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The Duel
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Today is

Reachin' Out/Ring Toss - October 12
Last season, we've seen some veterans of "The Real World" and "Road Rules" pairing up with people who haven't been on tv known as "Fresh Meat". Now this season some of the "Fresh Meat" and some of the RW/RR cast members go to the country of Brazil for this season of "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge" called "The Duel". Let's meet the cast, shall we?

Here are the guys...

Brad - RW San Diego
C.T. - RW Paris
Derrick - RR Xtreme
Eric - Fresh Meat
Evan - Fresh Meat
John - RW Key West
Kenny - Fresh Meat
Nehemiah - RW Austin
Tyler - RW Key West
Wes - RW Austin

...and here are the girls...

Aneesa - RW Chicago
Beth - RW Los Angeles
Casey - Fresh Meat
Diem - Fresh Meat
Jodi - RR Xtreme
Kina - RR Xtreme
Paula - RW Key West
Robin - RW San Diego
Svetlanta - RW Key West
Tina - RR South Pacific

The teams enter a lavish lodge which will be their homebase for their individual duration of the competition. After the players do their "meet-and-greet" of sorts, they then go to an arena lit up with fire and see T.J. Lavin who's hosting for the third consecutive season. Then he gives the teams the lowdown on "The Duel". First off, there will be no more teams, from now on the players are now on a solo mission from start to finish.

Each challenge is going to be designated a Male or a Female Duel Day. A Duel is where the competitors will be eliminated after every challenge in a one-on-one battle for survival. Here's how the Duels work...for example, say it's a Male Duel Day the men that outperforms all the other men in that day's challenge will be granted safety from elimination in The Duel. But here's the kicker, instead of voting someone into the duel, that player will be chosing one person to stick around. Now that person he chooses is going to be the opposite sex. That means she's going to be the person to choose another person from the opposite sex and so on until there's one person left. That lone solider is going into the duel, reguardless. Once that guy has been determined, he's then going to be choosing a player of the same sex to join him in the duel. He can pick any other guy except that day's challenge winner. Those two will then battle it out with the winner staying and the loser going home.

There's going to be four finalists at the final challenge battling it out for $300,000. There's going to be two winners, one male and one female who'll spilt the money for $150,000 a piece. And of course there will also be $200,000 in prizes for a total pool of $500,000!

After the players get themselves settled in homebase, they recieve their first clue...

> I hope you're all ready to bond with your circle of friends! Wear your uniforms and be ready to leave by 10 AM.

The players head to the beach for their first challenge of the season "Reachin' Out" and brute strength and endurance are the keys to winning. This will be divided into two heats, one for the men and the other for the women. Inside the giant circle are ten ropes of equal length, pointing out from the center. The kicker is that the players will be padlocked into their harnesses. Several feet in front of each player is a key to their padlock buried in the sand. When the horn is heard, the players will go like hell and the first male and female to get their keys and free themselves will win the days challenge. This win is important for the men since this is a Male Duel Day. The winner of the womens' heat will recieve a pair of round trip vouchers to anywhere Frontier Airlines flies.

After the women gave their all (taking into account Beth's performance was questionable), Robin wins the heat. In the men's heat size did matter for Eric who won and gets a pardon from The Duel.

And now I present to you the picking list..

Eric picked Robin
Robin picked Brad
Brad picked Jodi
Jodi picked Derrick
Derrick picked Kina
Kina picked C.T.
C.T. picked Aneesa
Aneesa picked Wes
Wes picked Tina
Tina picked Nehemiah
Nehemiah picked Beth
Beth picked Evan
Evan picked Diem
Diem picked Kenny
Kenny picked Svetlanta
Casey & Paula default safe
Svetlanta picks John leaving Tyler

And then Tyler challenges John to The Duel. Then T.J. presents four cards, each with the name of a game that'll be played in the Duel. Since Tyler was the one left out, he chooses "I Can".

The players gather at the arena for the very first Duel between Tyler and John. In the selected game "I Can" the players counterbet each other on how much weight they can lift and hold for five seconds and prove it. The survivor of this Duel will recieve a Seiko watch while the loser goes home, it's that simple.

John tells Tyler to prove that he can lift a cage full of 31 which he did the deed. Tyler is back in the game while Johnny's miscalculation has got him the heave-ho.

However, this episode ain't over yet as we've got the second half to go. We see Paul and Tina over at a bedroom with Beth who thinks she's being targeted which makes Tina and Paula think that she's crazy.

Outside, we hear from Diem that she's in remission from ovarian cancer who has had loss of some hair and has been wearing a sash over it and has the looming feeling that it's going to come off.

The players get their next clue...

> I hope you're ready to get "waist deep" with your cast members? Be ready to leave by 9 AM.

After we see Beth possibly targeting a few of the other girls and hearing Tyler wanting to watch this catfight of sorts, the teams head off for their next challenge.

This next challenge is entitled "Ring Toss" where it involves a waist deep, huge, mud pit in the center of a huge farm. Inside the pit are ten different colored poles, each with six rings of the same color. The way this works is that when the airhorn is heard the players will go into the pit and go across to the pole to grab a ring and head back to the starting point to another pole to drop off there. But the players will go for a color representing their opponent and not themselves. Because if all six rings of the same color enclose the outside pole, then the player the color represents will be eliminated.

Once again this challenge is split into two heats, one for the men and the other for the women. The male player left standing will win a Scratch Live DJ Kit while the female survivor will get a pardon from the Duel.

The men go first and they're wearing speedos again and Eric is looking fly in them. Robin then says some of these boys like to think that they're large and in charge, but when they got down to their speedos, some of them weren't too large.

Here's the order of elimination...
1) Wes
2) Nehemiah
3) C.T.
4) Derrick
5) Brad
6) Eric
7) Evan (Disqualified)
8) Tyler

Aparrently, Evan tried to lift Kenny off, but that's a no-no giving him the DQ. In the end though, Kenny got Tyler's last ring in and won.

Before the women's heat began Diem was afraid to take off her head covering. But she eventually took it off with a sexy haircut looking like G.I. Jane. Now that's done, let's see who won?

1) Beth
2) Casey
3) Paula
4) Jodi
5) Svetlanta
6) Tina
7) Robin
8) Aneesa
9) Kina

Diem won this heat proving that it's going to take a lot more than hair loss to stop her competitiveness as she's safe from elmination.

After the mission, Tina and Beth taunt each other enough to send Tina over the edge and she punches Beth in the face. To Be Continued...

How will this end, you'll have to tune in next time on "The Duel".

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