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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1,000,000.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line? 

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Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

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"They Should Probably Have Some Counseling - Leg 6 Part 1" - December 21


Escaping Senegal and flying 3000 miles back to Europe, the teams scaled what was left of the Berlin Wall, drank beer, made brats and raced in soap box cars to get to the PIT STOP. Freddy & Kendra (Team Engaged Models) arrived in first...but only because Jonathan & Victoria (Team Dom-Sub) had to stop when Victoria felt keeping her hubby's things from being stolen was more vital than winning the leg. This got Vic a yelling and a shove by Jonathan...and it got Jonathan my "biggest b@#$tard of 2004 reality television" award. Oh...and Don & Mary Jean (Team Married Grands) couldn't get out of the cellar and were eliminated.

At 2:55am Euro-time, 12 hours after departing, Freddy & Kendra depart with this clue:
Head for the guard shack at Checkpoint Charlie (the only spot in the Berlin Wall where officials could go through) to find your next clue. You have $408 for this leg of the Race.

The two take off...and Kendra wants to go back to the hotel to 'research'. But Freddy want to go onward. One minute later, the spouse abuser and the vict... I mean, Team Dom-Sob departs. Vic says that, though she doesn't like anyone screaming at her, "that's just Jon." (No,...that's what's WRONG! OK, OK, I won't bicker about this anymore...for THIS recap, anyway.) A half-hour later, Hayden & Aaron (Team 'Dating' Actors) depart, balancing Hayden's impetuousness with Aaron's patience.


Team Engaged Models' taxi arrives at the guard gate that once was the ONLY thing NOT separating East and West Berlin from each other. In the clue box they find this clue:

Head for the Olympic Stadium, site of the 1936 Summer Olympics. Near the front entrance, you will find a sign-up board for the order to get your next clue during the hours of operation.

They get back into their cab...just as Kris & Jon (Team Restauranteurs) depart. They're surprised at how well they fit together as a team. Not too soon after they leave, Gus & Hera (Team Who's Da Boss) follow in fifth. They decide to walk the 2km to the Checkpoint. 6th to leave is Adam & Rebecca (Team Shrek), with Rebecca arguing with Adam about walking vs. cabbing.

Jonathan & Victoria reach the Checkpoint and tell the driver to BOOK it to the Stadium...and, again, Jon FREAKS when Hayden & Aaron's cab pulls up. Finally, over an hour-and-a-half after the leaders split, Lori & Bolo (Team Rasslers) leave the PIT STOP, still confident they can forge ahead.

Team Restauranteurs arrive at the Checkpoint in fourth...just before Team Who's Da Boss arrives in fifth. They both take taxis to the Stadium. Team Shrek is next to the point and likewise cab it to...


Well, whatever the contestants are signing up for will have to wait til morning since the "Hours of Operation" are 6am to 5pm. But Freddy & Kendra sign their names first. Kendra wants to do research during the down-time, but Freddy says it's a waste of time. As Team Rasslers get the clue at the Checkpoint, Team 'Dating' Actors arrives. Jonathan & Victoria are right behind them...but can't seem to find the sign-up board. When they DO locate it and run for it, it's already too late: the actors beat them to it. This makes Jonathan even MORE angry... SO angry, in fact, that he just writes HIS name on the board. (Hey, if he wants to run the Race himself, I'M all for it.) As they get back in a cab to find a place to sleep, Kris & Jon sign-up in fourth. The rest of the teams arrive in this order: Gus & Hera in fifth, Adam & Rebecca in sixth and Lori & Bolo in last.

Guten morgen, Racers! They are greeted with a VERY tall crane in the parking lot and a lot of bungee equipment. They already have assumptions as to what this task is...and, as they file in to the clue box, they find it's a...:

ROAD BLOCK: ("Who's ready to be stretched to the limit?")
One team member must complete a "hot rocket bungee": you will be strapped onto a bungee cord at the surface, then sling-shot over 200 feet into the air. Once you complete this and return to Earth, the bungee operator will give you your next clue. Teams must do this in the order they signed up for.

