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May 20 (1)

May 20 (2)

A new chapter begins as the famed Ninja Warrior course is brought from Mt. Midoriyama in Japan to America for the first time.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Matt Iseman & Jonny Moseley
Angela Sun
Creator Ushio Higuchi (based upon "SASUKE/Ninja Warrior")
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Holly M. Wofford
Vittoria Cacciatore
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Origins Las Vegas
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Southwest Qualifier Final
May 21

Last night, 30 challengers rose to the course in Venice Beach. Of them, 26 finished. Not of them, The Legend, Levi Meeuwenberg. But for the 30 that did survive comes the harshest cut of all, as 15 of them will not survive to the Vegas Course.

Venice Beach Boardwalk

In addition to the qualifier course, these obstacles will be added...

- Quad Steps
- Log Grip
- Spinning Log
- Jump Hang
- Devil Steps
- Warped Wall
- SALMON LADDER: Use your momentum to traverse the one rung on this ladder.
- ARM RINGS: Work the rings across a bent track.
- CARGO CLIMB: One big cargo net, 45 feet.

If we don't get 15 competitors, the 15 fastest and furthest will go to Vegas.

- 21) WILL ROBERTS (26, Los Angeles, personal trainer) - FAIL Spinning Log
- 26) KELVIN ANTOINE (53, Santa Clarita, CA, forklift operator) - FAIL Warped Wall

Over the break, Travis Brewer failed the Warped Wall.

- 30) DAVID MONEY (40, Burbank, CA, construction worker) - FAIL Arm Rings

Victor Rivera and Caine Sinclair also fail the Arm Rings, and no one has yet to compete the entire course.

- 18) KOLE STEVENS (37, Carlsbad, CA, Navy firearms instructor) - COMPLETE (3:07.82) And the bar is set. Kole Stevens has gone from Quad Steps flameout to a trip to Mt. Midori-Vegas.

Matthew Conway fails at the Warped Wall, while Kody Klein got wet on the Salmon Ladder. Now... clear for lift off...

- 20) EVAN "The Rocket" DOLLARD (30, San Diego, writer/host) - COMPLETE (3:03.99). The Rocket is shooting toward Vegas on a mistake-free run.

ANW action continues under the lights with...

- 16) RYAN "Cloud" COUSINS (26; Los Angeles; 3D artist) - FAIL Spinning Log
- 13) RYAN THOMPSON (27; Flagstaff, AZ; IT training specialist) - COMPLETE (4:39)
- 10) RICK PITCHER (29; St. George, UT; firefighter/EMT) - FAIL Warped Wall

And with that, Finalist's Row is now full. The man in jeopardy, Will Roberts, is relegated to the Hot Seat. The worst seat in the house. That means that anyone who finishes faster or further than you will take your spot on the plane to Vegas.

- 8) DEREK NAKAMOTO (21; Pomona, CA; engineering student) - aside from being a student, he's also a physical trainer and a taiko drummer. COMPLETE (3:36). Kelvin is now in the hot seat.

Meanwhile, Vincent Gorby, Shane Daniels, and Daron Payne all fail the Salmon Ladder. Man in the Hot Seat: Travis Brewer. Passing the Warped Wall will get you in the Top 15.

- 4) JESSE LA FLAIR (26, Los Angeles, stuntman/parkour traceur) - COMPLETE (3:04). Kody Klein now in the Hot Seat.

Ronnie Shalvis Jr. fails the Arm Rings, Dorian Cedars finishes, and Remi Bakkar finishes as well. Now in the Hot Seat, Daron Payne. Six men left...

- 14) DUSTIN ROCHO (33, Las Vegas, CPR instructor) - FAIL Jump Hang, landing on the side of his face. He did get up, but now his eardrum is ruptured. He'll be okay...
- 7) MICHAEL "Frosti" ZERNOW (25, Santa Monica, CA, professional free-runner) - FAIL Arm Rings

Paul Darnell finishes in 3:43, but Jo Paloma fails the Arm Rings. On the Hot Seat: David Money and Caine Sinclair. All a person has to do is finish the Arm Rings to advance at this point, but Frosti is assured of a place in the Vegas final.

- 2) DAN MAST (23, Agoura Hills, CA; stuntman) - COMPLETE (3:46). That leaves two people of import, Caine Sinclair and the man in the #1 position set to run last.

- 1) BRENT STEFFENSEN (31, Sandy, UT, stuntman) - COMPLETE (3:18)

And your finals bracket from the Southwest Region is set.


1) EVAN DOLLARD - 3:03.99
2) JESSE LA FLAIR - 3:04.99
3) KOLE STEVENS - 3:07.82
4) REMI BAKKAR - 3:12.74
6) CHAD SIMPSON - 3:20
7) DEREK NAKAMOTO - 3:36.17
8) DORIAN CEDARS - 3:36.70
9) PAUL DARNELL - 3:43
10) DAN MAST - 3:48
12) RYAN THOMPSON - 4:39
13) DYLAN CURRY - 5:09
14) Ronnie Shalvis Jr. - Salmon Ladder
15) Michael "Frosti" Zernow - Salmon Ladder

Next week, the competition moves to the Midwest Region.

For more information on the contestants, including never-before-seen footage, go to g4tv.com/anw or nbc.com/anw