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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1,000,000.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line? 

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Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

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"Tell My Mom I Love Her - Leg 7" - January 11


Hanging around Budapest was FUN...but I think it's time to move on. The Racers played water polo, paddled across the Danube and slurped up spicy soup to get to the monument to the fishermen who stopped the Turks all those years ago. But Lori & Bolo (Team Rasslers) decided to down some pig blood instead in a FAST FORWARD and, because of that, arrived in first. Kris & Jon (Team Restauranteurs) and Jonathan & Victoria (Team Dom-Sub) are close behind, Freddy & Kendra (Team Engaged Models) are in the back...and Gus & Hera (Team Who's Da Boss) are the latest victims of the PIT STOP elimination.

At 11:12pm Euro-time, the wrestlers have digested their blood and are ready to start on Leg 7 with this clue:
Make your way to the neighborhood of Budafok (about 7 miles away). Find the winery called "Promontor Boruovar" and follow the marked path around the halls of the winery to a 14,000 wine cask (the largest in the country). In front of the cask is your next clue. You have $31 for this leg of the Race.

Team Rasslers know they need to make the right decisions in order to maintain their lead. Just after midnight, Team Restauranteurs depart followed quickly by Team Dom-Sub. A few minutes later, Hayden & Aaron (Team 'Dating' Actors) depart ...after Aaron fails to get a kiss from Hayden. Hayden hates to see Aaron so laid-back and hurries him into a cab. Right behind them are Adam & Rebecca (Team Shrek), seemingly content with the villianess/lackey roles. Finally, Team Engaged Models leave over an hour after the leaders, hoping that the Model Alliance will help them out of the cellar.

Lori & Bolo arrive at the wine cellar...and - surprise, surprise - it won't open until 10am. The other teams line up by the gate and roll out sleeping bags. As such, 12 Racers awaken and ready themselves for a sprint as soon as the 24-hour clock hits '1000'.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd there off!

The wine cellar is a labyrinth which one could EASILY get lost in...if not for bright red-and-yellow arrows to point the way. Some of the males have to duck their heads along the low-ceilinged hallways. Aaron and Bolo are the first to arrive at the gigantic cask (serious, folks, Bacchus would have a hard time emptying that in one sitting) and get the clue:

Fly to the city of Ajaccio on the French island of Corsica (1300 miles away). Once you arrive, drive to Napoleon Bonaparte's birth house (about 4 miles from the airport) and find the room he was born in to get your next clue.

The teams file out of the cellar and board taxis. Team 'Dating' Actors wait for Team Engaged Models to exits so that they can leave at the same time. But, as such, they allow almost every other team to pass them even though THEY got out of the cellar FIRST.

En route, Kris & Jon stop at a pet grooming facility to call a travel agent and get information on flights to Ajaccio. They actually book a flight on Air France...even though Kris is allergic to all the dog fur in the place. Jonathan & Victoria find a travel agency and tries to book flights as well.

At the international airport, Adam asks if he's allowed to handle the ticketing... and Rebecca says, "Shush," just as Adam thought she would. Lori & Bolo are the first to the counter and get booked on a flight on Malev Airlines via Lyon in southern France. Team Dom-Sub get on the same flight. But Team Shrek...well, Adam doesn't like Rebecca treating him like a moron. So Rebecca has to find out solo that the Malev flight is booked solid and they have to go to another terminal to look for other flights.

It turns out that everybody is going to said terminal and lining up at Air France. Team Rasslers and Team Dom-Sub are SO happy (note the sarcasm) to be on the same plane together as they board. The other teams get on the Air France flight ...except for Team Restauranteurs who, despite having a reservation, cannot get tickets because the flight is closed in the computer system. But, after some jerry rigging, they were able to get an E-ticket on the Air France flight via Paris to...


At 6:40pm, the Malev Air flight touches down and Lori & Bolo and Jonathan & Victoria hop off. They decide to set animosity aside and walk together towards Napoleon's house. But, of course, they find out that the house became closed to tourists an hour ago and won't re-open until 9am tomorrow. When the Air France flight lands at 7:15, the four teams likewise walk to the house and likewise find out they'll have to wait until morning.

So, again, 12 Americans wait outside the 'masion' for the morning and the chance to rush in and get the next clue. Adam & Rebecca are the first to meet and greet a Napoleon cosplayer and receive this clue:

Drive yourself in a marked car to the beach city of Calvi (over 100 miles away). Once there, find Camp Raffali (a boot camp for the French Foreign Legion) and find the next clue by the main entrance.

But, wait! There's also...

