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Today is

Pass With Care - October 12
Previously on The Duel, 20 eager competitors arrived at exotic Brazil, where they were shocked to discover that there would be no teams. This time it's everybody for themselves. At the first challenge, Reachin' Out, Robin and Eric managed to get their keys first for the win. The Duel selection process made it clear that Key West competitors were at the bottom of the pecking order. At the first Men's Duel, Tyler lifted his way to victory making his Key West roommate Jon the first player eliminated from the game. At the Ring Toss challenge, Kenny managed to outlast his opponents. And cancer survivor Diem bravely removed her wig for the first time before racing her way to victory. But the real drama was just beginning between Tina and Beth.

We picked up from where we last left in the previous episode with Tina who punched Beth after being taunted by the latter. Unfortunately Tina's attempt to hurt beth got her thrown out of the competition. Tina thought it was worth $150K to finally punch Beth after years of not going through with it. The former felt like she came from a spa after that experience. Beth is not letting anyone intimidate or bully her. Tina's only regret about doing this despicable act is that she just wrote someone else a $150,000 check. She put all her chips into punching Beth and leaves Brazil with finally finished business.

Then T.J. tells the players that it's a Female Duel Day. However, since Tina got eliminated after the aforementioned incident with Beth, the the rest of the women are safe for now.

As night fell, the players get their next clue...

> Tomorrow you will need to choose your steps wisely or victory may pass you by. Wear your bathing suits.

The players meet T.J. at a marina for their next challenge, "Pass With Care".

Suspended 20 feet above the water are two plaforms connected by a very unstable bridge. Today, the players will have to make it one platform to the other in the fastest time. In order to win this challenge, they're going to need teamwork. Then the guys join T.J. who then tells them they have one minute to pick their female partners, much to the chagrin of Wes.

After the teams have made their pairings, T.J. then gives more info on this challenge.

A male player will start on the opposite end from his teammate. Then the must make their way through the unstable bridge towards each other. When both players touch the red plank in the middle, they must then pass each other to their opposite platforms to stop their time. Players are not allowed to sit, kneel, or have their hands touch on any part of the bridge.

Today is a Male Duel Day with the male winner getting a pardon. The female winner today will recieve an Infocus digital projector.

Since Tyler won the last Male Duel, he'll determine the order of play...

1. Beth & Kenny
2. Kina & Derrick
3. Aneesa & Nehemiah
4. Svetlana & Wes
5. Jodi & Evan
6. Robin & Eric
7. Diem & CT
8. Casey & Brad
9. Paula & Tyler

Unfortunately, for the first time ever in the history of "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge", none of the teams have managed to complete the task. Round 1 is done, so we start Round 2 and this time the teams are allowed to use their hands to help themsleves across the bridge.

After all of the teams have got the job done, T.J. then reveals that the team of Evan and Jodi won this challenge. And here's how the pickings had went...

Evan picked Beth
Beth picked Nehemiah
Nehemiah picked Aneesa
Aneesa picked Wes
Wes picked Robin
Robin picked Eric
Eric picked Jodi
Jodi picked Brad
Brad picked Diem
Diem picked CT
CT picked Kina
Kina picked Derrick
Derrick picked Casey
Paula & Svetlana default safe
Casey picks Kenny leaving Tyler

Then in a bold move, Tyler challenges Derrick to The Duel. And Tyler chooses the Duel game for the night which is "Ascender."

In "Ascender" the Dulers must climb a rope, cross monkey bars, retrieve puzzle pieces and then climb down the rope and the complete the puzzle first.

Despire Derrick not being good with puzzles, he managed to pull off a victory winning an Xbox 360 while Tyler is the second Key West cast member to be sent home.

Back at home base, we see that Aneesa doesn't care for Beth, it's too much. And she feels like she has to be nice and also worried knowing that she's on her own and has to play a game with Beth.

Now Beth feels like everyone's talking (expletive deleted) to her after Derrick came in and tells Beth that she's a difficult person. Beth has to take it upon herself to stay in this game without depending on anyone else.

And that's it for now, we'll see you next time on The Duel.

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