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Today is

Rafty Race - November 23
We start off this episode with Beth telling Brad that she heard that he said she was gunning for Robin. Then Evan said to Robin he heard that someone was gunning for Robin and said that was her. Evan says, "One of Beth's favorite moves is to come into situations uninvited, and then just slip in a little comment that's sort of half-true. Why? Just to piss people off." Brad said that Beth came to him with a total drama-starting comment and the last thing he needs after a long day is her coming in to his room and bringing that kind of crap to him. Then Brad blames Svetlana for twisting things and starting drama as he wants nothing to do with both her and Beth. This upsets Svetlana as Brad decides to terminate the conversation. And Svetlana feels that people are associating her and Beth as if they have some sort of alliance which she vehemently denies. And Brad hates Svetlana because of Beth's uninvitational appearance in the conversation. Beth claims she can't control what some crazy Russian chick says to Brad. Beth says, "If I was trying to be sneaky or plant something, I would admit it." Brad starts telling her that she flies on a broomstick. Then Beth says, "Well you know what Brad, at least I have something between my legs." Outside, Svetlana calls her boyfriend, Martin on the phone of the hell that went down in the last few minutes. She feels that she's ready to leave after everything got ruined for her.

The players meet up with T.J. for their next challenge "Rafty Race." All of them will wear swim fins then when given the signal, they'll run to the first checkpoint where there'll be ten air pumps. There are five for the men and the other five for the women. The other three men and other three women who don't have an air pump are then eliminated from the mission. To avoid fighting over an item, each of them will have a tag. Only the player to grab the tag will have that particular item. Those remaining will then take their pumps to the next checkpoint where there'll be four rafts for the men and four for the women. The man and woman who don't have a raft are the next ones eliminated. Then the ones remaining must use their pumps to inflate their rafts for however much air they think they can float around with. Then they must move their rafts on the water with their hands to the third checkpoint which is a buoy with three oars for men and three for women. At that point another man and another women get eliminated. Those remaining must use their oars to get to the next check point where they two men and two women must grab a key with one more guy and girl out. The last four players will then race back to the beach where they must use their keys to open their treasure chests before crossing the finish line.

The first female player to finish will be safe from The Duel while the first male player to finish gets a Torch freestyle kite and kneeboard.

After T.J. honks the air horn, the players start their fancy footword. At the first checkpoint Wes, Aneesa, and Svetlana get sidelined.

At the second checkpoint, Derrick got the raft, but however Eric tells him that he get the tag. Apparently Derrick somehow has a force of habit of not listening to directions, so that gets him kicked out. And Kina gets eliminated because whom she calls "Bethasarus" gets the tag before her.

Over at the third checkpoint, Eric and Rob first hit the waves leaving Robin to use her knee to pump air into her raft. A few of the players decide to hit the water with rafts probably not inflated enough. Beth takes her sweet time getting her raft filled up with air and then moves ahead. In the process Diem and Brad join the other players now sitting by the wayside.

At the fourth checkpoint, Eric and CT grab their keys sending Evan out and he sames goes for Beth and Jodi.

At the last checkpoint, C.T. and Jodi beat Beth and Eric to the finish line winning them this challenge.

And now here's show the pickings went this time...

Jodi picks C.T.
C.T. picks Diem
Diem picks Evan
Evan picks Robin
Robin picks Derrick
Derrick picks Kina
Kina picks Brad
Brad picks Beth
Beth picks Eric
Wes defaults safe
Eric picks Aneesa leaving Svetlana

Svetlana is ready to go in and take Beth out because she wants her gone, but she also has Robin on her other shoulder leading to a very tough decision. After her own deliberation Svetlana decides to challenge Beth to The Duel. Then she selects a new game called "Push Me" which doesn't sound good for Svetlana according to Robin.

In "Push Me" the duelers must push a pole opposite their opponent to unclip and retrieve a flag. The winner of tonight's duel will stay alive in the competition and receive a Seiko watch.

Beth and Svetlana pushed hard until the former grabbed the flag after the latter slightly collapsed. And just when Svetlana thought she was done, we then find out that Beth just pulled the flag off her end instead of unclipping it. Therefore, Beth has been disqualified upon this dumb mistake, so it looks like she's the one going home instead of Svetlana. Beth says, "T.J. says that I got DQ'ed. Please. Anybody that has watched this competition, clearly sees that I'm the winner." Beth also goes on to say...

"Svetlana, you basically got lucky of some lame DQ call against me, and now these girls are gonna eat you alive. So good luck Svetlana, have fun."

Wes says it has been a bad two days for whatever little alliance after basically losing Nehemiah and Beth. His assistance with them has gone away and his time in this game is only going to get harder and Wes' back is slowly, but surely, getting pushed up against the wall.

With six guys and six girls remaining, which of the guys will not survive the next duel. Find out next time.

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