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Today is

Round of 11: British Invasion - Results - March 21

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I want to know if they feel like they've been invaded by Britain
Jason: Yes....I have...They want to name a section of New York Little Britain.
Gordon: We're here to see who gets to play the last fighter in the movie '300'. We start with our own Brooklyn warrior, Mr. Jason Block.
Jason: SPARTA!
Gordon: Next up, the person who is patiently waiting for Canadian Idol to start, Don 'Donut Destroyer' Harpwood
Don: Yep. Definitely waiting.
Gordon: Finally, we have our own Musical Vizier, the wise Grandma Pepper
Jason: Hey GP.
Grandma: Let the crying begin. Hope none us are are the people who are crying tonight
Jason: I don't think so.
Gordon: And our late-comer, the Puerto Rican Powerhouse, Mr. Anthony Rojas
Anthony: Half Puerto Rican. Don't forget Dominican.
Gordon: Ok, Let's get into...


Gordon: We start with...

Haley Scarnato

Grandma: Good show opener. She even got Simon's attention. Safe
Jason: Best performance of her career. Safe.
Don: Safe. I was actually surprised at how well she did.
Anthony: safe surprisingly
Gordon: I think she got half of America's attention with her...assets. Oh yes, she can sing, too. Safe.
Chico: Good start to the show. Haley’s safe and Simon’s a pervert.

Chris Richardson

Grandma: Safe. Much better this week.
Anthony: safe
Jason: Great ballad...SAFE.
Don: He needed a good performance, and he got it. Safe.
Gordon: Safe...for now. I was not as enthused with it as you guys were.
Chico: Someone finally clued him into the KISS rule... Keep it Simple, Stupid. Safe. But I’m thinking that he needs to find another look other than “Justin Timberlake in deep thought.”

Stephanie Edwards

Jason: She is safe. I thought it was 3 in a row.
Anthony: safe
Jason: Good stuff.
Anthony: Too good to leave now
Gordon: Oh I beg to differ. She was not good, and the weakest in a pool of
strong R&B artists. Trouble.
Don: I don't know why, but I'm thinking out.
Grandma: She can do a lot better, and I hope she does, starting next week. Ok for now. Safe.
Chico: of all the female singers, Stephanie is the one that changed the LEAST. Her sharpness and her unwillingness to do anything outside the box will spell the end for her. Trouble.

Blake Lewis

Anthony: safe
Don: Safe.
Jason: TROUBLE. This was a bad bad performance. But he won't be leaving this week.
Gordon: Jason, what have you been smoking?
Anthony: Still gonna get votes from the smaller age group
Grandma: Vast improvement. Safe
Gordon: He had a great performance. The kiddies will vote for him. And that is going to spell disaster for someone else. Safe.
Chico: Back. Safe. Needs to watch the castrato though.

LaKisha Jones

Don: Safe, though she could have done better last night.
Grandma: Watch your song choices, Lakisha. You are too good of a performer to lose your edge. Safe, of course.
Anthony: safe
Chico: She’s flirting with mediocrity... Anyway, she rushes a beat a bit, and flat at times, but it’s not bad. Points for taking James Bond into her fold. Safe. Almost reminds me of Chaka’s rendition of “Licence to Kill.”
Jason: Brilliant stuff...and I love Shirley Bassey. Safe.
Gordon: I think she needed to take a risk and sing outside of the box. I think on any other night, she has the show's best performance, but she's only third best this evening. Safe though.

Phil Stacey

Don: Safe.
Grandma: I agree with Simon. Out.
Jason: TROUBLE. This was Constantine Maroulis's performance times 10.
Anthony: trouble
Gordon: I think that if he was not in trouble last week, he's gone this week. However, his fans knew he was in trouble, and they will be voting in droves to keep him in. That will be good enough to keep him in the competition, but not good enough to get him out of the bottom 3. Trouble.
Chico: Bad choice of song but good way to sell it, but the vocals were murder. Simon’s right. He needs grit for a song like that. Trouble.

Jordin Sparks

Jason: 2nd best performance of the night...WAY safe.
Anthony: safe
Don: Safe.
Anthony: getting better
Grandma: Jordin is here to stay. I love her. Safe.
Gordon: I think she was the best performance of the night. I also think that Lakisha and Melinda better be very careful, or one of them is not making the Top 5. Safe.
Chico: She’s making the other women stand and take notice. Safe.

Sanjaya Malakar

Jason: Brutally bad. OUT.
Don: Trouble. I think he might once again barely survive. Barely.
Grandma: Forget the girl. I was crying at the way he was butchering that terrific song. Sadly, the little girl in the audience cried for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, despite the weakness, I see him staying another week, but barely. Trouble.
Chico: That song kicked his butt. Out
Gordon: I think that Sanjaya's ship sailed last week, when everyone knew he was in trouble and he came in second to last. I don't see how this week helps him. Out.

Gina Glocksen

Jason: Safe, but barely.
Grandma: Not my favorite performance. Trouble.
Anthony: trouble
Don: Now, I'm a fan of rockers, and I think she'll survive this week. But after last night, I fear that she may be taking a dip into the bottom 3. Trouble.
Gordon: Safe, BUT, if Sanjaya's and/or Phil's posse gets them out of the Top 3, Gina comes down to play instead.
Chico: I don’t think lyrics were a problem so much as pitch was. Safe this week, but not as good as last.

