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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Quisla Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Ryan Seacrest
Judges: Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson
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Round of 10: Motown
March 26

Chico: Hello, gang.... Idols lip-synching... that and more news of the obvious as we fire up the roundtable recap.
Gordon: 24 hours ago, we went to Motown. Tonight, we'll be leaving someone there, never to see again until the Idol tour.
Chico: Thoughts about last night?
Gordon: I don't think I liked it as much as everyone else did, to be honest. I found it very pitchy, especially at the beginning of the evening.
Don: It was an interesting mix. Some nice stuff, and some stuff that I wanted to (and probably did) forget about.
Chico: We had your mix of good and bad. The good were good. The bad were... REALLY BAD.
Gordon: Your thoughts on last night's show, Mr. Block?
Jason: Last night we saw cream rise to the top...and a lot of coffee grounds at the bottom.
Chico: Something like that yeah.
Gordon: With the gang here, it's time for...


Gordon: And as usual, we start in order:

Matt Giraud - "Let's Get It On"

Don: Nice start to the night. Safe.
Grandma Pepper: Matt, one of the tough performers, just proves it again. SAFE
Jason: He was ok. Not great. But enough to go on. SAFE.
Gordon: It won't surprise me if he's at the bottom, but I think we have 3 prime candidates. SAFE.
Chico: Good start to the evening. Not particularly great, but his strength. SAFE.

Kris Allen - "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)"

Grandma Pepper: I agree with the judges - Everything that he did was good! SAFE
Chico: See Giraud, Matt. Though that shout at the end... I don't know what he was thinking. SAFE.
Jason: A sing back karaoke style performance. But he isn't going home. SAFE.
Don: I thought he did pretty well. Safe.
Gordon: Also wouldnt surprise me if he was at the bottom, but I think he gets bailed out. SAFE.

Scott McIntyre - "You Can't Hurry Love"

Jason: Worst song choice of the night. He proved tonight he is a ONE TRICK pony. TROUBLE.
Grandma Pepper: I'm pulling for Scott and hope his audience gets behind him tonight. TROUBLE
Don: Trouble. He needs to get better or else.
Chico: I said that anything other than Stevie or Ray would be judged as a failure. Still, he has enough fans taht he'll just be in DEEP TROUBLE.
Gordon: He is blind. He better hope his audience is deaf. Trouble.

Megan 'Almonds' Joy - "For Once in My Life"

Jason: The Sanjaya of 2009 ends here. OUT.
Don: Ack. Just... Ack. OUT.
Gordon: Bad, but I think her audience knows it and will bail her out. TROUBLE.
Grandma Pepper: Megan, Megan, Megan. What you did to that song was sad and I'm afriad will cost you big. OUT
Chico: This ... this was just bad. But there are more males than females, so she'll just scrape by. TROUBLE. Trust me on this.

Anoop Desai - "Ooh Baby Baby"

Jason: A fun enjoyable performance. SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: Anoop is holding his own and will be around awhile. SAFE
Chico: Anoop's safe... but here's my thing... he's carving a niche as a balladeer/soul singer... now all he needs to do is find his balls.
Don: I liked it. Safe.
Gordon: I didn't like it as much as everyone else did, but he's not going anywhere. SAFE.

Michael Sarver - "Ain't Too Proud to Beg"

Chico: That was a little too proud for anyone. I think Sarver's on his way OUT.
Jason: I am begging are in TROUBLE.
Grandma Pepper: I like Michael, and hope he gets to stay. If he does, he has to take the judges seriously! TROUBLE
Don: I'm having trouble remembering his performance, and maybe that's a good thing. Trouble.
Gordon: With Allison and Adam grabbing the rock vote, and Megan's fan base and Kris taking country, I don't see how Michael is going to get the vote to survive tonight. OUT.

Lil Rounds - "Heatwave"

Grandma Pepper: No matter what, Lil is here to stay and she may not have picked the right snog, but she sure did pick the right look!!! Safe
Chico: Now this was intresting, because Lil can and will do better. She has the fans to survvie this week, though. SAFE.
Don: Safe, but I hope she doesn't get any worse than that, for her sake.
Jason: The judges were way to hard on her. She was fine. SAFE.
Gordon: Safe, but blew a royal opportunity to move into the elite.

