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Today is

Sunken Treasures/Around the Block - January 4
We're now in our first week of '07 and after a week's rest, The Duel is back in action. This time, we've got not one, but two new episodes! Previously on the program, at the "Ice Breaker" challenge, Evan and Jodi shattered the competition. During the Duel selection, Svetlana chose to face off against Kina. In the Duel, Svetlana held strong pushing Kina out of the game. With her elimination, only eight players remain, all with their eyes on the prize of $150,000.

We start the show off seeing Wes and Evan talk. According to the Evan, him and Wes have good and bad blood. The bad blood comes from him knowing that Wes is the scum of the Earth. But they both set aside their differences and instead try and look out for each other. Evan is positive that he can beat Wes and Brad at anything. But the fact is, C.T.'s out there working hard, eating egg whites, and has someone rubbing his back at night. C.T.'s the only thing standing in Evan's way of winning $150K. However, Wes wants Evan, C.T. and all the big guys that are left to be battling out with each other so that he has a 100% chance in the Duel of getting rid of them.

Meanwhile, we see C.T. getting some lotion on his back put on by Diem. The latter has the formers back and vice-versa not associating with the crap that's going on in the house.

The players get their next clue...

> Take a deep breath, you are not done yet! The next challenge should be fun. Be ready to leave by 8:30 AM.

The players go to the location for their next challenge and see the a BMW motorcycle for one of the girls to win. Today's game is called Sunken Treasures and the players will be divided up into four teams of two. The men get 30 seconds to pick their female partners, which went by rather quickly. When the air horn is sounded, each team will jump into the water. Then they must swim to an oxygenated bell underneath the surface and take a take a deep breath. Then one player must swim down to find and anchor with three sets of four digits marked on it and come back to the bell to relay a set to him/her. Then they must try to remember the code and try to unlock one of the locks (each set of digits works with different locks). When all is said and done, the chest will open to pop out a soccerball to record their time. Wes then mentions that only one person is allowed to go to each of the two destinations. Only one person can go to the anchor while the other person can go to the chest. There's a 50-minute time limit for each team, if one exceeds it, it's an automatic DQ.

Today's Male winner gets safety from tonight's Duel while the Female winner gets the BMW Motorcycle. Svetlana decides the order after winning the previous Duel. She picks C.T. and Diem to go first.

Unfortunately, both of the players went to the anchor getting them DQ'ed. Put another chalk mark for C.T.'s stupid moves during challenges. Jodi and Evan go next, but have problems when it came to remembering the digits causing the latter to freak out and the time to run out too. The same outcome happened to Brad and Aneesa, but on different circumstances.

Wes and Svetlana managed to save the day giving the former his first-ever challenge win and the latter the motorcycle. Wes also starts off the Duel selections...

Wes picks Svetlana
Svetlana picks Brad
Brad picks Aneesa
Diem and Jodi default safe
Aneesa picks C.T. leaving Evan

It's now Evan's turn to hold up his end of the bargain made with Wes which is to call out C.T. Knowing Evan has a better show against C.T. in tonight's duel then in the finals. In a seemingly difficulty decision, he challenges him to The Duel. This surprised the other players (sans Wes), especially C.T. who sees Evan's nervous reaction like he made a mistake. C.T. says he's making a mistake and he'll be going home.

After C.T. picks the game for tonight's Duel, Evan then realizes that he was getting screwed over before today got started. He then confronts Wes about this situation. Wes thinks Evan's mad at him because he's scared and it wasn't his fault he agreed to the plan.

Before the Duel began, host Lavin notices a drawing on one of his hands. However, C.T. noticed the aforementioned was the "heat sheet" the puzzle part of the selected game "Ascender." According to C.T. it won't matter, because he will be going home anyway. Brad says that this Duel will knock out one of the "big dogs" as they get ever closer to the finals.

In the end C.T. won the Duel and got an X-Box 360 keeping him in the running for $150K. As for Evan, he turned out to be a pawn in Wes' little game and he knew it. He's too good at this game, too good of a manipulator, and has way too much power at this point. Evan was just starting to realize that he had to sell his soul to the Devil to ever win one of these challenges. Here's his final thought to Wes...

"Wes, you screwed me over, you know you did, and I'll never forgive you for it."

This aint over yet folks, we've got another episode coming!

We start this one off with Diem finding ways to prepare for the Duel if the time comes for her and nd C.T. Loves being around Diem. Then Aneesa talks to Wes about how in this game that no one's going to play fair. Although $150K is a life-changing amount of money, Aneesa wants to win it the right way.

The players then get their next clue...

> We'll see you right around the block for tomorrows challenge. Be ready at noon.

The players meet with host Lavin for their next challenge..."Around the Block". The players will climb and go around a 40-foot trust, shaped in a rectangle. When the air horn is heard, two players at a time will make their way with the trust and try to grab as many flags as they can. Half of the flags are green for one player, while the other half of them are red for their opponent. Each flag grabbed is worth one point while grabbing the small flag at the top of the trust is worth 3 and a 1/2 points. The girls will have two heats and a final, while the guys have one heat and a final. Since C.T. won the previous Duel, he'll decide on who be getting a berth into the final and also which girls go against whom in their division. The male player who earns the most points in their final heat will win an InFocus projector while the female winner gets safety from the Duel.

C.T. then decides to take an automatic spot in the male final heat. He then decides to have Svetlana vs. Jodi followed by Aneesa vs. Diem.

Jodi VS. Svetlana: Both of the players make good progress until Jodi loses her grip. Then Svetlana drops one of her flags before also falling off. Jodi advances to the finals 16 to 12.

Brad VS. Wes: Brad pushed off height issues focusing on grabbing the flags. Wes tried to catch up to him going to the top part of the trust, but it was too late. Brad managed to grab the top flag after almost falling off and winning this heat 19 1/2 to 15.

Aneesa VS. Diem: Both players progress without problems, but Diem finished with a score of 19 1/2 to 15.

MEN'S FINAL - Brad VS. C.T.: It ended in a close finish with C.T. winning with a score of 16 1/2 to 15.

WOMEN'S FINAL - Jodi VS. Diem: Diem tried to make a desperation move to beat Jodi, but to no avail. Jodi wins safety with a score of 18 1/2 to 15. And she also starts off this day's pickings...

Jodi picks C.T.
C.T. picks Diem
Diem picks Wes
Brad defaults safe
Wes picks Svetlana leaving Aneesa

Then, in sort of a shocking turn of events, Aneesa challenges Diem to The Duel. This upsets her after Aneesa said to her during the challenge that she won't vote for her. Aneesa said previously that she wanted Diem to win, because she thought that Diem was going to.

In tonight's duel game "I Can", Diem thinks she could pick up 150 bags. She gave it all she had, but failed to move the weight which is making Aneesa feel like crap. Aneesa won a Seiko watch with her good bidding albeit bittersweet. As for Diem, she's the last of the "Fresh Meat" to be eliminated from the game with her integrity and saying goodbye to C.T.

We'll have more of The Duel next time.

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