The Amazing Race
Season 6
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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1,000,000.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line? 

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Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions
Airs: Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on CBS

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"You Deal With This Before I Hyperventilate - Leg 10" - February 1


From the deserts of Ethiopia to the "Jewel of the Indian Ocean", the Racers rocked and rolled in their continuing trek around the world. Along the way, the ran a relay, rode elephants, climbed trees and climbed 1000 steps up Lion Rock. When they arrived at the lodge, it was Kris & Jon (Team Restauranteurs) who took the lead. It was a tight race for second, but that went to Hayden & Aaron (Team "Dating" Actors), followed closely by Freddy & Kendra (Team Engaged Models) and Adam & Rebecca (Team Shrek). Unfortunately, a bit of miscommunication at the ROAD BLOCK dropped Lori & Bolo (Team Rasslers) all the way to last and, thus, they were eliminated.

At one minute before midnight local time, Team Restauranteurs stand at the foot of the pool they went swimming in 12 hours beforehand. They rip open this clue to start the tenth leg:

Fly to Shanghai, China (over 4000 miles away), the most populous city in the world (over 13 million people live there). Once there, head for Yu Yuan Gardens and search the grounds for your next clue. You have $142 for this leg of the Race.

The long-distance daters depart for the airport, knowing that a) strategy is of the essence and b) the airport may very well lead to another four-way tie. Five minutes after they depart, Team "Dating" Actors leave. Right behind them are their Model Alliance partners and right behind THEM are Team Shrek.

At Colombo International Airport, the four teams disembark their taxis and run to find flights to China. Hayden & Aaron are the first to book a flight on Dragonair (isn't that a Pokemon?) leaving at 7:45am. Kris & Jon and Freddy & Kendra get on the SAME flight. Adam & Rebecca... well, first they have to argue about who will GET the tickets. Adam wants to do it, but Rebecca insists on doing it herself. This, of course, makes Adam whine like a baby. Still, they do get on the same flight. So, as expected, all four teams will first travel to Hong Kong and then land at the same time in...


Whoever said New York is the "city that never sleeps" has obviously never been to Shanghai. The city is lit up brighter than the Big Apple could ever even CONCEIVE of getting. And it's these bright lights of this big city that awaits eight American globehoppers as they land at the airport. But Hayden & Aaron run into an unexpected road block: while the rest of the teams exchanged their U.S. currency for Chinese Yuan in Hong Kong, Team "Dating" Actors waited until here. So the actors have to wait in queue while the other teams take off for the gardens... that is, if they can flag a cab. Only Freddy & Kendra seem to be successful at first. Kris & Jon finally get a cab, but the rate is non-negotiable. Adam follows Rebecca around like a puppy wanting attention. But they do find a cab...just as Team "Dating Actors" get their Yuan. Hayden thinks the money they paid for their cab was a rip-off... but Aaron's more concerned with getting to the gardens.

Team Engaged Models' taxi goes to the Yu Garden, a hotel. Right on their heels is Team Shrek. They both find out that Yu Yuan Gardens is a mere two minutes' walking distance from there. Adam & Rebecca get lost in the alleyways while Kris & Jon try to get info from the locals. Hayden thinks they're lost and wants Aaron to "find someone who speaks English and deal with this before I hyperventilate".

The teams eventually locate the Gardens. But - surprise, surprise - it ain't open until 8:30am. Well, THAT just stinks, don't it? They all walk back to the hotel and check-in for the night.

It's another Shanghai sunrise. And, at 8:30am, the teams buy their tickets and start the search for the clue. The Yu Yuan Gardens are as beautiful as they are HUGE! The place is like a maze that these eight foreign rats are getting lost in. But it's Freddy & Kendra who find it first and gets this clue:

Make your way to Yincheng Road (E) in the area of Pudong. Once there, search the area around Huaneng Union Tower for your next clue.


You know what THAT means:

This is the last of three YIELDs in the entire Race. A team may use this to make another team stop for a pre-determined amount of time (denoted by an hourglass) before they can continue. Any team can be YIELDed any number of times, but a team may only utilize a YIELD once during the course of the Race (meaning Adam & Rebecca cannot YIELD).

