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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1,000,000.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line? 

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Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
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"The Game's Afoot: Leg 1" - November 16


After a pleasant (and shivering) night's sleep, the 22 teams emerge from their tents like huskies from a snowdrift at their master's whistle and prepare to depart. Some... have better methods than others to wake up. Gus comes out shirtless and rubs snow in his armpits, for instance. At 10am, the first shuttle arrives, loading up Lori & Bola and Hayden & Aaron for the ride back to base camp. At said camp, SUVs await them, as well as a clue in each:

Take a marked SUV and drive to Glacier Ice Beach (more than 20 miles away). On the black sand of the beach, you'll find your next clue.

Team Rasslers decide to follow Team 'Dating' Actors to the beach...and Hayden is NOT very happy about that. But Aaron says not to worry and just get to the beach.

At 10:30, the second shuttle loads up with Avi & Joe, Kris & Jon and Lena & Kristy. They, also, get their clue and their SUV. Freddy & Kendra, Adam & Rebecca and Jonathan & Victoria load up on the 11am one, while Gus & Hera, Meredith & Maria and Don & Mary Jean await the 11:30.


The two lead teams jog onto the beach towards the Route Marker and find their first:

DETOUR: Ice Climb or Ice Search
ICE CLIMB: Drive 35 miles to a glacier park, trek across the glacier and then, using ice picks and boots, ascend a steep ice wall to your next clue.
ICE SEARCH: Go a short distance to a glacier lagoon, choose a boat and driver and search among the 7-square-mile lagoon's icebergs for a orange buoy that contains your next clue.

Hayden & Aaron go for ICE CLIMB, as do Lori & Bolo. As they drive, they both think the other team will be too slow or too weak to beat them.

Close to a half-hour later, as the fourth and final shuttle departs the glacier camp, the second set of teams arrive at the beach. Team Mormon Models decide to ICE CLIMB, despite the fear Lena seems to have. Team Brooklyn Buddies and Team 'Dating' Actors arrive and, while Kris & Jon choose to CLIMB, Avi & Joe choose to SEARCH since, according to science teach Avi, "seven square miles isn't that big". As such, a few miles from the beach, Team Brooklyn Buddies arrives at the lagoon, chooses a boat and starts the search for the buoy.

Team Rasslers and Team 'Dating' Actors show up at the glacier and get in their hiking gear. The picks await them at the incline as they all depart in one line along with their guides. The ladies climb the incline first, both neck-and-neck. The men, however, are more aggressive to this and Bolo, being the MORE aggressive of the two, hefts himself up the ice in no time...while Aaron slips and slides but makes it. They both get one more clue for the leg:
Get back in your SUV and drive yourselves to the PIT STOP: The Blue Lagoon (a mountain resort and spa 200 miles away). WARNING: the last time to check in will be ELIMINATED!

As Lori shouts at Bolo to "move his ass", Hayden & Aaron take their time, since they're CERTAIN of second place at the very least. When Team Rasslers stop at a tour bus for directions, Team 'Dating' Actors goes right by them, much to Lori's chagrin. She yells at him as she drives and he TRIES to find the PIT STOP on their map. But Hayden & Aaron have a BETTER map and are relaxing and talking about how much of a "ryhmes with witch" Lori is.

Meanwhile, Avi & Joe continue their search...

Back at the beach, the third group arrives. Team Shrek and Team Engaged Models (despite Kendra's pleading) all pick ICE CLIMB, deciding that, though it's not closer, it MUST be faster. Team Dom-Sub, however, decides to go ICE SEARCHing. They get to the lagoon and Jonathan asks the drivers, "Who's got game?!" Meanwhile, Team Mormon Models get to the ice climbing wall and climb it rather easily. As Lena climbs, Team Restauranteurs arrive to start THEIR climb. They both get their clues about three minutes apart...

...just as Meredith & Maria and Don & Mary Jean arrive at the beach and choose CLIMB while Gus & Hera decide to SEARCH.

