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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1,000,000.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line? 

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"One of You, I'm Gonna Break in Half - Leg 6 Part 2 " - January 4

(Last week's episode was a "recap" ep, showing different "never-before-seen" clips like Freddy & Kendra losing their very first clue in Chicago, teams having trouble filling up those crappy cars from the last ep, etc. Since it was not essential to the Race itself, I did not include it. Let's pick things up where we left off two weeks ago...)


Previously on "As The World Is Navigated", the seven teams remaining in the Race flew from Berlin, Germany to Budapest, Hungary. They did a reverse bungee jump, had SERIOUS trouble with local aoutomotive transportation, hauled cannons and cannonballs and are now waiting outside an internet cafe in downtown Budapest, waiting for 10pm to appear so they can enter. This is because of this clue from the last DETOUR:

Head back into Budapest by train and find the Net Klub Internet Cafe. Go inside and find your next clue in an e-mail on the (PRODUCT PLACEMENT ALERT!) Intel Centrino (TM) Wireless laptop notebook computers after logging onto America Online(TM).

Wait...did I say ALL the teams? Oops...I almost forgot that Lori & Bolo (Team Rasslers) missed the last train into Budapest and are stranded at the station in the rain. The only GOOD news is that they're not eliminated...yet. Of course, THEY don't know that.

At 10pm Euro-time, the door to the cafe opens and three at a time, each team logs on and gets their message from host Phil Keoghan himself: "You have located your next Route Marker. To get your next clue, open the e-mail in your AOL Inbox." So they do...and find:


Travel by taxi to Hungary's Heritage Rail Museum (3 miles away). Ride a Draisine (a small car that rides railroad tracks at up to 50 MPH) to retrieve your next clue. HOURS OF OPERATION: 10am to 6pm.

Well, hell, now they have 12 hours to kill! It's a PIT STOP after a point. Jonathan & Victoria (Team Dom-Sub) are the first to leave, thanks to Jonathan's prodding. Freddy & Kendra (Team Engaged Models) and Gus & Hera (Team Who's Da Boss) leave right behind them, allowing Hayden & Aaron (Team 'Dating' Actors), Kris & Jon (Team Restauranteurs) and Adam & Rebecca (Team Shrek) to enter. Of course, Freddy & Kendra get a hold of a taxi before Jonathan & Victoria could get to it... and, of course, Jon blames Vic for not holding it. Other teams decide to find something to eat and a hotel to stay for the night. Rebecca admits she loves Adam... but they could never have the relationship with him that the teams in the Model Alliance have. As it turns out, they DO all have a place to stay: The Hotel Fortuna on the Danube River.

Meanwhile, back in Eger, Team Rasslers find out that a train into Budapest will leave at 2:55am... so they're not way out yet! Five hours after all the teams get their clue, the wrestlers board the train, not very confident. Lori wonders how they'll EVER catch up. But, when they arrive at the Cafe as the sun starts to rise, they find that they have five hours or so until the Museum opens! They're back in it!


Team Rasslers arrive first (with little or no sleep, mind you) and wait. Meanwhile, the other six teams grab taxis and head towards it... and are SHOCKED to see Lori & Bolo in front of them. Everyone seems to understand that the line forms behind them...but it actually becomes like a horse race as everyone is behind a gate.

There's the call to post...*RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING*...annnnnnnnd they're off!

And we have our first injury! The gate came down on Hera's and Freddy's heads. Annnnnd it's Spouse Abuser out in front, with Male Model in second by a neck. Coming up on the outside, it's Not Using Steriods, followed by Stupid Wife, Chyna Wannabe, Needs Motivation, Horny Toad, Take Your Order annnnnnd Fettlebaum!

The teams head for a stand with numbers, looking to set an order for riding the Draisine. As they get to the stand, it's Adam, Hayden, Jon and Bolo who arrive at the same time. It's then a scramble to get the "1", and out of the scrum... Bolo gets it! And, of course, an argument ensues as to the validity of Bolo's capture of the lead. And Freddy yells, "Who brought the gate down?!" He thinks a team deliberately wanted to keep others from getting ahead of them. He even says that it's the ass of whoever he finds out lowered the boom...and he keeps ranting until Jonathan (of all people) gets him to calm down and walk it off.

In any case, Team Rasslers take off on the Draisine and locate the Route Marker. Inside is a...:


You are at Hungary's most famous museum. Now it's time to go to Hungary's most famous river: the "Blue" Danube. Take a cab to Margit Island (on the river, about 7 miles away). Your next clue is in front of the front entrance to the Hajos Alfred Nemzeti Sportazoda.

But, wait! There's also a...


This is the first of only two FAST FORWARDs in the entire Race. If you choose to take it, you are to travel to Buda Castle, go inside Budava'ri Labrintus and, there, you will find what you need to do to complete the FAST FORWARD.