Kris & Jon are the next to find the clue, followed closely by Hayden & Aaron. Adam & Rebecca...well, they're lost...again. They do find the clue box, though...and, upon reading it, only one thing can be said by them: "We're SO YIELDed!"

Another difference between Shanghai and New York is, on even the WORST day, there's a good chance you WILL get a taxi in NYC. The teams are finding it extra hard to find a cab here. Somehow, Kris & Jon sneak onto one first. After a lot of waving and trying to find someone who will even give them the time of day, Freddy & Kendra find one and head off in second. The ODD thing is... most of the cabs that are speeding BY them are EMPTY. Is it discrimination... or some nuance they don't know about? Hayden & Aaron find one that's neither and zoom off in third... leaving a frustrated Team Shrek behind to EVENTUALLY get a cab.

Traffic is as bad as NYC in any sense. And the three lead teams talk about strategy going into the YIELD. Team Engaged Models SO wants revenge on Team Shrek... and it seems the other teams are willing to let them have it.

At the tower, the Model Alliance walk around the base of the tower and find both the YIELD and the next Route Marker. The result...well, it's just what you'd expect:


(Well, when Rebecca's right, she's right.)

With the revenge out of the way, it's time for the next...:

ROAD BLOCK: ("The Hua Xia Bank Tower is forty stories high but SOMEONE has to wash it.")
One team member must go to the top of Hua Xia Bank Tower (a 40-story building), put on a window-washer's bench and rappel down to a marked window. Then that person must clean the window until a message is revealed. Once you think you've discovered the message, rappel all the way down and tell the supervisor the message. If you're right, he'll give you your next clue. If not, you must go back up and try again.

Kendra seems to know what the ROAD BLOCK has in store...but, despite her acrophobia, she wants to face it. So she decides to do it. Meanwhile, after laughing at the YIELD, Aaron decides on doing the ROAD BLOCK.

While they head for the bank, Kris & Jon stay stuck in traffic. Team "Dating" Models arrive at the bank first and Aaron heads up... just as Adam & Rebecca arrive there by mistake. Hayden hides to keep Team Shrek from seeing her. Then Team Engaged Models, who hailed a cab, showed up to bring Kendra to the top.

Adam & Rebecca finnaly get to the YIELD... and immediately flip the hourglass over. Their only ray of hope is that Team Restauranteurs haven't shown up yet. As the hourglass empties half-way, Kris & Jon FINALLY arrive and get their ROAD BLOCK clue. Kris decides to do it and they take off. As they wait, Team Shrek agree that Rebecca would do this (they can see the other teams on the side of the building) since Adam can only do one more ROAD BLOCK in the entire Race (there's a six-BLOCK limit for any one Racer this time).

Aaron starts his descent and makes the window in no time. Kendra, not surprisingly, hesitates... and hesitates... and finally starts to drop. The windows are ESPECIALLY dirty and crusty, but Aaron keeps at it. Soon, he uncovers the words "TAI CHI" (a "martial art" usually done in meditation exercises). He starts his 400-foot drop to the sidewalk below. As Kendra ALSO finds "TAI CHI", Aaron hits the pavement, tells the supervisor the phrase and receives this clue for him and Hayden:

Make your way to the Monument to the People's Heroes on the Bund (Shanghai's most popular mile). Once there, search among hundreds of tai chi artists for one of four "masters". Each master has your next clue, though only one each.

As part of their Alliance, Team "Dating" Actors lets Freddy hear the clue before they take off. As they leave, Kris thanks them for not YIELDing them. Kendra starts her descent... but it's slow going because she grabs on tight at every gust of wind. As she gets to the 30th floor, Kris starts HER washing. Kendra makes it down at last and they take off after their Model Alliance partners. (Oh, and the reason no one could get a cab before was because it was "rush hour" and the cabbies felt an obligation to take businessmen instead of tourists. Now, it's no problem to hail one.)

