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Sixteen new castaways, along with two OLD ones from Palau, head for the land of the Maya people. In the shadows of the pyramids, they have to brave the heat, the jungle and each other for a chance to win $1 million. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left in the game!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
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"To Betray or Not to Betray: Days 9-11" - October 6


Well, despite not winning the last three Challenges and still starving, Yaxha tribe seems to be taking it well. It's not like their starving THAT much, what with the "minnow trap" working amazingly well. On top of that, Gary and Rafe seem to be leading the charge by lowering a pot into the water, bating the minnows with cornmeal and then LIFTING the water-laden jug out as the minnow swims over it. It works to a point, I guess.

But...remember all that jazz about crocs in the lake? Well, one of the crocs that had harrassed Nakum as come to bug US this time. And Stephenie spots well to it. She doesn't take to look for Captain Hook's hand any time soon.


Uncle Jeff meets us and Nakum at Challenge Beach (and Nakum sees us without Brianna). But...he says this isn't REALLY a Challenge as much as...well, just a chance to get to know the other tribe better as well as how much the tribes know themselves. After all, the best way to BEAT your enemy is to LEARN about them, right? And the one to get their name written most on the parchment will get a "gift".

(OK...anyone who believes this load, raise your hand...)

First question: which member's in most need of a meal? After some scratching, Jamie and Danni are the winners of that one...and they each receive an apple from the teacher. Next is who REEKS the most? And, no, "everybody" is not an option. Gary smells the most to us while Bobby Jon takes the noseclip for Nakum. And they....get a shower...TOGETHER... ewwww!

The third question's a wicked one: which man and woman deserve to turn their Survivor experience into a tourist excursion, eating an elaborate picnic lunch atop a Mayan pyramid? And, no, "myself" is not an option, either! The reluctant votes go: Gary and Amy for Yaxha and Maggie and Judd for Nakum. Don't worry, though; it's not anything disgusting. It's fried chicken, potato salad, icea tea and cohocolate chip cookies for dessert. Mmmmmm. So the foursome head on out to the pyramid to party hearty.

OK, the last question is: Which member has the most tribal pride? After some debate, Brian gets the nod for Yaxha and Cindy for Yakum. And what's THEIR prize? Why, they get to stay ON their tribe! WHAT THE... ?!?

Ah, yes, it seems that Uncle Jeff forgot to tell them that it is time for the EARLIEST mix-up of tribes in Survivor history. Those that haven't been picked in the Yaxha tribe in the last two questions - Rafe, Stephenie, Lydia and Jamie - will join Cindy in Nakum...and Nakum will have one other member staying - namely Brooke in a blind draw - and the others going to Yaxha with Brian. That means that Steph has gone away from us...and my tribe is stuck with the killer "B"s of Bobby Jon, Brandon and Blake as well as Danni. Those on the picnic will stay with their respective tribes.


Oooo, it's a BEAUTY of a site atop of a tall Mayan pyramid for Gary, Amy, Maggie and Judd. And the food...well, it ain't cornmeal mush by ANY stretch! They could see their camps from here!

Maggie then brings up the topic: IS Gary an ex-quarterback for the NFL? They talk about him "looking familiar" to a member or two of Nakum (or what USED to be Nakum, anyway)...but Gary, as always, denies any knowledge of passing and play-calling. All AMY wants is for Gary not to already HAVE the money.


Back at Yaxha camp, Bobby Jon, Brandon, Danni and Blake are tailing Brian...and "WE HAVE FRUITS!" is yelled by Brian. Yup, a basket of fruit has been left for the boys and the girl. Not exactly a "merge" feast...but they'll take it over starving to death, I'm sure.

Brian, however, is thinking that death might not be that bad an option since, with four former Nakums in their camp now, the tribe formerly known as Yaxha are going to be picked off one-by-one if the ex-Nakums stick together.

"WHAT THE @#$% IS GOING ON HERE?!?" Yeah, that was sweet little Amy as she and Gary return to camp to find four Nakums feasting on fruit by OUR fireplace. Gary's not too happy himself...especially when Danni gets on his case about Gary possibly being a footballer. Gary absolutely denies it, of course. It's a damn good thing that he didn't say, "May I be struck by lightning if I'm not telling the truth"...because a thunderstorm is rolling in.

DAY 10...

Nothing...forget it...move on...


Bobby Jon and Blake use the urinal (aka the bushes) and conspire to do exactly what Brian feared: keeping Nakum together even on Yaxha's turf. And their first target: Amy. And why not? Since that flubbed "basketball challenge, she's been walking in pain with that twisted ankle. Survival of the fittest and all that rot, right? Amy's doing what she can to hide her injury from the others by NOT walking with a noticable limp. But, DAMN, does it hurt...and she KNOWS she's a target.


Back to Challenge Beach where everyone sees who's on which tribe...and Uncle Jeff simply CANNOT hide his sadistic grin! Nakum hands in the Immunity Idol...which many believe will be back in their possession in no time flat. Nakum even took the liberty of decorating it with a yellow feather from the LAST Immunity Challenge.

It's a biathlon of sorts today. The first half is rowing out to three buoys each and retrieving a bag from each, then rowing back. Inside each bag are Mayan war clubs. Once back to shore, the tribes will empty the bags into a basket and, one-by-one, toss the clubs at three clay tiles 30, 40 and 50 feet away. No one tribe member can break more than one tile apiece and tagging out to another tribe member is permitted at any time. First tribe to bust all three tiles gets to lounge in Central America for a few more days. After Nakum sits out Lydia, we get ready to go.

"Survivors ready...GO!"

We sprint down the beach to our canoes and paddle out almost neck-and-neck. Amy uses her teeth to untie the first bag while Rafe tries the strong-arm approach to HIS tribe's bag. Nakum has a slight lead moving on to the second bag.

"RRRRRAMMING SPEED!" No, it's not "D-Day" putting the Deathmobile into the parade grandstand. It's Nakum and Yaxha striking each others' boat. (That's what happens when the buoys make the tribes criss-cross each other, I guess.) Rafe pushes us away and off course, allowing Nakum to untie the second bag before we can even straighten out. We get our second bag untied... just as Nakum gets their THIRD bag undone. They row back...we row out for #3.

Nakum hits the beach and Steph grabs the bags, unloading them into her basket. As she prepares for her first throw, Yaxha hits the beach. Steph takes a few throws to shatter the first tile before we even unpack. Brian is our first thrower while Judd aims for the 50-foot target. Brian...he sucks. So he tags in Danni. As Judd JUST misses, Danni does, too. The difference is...Danni HITS it the next time, tying the game up at one.

In comes Blake, aiming for the 40-footer. Nakum wants Judd to switch out...but he waves it off. As such, Blake hits the second tile, leaving the third to Brandon. FINALLY, Judd breaks the 50-footer, leaving Jamie to try for the win. Clubs are thrown around like a marked deck in a crooked poker room. Brandon clips the 50-footer...but it doesn't break enough to lower the flag connected to it. Jamie is as close, though the tile refuses to break.

CRASH! Brandon shatters the tile with an overhead throw! Yaxha wins Immunity! And Steph...she's going to Tribal Council YET AGAIN!


I'm sure Steph is as nervous as she was the LAST two Councils...but she needn't worry. After a lot of scheming and a lot of talk about tribal alliances, Brooke has to go back to law school. At least the tribes (even if they're NOT cohesive) are evened up again...just about in time for the Reward/Immunity Challenge coming next week, I'm sure.

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