And the ladies of each male/female team all decide to do this. Kendra, Hayden, Victoria, Kris, Hera, Rebecca (after some arguing) and Lori will go in that order.

Kendra's the first to get strapped in to they odd contraption while everyone else plays Fear Factor and tries to psyche the others out before THEIR turn. Kendra gets weights tied to her ankles and a cord clipped to the harness around her torso. Then the other end of the cord is lifted by the crane and, after a minute of intensity, the ripcord is pulled. The scream from her lips could PROBABLY be heard in Munich... and, when she comes back down, she STAYS down, sick and dizzy. After a minute or so, though, Freddy helps her to her wobbly feet and they both get their next clue:

Fly to Budapest, Hungary (about 450 miles away). Once at the international airport, go to the long-term parking garage and find your marked Travant (a notoriously unreliable local car). Drive it to the town of Eger (62 miles away) and locate Eger Castle to find your next clue. Should your Travant break down, you may get a replacement, though you WILL lose the time it takes to bring it to you.

As they split for the airport, Hayden, the acrophobe, gets ready for HER rocket 20 stories into the air. She DOESN'T scream, but flops around like a fish on a hook as she bounces up and down on the cord. They get their ticket to Budapest and a frightened Victoria gets strapped in, with Jonathan reassuring her that it's like being a super-hero. As she's flung, she gasps and groans like...well, I promised not to comment on that.

Team Engaged Models arrives at the international airport and look for flights to Hungary. Malev Airlines, the national airline of Hungary, is there...but the ticket counter is closed. But there's a neat little innovation in Berlin: "ticketcenter". Think of it as the "TicketMaster" of airlines... only without the annoying Eddie Veder boycott. Freddy & Kendra work to get tickets...

...while a not-at-all nervous Kris takes the hot rocket ride into fourth place for her and Jon. Hera can't believe Gus is letting her do this. It's hard for the father...but, as long as it's safe, let 'er at it. She screams quite a bit, but puts them in fifth. Rebecca and Lori follow suit and EVERYONE goes to the airport.

There, Team 'Dating' Actors meet Team Engaged Models at the ticketcenter to get their tickets on Malev. They all get tickets for a flight arriving in Budapest at 11:05am. By the time Team Dom-Sub arrive, THEY go to the center. Team Restauranteurs, however, decide to go to a GERMAN airline to find flights out while Team Who's Da Boss goes to a travel agent. Both Gus & Hera and Jonathan & Victoria try to get on the Malev flight...and the father/daughter time get booked on it...thus causing the ticketcenter agent to tell the entrepreneurs that they'll have to look elsewhere. And Jonathan, as always, is NOT happy! So, instead, they get on Air Berlin's flight.

Kris & Jon and Team Shrek get booked on the Air Berlin flight as well. Gus & Hera then approach the Malev ticket counter to receive their tickets... and that sends Jonathan WILD that THEY got HIS tickets! And, of course, he blames... the ticket agent!

Team Rasslers arrive and find both Malev and Air Berlin flights booked solid. But Luftansa...THEY have tickets available. There just ONE problem, though: though the plane leaves FIRST, it arrives in Budapest LAST of the three flights, 10 minutes behind Air Berlin and 70 behind Malev. Ah, well, if that's all they got...