Chris Sligh

Grandma: Certainly an improvement over last week. Safe.
Don: Safe.
Anthony: safe
Gordon: This is why Sanjaya is going home. He needed the people in front of him, like Chris, to continue being bad. Unfortunately for him, Chris, like Haley, was on top of his game. Safe.
Chico: Another one who’s back. Safe

Melinda Doolittle

Grandma: As Long As He Needs Me. What a song!!!!! Safe!!!!!
Don: Definitely safe.
Chico: Come on… what do you think I’m going to say here. SAFE!
Jason: safe safe safe
Gordon: And we'! Someone's going back to reality. And missing out on a nice contract with the Idol Top 10 Tour.
Grandma: This time, the little ones was crying for the right reasons.
Gordon: We get Randy, Simon and Paula. We also get a recap...The British invaded Idol, Peter Noone and Lulu taught, Haley made Simon's night, Lakisha says she looked good... Chris gets tender, Sanjaya made a girl cry, and him, Phil and Gina made us all cry, and Jordin gave us goose bumps. We get Peter Noone singing 'There's a Kind of Hush'. No clue if the crying girl is out in the audience tonight
Grandma: I think he's terrific
Anthony: ZZZZZZZZ. I don't think I was born when this song came out
Gordon: Well, someone is going to be hushed on a permanent basis in around 20 minutes
Jason: yes
Gordon: And the Idolers go to the laundromat.
Jason: Good Clean Fun
Gordon: But who will be sent to the cleaners? Being judged is...Brad Garrett?
Don: Brad Garrett, eh? Must be because a show of his is following Idol.
Anthony: great show
Gordon: And Brad gets thrown off the stage.
Anthony: Till Death.
Gordon: Phil, Melinda and Blake all stand.
Jason: Oh boy
Anthony: And sit right back down
Gordon: Chris, Lakisha and Jordin all stand up.
Anthony: And sit right back down
Gordon: That leaves Sanjaya, Haley and Gina...who...sit down?
Anthony: Wow
Jason: America is a bunch of idiots!
Don: Wow.
Gordon: Chris Richardson and Stephanie are...your bottom two.
Anthony: No bottom 3 this week, I guess.
Jason: Fix...Bull crap...Dumbasses. I don't believe this at all.
Anthony: maybe Stephanie's R&B fans went to Jordin.
Gordon: No doubt about it. Stephanie being in the bottom two is clearly because you have too many R&B singers in the competition.
Jason: Does not matter. This is just bull.
Gordon: As for Chris Richardson...well, now we see where Sanjaya is getting his votes from. Sanjaya better pray that Chris leaves tonight.
Jason: You know what, I want Sanjaya to win this whole thing now. So this whole program can be brought down in flames.
Anthony: lol
Don: lol
Gordon: Honestly, Jason - did you really think either Stephanie or Chris had a shot to win the competition?
Jason: No. But that doesn't matter.
Anthony: Remember who some of the fans are
Gordon: Idol Challenge. Did Fantasia, Paris Bennett or Vonzell Solomon just get cast for The Color Purple? ( was Fantasia). While Lulu gets to sing now, we see if Jason has calmed down at all
Jason: I am not calm...Sanjaya for Idol!
Grandma: Love that little Lulu. Hope the crowd took notes.
Gordon: The audience is booing the fact that Stephanie and Chris are both up there.
Jason: They should.
Gordon: 30 million votes. and staying
Jason: Fix!
Gordon: Stephanie is leaving, and it's not that much of a shock.
Jason: It is to me.
Gordon: It's not a fix. Stephanie was not very good, and the weakest of 4 R&B singers in a crowded field.
Jason: Yes she was. Sorry. I don't believe the results.
Gordon: THIS is why you diversify. You can not keep singing R&B in a field where the three competitors are better than you are.
Gordon: Final Thoughts?
Jason: You know mine...Sanjaya for Idol.
Anthony: America is unpredictable this year
Gordon: I didn't think it was that unpredictable.
Anthony: Of course not. We don't live in Gordon's world
Grandma: Whether they stay or they go, they can only be ahead with the experiences and opportunities that they are open to them.
Gordon: And looking at the points...oh look, Jason and Anthony didn't get any. And Kudos to Donut, who got Stephanie correct.

TROUBLE: Chris R. OUT: Stephanie

Don: 5
Gordon: 4
Grandma Pepper: 4
Chico: 4
Jason: 3
Anthony: 3

Don: Can't wait to see what happens next week.
Anthony: Bottom 2 next week?
Gordon: I think Sanjaya needs all the help he can get. Him and Phil will be fighting to stay alive.
Jason: That I agree.
Gordon: And I think it was intentional that they only announced the bottom two - because I think Sanjaya was the third spot and they don't want the troops mobilizing.
Jason: That I also agree.
Gordon: OK. This is Gordon Pepper for the rest of us, saying Game Over
Jason: Good night.


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