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Today is

Ice Breakers - December 21
Previously on the Duel, Evan and Jodi had stacked up against their opponents in the "Stacking Stairs" game. Then Brad sends Big "E" (Eric) home after winning the "Pole Wrestle" game in the Duel. Which of the remaining girls will be eliminated next? Let's find out...

We start with Diem noticing that C.T.'s a good boy after they kissed together. Then Kina sort of gets the impression that Svetlana wants to go home and wants to kick her butt. Jodi feels that everyone is starting to get really panicky and feel like taking her out.

The players then get their next clue...

> Are you ready for a SMASHING good time?! Be prepared to leave by 9:30 AM.

As the next day comes Svetlana tells us that this game is fair. It's the players that make it dirty. And, she would rather leave with pride, although $150,000 is so much money.

In another room, C.T. talks to Kina and Diem about eliminating Jodi. Diem thinks that Jodi is the superwoman and she's the one to beat.

The players go to a lookout for their next challenge entitled "Ice Breakers". Today, they will be breaking as much ice as possible through their grates into their containers. The male players will compete in their heat and then the females will have their turn. When given the signal, the players must run to a pile, pick up their ice blocks (one block at a time), and then bring them to their grates. When a player is satisfied with what they've done, they must then get another ice block and repeat until five minutes are up. After that, the players will then take their containers to be weighed. The male and female with the highest weight wins today's challenge. The female winner will be saved from the Duel while the male victor receives golf clubs and a private golf lesson.

Evan couldn't say that his chances are good. It's definitely going to be the most difficult challenge, take the most endurance, the most brain and will power of all the challenges before this. So, Evan just hopes that I can survive and the chance of death is high. Kina says that if Anessa or Svetlana win, it's very likely that she, Jodi or Diem will go into the Duel tonight so she's just gonna try and smash the ice as quick as she can and hope that wins her safety.

The men give their all in breaking the ice. Svetlana is going to try and get as far as I can. Svetlana just needs to make sure that she doesn't let herself give up because she has been letting herself give up when she knows that she can do very well here. We then see Kina having a little bit of pent up aggression inside her as she takes her sledgehammer and beat the (expletive deleted) out of the ice.

Here are the results.

MEN'S RANKINGS (Pounds of Ice)
Brad - 15.05 Ibs.
CT - 16.00 Ibs.
Wes - 18.55 Ibs.
Winner: Evan - 19.60 Ibs.

WOMEN'S RANKING (Pounds of Ice)
Diem - 7.20 Ibs.
Svetlana - 9.35 Ibs.
Aneesa - 8.80 Ibs.
Kina - 9.40 Ibs.
Winner: Jodi - 9.75 Ibs.

Evan and Jodi have won the day's challenge and it turns out that the former is the premiere ice-breaker in all of Brazil, all of Canada and all of the world! Kina, sarcastically, is proud of Jodi winning, a great competitor, blah, blah, blah. Jodi could understand why Kina was mad at her, she just came here to play the game and compete. Jodi also starts off the day's pickings...

Jodi picks Evan
Evan picks Diem
Diem picks C.T.
C.T. picks Kina
Kina picks Brad
Wes default safe
Brad picks Aneesa leaving Svetlana

Svetlana then challenges Kina to The Duel, and she isn't surprised by Svetlana's decision. Kina mentions that throughout this entire game, Svetlana's been playing defense, but at this point, she's prepared, and ready and able to go in and compete. Then Kina selects "Push Me" for tonight's game in which Svetlana played previously against Beth.

In the Duel, Svetlana pushed Kina away to elimination in another intense battle. According to Evan, Svetlana is two for two in "Push Me," the most unlikely competitor, the Cinderella of making it through. He also says, "It's a crazy world out there, folks, and it keeps getting weirder." We then see Kina in pain, but Svetlana thinks she's putting 150% of a show. Supposedly Kina didn't remember her battle with Beth in a previous Female Duel game. Svetlana thinks she's pathetic for not feeling like she's lost.

Wes, once again was extremely ecstatic that Svetlana won because he's got to keep my girls here. One, because he likes them and, two, because they're voting for him and he's a selfish b*stard. They're going to take advantage of this and ride the wave all the way to the end.

As the players leave the arena for the night, Svetlana has a more bitter and sweet feeling as she as to work hard for the handsome reward and to take the other girls out.

The competition continues next time on The Duel.

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