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Today is

Pole Dance - November 30
Previously on The Duel, C.T. and Jodi outpaddled their opponents to win the "Rafty Race" challenge. After being voted into the Duel, underdog Svetlana went after a top dog named Beth. At the Duel, Beth disqualified herself by ripping off her flag, giving the win to Svetlana. Which of the remaining male players will be sent their walking papers? Let's find out...

We start off the show with Wes thinking there's definitely a good chance that he may be sent home. And he's going to have to try and manipulate his way out of this situation. Wes wants the handsome reward really badly so that him and Johanna can start a life together.

The players get their next clue...

>Do you think you're "slick" enough for tomorrow's challenge? Be ready to "slide" out at 9 AM.

According to C.T., everyone ultimately wants him to go home, but he has to stay focused and keep winning challenges to keep them off his back.

The next morning we see Robin and Derrick being paranoid that they could be the next victim of elimination. Prior to gameplay we see C.T. and Diem at one of the vans talking about the latter's birthday.

All of the players eventually end up at the sand dunes where they see a set of greasy poles and blue mats. They're all a part of today's challenge called "Pole Dance".

The players will be divided up into two teams with C.T. and Eric being the captains since the former won the last Duel and the latter winning the last challenge. Each team will comprise of three guys and three girls. The first leg will have both teams compete have one of their players grab the flag at the top of their greasy pole. The first team to do so advances to the next round where they'll race against each other through the dunes following the arrows and then climbing up the greasy hill. The first male and female to grab the flags will win this challenge. The male will be safe from tonight's Duel while the female will receive a car audio system.

The guys will alternate picks with a guy, then a girl and so on.

C.T.'s Team: Diem, Wes, Robin, Evan, and Svetlana
Eric's Team: Jodi, Derrick, Kina, Brad, and Aneesa

In Round 1, C.T.'s team managed to grab their flag first for the win. While Eric's team takes the rest of the day off, the others run their race to the flag. In the end Evan and Diem both grab their flags first and the former kicks off today's pickings...

Evan picks Diem
Diem picks C.T.
C.T. picks Kina
Kina picks Derrick
Derrick picks Jodi
Jodi picks Eric
Eric picks Robin
Aneesa and Svetlana default safe
Robin picks Brad leaving Wes

Wes then challenges Derrick to tonight's Duel and selects "Pole Wrestle" as its game. When the time came to do battle, it took a couple of resets and over 20 minutes to decide the winner. And on that night, Wes proved to be the more solid competitor than Derrick with the former winning a Seiko watch and the latter sent home.

This means Kina's support system is gone as Derrick once again gets eliminated before making it to the finals. Then on the next day, Wes calls Johanna on the phone for support and losing his grip in a weird state of mind after last night's Duel. Can he hold it together by the next challenge, we'll see as we continue with more of The Duel the next time.

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