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Today is

Push Over - November 2
We start off the show with Evan letting Wes lie on the pool table. Then Evan used a cue stick to knock a ball off Wes' mouth without injury. C.T. couldn't believe Wes would let Evan do that. Evan states that a lot of the B.S. that happens during the challenges is eliminated, because the guys are just having fun. And they're just trying to work hard and may the best man win at this point. Then Kenny performs a thumb-to-the-eyes trick on Derrick. Kenny states that they had a great time the last couple of days and everybody hanging out and stuff. He would joke around about everything and would never have taken anything serious in his life. Kenny is just going to play it by ear and enjoy it while they're here.

While the guys push the balls at the pool table, they get their next clue...

> Tomorrow's challenge might put you over the edge. Be ready to go at 9:15 AM.

Eric's here to have a good time, but with this being a Male Duel Day, he's looking forward to figuring out any way he can to come home with the victory.

Nehemiah's here fighting a battle by himself, so he wants to know from Beth what she knows. Beth tells Nehemiah that he's paranoid, but he guaranteed a lot of guys will call him into the Duel. Then Beth has Nehemiah's provided she's never double-crossed him referencing to "code of the streets". Then Beth says from the very beginning that he was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Nehemiah's going to look out for a friend no matter what.

The next day, Beth is in her competition outfit looking a little looser. Evan says that Beth's really lonely, she's 40 years old. She's living alone in a big old room by herself and she's looking for a little bit of love.

The players go to a large ship named the Miss Buzios in Buzios, Brazil for their next challenge called "Push Over". Today we see a good old-fashioned grudge match with guys against guys and girls against girls. The players will be pushing each other off the plank as their hands will be bound together so that they can't grab their opponent. Whoever hits the the water first is out and they're going to be doing this three times with heats, semis, and finals.

The deciding Female winner will receive golf clubs from Callaway Golf and one full free hour lesson from the world-renowned David Leadbetter Golf Academy.

And as a bit mentioned beforehand, today's a Male Duel Day with the Male winner recieving a pardon from the Duel.

To determine who's playing against whom, T.J. hands out players a bag with colored tokens inside. The two players of the same sex with the same colored token will the two players competing in that heat.

Women's Heats:
Heat 1: Casey VS. Jodi = Jodi Wins
Heat 2: Kina VS. Robin = Robin Wins
Heat 3: Aneesa VS. Svetlana = Svetlana Wins
Heat 4: Diem VS. Beth = Beth Wins

Women's Semifinals:
Beth VS. Jodi = Beth Wins
Svetlana VS. Robin = Robin Wins

Men's Heats:
Heat 1: Evan VS. Nehemiah = Evan Wins
Heat 2: Brad VS. Kenny = Brad Wins
Heat 3: Eric VS. Wes = Eric Wins
Heat 4: C.T. VS. Derrick = Derrick Wins

Men's Semifinals:
Evan vs Brad = Brad Wins
Eric vs Derrick = Derrick Wins

Women's Final: Robin VS. Beth = Beth
Men's Final: Brad VS. Derrick = Derrick

Derrick picks Jodi
Jodi picks Evan
Evan picks Robin
Robin picks Brad
Brad picks Diem
Diem picks Eric
Eric picks Svetlana
Svetlana picks Kenny
Kenny picks Kina
Kina picks C.T.
C.T. picks Casey
Aneesa and Beth default safe
Casey picks Wes leaving Nehemiah

Nehemiah then challenges Kenny to The Duel and the game for the night is..."Ascender".

Beth then tells Jodi that if they're going to gang up on her and start giving other people strategies, she'll play dirty. Jodi honestly denies it, but Beth says there's no chance in hell of anyone saving her. Beth's now set on breaking up this alliance and it's funny to Jodi that she confronts them about having that and like it being a popularity contest. Beth would be doing the exact same thing if she had more people on her side. Kina just wants Beth to GO HOME!

In the Duel game of "Ascender", the Duelers must climb a rope, cross monkey bars, retrieve puzzle pieces and then climb down the rope and the complete the puzzle first. In the end Nehemiah finished first without problems winning a stay in the competition and a Seiko watch. As for Kenny, he's the first of the Fresh Meat to be sent home. Derrick thinks it sucks to see someone who is the laughter of the house gone. Kenny says this house is going to be a boring place without and that's for *$&damn sure. Beth's happy to see Nehemiah still in the competition, but Jodi sees that as weird and even gross.

Then Aneesa talks to Beth about knowing she may very well have to be in the Duel. Then Beth, although she can't stand her, she tells Aneesa that together they're powerful. Then Wes steps in and tells Beth there's a lot of girls you can team up with. But she says the four of them could take them down. Wes mentions that it's not just a bunch of competitions everyday, it's a game of social interactions. His muscles can only take him so far and hopefully the girls can hook it up and hopefully keep Wes alive. Beth is ready to do the same thing as the other girls (allegedly) are.

We'll find out which of the girls will be told to "take a flying leap" next time on The Duel.

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