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Today is

Roller Derby - October 26
Previously on The Duel, Tina lost her cool in the Brazilian heat and punched Beth. Later at the Pass With Care challenge, Evan and Jodi paired up and pulled off a victory. During the Duel selection, voting took on a familiar form as Key West's Tyler was again left as the last man not chosen. Surprising everyone, Tyler went after a proven challenge veteran...and nominated Derrick to face off against him. In the Duel, Derrick ascended to victory sending yet another Key West player home.

We start off at home base where we see Derrick not knowing who's going to get called out tomorrow. And Casey's really trying to stick toghether with Svetlana and Paula because she feels like they need to take out the top dogs including Jodi and some other people who are doing good in the challenges in order to really stay here in the end. Derrick then mentions that Svetlana's in a pretty weird position right now, but he thinks that she scares some girls. So Derrick thinks that if things fell on Svetlana, she could stay around a little longer. Svetlana says it's every man for himself and she can't trust anyone here.

Over at another room, Aneesa tells Evan that it sucks to have some doubt in people and to not throughly trust someone. Then Evan says that it's even sadder that for a little bit of money and fame, people are willing to just stab each other and Aneesa doesn't get that. According to Evan, right now it's just crazy, girls come on these challenges and win with their mouths, not usually their minds. So the girls are looking to screw each other over in every way possible. Aneesa then says she told Kina her pride is worth more than $150,000. She isn't going to go around kissing everyone's a** to stay in the game. Aneesa then says you don't know who to trust, you don't know who really has your back. They're loyal for one day, but you don't know if they're talking (expletive deleted) about you in another room.

The players then get their next clue...

> Tomorrow round and round you'll go. Who will win? No one knows. Be ready at 8:30 AM.

Paula knows she's on the chopping block and she's also nervous noting that the other Key West kids have taken the early flight home.

The players go to a arena with an oval track, rollerskates, and safety pads and meet with T.J. for their next challenge "Roller Derby". The players will take part in the most brutal mission ever in history. The goal is to be the fastest or strongest player in a 10-lap, all-out battle for survivals. There'll be two four-man heats for the men and three three-woman heats for the women, followed up by a championship heat for each sex. The moment the air horn sounds, it's going to be everyone for themselves. On the tracks straightaways are "action zones" which will allow the players to eliminate their opponents by introducing them to the crash pad. Players can also be eliminated if they go over the railing, failing to get back on the track after three seconds, or holding onto the rail.

The fastest or the last man standing in today's challenge will win. And today's a Female Duel Day with that division's winner being pardoned from the Duel. As for the male winner, he'll win a BMW motorcycle.

Evan - Finished 2nd Place
Brad - Winner
Wes - Out - 3 Seconds Off Track
Kenny - Out - Grabbing Rails

Nehemiah - Out - 3 Seconds Off Track
Derrick - Out - 3 Seconds Off Track
Eric - Out - 3 Seconds Off Track
C.T. - Winner

Beth - Finished 2nd Place
Diem - Out - Out of Bounds
Jodi - Winner

Casey - Winner
Aneesa - Out - Holding Onto Rail
Paula - Out - 3 Seconds Off Track

Robin - Out - Holding Onto Tail
Kina - Finished 2nd Place
Svetlana - Winner

During Lap 6, one of Robin's skates malfunctions and she had to go on with the other functioning skate.

Brad - Winner
C.T. - Finished 2nd Place

Svetlana - 2nd Place
Jodi - Winner
Casey - 3rd Place

Jodi picks Evan
Evan picks Robin
Robin picks Brad
Brad picks Kina
Kina picks Derrick
Derrick picks Diem
Diem picks Wes
Wes picks Aneesa
Aneesa picks Nehemiah
Nehemiah picks Beth
Beth picks Kenny
Kenny picks Casey
Casey picks Eric
CT defaults safe
Eric picks Svetlana leaving Paula

Paula then challenges Aneesa to The Duel and she picked tonight's game, "Pole Wrestle".

In that game, Paula held on to the pole, fighting for her dear life. But in the end Aneesa made a surprise move winning a Seiko watch and sending another Key West player home. Paula was disappointed that she didn't win the Duel, but she's hoping that this won't be the last challenge and that she'll come back.

Then Derrick says that Svetlana should be worried about the next Female Duel Day, because she'll be the next one picked. Svetlana says that having her best friend leave is not a great feeling. But like the second you start feeling sorry for yourself, you're out of there, period. And that nothing is going to get in her way of the handsome reward.

Another Male player goes home the next time on The Duel.

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