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Sixteen new castaways, along with two OLD ones from Palau, head for the land of the Maya people. In the shadows of the pyramids, they have to brave the heat, the jungle and each other for a chance to win $1 million. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left in the game!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
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"Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble: Days 15" - October 20


Brandon...Danni...staring competition. And why not, since Brandon's paranoid about what happened to the supposedly "strong" ex-Nakum alliance? He's wondering who will be booted next out of nowhere? He asks Bobby Jon if he has any regrets about last night. BJ says yes... and, yet, no. It was best for the whole tribe, he said, that "Golden Boy" got shown the golden gate.

Meanwhile, Brian and Gary believe that Nakum's gonna be shocked-and-awed at Blake being booted. Brian is more concerned about the sides being even now... and that he, Gary and Amy have to start KOing ex-Nakums in a Guatemalan minute!


Apparantly, Pot-Mail asked Nakum to bring the Immunity Idol because, when we meet them and Uncle Jeff near Challenge Beach, they're hauling that Mayan monstrosity with them. And, yeah, they ARE shocked to find Blake gone. As Nakum hands the Idol to Uncle Jeff, he states that it doesn't play a part in today's Challenge.

This Challenge a two-on-two test of strength. A giant ball will be between the two groups. The object is for the tribes to push the ball into their own goal line. The teams will go woman-woman, man-man, man-woman... and we'll discuss what happens next if it happens because the first to score three goals wins Reward.

And the Reward is a barbecue grill, seven hamburgers, seven hot dogs, buns, cold beer and cold root beer! Uncle Jeff says, "The good news is one tribe will feast today."

It's amazing that no one caught that UNTIL Uncle Jeff said, "The bad news..."

See, this is the usual Dual Challenge. And tonight's the night when BOTH tribes head for Tribal Council!

And THAT means there's IMMUNITY up for grabs, too. See, the winning tribe gets to compete in ANOTHER Challenge for INDIVIDUAL Immunity. They will be the first to Council and, after they vote someone out, the one with Immunity will stick around for the OTHER tribe's Council (pressumably to give Immunity to one of THEM and to gather info)! After Nakum sits out Lydia, we get ready to go.

Round 1... Stephenie/Cindy vs. Amy/Danni... FIGHT! Nakum gets to the ball first... but Yaxha pushes back hard with their backs against one of the many small trees in the playing area. The men shout strategies at the women as they heave and ho, neither side giving an inch. Then Yaxha starts to get some gorund by veering the ball left and right as well as forward. Steph is grunting, Cindy is squirming... and Amy and Danni a scoring! YAXHA WINS!

Round 2... Judd/Jamie vs. Brandon/Bobby Jon... FIGHT! BANG! Both teams put their shoulders to the ball to get an early lead. The movement is fast and furious... but it's Nakum that gets an early edge this time. BJ ducks around the trees to help with the shoving and gets back a little ground. A huge push...but Brandon TRIPS and gives Judd and a chance to score. Little by little, Nakum gets close and... NAKUM WINS! It's tied up. But BJ gets all up in Jamie's GRILL, screaming!

Round 3... Judd/Steph vs. Gary/Amy... FIGHT! Steph tries to use the tree and her back to push ahead. Suddenly, Steph does an end-around the tree and shoves with Judd, giving them a slight advantage. And then... well, remember that Amy's ankle's been hurting as of late? Well, it caught up to her. She falls to the ground and groans in pain while Gary tries his best to make the ball like a tackling dummy. Amy struggles to her... foot and tries to help... but she and Gary finally concede. NAKUM WINS! 2-1, Nakum leads.

Round 4... we're back to the women. Amy's still hurt but she's going to get in there for her tribe. Margaret/Cindy vs. Danni/Amy... FIGHT! As guessed, Amy is late getting to the ball, but Danni holds on off Margaret and Steph until Amy catches up. Amy uses her shoulder more than her arms... and that allows Nakum to gain some ground back. Suddenly, a tree comes from out of nowhere and blocks Cindy, allowing Amy and Danni to roll the ball around them...and it's a GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! YAXHA WINS! We're tied at 2!

FINAL ROUND... Judd/Jamie vs. BJ/Brian... FIGHT!! Brian gets backed against a tree on a Nakum push... but Judd pushes a bit TOO much and trips, giving Yaxha a chance to catch up. Back and forth and back and forth, the men muscle the monolithic mound. Then with a swinging to their right... FINISH THEM!!... Nakum rolls it past Yaxha like they were standing still... which they WERE, essentially. NAKUM WINS! BARBECU-ALITY!


While Yaxha bemoans the loss, Nakum goes for Individual Immunity with a game of Mayan Scrabble(TM). I'll let Chico expound on that.


While it's a happy-happy-joy-joy time for Nakum, it's sorry-sorry-oy-oy time for us. They all talk about Bobby Jon's "blow-up", and BJ says he wanted Jamie to know "there was another bear in the woods".

Amy is definitely NOT happy, despite her comeback performance at the Challenge. Her ankle's now swollen and she's hurt. Still, Brian thinks they should keep the true Yaxhas together. He tells Gary about this... and that he wants Bobby Jon out. But Gary wonders why he should get rid of a strong player.

Brandon thinks Amy and Brian are the prime targets, being physically weaker. Brian KNOWS that he's as at-risk as anybody. This is going to be an INTERESTING...


And we're back at Uncle Jeff's Ancient Mayan Pyramid o' Doom. Rafe is there, obviously the winner of the Immunity Necklace. But... Uncle Jeff says NOTHING about him giving the Necklace to anybody. Ah, well... still a long Tribal Council.

Bobby Jon talks about him going loco on Jamie, saying it was testosterone to the nth degree. Gary thinks the team are good sports.... though Jamie DOES talk trash sometimes. Brian says he's really "bringing out the physical" as of late...and he'll "bring out the mental" when it's time. BJ calls Brian "a kamikaze that's gonna bust a wedge" (a phrase so ridiculous that Uncle Jeff just HAD to repeat it). Danni agrees that he's strong, smart and very "classy".

Then we talk about Amy's ankle problem. She says it's just "tweaked a little bit". Brandon was VERY impressed when Amy went back in after falling. BJ agrees there's no "weak link" so voting is gonna be TOUGH.

Ah-ha...NOW, Rafe is asked to give the Immunity Necklace to someone. After listening to most of our dark and dank secrets, the skinny and spectacled man gets to keep one of us around. He marches up to the voting area, writes a name down, seals it in an envelope and places it in the voting pot. He then takes his torch and scrams.

But... Uncle Jeff does NOT tally and read the vote. It'll be read AFTER Yaxha votes. Then whosoever Rafe chose will have all his/her votes voided.

It's time to vote. Gary, Jamie ("Bobby Jon, this would be the 'outwit' part..."), Brandon, Amy, Booby Jon ("Brian, played with a lot of heart...") and Danni put down their votes and place it with the envelope.

Uncle Jeff tallies the votes...and then reads them BEFORE the Immunity vote:

Bobby Jon...





That's four...and that's NORMALLY enough. But, if Rafe wrote Brian's name down on the parchment, all votes he received will be voided... and Bobby Jon will be going home yet again.

The Immunity goes to.....

(wait for it......)


Brian has been kamikazed and wedged out of the game. His Ivy League education didn't amount to a hill of limas this time.

Uncle Jeff says he's PROUD of the tribe pumping Brian up... then cutting his throat. "If it can happen to him," he tells us in parting, "it can happen to YOU!" (Not sure that's something to be PROUD of...but, hey...)

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