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Sixteen new castaways, along with two OLD ones from Palau, head for the land of the Maya people. In the shadows of the pyramids, they have to brave the heat, the jungle and each other for a chance to win $1 million. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left in the game!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Airs: Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble: Days 15" - October 20

Day 15: Calming those who calm the sick

Mosquitoes. They're small. They're annoying... and they can kill you. No. They can seriously kill you... if they don't annoy you to death. Case in point: the Nakum tribe, who try to work on their chores when all of a sudden... ambush. Cindy swears that she has never seen so many of these blasted things in her life. And all because of a little rainstorm. Stephenie whines, "Why do they have to bite through my shirt?"  Because they know where the money is, Steph...

The conditions have deteriorated so bad that Margaret starts to pinch a hissy fit. "The six of us get along really well and Margaret is just kind of fading out," says Rafe. Rebuttal from the nurse? "I used to be much higher on the food chain than I am now, and I am sure Judd is waiting to get me out."

Sure. Blame the doorman. Judd notes that Margaret is miserable, and can't wait to vote her out. "She brings the entire tribe down with her attitude. She is sore that the old alliance is not coming back."

Oh well. Nothing you can do... or is there?

R-CHALLENGE: Rollout (for a barbecue and lunch... and immunity?!; Lydia sits out)

The tribesmen will split into pairs for this one. The object: push a giant "boulder" across a playing field. Get it across the end zone, it's worth a point. First tribe to score three wins.

The good news: the winners get a grill, burgers & dogs, root beer & beer beer.

The bad news... BOTH tribes are going to Tribal Council TONIGHT.

The even better news: the winning tribe will take part in an individual immunity challenge. More on that later, but for now, let's rock.

Round 1: Amy/Danni vs. Stephenie/Cindy. Winners: Amy/Danni. Yaxha lead, 1-0.

Round 2: Bobby Jon/Brandon vs. Jamie/Judd. Winners: Jamie/Judd. Tie game, 1-1. Jamie and Bobby Jon make like barking dogs at each other... Literally.

Round 3: Gary/Amy vs. Stephenie/Judd. Winners: Steph/Judd. Nakum leads, 2-1. And we have an injury on the field, as Amy's ankle is pinned under the ball as she hobbles off the field to check in with Jeff. Because, you know, he's trained in this sort of thing... only he isn't. Amy'll try again.

Round 4: Amy/Danni vs. Cindy/Margaret. Winner: Amy/Danni. Tie game!

The final round: Bobby Jon/Brian vs. Jamie/Judd. Winner: Jamie/Judd! Nakum wins, 3-2!

So we get lunch, but it's not over yet...

I-CHALLENGE: Scrabble Sprint

The members of the Nakum must collect three bags of letters and unscramble two words... "Ancient Ruins". First person to do that wins immunity.

Judd can't untie his letters to save his life (no pun intended), but he does get a look at Rafe's letters as he raced with Margaret. He thought out loud "ancient ruins" and boom. Rafe wins immunity and Judd learns a lifelone lesson... Silence is golden.

Back at camp: Snaps!

As the Nakum celebrate their victory over food and drink, Stephenie is pleased that their losing streak is over. Judd wonders what happened between Jamie and Bobby Jon. Steph lays it out for us: "He always does that." Jamie's view: Southern people are crazy. My view: I've lived in the South for 13 years and I can say.... yeah.

Meanwhile, the sweet smell of victory is tainted by reality breaking wins. The Nakum is going to Tribal Council tonight. Judd & Jamie agree to take out Margaret, who, according to Jamie, isn't even fighting to stay. "I am the big gun. I feel safe. I can do whatever I want."

Meanwhile, Cindy's beer is gone. Dramma ensues. Someone drank one too many. That would, of course, be Judd. Margaret notes that Judd always makes a big deal out of nothing when he makes a mistake. Cue big deal. "Whoever drank it is going home tonight." He hopes that said person enjoyed it. "I drank the extra beer. So what? I deserved it."

But will his words come to fruition?

Night 15: Nakum Tribal Council.

Steph loved the feast, as she traded Judd one of her beers for a hamburger. "I would trade a hamburger for a beer any time." Jamie, meanwhile, says that his actions at the challenge (namely barking at Bobby Jon's face) were out of hating loss. Margaret saw that Judd & Jamie are out of control with their emotions. Judd begs to differ. He doesn't think that he's a bad sport, but he's giving his all. He tells Margaret to shut up because she's never played a sport in her life. Margaret retaliated that Judd always steamrolls everyone and barks about it. Cindy isn't happy with such negativity. Chaos between Judd and everyone else ensues. Meanwhile, Jeff asks if Rafe is intimidated by the big ass doorman. "Judd's been nothing but nice to me." Margaret seems to think that Judd has problems with his recall. Meanwhile, Judd thinks Margaret is just mad because her alliance is done. Once the tribe takes up sides, Cindy says that once the problem is done, there will be less negativity in camp. You all know what you have to do.

And sure enough, it's time to do it...

Judd: MARGARET. "You leave this jungle, you can't leave soon enough. Get out now!"
Margaret: JUDD. "You're a bully, you're self-righteous, you're rude, you're profane. People like you don't deserve a million dollars."

And now, the rest of the votes...

Stephenie: MARGARET

That does it. MARGARET, the tribe has spoken. But are we done here? Not by a longshot, as Rafe will now sit over on the Jury side for...

Night 15: Yaxha Tribal Council...

After listening into the other tribe's council, Rafe had an important decision to make. He must now pass on his immunity to someone else IN SECRET. Whoever Rafe had chosen would have his or her votes nullified. Rafe casts his secret decision and then returns to camp.

The end result of the voting saw Brian swept, 5-1. Will the Immunity envelope change that? Nope. Rafe gave his immunity to Gary, and BOTH tribes have spoken in favor of a Brian ouster.

And the kicker is? He didn't even see it coming.


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