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Today is

Stacking Stairs - December 14
Previously on the Duel, C.T. and Diem's romance begun to flourish. When it came time for the Duel selection, Aneesa was left out in the mix and chose to face off against Robin. At the Duel, Aneesa left Robin puzzled and eliminated her from the game. It's now down to five men and five women, which of the men will be saying adios to Brazil this time? Let's find out...

At home base we see Brad, Svetlana, and Big E. (Eric) thinking about possibilities for what's to come in this challenge. Meanwhile, outside of HB we see C.T. trying to give a kiss to Diem. However she has a rule that no guy will kiss her unless he knows Diem for three weeks.

Back at HB Evan and Wes concoct a plan to see if they can get Eric to call out C.T. Either way to Wes, it's a win-win situation because their both incredibly good competitors. Then the players get their next clue...

>At tomorrow's challenge, you're really going to have to "step: it up. Be ready to leave by 10:30 AM.

The players then meet T.J. (who has a slightly raspy voice) at an arena for their next challenge, "Stacking Stairs". The male players will be paired up with female players this time out. There are two heats, one of three teams and one of two teams. They'll use wooden crates to form an ascending staircase that's tall enough to reach their flags.

The team who grabs their flag in the fastest time will win this challenge. The female player will receive an NHL Ultimate Package while the male player is safe from tonight's duel.

Since Aneesa won the previous Duel, she selected the teams to take part in Heat. She chose Evan/Jodi, C.T./Diem, and Brad/Kina. Evan and Jodi managed to complete the task first at 5:02.

For Heat 2, Aneesa chose Wes/Svetlana and Eric/Aneesa and they made their desperate attempts to beat the clock. However, they proved to be futile as they've failed to finish within 5:02 leaving Evan/Jody the winners. Evan starts off this selection process...

Evan picks Jodi
Jodi picks C.T.
C.T. picks Diem
Diem picks Brad
Brad picks Svetlana
Aneesa and Kina default safe
Svetlana picks Wes leaving Eric

Eric then challenges Brad to The Duel and then he selects "Pole Wrestle". In the end, size didn't matter on this night as Brad wrestles the pole from the hands of Big E as he's the next of the Fresh Meat to go home. As for Brad, he wins an X-Box 360 and he'll also stay in the competition

As we end the show, we see C.T. and Diem going to a cliff in which they didn't know (until a few of the players told Diem) was in view of the homebase.

We'll be back next time as another female player will be sent packing on The Duel.

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