Like sands through the hourglass, so goes Team Shrek's YIELD time. They don't GO anywhere, though, because they're too busy ARGUING. It takes them a minute to notice as they advance to the ROAD BLOCK. As Rebecca officially decides to do it and they get to the base of the bank tower, Kris hits the pavement, says "Tai Chi" and puts Team Resatauranteurs firmly into third place. Adam gets a cab to wait for them as Rebecca wipes the window clean and heads down.

At the tall monument to Chinese heroes of the past, close to 100 people sway slowly, some holding swords while others only sway their hands. Hayden & Aaron arrive there and start their search for the masters. They ask each one, "Do you have a clue?" (I think the tai chi people would ask THEM the same thing.) Finally, they find one...and their next clue:

Use the enclosed map to find your way to the end of Jiang Pu Road (about 3 miles away) to find your next clue.

Freddy & Kendra are next to the monument as Hayden & Aaron depart. It takes them a fair while... enough time for Kris & Jon to arrive. But while Team Restauranteurs lose their way, Team Shrek gets into their cab in the hopes of catching up. Kris & Jon ask and ask and ask...and finally find the clue and map. Some time later, Adam & Rebecca arrive and start the search for the last master.

Team "Dating" Actors finds the end of the road and runs to the clue box to find:

DETOUR: Bricks or Ice (things commonly found in China)?
BRICKS: Use a traditional Chinese carrying device to haul 300 clay bricks from a barge across a narrow plank to the dock's matrked stacking area. Then stack the bricks on a wooden palette. Once all 300 bricks are stacked, you'll receive your next clue.
ICE: Each of you must load two 220-pound blocks of ice onto the back of a flatbed tricycle and deliver them to a fish market (four streets away). Once there, pick the ice into chunks and put them into buckets. Once all the ice is in the buckets, the owner will hand you your next clue.

Aaron decides on BRICKS and Hayden concurs. They run to the barges and find that the devices are shoulder harnesses like giant scales. As they start, Freddy & Kendra arrive and choose BRICKS as well. Meanwhile, Kris & Jon get lost again and argue with their cabbie. Hayden has trouble lifting the bricks on her shoulders... but she and Aaron finish 148 bricks before Team Engaged Models start their first load. Kendra DOESN'T have much of a problem with the bricks and they soon catch up.

While the other two teams fight the language barrier to find the end of the road. Team "Dating Actors", who have been leading ever since they came into Shanghai, finish their 300-brick load and receive:

Make your way to the next PIT STOP: the rooftop of the Peace Hotel South (about 3 miles away, overlooking Shanghai). WARNING: the last team to check-in MAY be eliminated!

As they scram, both Kris & Jon and Adam & Rebecca arrive at the DETOUR. They both decide on BRICKS as well. As they start, Freddy & Kendra finish and take off. Adam tries to stop Rebecca from calling him "honey" as they start... and Rebecca drops her load as she crosses the plank over the water (you'd think physical trainers would be GOOD at this). It's 180 to 60, Team Restauranteurs' favor, when the line of the Race occurs:

Adam: "Don't call me 'honey'!"
Rebecca: "OK, ass!"
Adam: "Better! I prefer that!"


Kris & Jon get to 300 as Team Shrek gets to 200. It doesn't take long for Adam & Rebecca to get the last 100. But it's still a taxi race to...


Phil Keoghan awaits as both team in the Model Alliance arrive at the hotel lobby. At the top, Hayden & Aaron hit the mat first and are proclaimed "Team Number One!" Team "Dating" Actors also get a Hawaiian vacation courtesy to They're calm, cool....and ready to rock.

Freddy & Kendra arrive right behind them as Team #2, happy with the YIELD payback! So it's a race for third and last! Kris & Jon almost get hit by other cars as they head for the lobby, Adam & Rebecca on their heels.

And Team # 3 issssssssssss...


Adam & Rebecca finally arrive and receive the bad news: they're last. HOWEVER, this is the last of three non-elimination legs in the Race so they're still in it! But, of course, Team Shrek must now hand over all their bread to Phil and start dead last and dead broke. We all saw what happened to the LAST team who had to go broke this late in the Race (Team Bowling Moms, who were eliminated in the next-to-last leg). Will these two bickering trainers avoid that?

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