LUFTANSA FLIGHT (1st to leave, last arrive): Team Rasslers
MALEV FLIGHT (2nd to leave, 1st to arrive): Team Who's Da Boss, Team 'Dating' Actors and Team Engaged Models
AIR BERLIN FLIGHT (last to leave, 2nd to arrive): Team Dom-Sub, Team Shrek and Team Restauranteurs


At 11:05am, the Malev flight touches down in the Hungarian capital. Sox Americans sprint off the plane and run to the parking lot. There, they find these... I'm not even sure "cars" fits the definition. They loojk like they're missing the giant key for winding. They make the word "compact" seem like a luxury word. And they have the oddest shifting mechanism anyone has EVER seen! Gus has a hard time fitting his rotund tummy in, but he and Hera DO leave in first since Hayden & Aaron have a hard time getting the car into gear. But the Model Alliance strikes again as Freddy & Kendra stop to get them started. But they don't wait too long and leave them behind, merely saying that it might be the battery.

As the two teams fight for position, Team 'Dating' Actors learn that it IS a dead battery and are allowed to take another car. The problem is Aaron got angry at the broken car and punched a steel blocking pole. Still, since HAYDEN is driving ANYWAY, they are able to head out.

At 12:10, the Air Berlin flight arrives and six MORE American rush out. Kris calls the calls "Herbies" (because of the numbers beside them, I guess)...while Jonathan curses that they're in last (unbeknowst that Team Rasslers is still 10 minutes behind them). Jonathan DOES, however, get them out of the lot first (since he knows cars). Kris & Jon are in fifth...and Team Shrek lag behind but FINALLY gets in gear.

But Adam insist on learning HOW to drive the car before tearing down the highway. This gives the wrestlers ample time to catch up. Adam pulls out at last, with Lori driving right behind them.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the scenery since - let's face it - these little buggies ain't exactly built for speed. Hayden & Aaron miss the exit to Eger, but are still a fair clip ahead of the rest so it's not so bad.


The castle can't really be missed since it's on a hill overlooking most of the village of Eger. As such, Freddy & Kendra arrive first to the:

DETOUR: Catapult Crash or Cannonball Run?
CATAPULT CRASH: Use a medival catapult to launch a melon 150 feet to crash into a wooden box target. Continue until you hit the target, readjusting as necessary. Once you hit the target, you will be able to retrieve your next clue inside the target.
CANNONBALL RUN: Haul a nearby cannon up the incline to the courtyard. Then haul 55 cannonballs (each weighing 4 pounds) to the courtyard and stack them in a pyramid like the one show at the courtyard. Once the judge at the courtyard has deemed your pyramid correct, he will hand you your next clue.

"150 feet is a long way," says Kendra, so the team decides to do the CANNONBALL RUN. Freddy leads with the cannon while Kendra pushes from behind. Meanwhile, Gus & Hera show up and decide the CATAPULT CRASH sounds like more fun. Then... they try it a few times.

A policeman pulls Jonathan & Victoria over. It's not what I hope it's for, though; they just don't have their lights on. Jonathan actually talks the cop into leading them to "Egerville" and the castle. "It's amazing, the things that I can do," he says. (I'm TRYING not to comment, I really am...)

While others find their way towards Eger in one fashion or another, Team
Engaged Models get the cannon up to the courtyard and run back to get the cannonballs. Meanwhile, Team Who's Da Boss try a few more times in smashing pumpkins - or melons - into the box with zero success. As such, the models finish their task first and get the next clue:

It's the married entrepreneurs who finish the DETOUR first and get their next clue: 

Head back into Budapest by train and find the Net Klub Internet Cafe. Go inside and find your next clue in an e-mail on the (PRODUCT PLACEMENT ALERT!) Intel Centrino (TM) Wireless laptop notebook computers after logging onto America Online(TM).

The models depart and catch a cab to the train station... but the next train into Budapest is an hour off, so they're certain at least ONE team will catch up. But, when the train arrives, they are the only ones to get on board.

Now,... remember what Phil said about these Travants? "Notoriously unreliable", right? Well, that was proven before with the actors... but at least they could get a new car quickly. But Team Shrek's car decides to up and die on them on the freeway. But it's not a total loss, because a local familiar with the car pulls over and starts it up for them, giving them instructions on how to prevent this from happening again. Rebecca gets behind the wheel this time to send them off.

