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Today is

Round of 8: Latin Night - Results - April 11

Jason: Yo.
Don: Yo.
Jason: Lets go :)
Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I know who this week's loser is.
Jason: Don Imus?
Gordon: Yep. (DING!)
Jason: Ugh. Moron.
Grandma Pepper: I think that what Don Imus did was reprehensible, and that he should have been fired yesterday.
Gordon: We are joined this week by Jason Block, Don Harpwood and Grandma Pepper!
Jason: Hello GP!
Grandma Pepper: Hi Guys. So who will it be tonight, I wonder?
Jason: I have my choice.
Don: Should be interesting.
Gordon: Now the media has selected 5 different people to be leaving this evening. I wonder if our choices will be as all over the map as well? Let's start with...


Grandma Pepper: Melinda brings it home every time. She looked pretty, too. Safe.
Don: I think she'll be safe.
Jason: Safe...but her performance was passionless.
Chico: She's proven that she can sing anything. This isn't her best, but at this point, why should it matter. Safe.
Gordon: Safe for now. She can't keep doing that sort of passionless effort and get away with it.


Jason: Best female performance of the night. Fun and sassy. Safe.
Grandma Pepper: I agree with her being out of her comfort. I was out of mine just watching her - but she's safe.
Don: Didn't Simon label LaKisha's performance as safe?
Gordon: Yes
Don: Oh, boy. I'm fearing a slight upset, but I'll say Safe.
Chico: Okay, Gordon. You got your non-Soul song. Are you happy now? Because I sure as hell ain't. She's got more rolls than a Krispy Kreme delivery truck. And she can't say "Conga" let alone sing it. Wondering how to go from favorite to fizzle in a week? This is how. OUT!
Gordon: I think if she does this next week, she's going to have major problems. That being said, she has too much of a fan base to not get over half of the crowd. Safe.


Grandma Pepper: I'm afraid for him tonight. Trouble.
Jason: Butchery, but people did worse this week. He is in TROUBLE.
Chico: Spunky, but at the same time... Eh. Trouble.
Don: I'm thinking Safe, but I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up in the bottom 3.
Gordon: I think he will end up in the bottom three, as he got outclassed by Blake and...Sanjaya? Wha? Trouble


Grandma Pepper: Ditto Chris Richardson. Bottom Three. Trouble
Don: Trouble. I didn't like this one.
Jason: You can be naked and sing that are in bad shape. OUT.
Chico: That song was about rhythm and timing and a bridge that's near impossible to nail. She's lacking on all three fronts and she forgot to shave. Oh yeah, and Simon was right. Trouble.
Gordon: I think Blake, instead of Beat Boxing, had to go take off her clothing during the performance. She should be out - but I think Gina's vote saves her...barely. Trouble.


Jason: Santana must have a warrant out for him...that note at the end spells TROUBLE.
Grandma Pepper: not only do I think it was a bad song choice, I think he's going home tonight. OUT.
Don: Out. His performance was painful.
Gordon: Let's be perfectly clear here. Everyone wants to see an upset, but the fact is that Phil didn't sing great AND Haley's got Gina's vote. No one else, albeit flat, were bad enough for Phil to escape the bottom three for 3 straight weeks. Out.
Chico: Will his fans save him one more time after this good performance? They ought to if they can look past the whole screeching thing. Safe if only for bailouts.


Jason: Boring, but safe for this week.
Don: I wanted to hear better, but I think she was good enough this week. Safe.
Grandma Pepper: Safe. Just safe. That's it.
Gordon: I wanted to hear more. The fact that she came out as the best female performer was more because everyone else had an eh night. Safe.
Chico: Jordin - Best of the ladies. Safe.


Jason: Best of the men...way safe.
Don: Now here was a good performance. Safe without a doubt.
Chico: Best of the guys. Safe.
Grandma Pepper: Blake's performance was the best of the evening. Safe
Gordon: That performance was not only the best of the night, but if he can follow it up next week, he could be a threat to win everything. Safe