This is the second of only two FAST FORWARDs in the entire Race. If you choose to take it, you must go to the nearby harbor, each put on heavy old-fashioned diving suits and walk across the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea to find a lobster trap. Inside the trap is the clue to the next PIT STOP.

They decide on doing the FAST FORWARD...even though Adam doesn't like the idea. The other teams, certain that that's where Team Shrek went, decide to continue to Camp Raffali. But Team Dom-Sub decide to head for the harbor and see if Team Shrek actually did head that way and, if not, try the FAST FORWARD themselves.

Adam & Rebecca of course arrive first and climb down to a pier to get into their suits. Adam does NOT like the fit of the suit at all. When Jonathan & Rebecca show up, they are denied entry. They head back to find the marked car, even though they're already in last. "What are the chances of them getting it," asks Jonathan. The other teams find their cars and, though some have trouble deciding who's driving and who's back-seat-driving, they take off. Jonathan & Victoria leave in last...and, once again, Jonathan blames Victoria. "You're just gonna drill that hole in me until I commit suicide, aren't you," asks Victoria. And Jonathan... says yes. (Just when I thought I couldn't hate this pr@#k any more...)

"Tell my Mom I love her," says Adam as they finish putting the suits on. They slowly walk to the ladders and descend them. Rebecca has no trouble hitting the ocean floor. Adam, however, can't seem to reach the valve that allows him to release air and sink. Rebecca

On the road (again), the Model Alliance stop at a gas station to receive directions to Calvi. This gives Team Dom-Sub AND Team Rasslers a chance to pass them. Team Restauranteurs likewise get directions, even though THEY'RE now in last. Then the Alliance breaks down as Hayden & Aaron get lost...and Freddy & Kendra refuse to wait for them

Rebecca has zero-point-nada problems walking the floor towards the lobster trap. She yanks out the clue and makes her way back. Meanwhile, Adam is stuck in the air-filled suit (and kinda LOOKS like Shrek now) and is in pain. The men on the dock finally heft him out of the water and get the helmet off. Adam is NOT happy.

Rebecca comes back with the clue ...but...there's a problem. The clue states that BOTH team members must walk to the trap. So, in order to get the clue, Adam must go down, walk to the trap, touch it and return. The question is: does Adam WANT to try this again... or will he force Team Shrek into last?

He decides to try it again. This time, he's able to sink...but not walk. Rebecca encourages him through the radio...and he lumbers towards the trap. With a light touch of the trap, he schleps back...and, once he's out of the suit, gets a big proud hug from Rebecca.

And the reward for Adam's persistence? This:

CONGRATULATIONS! You have earned the FAST FORWARD. Skip all other tasks and go directly to the next PIT STOP: La Pietra in the city of Ile Rousse. Head for the airport and take a private Cesna plain to the town of Calvi. Once there, drive yourselves to the PIT STOP.

They get to the airport and find out just how small the plane is. THIS time, it's REBECCA who is nervous and asks Adam to hold her hand on take-off.


Team Rasslers and Team Dom-Sub arrive at the fort. There, they both find the Route Marker and the next:

DETOUR: Climb Up or Fly Behind?
CLIMB UP: Follow the marked path to a 45-foot wall of the fort. Use a mechanical ascender to scale the wall. Once both of you are at the top, run down a marked path and receive a medal from a French Legionnaire. Then continue down the path to a repelling station where you will repel 75 feet down another wall. Once you're down WITH the medals, the assistant on the bottom will give you your next clue.
FLY BEHIND: Choose a Zodiak boat. One team member will navigate the captain while the other rides on a Flying Fish raft being towed by it. In the harbor are 25 yellow-and-red buoys, twelve of which have your next clue attached to the chain underneath. The raft-rider must pull up the chain to find a clue or a "TRY AGAIN" message. Continue until you find your next clue.

Lori & Bolo decide on the strength-required CLIMB UP while Jonathan & Victoria decide (after Kerry-like flip-flopping) to FLY BEHIND. Team Engaged Models arrive next and decide to climb. It's a rough ride for Jonathan as he rides on the raft while Victoria navigates ...though she can't see ANY buoys.


Meanwhile, the Cessna lands and Team Shrek find their private convertible and directions to the next PIT STOP. They easily reach La Pietra and stomp on the mat "Adam & Rebecca, you're Team # 1," says Phil Keoghan as he and a local Corsican greet them. And, of course, they get a Caribbean vacation courtesy of Rebecca can see the confidence in Adam's posture now.

Back at the fort, the climbing trial begins. Remember how difficult those ascenders were for the teams in the LAST Race? Well, it ain't improved much. Even Bolo has troubles with it. Freddy, however, is the first one up the wall. Bolo has enough difficulty that even KRIS catches up to him. But, not ready to let a woman beat him, he makes it to the top. Kris and Kendra are close behind, meaning Freddy & Kendra are the first to run for the medal.

