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Today is

Flying Leap - November 9
Previously on The Duel, recent cancer survivor Diem nervously removed her wig for the first time in front of the other players. At the "Push Over" challenge, Derrick and Beth powerhouse their way to victory. The Duel selection found Nehemiah at the last man standing, the then chose Kenny to oppose him. At the Duel Nehemiah impressed the crowd with a strong performance, sending Kenny home. Fearing that they would be targeted next, a group of outsiders led by "bad girl" Beth vowed to stick together and help get each other to make it to the end. Which of the remaining females won't make it to the end? Let's find out...

We start off the show with Diem and some of the guys and girls wearing wigs in spite of her strength in removing her win in a previous challenge, then they go to a nightclub for some dancing. Back at home base, Beth asks Svetlana "Either you, me, Aneesa, or Casey has to win tomorrow, O.K.?" They're are making a verbal agreement to make sure they've got each other backs allegedly knowing Jodi, Robin, and Kina are sharing advice. Beth got this whole plan down to a science, they've got a 50-50 chance of one of them winning. And hopefully tomorrow, they will be the popular girls.

Kina hates Beth and feels like she's masterminding this game. Robin, Jodi, herself, and Diem all basically have flags on their heads. But Kina would hope that some people would be thinking twice before they per her in there because she won't be going down quietly.

The players get their next clue...

> Don't JUMP to any conclusions about tomorrow's challenge. Just be ready by 9:30.

This brought back bad a memory for Casey from a challenge in the Fresh Meat season where she was unable to jump off the platform and hit the water to start their turn, getting them disqualified.

The player meet T.J. at the marina for their next challenge appropriately titled "Flying Leap". There are two platforms with a huge gap in-between them, suspended 20 feet in the air above the water. Players will have three minutes to jump across to the other platform to grab as many flags as possible. The female player with the most flags will be safe from the Duel hence today's a Female Duel Day. Meanwhile the male winner gets two round-trip tickets to anywhere they want to go from Frontier Airlines.

Since Nemeiah won the previous Male Duel he gets to decide the participation order, he picks Eric and Brad first.

During gameplay Derrick, Diem, Beth, and Anessa all hit the water counting them out of the challenge. And the fear of jumping came back to haunt Casey who failed to jump during the three minutes. In C.T. won in the Men's division with 35 flags and Svetlana won in the Women's with 22. Here's how the pickings went for the next Female Duel...

Svetlana picks Wes
Wes picks Aneesa
Aneesa picks Nehemiah
Nehemiah picks Beth
Beth picks C.T.
C.T. picks Kina
Kina picks Derrick
Derrick picks Robin
Robin picks Brad
Brad picks Jodi
Jodi picks Evan
Eric defaults safe
Evan picks Diem leaving Casey

Casey then challenges Robin to The Duel and the game Robin picks for this night is "Pole Wrestle".

Brad isn't worried about Robin going home at all, if she even brings half of her game to the table she can take Casey out. Beth says that it's very important for Casey to take Robin out. If they can get rid of her then Beth thinks they can get Brad's vote on their side.

In "Pole Wrestle" the Duel-ers will try to pull a pole out of their opponents hands. In the end Robin pulled the pole out of Casey's hands winning an X-Box 360 and the right to stay in the game. Casey was disappointed in the outcome, but she did her best although she's the second of the Fresh Meat sent packing.

Tina says, "Because Casey is gone and that alliance is starting to kind of get smaller, I think that the game will get very interesting soon."

Casey isn't walking away from this in any way wanting to play it different. She also wants Anessa, Beth, and Svetlana to stick it out, kick a*& and take some b*#*@@es out.

Another male player gets sent home next time on the Duel.

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