Jason: You know what, he was good. Safe.
Grandma Pepper: YAY! Sankaya FINALLY came through. As his performances go, this one was a success. Safe tonight.
Chico: He's a shrewd one, I'll give you that. That was actually his best performance of the game and he knows how to make a closer work. Safe.
Gordon: He was good. Next week is gong to be crucial to see what direction he is going. There are no Spanish country songs.
Don: Somehow, I have a weird feeling that he might be in Trouble. I don't know why.
Gordon: It could be that everyone assumed he would be safe. you never know
Jason: We are live!
Gordon: And as Ryan Seacrest and Sanjaya stare at each other (ooh Laa Laaa), we start the show. Tonight's show is an hour long, as we hear from the judges. Randy thought that the songs were tough, but he thought they did pretty good. Paula says that she saw many sides to the competition and Simon said that he gave Sanjaya a compliment - and he slept well And we get...a group medley. 'Bailamos'
Grandma Pepper: I always enjoy the ensemble performances
Gordon: I enjoyed it until the Haley / Sanjaya duet. That was ugly. Notice that Sanjaya got the speaking part in the solo and not the singing part.
Jason: This is making my ears dance off my head!
Don: lol
Gordon: Are they doing the forbidden dance, Jay?
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: We say hello to Brian Carter, who won last week's Idol Challenge This week's question - Who performed with Meatloaf at last season's finale. A. Elliott Yamin B. Katharine McPhee, C. Taylor Hicks. We also have over 5,000 entries for the songwriter contest. We also have over 35 million votes this week.
Gordon: And in space filler, we have Ryan at the Farmer's Market. We find that everyone likes someone, while someone liked the Girl in the Red - Randy. And because we all liked it so much, we see...Akon.
Jason: Huh?
Gordon: Oh look - Jason's ears are doing reggae on his head.
Jason: It's nice
Gordon: Akon or your ears doing reggae?
Jason: My ears
Grandma Pepper: That was toe-tapping, arm-waving fun.
Gordon: I'm glad someone enjoyed it.
Don: Isn't he supposed to be joining Gwen Stefani on tour soon?
Jason: yes
Gordon: And we see the Ford commercial, complete with Cinematography from Michael Jackson's 'Black and White'
Jason: And we are now seeing Simon in Africa as part of Idol Gives Back
Gordon: Then we have light fun with Simon being drawn as a woman. Then we get a montage of the judges going after Tony Bennett.
Don: Other door!
Jason: We have a review of last night's show. Blake does Marc Anthony, Lakisha and Jordin do Gloria Estefan.
Gordon: And Haley grabs a robe.
Jason: Haley is pissed. Melinda, in a smart move, respects Simon's criticism. Haley is hurt by the sting of Simon's.
Gordon: We get to speak to the contestants. Melinda respects Simon, Haley says that Simon's critiques hurts her wardrobe, Blake writes on himself to remember the words, Phil feels good to be here. And Phil....goes to the bottom three
Jason: Not a surprise.
Don: Third straight week.
Jason: safe. WHA?
Gordon: NO, not surprisingly, dummies.
Jason: Jordin....
Gordon: safe
Jason: Yes. skipped.
Don: lol
Gordon:, and the 3 Divas move on
Jason: the bottom 3. Not a surprise.
Don: Also for the 3rd straight week.
Jason: Sanjaya is skipped again.
Gordon: Blake needs to know if he's safe.
Jason: Chris and Sanjaya are left.
Gordon: And Chris Richardson gets to go in to the bottom three
Jason: I am three for three this week.
Gordon: As is Moi. As is Grandma Pepper:
Jason: Told you the coin flip is there.,
Gordon: But before we see it, we see....Jennifer Lopez
Jason: What shmatta is she wearing?
Grandma Pepper: She not only does it all, she's great all the time that she's doing it.
Gordon: Now THAT was a passionate performance
Don: I enjoyed it.
Gordon: Jennifer believes in the Paula judging, and says that rightness
brings more rightness. She does need the Simon, but only in doses
Jason: And we have Phil and Haley....
Gordon: Over 35 million safe
Gordon: Haley is gone
Jason: YES!
Gordon: Apparently, Gina's votes went to Phil
Jason: And Phil joins Elliott Yamin as the only person to survive 3 weeks in the bottom 3
Don: 3 straight weeks. 4 overall so far, according to what I counted.
Gordon: Well, one of them was going to, because they were both in the bottom three for 3 weeks.

But let's see who's in the top on the Point Leader Board.


Don: 17
Jason: 17
Chico: 16
Gordon: 16
Grandma Pepper: 15

Gordon: And that's what we have this week. Tune in to see what we have in store for you next week.


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