Team Dom-Sub arrives at the DETOUR as Team Who's Da Boss struggle to get the cannon up. As Jonathan & Victoria bring the cannon UP, Gus & Hera head DOWN to get the cannonballs... and Lonathan just HAS to say something about Gus "stealing" their flight tickets to Budapest. Jonathan ALSO has words for Victoria. Vic says Jonathan has to "be the man this time"... to which Jonathan, "Be the woman and shut up." (*bites lips shut with a wince*). As they head down for the balls, Gus & Hera bring up more than 55 balls and stack them to stay in 2nd. As they leave, Team Dom-Sub use a tarp to carry up... 50 balls. (Ut oh...)

Kris & Jon are the next ones to have trouble with Travants. They're car dies and not even a push-start can get it going. So they get another car (with "?"s on the side) and get moving.

As expected, Jonathan & Victoria still need 5 more balls... and Victoria begrudgingly goes down to get them with Jonathan not saying a word behind him. They finish up in third... and it's JONATHAN that wears the tarp like a "superman". But it's VICTORIA that rips the tarp off and tell HIM to move it or lose it! (You go, girl!) They get to the station and AGAIN confront Team Who's Da Boss about how they "stole" their tickets. But Gus takes the high road and doesn't say much as they haul to Budapest.

Meanwhile, Team 'Dating' Actors finishes the CANNONBALL RUN before Team Restauranteurs even shows up. Hayden & Aaron hop BACK in their Travant and drive to the train station as Kris & Jon struggle getting the cannon up in their backpacks. As they stack the balls, Adam & Rebecca arrive and decide to try the catapult. It only takes ONE failed attempt - with the melon almost going straight up and down on top of them - to change their minds. The long-distance daters finish the DETOUR in fifth and cab it to the station en route to...


Team Engaged Models hop off the train and find a cab to take them to the cafe. As they do, Team Shrek finishes the DETOUR in sixth.

Meanwhile, on the road to Eger, Team Rasslers' car dies on them, solidifying their spot in last. They have to wait for a new car to show up for them to continue.

Freddy & Kendra arrive at the cafe after a relaxing ride through downtown Budapest. But HERE's a switch for ya: the "hours of operation" are 10pm to 10am instead of the other way around! There are still three hours for teams to arrive!

(At about this time, I'm watching the clock. It was getting PRETTY close to 9pm ET and I started to think that the cafe was actually the PIT STOP.)

The third train pulls out of Eger station with Team 'Dating' Actors and Team Restauranteurs on it... and Team Shrek just entering the station! Adam & Rebecca are angry that they'll have to wait for the next train.

In Budapest, Team Dom-Sub and Team Who's Da Boss get out of the train and into cabs. Jonathan, who obviously thinks ANY time a team passes them that he's in last, all but yells at the driver to put the pedal to the metal. But the driver doesn't care to race like Jonathan wants him to. As such, Gus & Hera pass them in a relaxed state of mind. After a while, the driver has ENOUGH of Jonathan's prodding and refuses to take them any further. They quickly board another cab... but Team Who's Da Boss arrives in second, putting Team Dom-Sub in third.

As Adam & Rebecca wait for the final train out of Eger, Lori & Bolo wait for their replacement car. As they get to the DETOUR at night, Kris & Jon and Hayden & Aaron get off the train and hail cabs. The wrestlers choose - of course - CANNONBALL RUN and finish it in record time. But, as Team Shrek arrives at the cafe in sixth, Team Rasslers arrive at the station with bad news: there are no more trains to Budapest today. They are going to be SO behind...and they feel they're going to be eliminated.

At 10pm, the doors to the cafe open and the teams file in...while Lori & Bolo snuggle on a bench at the station, waiting for morning...or for Phil to come to THEM and say they're eliminated. And, just when you think that's exactly what'll happen, what do we see on the TV?


(Huh?! A two-part leg?! WTF?!?!?!?)

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