Lori & Bolo decide to go for it and take the car back. But they have trouble finding a cab. This gives Hayden & Aaron a chance to find the clue. As they exit, the wrestlers find a cab and head for the labrynth. Kris & Jon, Adam & Rebecca, Freddy & Kendra, Jonathan & Victoria and Gus & Hera go in that order to retrieve the clue, certain that Team Rasslers are going to the FAST FORWARD. Al they need to do is find a cab.


Team Restauranteurs finds a cab first and gets to the arena to find a:

DETOUR: Swim or Paddle?
SWIM: Put on the water polo equipnment provided, dive into the Olympic-sized pool inside the stadium and participate in water polo drills. Your goal is to SCORE a goal against a top-ranked Hungarian water polo goalie. If you score a goal, the coach will hand you your next clue.
PADDLE: Follow the marked path to a nearby beach, hand-pump a raft and then paddle it across the Danube River and under the bridge to the flag on the other side. Once there, the instructor riding with you will hand you your next clue. (WARNING: the currents are a BiT strong in the river.)

They decide on SWIM, though Jon's NOT too happy with the Speedos they provide. (Kris don't look too bad in HER black suit, BTW.) They make rather quick work of the task, scoring a goal almost laughably quickly. And, with that, they find their next clue:

Take a taxi to the Gundel Restaurant (which is 110 years old) in Budapest (about 3 miles away). Your next clue can be found outside the exterior door to the wine cellar.

This excites Kris to no end. They run out to find a cab...just as Team Shrek arrives. But Rebecca holds the cab, keeping Team Restauranteurs from stealing it. But the cabbie gets ANOTHER cab as Adam & Rebecca decide to SWIM. Rebecca doesn't swim very well, but she and Adam do a "one-timer" (in hockey terms) and score to stay in third (and possibly second) place.

Meanwhile, Team 'Dating' Actors and Team Dom-Sub stop on the bridge CLOSE to the island and foot-race to the clue. Hayden & Aaron decide to SWIM... and, after the typical argument, so do Jonathan & Victoria. Both get through the task in easy fashion (you SURE these guys are top-level goalies?!) and depart for the restaurant. Next is Team Who's Da Boss... and they (seemingly) make the mistake of deciding to PADDLE. As they pump it up, Team Engaged Models dive in. Oddly enough, though, Gus & Hera make it to the opposite shore before Freddy & Kendra even jump in the water.

Meanwhile, Team Rasslers find out they have an idea for a cabbie. They seem to be hopelessly lost... but, as the last team finishes the DETOUR, they go down into the dark caverns...and are met with many glass goblets of thick red liquid...and this "cryptic" message:

In the year 1920, the country of Hungary signed a treaty in which they had to give portions of their land to neighboring countries. One place that Hungary gave away is Transylvania.

It is therefore true that the Vampire tradition sprung from 16th Century Transylvanian is Hungarian.

To win this FAST FORWARD, you must each become a Vampire and drink a goblet of (pig's) blood!

The nearby "monk" holds a goblet for them... and Lori grosses-out! Still, she sucks it up and puts it down the hatch. Bolo downs it right beside Lori...and are elated when the "monk" hands them their clue:

CONGRATULATIONS! You have earned the FAST FORWARD. Skip all other tasks and go directly to the next PIT STOP: Halaszbastya, also known as "The Fisherman's Bastion" (a monument to the fisherman who fought the Turks in the Middle Ages.). Head for Point Zero, then walk on foot to a funicular (motorized trolley) or climb up the stairs and take it to Halaszbastya. WARNING: the last team to check-in MAY be eliminated!

It turns out that Halaszbastya isn't that far away at all. They can actually WALK to Point Zero, take the trolley up and smile as Phil and a local welcome them to Budapest...and to the moniker of "Team Number 1"! And, yup, they are MIGHTY generous with the trips this season, since Team Rasslers ALSO get a romatic European Vacation (that Chevy Chase has NOTHING to do with) courtesy of Bolo says it's a testament to NOT giving up in this Race, as they LITERALLY went from worst to first!

Oh, wait,...there ARE six other teams, right? Let's get back to them.

Team Restauranteurs arrive at where they're comfortable: the Gundel Restaurant. And they run smack into another:

ROAD BLOCK: ("Who's ready to spice up their life?")
One team member must go inside the restaurant and eat a 24-ounce bowl of soup made with traditional Hungarian spices. The soup is very, VERY, VERY spicy! Once you finish your bowl, the waiter will give you your next clue.

Kris is considerably LESS excited...but, after discussing who did more ROAD BLOCKS (remember that no team member can do more than six during the Race), Jon decides to do it They rush in with a Hungarian band surrounding him like mariachis looking for a tip. Jon starts slurping away... and fans his tounge after just a few gulps. About a third of the way through his bowl, In comes Team 'Dating' Actors, with Aaron as the slurp-ee toda. He shovels down the bowl, the spices not effecting him, it seems.

