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A new chapter begins as the famed Ninja Warrior course is brought from Mt. Midoriyama in Japan to America for the first time.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Matt Iseman & Jonny Moseley
Angela Sun
Creator Ushio Higuchi (based upon "SASUKE/Ninja Warrior")
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Holly M. Wofford
Vittoria Cacciatore
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Mid-South Final
June 18

Four regions down, and we're on pace to create the strongest field of challengers to Mount Midoriyama on record. So far, 60 have earned a trip to Vegas to try their hand at being the first American to scale the monolith, but we still have room for 40. Not after the hour as another 15 advance to the course in Vegas.

Fair Park, Cotton Bowl, Dallas

Today's Final Course consists of...

- Quad Steps
- Log Grip
- Bridge of Blades
- Jump Hang
- Rope Junction
- Warped Wall
- SALMON LADDER: Use your momentum to traverse the one rung on this ladder.
- LAMP GRASPER: New for season 4, use your hands to grasp through a network of 20 suspended globes.
- CARGO CLIMB: One big cargo net, 45 feet.

The fifteen fastest and furthest will go to the Vegas final. And we're all doing it under the lights. Paul Kasemir, who clocked in at 53 seconds, goes last. Up first...

- 18) Todd Stair (23, Norman, OK, mechanical engineer) - FAIL Jump Hang. Boomer goes boom.
- 22) Miguel "Jenin" Gonzalez (22, Fort Worth, gymnastics & parkour coach) - FAIL Salmon Ladder
- 24) Angel Flores (25, El Paso, TX, gymnastics coach) - FAIL Warped Wall
- 11) Alan Connealy (32, Broomfield, CO, chiropractor) - FAIL Lamp Grasper

Josh Kronberg and Justin Dickstein are blocked by the Warped Wall

- 20) "Big Bob" Pondrom (30, Dallas, personal trainer) - COMPLETE (3:48)

Michael Cusic failed at the Salmon Ladder.

- 16) James Wyatt (33, Willis, TX, uniform company operations manager) - In addition, James is using his experience being homeless for six months as a youth pastor. COMPLETE (3:57)
- 30) Erick Eischen (29, Edwards, CO, computer technician) - FAIL Salmon Ladder

Two more competitors are stopped by the course. Luke Cash cashed out on the Salmon Ladder, while Justin D'avila went lights out on the Lamp Grasper.

- 15) Arnold Risvik (26, Albuquerque, NM, machine/fabrication shop owner) - FAIL Salmon Ladder.

Finishing the course: Nathaniel Spencer and Tremayne Dortch. In the Hot Seat: Todd Stair.

- 9) George "Woody" Dunwoody (32, Thornton, CO, car stereo installer) - FAIL Rope Junction. He did complete the Jump Hang, so now he's in the hot seat.
- 3) Brandon Douglass (23, Boulder, CO, parkour coach) - COMPLETE (2:29). And Woody gets chopped.

Jaret Salas and Kevin Klein both complete the course in under 3 minutes, putting Angel Flores on the bubble.

- 4) Sat Khalsa (21, Boulder, CO, product marketing specialist) - COMPLETE (2:56)

Lorin Ball had all the right moves for a 3:20 finish. Michael Cusic is now in the Hot Seat.

Next up, the Lobeck Brothers...

- 8) Joe Lobeck (21, Colorado Springs, CO, gymnastics coach) - FAIL Lamp Grasper
- 6) Josh Lobeck (23, Colorado Springs, CO, gymnastics coach/college student) - COMPLETE (3:04). So at least one of the brothers is heading to Vegas.

Jereme Sanders and Stephen Solt met their demise on the Lamp Grasper, but Brian Arnold finishes with 2:30. In the hot seat, Sanders.

- 25) David Cabrera (24, Fort Worth, TX; mobile phone salesman) - FAIL Warped Wall

Part 1 of the Rocky Mountain Rivalry starts with...

- 2) Jake Smith (23, Boulder, CO, telecommunications technician) - COMPLETE (3:45). That puts Stephen Solt in the Hot Seat.

Down to the final two runners...

- 12) Ahmed Toure (21, Austin, TX, youth rock climbing coach) - COMPLETE (2:59)

And finally... with Joe Lobeck in the Hot Seat...

- 1) Paul Kasemir (26, Longmont, CO, software engineer) - COMPLETE! (2:23) Fastest in qualifying, fastest in the finals!


1) PAUL KASEMIR (2:23)
3) BRIAN ARNOLD (2:30)
4) JARET SALAS (2:43)
5) KEVIN KLEIN (2:56)
6) SAT KHALSA (2:56)
7) AHMED TOURE (2:59)
8) JOSH LOBECK (3:04)
9) LORIN BALL (3:20)
10) JAKE SMITH (3:45)
11) "BIG BOB" PONDROM (3:48)
13) JAMES WYATT (3:57)
15) ALAN CONNEALY (Salmon Ladder)

Next week, the road to Vegas runs through Miami, as the final 100 is finally decided with the Southeast.

For more information on the contestants, including never-before-seen footage, go to g4tv.com/anw or nbc.com/anw