNABLE to do in Palau.

Amy, however, thinks this is the open door she needs and chats with Gary about it. But...Gary says that he's with Brandon and Danni for...well, whoever they decide to dump. If Amy can convince Danni to vote for Bobby Jon, he's with them. It's a miracle play...but it's Amy's only shot, according to her.

Meanwhile, BJ is more nervous than he's EVER been in Palau. He confides in Brandon that all he REALLY wants to do is make it to the Jury. When Danni speaks with Brandon later, Brandon talks about well as how alliances really blow when the game kicks into high gear like it has right now. How can you vote for someone you gave your word to? Brandon feels that he's the swing vote this time around... and the choice is either a newcomer woman to the game who is still hurting... and a strong and tough man who was part of the losingest tribe in Survivor history and may not DESERVE a second chance.


Uncle Jeff greets us once again at his Ancient Pyramid O' Doom. Danni doesn't feel so good to be in the last eleven...mainly because now she has to vote off someone she's been "tight" with for the past week or so. Gary thinks their attitude towards each other has changed in the past three days. Amy has been LOVING the last 18 days, even with all the downers.

Uncle Jeff then gets down to brass tacks with Brandon. He's going to vote someone out...and it sucks. Especially when you like everyone... and MOST especially when you have to justify your decision somehow. Danni knew that deserving vs. alliances was a part of the game from the get-go. As for Bobby Jon, he thinks that his word is solid from day one... and everyone ELSE should hold to their word, too.

Well, it's time to vote...whether the tribe likes it or not. BJ (votes for Amy and praises her), Brandon, Amy, Gary and Danni draw their votes and place the parchment in the pot for Uncle Jeff to tally and read off:


Bobby Jon...


...and Amy.

By a 4-to-1 margain, Amy finally gets to rest that ankle before returning to the beat. But she doesn't leave without initiating a group hug with everyone... except a distraught Gary.


Well, Uncle Jeff is convinced that the four of us are tight. And that's something we'll need right now. See, we're NOT returning to Camp Yaxha like we normally do. We are Camp Nakum!

Yup, the merge is happening RIGHT NOW! Uncle Jeff tosses us the new Buffs and tells us the ten of us are one tribe now! We need to decide on a name and a flag together. Oh, and all our rewards and personal stuff will be shipped to the Nakum pyramid overnight.

Man, o man! Are Nakum in for the shock of a lifetime when the guys they really didn't want to hang around with yesterday show up to hang with them... to stay!!


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