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A new chapter begins as the famed Ninja Warrior course is brought from Mt. Midoriyama in Japan to America for the first time.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Matt Iseman & Jonny Moseley
Angela Sun
Creator Ushio Higuchi (based upon "SASUKE/Ninja Warrior")
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Holly M. Wofford
Vittoria Cacciatore
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions, Lake Paradise Entertainment & TBS Television for G4 Media
Origins Las Vegas
Web g4tv.com/anw
Airs 9p & 10p ET Sun, G4
9p ET Mon, NBC

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Las Vegas Finals 1
July 8

Over the last six weeks, we've seen the craziest obstacles ever known mow down athlete after athlete. Now only the top 100 remain - 15 from each bracket and 10 wild cards - to challenge the mother of all obstacles: Mount Midoriyama. But instead of going to Japan, the course is being brought to America.

No American has EVER conquered the course. Will this year see the first?

Las Vegas

Stage 1 will test speed and agility. Stage 2: strength and endurance. Stage 3: upper body strength. The Final Stage: one rope, one chance. Only those who complete a stage move on to the next.

The first stop of the road to total victory consists of the following obstacles...

- STEP SLIDER: Quad steps plus rope slider.
- ROLLING LOG: Grab the log and hang on.
- GIANT SWING: ... it's a giant swing.
- JUMPING SPIDER: Crawl between a spider wall
- HALFPIPE ATTACK: Run a wall, grab a rope.
- WARPED WALL: ... Fourteen feet.
- SPINNING BRIDGE: No mercy from these big balls.
- FINAL CLIMB: Grab the cargo net and run to the finish.

You have 2:10 to complete the course.

The fastest will run last. The slowest 28 will run tonight.

- 100) Cade Halada (30, Eagle River, WI, desktop service technician) - FAIL Jumping Spider
- 99) Michael "Frosti" Zernow (25, Santa Monica, CA, professional free-runner) - FAIL Jumping Spider
- W-98) Tom Hutchman (51, Kentfield, CA, personal trainer) - FAIL Giant Swing

On hand watching, Sasuke Grand Champion Makoto Nagano and the EP of the series in Japan. So far, they've seen nothing but failure. Eight runs, seven of them ending on the Jumping Spider.

- 92) Ronnie Shalvis Jr. (21, Bountiful, UT, construction worker) - FAIL Jumping Spider.
- 91) Paul O'Connor (29, Winter Haven, FL, water skier) - FAIL Halfpipe Attack
- 90) James Wyatt (33, Willis, TX, operations manager) - FAIL Halfpipe Attack

Four more runs, zero completions.

- 85) Marcus Ramos (26, San Jose, shoe salesman) - FAIL Giant Swing
- W-84) Natalie Strasser (27, North Hollywood, CA, bartender) - FAIL Rolling Log

Four more runs... passing the Halfpipe Attack.. but fail at the Warped Wall.

- 79) Gunner Bahn (25, Wasilla, AK, TSA agent) - FAIL Halfpipe Attack
- 78) Nathaniel Spencer (27, Lawrence, KS, former professional golfer) - COMPLETE (ON THE BUZZER!)

Three more men fail, one at the Final Climb.

- 74) Phillip Pirollo (28, Turnersville, NJ, parkour gym owner) - FAIL Spinning Bridge
- 73) David Money (40, Burbank, CA, construction worker) -  FAIL Final Climb

And at the end of part 1, only one man sits on the leaderboard.



The next batch of finalists take to the course at the top of the hour.


For more information on the contestants, including never-before-seen footage, go to g4tv.com/anw or nbc.com/anw