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Today is

Auditions: The Best of the Rest (or "How NOT to Be an American Idol") - February 7

Hollywood called... approximately 172 people were able to answer. Next week, they begin to sing for their lives... But before we go into it, it's time for a bit of a rewind to some of the singers that didn't make the final cut in this special episode.

Lesson #1: The Look...

Needless to say, you need to stand out. A snappy little outfit might be what you need. One person who took that to heart was Christa Fazzino (19; Port Royal, SC). It's a good thing she has fashion sense, because her singing was ridiculous... All three say no. Paula reverses point, but it's not enough.

How about Tami Gosnell (29; Lafayette, CO), who decided to let her voice alone be the statement for the judges with "Whipping Post". Simon liked it, being different. She stood out by not standing out, so...


Lesson #2: Seek inspiration...

Paul Kim (25; Saratoga, CA) was motivated by... of all people... William Hung. For all the wrong reasons. "It kinda bothers me when people think Asian singer, they think William Hung." A pool boy by trade, he sings "If I Ever Fall In Love" by Shai. And immediately, I think he's a dark horse to take this whole thing. He just has to work on his pacing and his breathing.  Olivia Newton-John cites that he has the power. All four say yes. Technically, it was three yeses, and one whatever (Paula).


Jack Odanovich (25; San Antonio) tried to do the same thing after seeing Bo Bice on Idol so long ago. The trigger... the historic a cappella performance. Unfortunately, emulation was not had today.

Lesson #3: Never give up...

This season produced more "repeat offenders" than past seasons. We all remember last year's Gina Glocksen (22; Naperville, IL), who auditioned in Memphis this go around. She PROPERLY sings "Black Velvet." Simon thought it was good. "You've got soul..." Randy also likes the voice. "With age, more wisdom." Three yeses...


... and love of the judges notwithstanding, Paula gets the most props of all from Edward Sanchez (26; San Antonio). He sings "Donna" to Paula... didn't even bother to change the lyrics for Paula. What kind of fan boy are you?

Oh yeah, and he was all over the place in pitch. Paula... "I give you a lot of credit for coming down here..." but that's where it ends.

Meanwhile, going down the dirty-jobs-with-Mike-Rowe route, many people are ready to give up the day-to-day grind to be an Idol. This year, three servers wanted to follow in Kellie Pickler's skate tracks (C-Note: Kellie worked the Sonic out of Albemarle).

"Hi! I'm Heather!"
"Hi! I'm Ashley!"
"And I'm Ebony."
"And we're the Frisco's carhops!"

I would've guessed three new Barker beauties, but oh well... this brings us to...

Lesson #4: Audition on your own...

Audition as a group, and someone will always stand out over the rest. Call it the Beyonce Rule.

First, Heather Rennie (20; Hacienda Heights, CA) with a stellar, albeit cookie-cutter "God Bless the Broken Road."

Then Ashley Cleland (17; Cypress, CA) with a stellar, albeit cookie-cutter "Angel" by Sarah MacLachlan.

And finally, Ebony Jointer (23; Hacienda Heights, CA) with her own robust take on "I Believe In You And Me"... Not cookie-cutter, albeit stellar. "You're in a different league than these two."

Heather ... [x]. Ashley.... (CLANG!) Ebony... (CLANG!)

Ashley Cleland & Ebony Jointer - BOTH GOING TO HOLLYWOOD

Oh, did we mention that there's going to be a songwriting composition to find this season's coronation single? Keep your eyes on and here at GSNN for more details. But remember, if you want to enter, you have to go to the official site, since anything submitted to the goblins at GSNN will probably be mashed up and sent in as OUR entry.

Some entries that didn't make the cut... "Do It, Do It To Ya"... "Flow This Desert"... "Talk To Me (Baby Girl)"... and this song from WES (nee William Emil Samland; 28; LA) singing "Don't Worry, Don't Hurry". Now this is his own song. You'd think that he would really turn it out. Didn't happen.

Lesson #5: Shake your moneymaker?

... judging by these performances? No.

Alex Nazario (28: Nashville) loves to dance. He's "Making Love Out of Nothing At All"... and that's what it is... nothing at all...

Lesson #6: Clarity...

Sing a classic, but make sure we know what it is. Lakesha Jones (26; Fort Meade, MD) believes her song is not a talent, but a gift. She sings "Think" by Aretha... and it matches the original note for note. But the attitude is all Lakesha.  "You're a good old fashioned belter."


And that's it for the auditions... Tears were shed... Great times were shared... Smiles were... smiled... But memories were made as 172 people are invited back to compete for survival in the Hollywood Round....

Next week... there's gonna be Hell up at the Orpheum, as we whittle 172 to your final 24.


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