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Today is

Hollywood Week (or "How to Lose Friends and Influence People to Kick You When You're Down") - February 13

"Too many people work too damn hard to get into this game and fight to stay alive." -Jeff Probst.

One hundred seventy-two people heard the three magic words... "Welcome to Hollywood". But unfortunately for 148 of them, their stay in Tinseltown will be short-lived. The cutting begins... right now.

Day 1 begins with breakfast, and it's the first time the group has seen each other and the first chance they really get to size each other out. But the guys stress less than the girls, because they're performing TOMORROW. Today, it's all women, all the time.

We get these words of wisdom... Look to your left and to your right. One of you is going home today. That's from a contestant.

First phase: in groups of six, each singer will perform individually. First group: Jory Steinberg, Geri Guyer, Kelly Caruso, Lisa Morrison, Christen Itam, and Jeromisha Lemar..... all of them... are going home.

Welcome to Hollywood indeed.

Next group: Perla Meneses, Rachel Jenkins, and four others. Rachel... is cut. Perla is through, but she's "personality over talent."

Next line: Baylie Brown and five others... Baylie's through.

Ashlyn Carr got a second chance in the audition, but she's going home. Porcelana Patino and Sarah Burgess... same deal. Both are going home.

Last contestant of the day... Nicole Turner. Her family says "Sing 'Ain't No Way'"." She complies. Reluctantly. The end result? A ticket back home. Her mother takes the stage on her behalf. The judges honestly believe that it was not the song choice.

In the end, 56 of the 114 girls are cut. Early faves Melinda Doolittle, Gina Glocksen, and Jamie Lynn Ward are all through.

Day 2 of Boot Camp showcases the guys. Sundance Head and Brian Miller both know the score. The men are on a roll. First out of the gate is Brian, Jarrod Fowler, and Matt Sato. Matt and Chris Sligh are through. Jerrod is going back to the ship...

And Matt Sato is still emotional...

He joins 33 others in the next round, giving us 92 total singers remaining, Nicholas Pedro, Phil Stacy, Blake Lewis, and Sean Michel are among the ranks still in the running. But the hardest work is still to come.

Night 2. The group round begins. It's hard to even find a group. Matt continues to find a group. Meanwhile, Matt Buckstein from last year is back with another group of cowboys. Chris Sligh is struggling with his group with choreography. By 11 that night, groups are starting to gel, but not so for Baylie and BFFs Amanda and Antonella. Baylie is beginning to have second thoughts.

Midnight, back to the hotel. 1a... back to practice. Gina's having an issue with Dre's harmony. Baylie, Antonella & Amanda finally choose a song, but need help with lyrics on "This Old Heart Of Mine"... Amanda predicts failure. The other two... go to bed. Amanda, meanwhile, is flirting with disaster.

3:30a. Gina's group continues to bicker.

Day 3 is here, and everyone's putting in last minute rehearsal. And for good reason, because the sheriffs are laying down the law on forgetting the words. That's.... an INSTANT cut.

Matt Sato finally found a group, but lost his words. He's gone.

Upstairs, Perla is trying to get it together mentally. Jessica Gordon, Gina Glocksen, and Marisa Rhodes... already together mentally. Perla is cut.

Chris Sligh, Rudy Cardenas, Tom Lowe, and Blake the Box are shining. All four are through, and forces to be reckoned with.

Sundance Head, meanwhile, has to improve from yesterday if he's to stand a chance. L'Paige Bedford, Robyn Troup, and Sundance Head are together... But only Sundance shines. But only just. "I gotta get something right or I'm going home."

Baylie, Amanda, and Antonella are finally ready to perform. Baylie.. forgets the words. Amanda... flubs. And Antonella is really the only standout. The two BFFs go through, but Baylie is out. Amanda & Antonella have high opinions of themselves while Baylie has words for both of them, having worked the hardest. And we have footage that disproves Amanda's "job interview" approach.

Some friendship.

Baylie joins 35 others cut, leaving 56.

Day 4... and 56 will be cut to 40. It's the final performances. Three rooms at the end of the day. Who's in? Who's out?

In one room, Gina, Blake, Chris, and Buckstein. They're.... THROUGH.

In another room... Antonella and Sundance and Sanjaya...  They're ... THROUGH.

Meaning that room three, with Shyamali (Sanjaya's sister) and Amanda (Antonella's BFF)... it's over.

From this group of 40, the judges will have to make their hardest cut of all... to the final 24.



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