Adam Lambert - "Tracks of My Tears"

Gordon: Case in point. Welcome to the elite. Safe.
Grandma Pepper: Wow! He really not only nailed that song, he did the same with his appearance. I hope he gets to keep that look, because it will go with any song. SAFE
Don: Wow! Just... Wow! Safe.
Jason: Star-making performance. Brilliance all around. SAFE.
Chico: BEST of the night. WAY SAFE. And he looks like Joaquin Phoenix.

Danny Gokey - "Get Ready"

Grandma Pepper: That was fun, Danny, as it always is. SAFE
Don: I personally enjoyed Danny's performance, and I thought it was pretty good. Safe.
Chico: Trademark Danny. Would be better if he nailed the tone, but... oh well. SAFE.
Jason: Danny was fun. SAFE.
Gordon: Perfect song for his fan base. Is he turning into the pop Taylor Hicks? Safe
Chico: I hope not, G.
Gordon: He could be.

Allison Iraheta - "Papa Was a Rolling Stone"

Jason: Rocked the house. WAY SAFE.
Don: Nice finish to the night. Safe.
Grandma Pepper: Yay! She's back! I knew she would be. That was sensational. Safe
Chico: Way to prove yourself at long last. Welcome back to the family. SAFE.
Gordon: This is why she had the last spot of the night. This is also why Michael is leaving this evening. Safe.
Chico: Okay, to recap...

Grandma Pepper: Trouble: Scott, Michael. OUT: Megan
Chico: TROUBLE: Megan & Scott. OUT: Michael.
Gordon: Trouble: Scott, Megan OUT: Michael
Jason: TROUBLE: Michael, Scott: OUT: Megan
Don: Trouble: Scott, Michael; Out: Megan