Meanwhile, Team Brooklyn Buddies are STILL looking... and getting bored. They THINK they find the buoy... but it's an orange boat in the distance. They start to think they're "morons" for picking this task. Team Dom-Sub, on the other hand, are not only having a great time... but they find the buoy in NO time.

Adam & Rebecca and Freddy & Kendra get to the glacier for their ice climb at about the same time. But Team Restauranteurs ascend it first, leaving Team Shrek in the dust. Back at the lagoon, Team Who's Da Boss start their search for the buoy while Avi & Joe STILL search and Team Queens get their gear on to climb.

As the teams heading for the PIT STOP discuss the different ways to go, Jonathan & Victoria stop at a gas station and make SURE they're going in the right direction. Suddenly, a WHOOP comes from the iceberg lagoon. It's Team Brooklyn Buddies FINALLY finding the buoy and the clue to the PIT STOP. Not much later, Gus & Hera locate the buoy to slip into 8th place.

Team Rasslers are lost, Team Mormon Models are hopeful, Team Brooklyn Buddies are trying an "alternate" route, Team Who's Da Boss are pessimistic... but they're all heading for...


At the resort built on the run-off of a geothermal powerplant, Hayden & Aaron are certain that they're not first. That is... until they hit the mat that Phil Keoghan and a local Icelander are in front and Phil proclaims, "Hayden & Aaron,... you're Team Number 1!" And, BECAUSE they won this leg, they're off the Hawai'i, courtesy of Hayden is proud of Aaron; she couldn't have picked a better partner.

As Team Queens ascends the ice wall, Team Married Grands are right behind them. They both make it to the top at about the same time and get the clue simultaneously. Meanwhile, Kris & Jon hit the mat in second while Team Mormon Models get lost on the footpaths to the mat and then come in third.

Team Shrek stops for gas... and makes the CLASSIC Amazing Race mistake of putting unleaded gas in a diesel tank! The attendant comes out and stops the flow of gas... but informs Adam & Rebecca that draining the tank out could take some time. They're sure they're dead... but it doesn't take long for a mechanic to use the old "suck the gas out a hose" routine.

Freddy & Kendra are Team Number 4, Jonathan & Victoria scream BEFORE they're told that they're Team Number 5... as WELL as after, and Lori & Bolo arrive shortly afterwards as Team Number 6... and STILL yell at each other.

Team Shrek's car finally gets the unleaded out and, once it's filled with deisel, head out, now confident that they're NOT doomed. Team Shrek manage to catch UP with Team Married Grands... but Jean Marie says Don WILL run faster than them once they get to the PIT STOP.

At said stop, Gus & Hera and Avi & Joe arrive at a hotel... but it's not the MAIN parking lot, not the one THEY have to get to. At first, they think they're at the wrong hotel. But, while Team Who's Da Boss drive off, Team Brooklyn Buddies go INTO the hotel to make sure. When they reach the springs pool, they see the flag... WAAAAAAAAY off in the distance.

Suddenly, three teams - back-to-back-to-back - jump out of SUVs near the mat. They are Team Married Grands, Team Shrek and Team Queens...and it's a foot race to the mat! Team Number 7 is... Adam & Rebecca coming from behind! Team Number 8 is Meredith & Maria, which makes Don & Mary Jean Number 9...which they are MORE than grateful for.

(You can see this ending coming, cant' you?)

The last two teams drive their way to the proper place. And Team Number 10 is...

GUS & HERA! They have escaped elimination! That means that Avi & Joe, right behind them, is the last team to arrive (and is told this even though they ask Phil not to "say anything we don't want to hear"). The over 3000 miles they've traveled from Chi-Town to Iceland is all these two Brooklyn dudes will be doing. They're shocked that they're in last... but they got to do things "skinny Jew New Yorkers" couldn't even CONCEIVE of doing.

(But, of course, that means that Team Queens has to carry the banner for "Noo Yurkers" everywhere!)

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