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Today is

"Eating and Sleeping with the Enemy: Days 25-27" - November 17

Night 24: No Thanks, I'm Saving Myself...

We're back at camp after Gary played the champ in kicking Bobby Jon to the curb. Everyone is rubbing Gary's back about it... except for Jamie, calling him "shady." Steph doesn't think so that much. Jamie thought that Cindy should've been mad that Gary voted for her... but it was just one and she doesn't care. Seems like Jamie always picks a fight after Tribal. "None of it makes any sense," she says.

Jamie then focuses on Gary, whom he accuses of not keeping his word. Gary says otherwise, as he calls Jamie a liar. Judd takes Gary's side: "I didn't hear anyone say you lied." To us: "I think Jamie says stuff just to say it. Psychologically, he's losing it."

Day 25: R-CHALLENGE: Three-Legged Mud Race with Corn (a helicopter trip to a private home for an overnight with dinner, shower, change of clothes, and coffee)

The men and women are paired into teams thusly: Jamie/Rafe and Lydia/Cindy vs. Judd/Gary and Steph/Danni. Each team must navigate an obstacle course to a pot of corn, retrieve it, fill a home urn, later, rinse, repeat. First team to fill the pot to the brim wins.

Lydia and Cindy have a decent enough lead... which is blown because Lydia can't negotiate through the mud. It all goes to hell from there... Literally. Although Gary and Rafe manage to hustle, it's not enough to make up Lydia's deficit. Steph and Danni's long appendages carry their team to victory.

Although Jamie does insist on finishing, Cindy tells them to forget it... "It's a done deal. They already won, Jamie. There's nothing we can do."

Except watch... Bye copter...

At the reward: Welcome to Fan...tasy Island.

After what can only be described as a breathtaking chopper ride above Guatemalan landscape (Danni's first), they arrive at a posh mansion.

Louie, the owner of the private home, leads the winners to a shower, and boy do they need it, as the four are still dripping and muddy. Hey, it's therapeutic... Judd enjoys it a bit too much, as he strips down to just the mud he's wearing.

Steph is glad to go onto the reward with three awesome people. She likes Judd ("An awesome guy") and Gary, especially likes Danni, as she calls her "a cool chick" that she hopes to get to know better. After some hors d'oeuvres and champagne, Danni notes on Steph: "she eats more than I do!"

While two hot chicks share the same shower...

Back at camp...

To say that Lydia is apologetic is a gross understatement. Rafe says that it doesn't matter, that he just misses out on the helicopter ride. Jamie... well, sulks, as he asks Rafe to swear that he will team with Judd and him to bounce off... well, somebody. "I've almost given up trying to decide what Jamie's strategy is." It's called paranoia, Rafe.

Jamie wants Rafe to promise him final six. Rafe said that he already has. Jamie hopes that he isn't rooked.

Back at the mansion...

Gary notes this as the perfect time to ask about alliances with Judd and Steph. Gary asks the group if they're happy right now. "I got to try, because I am the next to go if they do not change." He wants to take the strongest to the final four. "All I can do is plant a seed." Next question: do Lydia and Cindy deserve final two? Stephenie calls Gary's plan "iffy"... or is she calling herself "iffy?"

The group agrees that Jamie should be the next to go, as Judd notes that "bonding with Gary and Danni will not affect my game plan, because I know what my game plan is." Danni and Gary are still targeted. "Getting rid of those two is going to be a heartbreaker."

Day 26: The best part of waking up... is the waking up.

Be sure to get a shot of the coffee! They're paying up $25 a mug for this (^_^)!

After the coffee break, Louie arrives to bring the four tapes from home.... "If we didn't get any food or shower or nothing and just got the videotapes, I would have been completely satisfied," Steph says. "It was just icing on the cake."

We see Judd's family being bored and grilling... Danni's mom and dog... Steph's WHOLE family... and Gary's family... it just stirs up more emotions... "It was the best prize that we possibly could have had," Gary says.

Back at the hellhole...

The winners return with flowers, but no food... yeah, we know who WE'RE voting f... wait, you brought coffee! They made Cindy's day. She's a coffee freak.

Meanwhile, Judd is concerned that Jamie might be concerned that Gary and he were in cahoots. "I don't know if it's too late. I made the pitch to them, and if it doesn't work, I'll be gone." This from Gary as we head to...

I-CHALLENGE: Rope Busters

Tied to ropes that are looped into knots along the way, the tribesmen must negotiate through an obstacle course as they are tied to the course itself. First four move onto the next phase, the same course, only going vertical. First person to the top wins immunity. 

Gary, Cindy, and Steph are in the lead, but Gary blows it when he can't untie his station two knots. Meanwhile, Danni is literally invisible. Judd is trying to figure his bracket out as Rafe passes Gary, as he's stuck. The final four: Rafe... Jamie... Steph... Cindy!

The final jungle gym... and Cindy and Rafe are fighting it out like crazy....  Cindy's stuck! It's Rafe! Rafe wins immunity!

Day 27: The Pre-Tribal...

Rafe has won two Immunity Challenges, and came second once. He's turning into a huge threat, and he may have to change his strategy before he finds himself on the receiving end of a few votes. "I just made myself a huge threat in this game and have to change the way I'm playing." Gary, meanwhile, is proud to have gone down fighting.

Jamie tells Judd that Rafe is Steph's meal ticket. Sooner or later, they'll figure out that he's a big threat, as he asks Cindy if they're sticking to the plan. Cindy says that the plan is still go, and that there isn't really a reason to change anything. Jamie still wonders if Rafe is thinking the same thing. "Jamie's paranoia's just getting crazy," Cindy says.

Rafe wishes that he can be calm like Jamie... "Rafe, let's go play Mancala." That's become a signal for "Rafe, I need to talk to you." He talks about "sticking with the six"... and it's driving him nuts.

Now it's time for another game of Survivor Poker Tour, as Lydia and Rafe talk about what Jamie keeps asking. "It's a hard decision." Lydia knows that it's going to be hard to vote Jamie off after having known him for so long. "I think we should do it," Rafe says.

Night 27: Tribal Council: Coffee, Tea, or Treachery?

Steph says that bonding with Gary and Danni was fun. Danni thinks that it was nice to get to know Judd and Steph. Judd thinks that Gary is an amazing person. I keep my cool around him because I respect him. "I'm just a kid." Jamie thinks that the game will drive you insane. Gary is trying to make it through each day. "Whatever happens."

Rafe will not give up his immunity, so we go to the vote...

Jamie: GARY - "We can be friends some day, but it's either you or me tonight, buddy."
Gary: JAMIE - "You've got a big heart. I'd want you on my team any day of the year."
Judd: GARY - "Thanks for sharing this experience with me. God bless you."

The rest of the votes...

Cindy: JAMIE
Stephenie: JAMIE
Danni: JAMIE
Lydia: JAMIE

Stunner! By a 6-2 vote, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN for Jamie, and he's already ready to head out. "Blindsided... NICE! Now THAT's how you vote somebody out."


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