Chico: What you're about to see is epic. This is the first time that Gordon and I have agreed on anything this season :-)
Gordon: Ha. So we all have Michael, Megan and Scott at the bottom. We disagree on who's leaving.
Chico: I think EVERYONE in the universe have those three.
Jason: Yes.
Don: Yep.
Gordon: You know, it does happen. Does this mean that we could have an upset?
Jason: No.
Chico: I think last night was a pretty cut and dried case.
Gordon: OK. this is for 1/2 point. If there is a 4th person, who is it? I'll say Matt Giraud.
Jason: Matt
Grandma Pepper: Matt Giraud
Chico: Kris.
Don: I'll go with... Kris.
Chico: Is it still too early to use the save?
Gordon: Yes
Don: Yeah.
Jason: Yes.
Chico: Just making sure.
Jason: The only people worthy of the save are: Lil, Adam, Danny, Alison and Anoop
Gordon: I wouldn't put Anoop on that list.
Chico: Not yet. Not until he finds his balls.
Gordon: I'd say Adam and Danny and Allison. Maybe Lil.
Chico: Alrighty... It's SHOWTIME! Random clips from the night prior for our cold open. Now they're just getting lazy. =p
Jason: Here...we...go!
Jason: 36 Million votes.
Chico: the most for any top ten ever. But... WHAT DID THEY DO? We'll find out, but first... Ruben Studdard, Smokey Robinson & Joss Stone... and Stevie Wonder. They all want to perform. We all recall a joke made at the President's expense. Oh yeah... and to add a bit of relevance, the button is still in play. A recap of last night...Kris was sweet....Danny was ready...Anoop was a baby...And it was all good. Same could not be said for Megan or Lil. Or Michael Sarver and Scott McIntyre for that. But the night belonged to the tracks of Adam Lambert's tears.... and Allison's rolling stones....and Matt's getting it on. But who will the motor stop for in Motown? And now... a prerecorded vocal tribute.
Gordon: It's the MIlli Vanilli Top Ten!
Jason: They don't do it live anymore...right?
Chico: You know that piece in the New York Times... that wasn't news... to ANYONE. You know what I mean?
Jason: Yup.
Don: Indeed.
Chico: It's like "Hello, we know they're faking it. Why do they need to put it in writing?"
Don: It seems like something one would write on a rather slow news day.
Gordon: At least it was interesting when it was a train wreck. Now its just boring.
Chico: Back to the show. And the Ford video... The completely non-Motown "Pocketful of Sunshine"
Jason: Cute.
Don: They put together a picture on the floor, then they... drive into it.
Gordon: That was just as boring as the group sing, though I really did like the old flashbacks.
Chico: Hopefully not as boring is Ruben Studdard, season 2 victor.
Gordon: Will you like Reuben Studdard?
Chico: He's singing his new single "Together".
Chico: He looks good. Think he's trying to resuscitate his career?
Gordon: You think? (Brings electrodes)
Chico: Okay, let's talk trip to Detroit... private jet...crowds waiting...Matt being back in Michigan...And now... BUSINESS. First up...Adam Lambert.
Gordon: Somehow, I think Adam is safe.
Chico: Adam was praised for his originality and was called the best of the night...Adam.... is SAFE. And in other news... water is wet.
Don: lol
Chico: Matt Giraud is next... He was solid and a front runner.... and he's in the bottom?
Jason: Whoa!
Chico: Interesting..
Gordon: in the bottom 3, amidst the booing.
Chico: First shocker of the season.
Gordon: Really? I didn't think so.
Chico: But I can totally see where they're coming from. Kris needs some self belief...and he's SAFE. Lil & Michael are next...Michael's song kicked his butt. Lil threw it back, but the song was rushed...
Gordon: Lil... is safe. not.
Jason: We knew that one.
Chico: We'll find out #3 after Smokey Robinson & Joss Stone sing a nice little duet.
Gordon: So apparently, in our little group, Grandma Pepper, Jason and me were not too surprised that Matt's at the bottom. And I'll tell you why. #1. I didnt think he was that good and #2. Matt and Scott are in the same group. If Scott's in trouble, people will call to bail him out, meaning that people didn't vote for Matt.
Chico: And now... Smokey was an incredible mentor... Now he's singing with Joss Stone on "You're the One for Me". Alright, is it me, or is this performance boring?
Jason: zzzzzzz...huh?
Gordon: It's not just boring. it's dissonant. Smokey's and the background singers are off pitch together with the song.
Chico: Aaaaaaaaaand it's over. That was a trial.
Jason: Back to BUSINESS.
Chico: Anoop, Megan, Scott, Danny, and Allison have yet to learn their fate...And they'll have to wait another two or so minutes while Fox sells us something.
Gordon: So between Scott and Megan, who gets the 3rd spot?
Jason: Megan
Don: Megan.
Chico: Megan. More results!
Gordon: Allison stands up.
Chico: Allison... put on a good performane. This week.. she's safe!
Jason: Yeah
Chico: Anoop... on two weeks in a row, but he was boring.
Gordon: Anoop's baby babies made him safe.
Chico: Danny Gokey... was clumsy and amateurish... But I betcha he's safe.
