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A new group of athletes have come from all over the country to take on the world's most brutal obstacle course. Who has what it takes to become the first American Ninja Warrior?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Matt Iseman & Akbar Gbaja-Biamila
Jenn Brown
Creator Ushio Higuchi (based upon "SASUKE/Ninja Warrior")
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Holly M. Wofford
Vittoria Cacciatore
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions, Lake Paradise Entertainment & TBS Television for G4 Media
Origins Las Vegas
Web g4tv.com/anw
Airs 9p ET Sun, G4
8p ET Mon, NBC

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Las Vegas Finals Part 1
August 25

What started weeks ago will finally come to a head tonight as the best 85 athletes from all over the nation will test their mettle against the most difficult obstacle course ever devised for television. Will a veteran make the final cut? Will a rookie mount Midoriyama? We are four stages and 23 obstacles away from answering the $500,000 question and perhaps naming the first... AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR!

Aside from the top 15 from each of the four cities, we also have 25 wild cards including top 3 alternates from each city, the top female athletes, and the top athletes over 40. And judging from the montage, Brent Steffensen, who failed the City Final, WILL RUN THE SASUKE COURSE.

Mt. Midoriyama

Stage 1 will test speed and agility. Stage 2 will test strength and endurance. Stage 3 is the ultimate test of upper body strength. Survive all of that, and only the Big Tower awaits. There is no substitute for total victory. Only the one who summits the Big Tower at the end will claim $500,000.

And it all starts with Stage 1. The contestants will have 2 minutes 10 seconds to complete this course.

- TIMBERS: Eight slanted logs
- GIANT CYCLE: Vault from the tramp to the circle, then time your leap to the landing platform
- ROPE GLIDER: Ride down a cable to a floating mat.
- JUMPING SPIDER: Tramp jump plus spider climb.
- HALFPIPE ATTACK: Up the wall, then ride the rope to...
- SPINNING BRIDGE: Spinning balls, four of them.
- FINAL CLIMB up the cargo net.

Hit the button at the end before time runs out, you're on to stage 2. Otherwise, it's game over.

First up tonight...

- Camilo Brokaw (25; Albuquerque, NM; parkour instructor): FAIL Rope Glider
- John "JB" Douglas (25; Rohnert Park, CA; gymnastics instructor): FAIL Jumping Spider
- Marc Namie (34; Hopkinsville, KY; flight instructor): FAIL Jumping Spider
- Jason Soares (23; Miami; MMA fighter): FAIL Jumping Spider
- Erika Schwarz (27; Las Vegas; aerialist & performer): FAIL Timbers
- Tukrong "TK" Klengdong (22; Boston by way of Vietnam, promotions assistant): FAIL Jumping Spider
- Adam Grossman (29; Baltimore; naval engineer): FAIL Spinning Bridge
- Jamie Vanacore (28; Brigantine, NJ; Coast Guard rescue swimmer): FAIL Giant Cycle
- Dan "Hot Dog" Moschella (28; Cedar Knolls, NJ; carpenter): FAIL Jumping Spider
- Travis Weinand (29; Philadelphia; artist): STAGE COMPLETE! (:02.30 remaining)
- Sean Bennett (41; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; creative arts director): FAIL Timbers
- Justin Walcker (23; Bothell, WA; network administrator): FAIL Jumping Spider
- Tremayne Dortch (27; Houston; personal trainer): FAIL Jumping Spider
- Michelle Warnky (29; Westerville, OH; personal trainer): FAIL Giant Cycle
- Michael Bernardo (33; Washington, DC; firefighter): FAIL Halfpipe Attack

And that will do it for the night. Fifteen runners started the finals, but only one will continue...



Tomorrow on NBC, more finalists take the course in hopes of besting Stage 1. See you on NBC.

For more information on the contestants, including never-before-seen footage, or to watch this episode in its entirety, go to g4tv.com/anw or nbc.com/anw