"Stop, stop, STOP, STOP," yells Team Dom-Sub as their cabbie drives by the restaurant. Jonathan says Victoria will do the ROAD BLOCK... and Vic, after reading what must be done, mutters, "OK..." So now it's a three-way soup-devouring race. Aaron has no problem, Jon's mouth is burning... and Victoria is ready to drink up the Danube River itself. Jonathan TRIES to help...specifically by shooing the Hungarian musicians away. But he ALSO thinks Victoria isn't eating it "right"... like Aaron is. Vic says she's working as fast as her throat will LET her. The other two teams just laugh at them.

Jon manages to choke down the rest of his soup and he & Kris are rewarded with:

Head for the next PIT STOP: Halaszbastya, also known as "The Fisherman's Bastion". Head for Point Zero, then walk on foot to a funicular or climb up the stairs and take it to Halaszbastya. WARNING: the last team to check-in MAY be eliminated!.

As they split, Team Shrek arrives. Not sure whether they read the task BEFORE deciding who would do it, but Rebecca decides to try it. Rebecca's doesn't look too happy to see a sunny Kris and a sickly Jon stumble out to get a cab.

SPEWWWW! Victoria has to hork into a clean bowl to continue, thinking all this spicy soup is going to KILL her. Rebecca comes in and starts to chow down. OK, I think Jonathan is a LITTLE justified in yelling and trying to egg Vic on this time (not MUCH, but a little). But that only leads to more horking on Vic's part... and it's starting to annoy Aaron and Rebecca a bit. In fact, it bothers Aaron SO much that HE barfs. But Rebecca, with Aaron watching closely, zones the regurgitating out and finishes her bowl next, putting Team Shrek into third. SHE saves HER upchuck for when they're OUTSIDE the restaurant.

Aaron's next to finish while Vic (whom Jonathan calls a 'drama queen') is gasping for breath. Jonathan gives the only inspirational words he can to her: "We're gonna lose." He gets the Hungarian band to "be quiet"... but it's not helping her much. She spews yet again...and then Team Engaged Models shows up with Freddy ready to gulp down the soup. And he just shovels and shovels with that tiny spoon like it was tomato basil instead of parsley, sage, tobasco and AYIIII! Aaron can't seem to keep the soup down...but Victoria manages to finish HER bowl at last and put them into fourth (which is three spots off of where Jonathan thinks they SHOULD be... and I feel the same way, only in the OPPOSITE direction). In the cab to Point Zero, Jonathan actually APOLOGIZES... and Vic says, "Just shut up. That will help a lot!"

Team 'Dating' Actors finish fifth, even though Freddy is still shovelling away. With mere spoonfuls to go,...he gacks. And Kendra comes CLOSE to doing the same when Freddy says he puked...IN HIS SOUP! What's more, he CONTINUES eating it!! (Uh,...excuse me...*HUUUUUUUUUURCK! spit spit* [flush] Ohhhh...why did I sign on for this show? Ewwww...)


Kris & Jon make it to Point Zero first and get ready to ride the trolley up. But along comes Jonathan & Victoria who gets on the same one. Once they get to the top, it's a foot race to the PIT STOP. But Vic says she's ready to spill Hungarian soup on the sidewalk again from all the running. Jonathan says, "Don't go into the PIT STOP crying again!"

As you may have guessed, Team Restauranteurs are Team #2 and the perpetually arguing Team Dom-Sub is Team #3...and even JONATHAN is happy about that! Huh...

There's one team that has NOT made the ROAD BLOCK yet...and that's Gus & Hera. But, despite having trouble even finding a cab and the traffic along the way, they make it to the restaurant. Unfortunately, they make JUST as Team Engaged Models depart. Gus is chosen to "spice up his life"...not to mention his colon. While he does that, Team Shrek enters the funicular alone while Team 'Dating' Actors tries to FIND it. Gus shovels all that spicy borscht into his gob like he was... eating a pound of caviar or a fried ostrich egg or something. And, the BEST part is...he DOESN'T puke! But they're STILL in last so far.

Up to Halaszbastya goes Adam & Rebecca...but, as they enjoy the view of the architecture, behind them come Hayden & Aaron. And the foot race is on! But Team 'Dating' Actors manages to arrive as Team #4, leaving Team Shrek as Team #5.

So, as they say in the promos, WHO will be eliminated...NEXT?

Well, Freddy & Kendra take the steps while a tired and sickly Gus drags Hera to the funicular. They're both shown as if neck-and-neck... but, given how Hayden & Aaron got into 4th, I think we ALL know who comes in 6th. It's TEAM ENGAGED MODELS!

"Gus & Hera," says a sad Phil to Team Who's Da Boss, "you're the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to tell you that you've been eliminated from the Race." But they're content with it, since they're closer than ever before. They're more than father and daughter who contend for leadership now. They are friends. (Awwwww...*HUUUUUUUUUURCK! spit spit* [flush]) They traveled over 500 miles in the longest leg in Race history... but they're going back home in 7th.

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