Meanwhile, Victoria SPOTS a buoy! That's good! But ...there's no clue attached at all. That's bad. Jonathan hops back on and Vic finds ANOTHER buoy! That's good! But Jon doesn't see a clue attached to it. That's bad. Vic YELLS at Jon that they're going to be in last! That's good AND bad (the good part being that it's Jonathan's fault).

While Jon and Lori race up the wall, Freddy & Kendra get the medals and repel DOWN the wall easily, receiving this at the bottom:

Drive yourselves in your vehicle to the village of Zilia (about 10 miles away). Your next clue can be found outside the winery.

While ONE member of the so-called Model Alliance departs, the other arrives. Hayden & Aaron decide to CLIMB UP for the DETOUR, disappointed that they're in last. Meanwhile, Jonathan dives again and finds out there actually IS a clue on the buoy they are at. This puts them in third...for now, anyway.

Kris & Jon take off from the repel in fourth, with Lori & Bolo hot on their heels. Dragging along in last is Hayden & Aaron...and Hayden has a LITTLE trouble figuring out the whole "jump down wall and slip down rope" aspect of repelling. This might take some time so...let's see the OTHER teams in...


Team Engaged Models find the winery and follow a marked path to a Route Marker in front of large buckets with spigots attached. They soon find out that it's a:

ROAD BLOCK: ("Who's ready to have a barrel of fun?")
One team member must make wine by stomping on 55 pounds of grapes with their bare feet. You must stomp enough to pour five wine bottles to the rim. Once you fill them, the steward will pour a glass of the juice. You must drink the glass empty before the steward can give you your next clue.

Kendra decides to stomp away. And she's a maniac, stomping like she's never stomped before. It takes a while to get the 'wine' flowing but she gets it going. The problem arrives when she has to get OUT of the barrel to switch bottles.

As Team 'Dating' Actors completes their descent (and argues en route to the winery), Team Dom-Sub and Team Restauranteurs arrive...just as Kendra finishes filling her final bottle with jumping jacks. She slams down the juice as Jonathan decides to stomp for his team. She and Freddy then get the vital clue.

Drive yourselves to the next PIT STOP: La Pietra in the town of Ile Rousse (about 18 miles away) and find the red rock isle known as La Pietra. WARNING: the last team to check-in MAY be eliminated!.

As the models split, the entrepreneurs arrive and Jonathan starts stomping the grapes... while Victoria makes some 'whine' of her own in telling him what to do. They get past the fourth bottle when Kris & Jon arrive, Kris opting to do the task. Jonathan, however, has to stop to clear the branches of stomped grapes out of the way of the clogged spigot... and that gives Kris all the time needed to catch up. Meanwhile, Team Rasslers arrives at the barrel and big bad Bolo bounds right in and starts pounding with his feet.

This upsets Victoria to no end... which in turn makes Jonathan even more verbally abusive towards her. This combination makes it hard for them to solve the problem. And, as such, Kris finishes ahead of them. She chugs down the juice, she and Jon grab the clue and high-tail it out of there. Bolo quickly follows suit (glad it tastes better than pig's blood, I'm sure) and speed off in fourth. It takes some doing, but Jonathan FINALLY gets the spigot unclogged and gets the fifth bottle filled.


"Freddy & Kendra, you're Team #2," says Phil as Team Engaged Models arrive on the hunk of rock Team Shrek was on an hour or two ago.

Meanwhile, as Jonathan closes in on bottle #5, Team 'Dating' Actors continue to have trouble finding the winery. Thus, Team Dom-Sub are able to leave the ROAD BLOCK in 5th. Vic feels defeated... but she fails to remember that Hayden & Aaron are still out there. As they leave, the actors arrive and Aaron makes quick work of the grapes.

The car race is on as Team Rasslers and Team Engaged Model jockey for position en route to La Pietra. It ends up as a foot race onto the rock... which, of course, Lori & Bolo win handily. They stop off to let Kris & Jon take fourth.

Both remaining teams think they're in last. Both are desperate for a way to get ahead. Both are in danger of being eliminated.

But it's Jonathan & Victoria who hit the mat in fifth... much to their relief!

Team 'Dating' Actors are the last team to arrive at the PIT STOP. That's bad. BUT...this is a non-elimination leg! That's good! BUT...they have to fork over all their dough to Phil. That's bad. But they're still in the Race in last place! That's good! that bad? Guess we'll find out next time, won't we?

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