Gordon: Oh look! He is! Shock!
Chico: That leaves Scott & Megan. Scott was upbeat, but cheap. Megan was a trainwreck... Scott is in the bottom three. Megan's boobs save her yet again.
Gordon: Yay, boobs!
Jason: (grumble)
Gordon: And Jason's choice isn't even in the bottom 3.
Chico: Randy says that Matt doesn't deserve to be there. He doesn't know why Matt is there. We can give him a reason or two. But first, let's save one...
Gordon: The person who is safe for the evening is...Scott.
Jason: Say what? This is a load of crap.
Gordon: No it's not.
Chico: It's simple, right?
Gordon: It is.
Chico: What's the hierarchy? Very good... good... bad... mediocre. Scott was "bad", so right now, he's in a better position than either Sarver or Matt.
Jason: Explain again how this works?
Chico: Okay.. Follow us here, J...If you're REALLY good... People will vote for you.
Jason: Right.
Chico: If you're REALLY bad... People will vote to save you.
Jason: Right.
Chico: If you're in the middle... and you get swallowed up by the void. And that puts you in danger. Bout right ain't it? Hence the hierarchy: Very good... good... bad... mediocre. You get it now?
Gordon: Exactly. And seriously, it's not a surprise that Scott is down there. Scott was bad.
Jason: Not a surprise that Scott was there...nor Michael...but Matt?
Gordon: Not a surprise there either. If you read my column, He wasn't good. He was bland. And he was out of pitch and didn't sing anything worth voting for. That's a real non vote of confidence from Simon on the Judges Save, which means to me that neither of them are going to be saved.
Chico: And now... a special performance... a Motown medley ... by STEVIE WONDER!
Gordon: And I'm sure Matt is wondering why he didn't select Stevie. I sure am.
Chico: Did ANYONE pick Stevie? Oh wait... Megan did
Jason: Ouch.
Chico: See, if I'm Matt, I sing THIS song (Superstition)
Gordon: Perfect song for him.
Chico: And we see two men dancing that shouldn't...Anoop and Danny :-)P
Don: Heh.
Chico: And this is why Stevie Wonder is the freaking man...
Gordon: And we geta shout out to Barack Obama
Chico: Where did THAT come from :-)
Jason: Shut up and sing please.
Chico: And another shoutout to American Idol. Results and an irate Scotsman wondering why his show is two minutes late after the break. Osbournes Reloaded is going to bomb so hard. But that's another show for another day... Dim the lights...After the vote... the person forced to sing for his life... is MICHAEL.
Gordon: No surprise there.
Chico: Nope.
Gordon: Well for me and Chico, anyways.
Chico: So the question now... will he be saved?
Gordon: No way Michael is getting saved.
Chico: Nope.
Don: No save here.
Gordon: If he gets saved, I will sing right now live via web cam - in my boxers.
Chico: Photos, J! PHOTOS!
Gordon: I will sing Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. (Takes pants off)
Jason: Oh man!
Gordon: (Sets up Video Camera. Sets up the web invites)
Chico: But seriously... after what was said last night... especially from Simon... the chances that he'll be saved are slim to none... and slim just left town.
Jason: Bingo
Gordon: He sings it better tonight. If he sang like this last night, he's probably watching Matt leave.
Chico: Probably.
Gordon: But not tonight, (takes off shirt)
Jason: EW!
Chico: Okay, the button is in play. To the panel...Simon? They haven't decided...
Jason: What?
Chico: He defers to Paula...And... Michaels' going home after all that.
Gordon: Awww (puts pants back on)
Chico: And just in time for the Office to start.
Jason: Was there a possibility?
Gordon: Seriously? No way.
Jason: Or was that all bs?
Gordon: BS.
Chico: I call bull on the panel.
Gordon: its called lets tease the audience.
Jason: Gotcha
Gordon: You're not ging to use the save now on someone who won't win it.
Chico: Oh yeah. So I assume that G is crunching numbers right nowl
Gordon: You assume correctly...

Grandma Pepper: 13.5
Chico: 13
Gordon: 12.5
Don: 8
Jason: 7.5

Gordon: So who does this help? Who does this hurt?
Chico: Michael's departure helps Kris...
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: It definitely helps Kris and Allison
Chico: It also helps Scott and Matt to a degree, because their fans know they are in trouble and will come out in droves to save them. I honestly think Megan's time might come next week. Because right now, there's no curb to help her up.
Jason: No it won't. She is Sanjaya like.
Gordon: I think Megan may be in trouble for another reason. Matt and Scott's voting base got a HUGE scare tonight. Any final comment on this episode?
Don: Nothing to add here.
Chico: Motown's always a classic theme, and it's nice to see people who bring something more to the party rewarded in kind.
Gordon: So for everyone, this is Gordon Pepper, saying game over and spread the love.
Chico: Stay tuned for Hell's Kitchen next over most of these Fox stations... and don't forget to support your local singers!

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